Can K100 Make Water Burn? Let's find out!

  • Published: 28 January 2019
  • Viewers requested a review of K100, Star Tron, and ISO Heet and if any of them can prevent phase separation in gasoline that has 10% ethanol content. Each of these products is tested to determine if it is able to prevent phase separation and whether or not it prevents ice from forming in the fuel once there is water contamination. Additionally, each additive is tested to determine if it will melt ice if ice has already formed in the fuel system before the additive is used. Additionally, each product is then added to an engine that is already running to see if the engine will continue running normally without using the choke or if the engine will stop running altogether. To give every product a fair chance to deliver optimal results, a very generous dose of each product was used in each test. Finally, this is not a sponsored video. I purchased all of the products tested using my own funds. Hope you enjoy the video and thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   7 months back

    At 1:52, K100 needs a 1 to 1 K100 to water ratio to treat water contaminated fuel.

    • RedStrapper Racing MX
      RedStrapper Racing MX  3 months back

      Would like to see this test done with AMSOIL Quickshot

    • Louis S.
      Louis S.  6 months back

      told ya

    • A B
      A B  6 months back

      Not that they would publicly publish the data, but perhaps their claims are valid if the concentration of water in fuel is less than the concentration that you used in your testing.

    • Kyle Amidon
      Kyle Amidon  7 months back

      Where about are you in the midwest? Pierre, SD here :)

  • FirstPlaceDelgado
    FirstPlaceDelgado  2 days back

    Awesome video

  • Medcor Vestas-Windsor
    Medcor Vestas-Windsor  3 days back

    Would you be able to build a small wood gasifier to power small engines?

  • Medcor Vestas-Windsor
    Medcor Vestas-Windsor  3 days back

    Suggestion for a future episode: These companies selling HHO generators claiming that a device powered from the alternator using electrolysis to split water, can somehow improve vehicle mileage. I had an idea of using a truck equipped with solar panels to power the electrolysis process and that seemed more sensible than putting a load on the engine using gasoline to create hydrogen to be used as fuel. I just don't know if solar panels could generate enough power to overcome the inefficiencies of the electrolysis process.

  • Brandon Schilling
    Brandon Schilling  4 days back

    That is a lot of water you are adding. Just adding more additive isn't necessarily going to be able to prevent phase separation. You should try to retest with a much smaller amount of water.

  • DonziGT230
    DonziGT230  4 days back

    That was a huge amount of water. Iso Heet could hold the water in suspension if you added enough, but the engine probably wouldn't run anyway, or run very poorly.

  • Alperen Uğur
    Alperen Uğur  5 days back

    He looks like ERB's Steve Jobs

  • Happy Yard Service
    Happy Yard Service  6 days back

    Thank you

  • ReallyAwesomeGaming
    ReallyAwesomeGaming  1 weeks back

    ISO-Heet? More like Ice-No Heet! 😂

  • Peter Starowicz
    Peter Starowicz  1 weeks back

    Haha, you killed all your mowers so now you are going through your generators 😂👍

  • harley stam
    harley stam  1 weeks back

    You are very fun to look at pleas continue from sweden

  • Eremon1
    Eremon1  2 weeks back

    The only way to get water out of fuel is to drain it. There is no magic chemical that will 'burn' water. You could in theory separate the hydrogen from the oxygen, but that required electricity. Something you probably don't want to mix with gas. Then you'd have all the necessary ingredients for a cool movie explosion.

  • goras234
    goras234  2 weeks back

    Maybe you should have tested the gas/water/addative mixtures with the recommended (!) amount of addative.

    • joewrosenthal00
      joewrosenthal00  2 weeks back

      Water DOES NOT BURN! The products of combustion (burning) are CO2 and WATER!
      But add enough alcohol to water and you can run an engine. All the K100 ingredients which names end in -ol are alcohols. The water goes along for a ‘free ride”.

    • Tactical Ultimatum
      Tactical Ultimatum  3 weeks back

      Took me a sec to realise the gene was mounted on a lawnmower 😂😂

      • N J Rasmussen
        N J Rasmussen  3 weeks back

        Thanks for exposing that garbage 3 thumbs up 5 stars

      • Jonathan Jay
        Jonathan Jay  3 weeks back

        As much as I dislike YT in many ways, I do appreciate the fact that I can check out product claims pretty easily with a YT review!!

      • A Nonny Mouse
        A Nonny Mouse  4 weeks back

        While I enjoy your videos, you really need to do your homework before you start the testing. When you mix two liquids, some will dissolve in each other, the rest remains as separate layers. The fuel additives aid the miscibility of the fuel and water, to help you deal with small amounts of water contamination. Unfortunately, you went overkill with the water, so nothing was ever going to work. To approach the test properly, you should have started by measuring how much water could be added without separation, when using the recommended dose. A secondary test would have been to back off to 95% of the water addition level identified for each product, and see if it still runs in your generator.

        On a theoretical basis, alcohols and surfactants will aid the miscibility most. The most effective antifreeze is ethylene glycol. So K100 should perform best, as it contains about 45% glycols, 35% alcohols & 15% surfactants.

        • SuperLasers
          SuperLasers  4 weeks back

          With the testing of the diesel fuel additives for gelling. You should test the 911 Power Service diesel for fuel that is already gelled up. I used it for that and thought it worked very well. I think that is what the 911 is for.

        • George Mays
          George Mays  4 weeks back

          I absolutely love ALL of your projects. Please keep them coming. They are appreciated.

        • Marcin
          Marcin  4 weeks back

          There are a lot of penetrating fluids for rusty bolts etc. But what can I do when stainless steel bolt is inside aluminium sleeve, and it starts to coat in oxidated aluminium? This white layer is hard like diamont.

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   4 weeks back

            Heat might be the best if that's an option

        • Caleb Flanders
          Caleb Flanders  4 weeks back

          Hey boss. I love all your videos. I tell all my friends. My idea is test laundry detergent!!!! They always make crazy claims. Like for cleaning greasy rags or coveralls.
          Another idea. I recently rebuilt my wr450f and after 3 months it blew up and I bent a rod.
          Could you test which dirt bike can handle the most abuse?
          Thanks man. Keep it up

          • P Chris
            P Chris  4 weeks back

            I was rooting for the Heet. That's what my family always used back in MN to prevent the water from icing up the fuel lines. However, I agree with some of the commentors that you added one heckuva lot of water to that gas and it's asking a lot of the chemicals to deal with that much. I still greatly appreciate the time and effort it took to do all these tests. Thx :)

          • nkgagne
            nkgagne  1 months back

            Question: did your temporary fuel tank cap have a vent hole? I could see lack of a fuel tank vent possibly contributing to a lean condition... but that isn’t to say that the “fuel” was terribly combustible either... Thanks for all the work to put this together.

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   4 weeks back

              Great question. Yes, a dozen or so tiny holes to allow proper ventilation

          • CPUDOCTHE1
            CPUDOCTHE1  1 months back

            Who has a gallon of water in their fuel tank and expects anything to fix it other than draining it? I am thinking that in your testing, you have way too high of concentrations of water and additive. I don't know much about any of the fuel additives or their chemical properties. There are certain situations in which you can have two immiscible liquids and then add a third liquid and make a homogeneous mixture. With the addition of more of the third liquid, it can then become immiscible. I don't know if that is what is happening in this situation or not.

          • Rob Martin
            Rob Martin  1 months back

            Can these companies receive some type of punishment or lawsuit for false advertising?? You would there would have to be some type of recourse for selling a product with false claims... thanks again for a great video, Project Farm!

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   1 months back

              Thank you! The FTC occasionally fines companies for false advertisement

          • arborcidal maniac
            arborcidal maniac  1 months back

            try mechanic in a bottle

          • Thomas Sipes
            Thomas Sipes  1 months back

            i'd like to see some hard testing on ZMAX or slick 50 friction modifiers. are they better than the regular oil by itself? is their internal "coating" to the engine even really worth a damn?

            • Thomas Sipes
              Thomas Sipes  1 months back

              @Project Farm clearly i need to go down a rabbit hole :)

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   1 months back

              Thank you for the feedback. I've tested both of those products

          • Bob Bowie
            Bob Bowie  1 months back

            Try a pint of 91% _isopropyl alcohol_ from a drugstore.

          • Anime guy
            Anime guy  1 months back

            Can engine run on K100?

          • optimal Optimus 777
            optimal Optimus 777  1 months back

            Can't speak for ice but for water in fuel, 91% or higher rubbing alcohol works wonders

          • james brown
            james brown  1 months back

            Hey GOOD VIDEO ,, THX Ed from Loretto Ontario Canada

            • Brock Lee
              Brock Lee  1 months back

              @ 6:50 - The bottle with the fuel in it was capped off with a white lid. Did that lid have a hole in it? If not, then the fuel would have had trouble flowing down, which could cause the generator to stop running due to lack of fuel. The reason I ask is because I find it odd that generator shut itself off at about 30 seconds with every fuel+additive+water mixture. Usually, the additives have different levels of flammability which SHOULD have caused the generator to run longer or shorter.

            • SeagIe
              SeagIe  1 months back


            • Jacobus DeRottmann
              Jacobus DeRottmann  1 months back

              Was there a vent drilled in the cap of that temporary tank? Because vacuum in the tank can stop an engine all by itself.

            • aaron faucett
              aaron faucett  1 months back

              How does this even happen?? I live in the desert so wouldn't have this problem but am curious how it happens

            • JackyBoy Slim
              JackyBoy Slim  1 months back

              It seems like he doesn’t comment or like any comments that share real constructive criticism or suggest the test was extremely flawed in some way. I understand he tries to comment back to a lot but with some of these suggestions I’m seeing if I was him I would almost want to join the discussion not just comment “thanks for watching” on all the comments that praise the video and give common “YouTube fan” responses. Like I said I know he reads ridiculous amounts of comments for suggestions but in my opinion it’s easy to just go down the list and like every comment and copy paste “thanks for watching” in response. Hopefully I wrote that all out in a half readable way.

              • Peter B
                Peter B  1 months back

                Chlorine triflouride will make water burn, in fact it will burst into flames and so will a lot of other substances too! Forget storing it in glass it will go up in flames as will sand and asbestos, yes really this stuff will make asbestos burn...

                The Nazis made a whole heap of it during the war to weaponise but decided it was just too dangerous; really it is that ridiculous. If you could actually get the stuff into an engine without everything bursting in to flames it would probably be a very effective fuel combined with water but everything else would burn too; fuel line, carb, oil, sparkplug, probably the cylinder and piston etc, so it is not really a practical solution to water in the fuel.

                We are not talking about wimpy smouldering here, a bit of smoke... oh no! We are talking a serious raging, blazing fire, even explosions, this stuff is mega aggressive hence it even frightening the Nazis.

                After the war NASA - always on the lookout for a good oxidising agent - tried it for use in rocket fuel. A large tank of the stuff split and it poured onto a concrete floor there, the concrete promptly caught fire and nothing would put it out. They tried experiements with mixing it with other fuel chemicals but the moment it came into contact with any other substance like a carbon based fuel it burst into flames or exploded. One experienced NASA scientist said of the stuff, "it does not play well with others!"

                It does now have an industrial use for cleaning; yes it's a solvent! It disolves lots of things but that is normally a mute point as they burst into flames anyway! It's used in very small amounts and in very controlled conditions (something to do with superconductors) and it's manufacture and availability are very limited, for most people impossible to obtain and impossible to store.

              • Radco Transport
                Radco Transport  1 months back

                All rhe money wasted!!!

                • dodgeplow
                  dodgeplow  2 months back

                  The cloudy appearance of the HEET mix was the best indication it was going to be the most effective. It means it is suspending the most water in the gasoline.

                  • Walczyk
                    Walczyk  2 months back

                    using TOO much can make performance and gas mileage bad, happened to me with marvel mystery oil

                    • James Rooney
                      James Rooney  2 months back

                      whats good for diesel fuel thank you ?

                      • Kai Lane
                        Kai Lane  2 months back

                        Just got an add for a hi tech flip phone🤦‍♂️

                        • 594bolt
                          594bolt  2 months back

                          I use non-ethanol fuel in all my small engines. I top off the tank before storage, use no stabilizers and I've never had a problem. I think fuel additives are like vitamins- they don't do anything but people love buying them.

                          • 𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠

                            Yea way too much water for realistic conditions but you don't need to hear it from me. Still waiting to see how dish soap works! Dawn ultra platinum is the best.

                          • Daniel Ramsey
                            Daniel Ramsey  2 months back

                            Iso Heet works best for me in Alaska and its sold everywhere.

                          • Ian McTeer
                            Ian McTeer  2 months back

                            I bought a snowblower from my local small engine guy several years ago. At the time he said to use StarTron instead of Stabil, so I did. Now, he’s recommending K100, so I bought some. After watching this video I’m thinking neither one are any good and might as well go back to Stabil. I’ve got half a container of Stabil left after several years of sitting on the shelf, how long does fuel stabilizer last? Also, I bought a can of non-ethanol TruFuel for my generator (very expensive at $25 Canadian per US gallon) but it’s supposed to work better than gasoline and I’d rather leave some TruFuel in the tank than stabilized gasoline. Have you any experience with TruFuel?

                            • Ian McTeer
                              Ian McTeer  2 months back

                              Thank you for your very informative videos, glad I found your channel.

                            • Project Farm
                              Project Farm   2 months back

                              Thank you for the feedback.

                          • Sam
                            Sam  2 months back

                            Not sure how it works in frozen conditions as we don’t get that cold where I live in Australia, but simple methylated spirits is what we’ve always used to disperse water in fuel - it breaks the water up into tiny amounts rather than pooling in the bottom of the tank.