90 in 90: South Korea vs. Senegal | 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup™ Highlights

  • Published: 09 June 2019
  • South Korea tied it in the 99th minute, then Senegal tied it in the 121st minute. They headed to penalty kicks with a spot in the FIFA U-20 World Cup™ semifinals on the line.

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    90 in 90: South Korea vs. Senegal | 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup™ Highlights

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Comments • 45

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer   7 months back

    Were you surprised by the outcome?

    • MK
      MK  7 months back

      Suprised fox sports 💩 editing

    • pofcross
      pofcross  7 months back

      Terribly made highlights; visibly no efforts whatsoever.

    • randomperson3457223
      randomperson3457223  7 months back

      I'm surprised at the terrible highlight editing. C'mon guys NBC just do better than you

    • Brian Jeong
      Brian Jeong  7 months back

      @L Praga you said it right

    • L Praga
      L Praga  7 months back

      Im surprised the match started 1-2 according to this video...

  • Ama Jang
    Ama Jang  7 months back

    The editing though...

    • Jaehyun Chung
      Jaehyun Chung  7 months back

      1. Horrendous editing
      2. Boring commentating
      3. Korea won but the thumbnail is a Senegalese player smiling...

      • dudebro
        dudebro  7 months back

        Does Fox have the same Pac 12 editors? I didn't think anyone could do worse than Pac 12.

        • canebro1
          canebro1  7 months back

          I get that it is difficult to compress extra time and PKs into 90 seconds, but I don't think this was the right way. You at least need to show all of the goals. Either do the normal game in 90 and have "extra time" for the rest, or just do a single cut of everything.

          • Shaun Lee
            Shaun Lee  7 months back

            editor... what did you do?

            • Ivann Zavala
              Ivann Zavala  7 months back

              We won against Senegal

              • Seung Han
                Seung Han  7 months back

                Can i edit videos for you guys?? I'll get paid half as thet person you are paying right now and I promise you I can do a better job

                • Tstone
                  Tstone  7 months back

                  This is the worst "highlight" video I've ever seen. I didn't of the 6 goals we saw 3, of the 10 pens we saw 3.....

                  • Joshua Prince
                    Joshua Prince  7 months back

                    Bro somebody bout to lose thier job

                    • Hwanoh Chung
                      Hwanoh Chung  7 months back

                      Well... I thought there could be no other game more dramatic than 2nd leg of Man City VS Tottenham. THIS game beats it!!!

                      • Abraham Iturralde
                        Abraham Iturralde  7 months back

                        He pulled a messi on the last one

                        • Michael Reee
                          Michael Reee  7 months back

                          Normal people: game starts at 0
                          Fox: game starts at 90 + 7

                          • diablo jim
                            diablo jim  7 months back

                            maybe whoever edited this woke up at that time and watched the match.

                        • Gluluman
                          Gluluman  7 months back

                          I watched the game on FOX S1 and like always Korean culture of deception, corruption and bribery was clearly visible throughout the game. Even their political leaders are corruption and go to jail for bribery.
                          FIFA!!!! What a fraud, shame!! …Similarly the US vs. Ecuador game was highway robbery. FIFA is a JOKE.

                          • Bryan Lim
                            Bryan Lim  7 months back

                            You must be a troll or you haven't seen the game. I never saw such a strict referee with precise decisions before. He clearly used VAR fairly for both countries. To add, Korea could have avoided the goal that was conceded by a penalty but the referee called it out.

                          • Hans Rho
                            Hans Rho  7 months back

                            Lol are you on your period?

                          • A V
                            A V  7 months back

                            Looked all fair to me in both games

                        • Musa Group
                          Musa Group  7 months back

                          Part of the agenda is not to show any greatness by africans, bunch of trump supporters edited this video

                          • pofcross
                            pofcross  7 months back

                            What a unprofessionally edited video. Poor effort. Doesn’t capture content of the match well at all.

                            • The Vegan G
                              The Vegan G  7 months back

                              I love Korea the pride of Asia as I said before

                              • DeJ Bi
                                DeJ Bi  7 months back

                                worst highlight

                                • Fix It
                                  Fix It  7 months back

                                  0:25 *KEEPER JUMPS STRAIGHT AT THE POLE*🤣🤣 and also who da fuq edited this.

                                  • Ivan Sitohang
                                    Ivan Sitohang  7 months back

                                    just show us the full highlight ffs

                                    • Brian Jeong
                                      Brian Jeong  7 months back

                                      I'm sure the editor got a nice dinner out of whoever owns publishing for the ill-placed background music

                                      • New York Gooner
                                        New York Gooner  7 months back

                                        Who ever made this video needs to get their head checked

                                        • USKOR2004
                                          USKOR2004  7 months back

                                          1) 90' in 90 but the video is 2:38
                                          2) Missing Senegal's first goal
                                          3) Missing Korea's penalty goal
                                          4) Missing Senegal's retaken penalty
                                          5) Missing Senegal's disallowed goal
                                          6) The commentator sucks. You can't have a match like that and call it so badly like this.

                                          • The One 21
                                            The One 21  7 months back

                                            Fire the editor

                                            • just kidding
                                              just kidding  7 months back

                                              Who edits for fox?
                                              My 9yr old can do better...

                                              • aliensushiPvP
                                                aliensushiPvP  7 months back

                                                How did the game start with Senegal winning 2-1? Oh wait, I know, terrible editing.

                                                • Judy Chen
                                                  Judy Chen  7 months back


                                                  • Jimmy Lam
                                                    Jimmy Lam  7 months back

                                                    Whoever at FOX edited this has to go

                                                    • Vihan Subramaniam
                                                      Vihan Subramaniam  7 months back

                                                      Horrible editing

                                                    • heyheyhe0011
                                                      heyheyhe0011  7 months back

                                                      이거 뒤지기전에 우승해보자

                                                      • Francisco Casiano
                                                        Francisco Casiano  7 months back

                                                        Who edited this?

                                                      • Augustin Song
                                                        Augustin Song  7 months back

                                                        GO KOREAAA