How To: Open A Locked Sentry Safe If You Forgot Combination Code Or Lossed Key Model Is X055

  • Published: 15 July 2014
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    I show you How To Open A Locked Sentry Safe If You Forgot The Combination Or Loss Your Digital Code Or Lossed Your Key. The Sentry Safe in this video is Model # X055.

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    I answer the following questions in this video.
    I forgot my combo to my Sentry Home Safe how do I get into it? I have a sentry safe and I lost my key to get in? How do I drill a lock to get into my home safe? How to get into your home safe if you forgot your combo or lost your key.
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Comments • 204

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith  1 weeks back

    Je said he got into it n there was no cash unfortunately😂😂

    • Michael Fisher
      Michael Fisher  4 weeks back

      You could have just use the hole in the back of the safe to open the door were the reset button is. That is the purpose off the hole on the back right side of safe.

      • Sylvia Parker
        Sylvia Parker  4 weeks back

        I’m here because my mom unplugged and locked the router in here

        • Luis Martinez
          Luis Martinez  1 months back

          Thank you! Really helpful!

          • Laura Pilatin
            Laura Pilatin  1 months back

            I'm here because my mom locked away my tablet! Pls don't reply directly or like because h don't want her to know cause this is her phone so please just comment anything you want to say.

            • kyle41728
              kyle41728  1 months back

              Completely unhelpful video

              • Johnathan Dean
                Johnathan Dean  2 months back

                Hit the bitch on the side where the turner is hard repeatedly and as your doing that try an turn the turner it will open 😎

                • RAPHAEL LOPEZ
                  RAPHAEL LOPEZ  2 months back

                  My dad locked my juul in his safe

                  • Logan Coppock
                    Logan Coppock  2 months back

                    RAPHAEL LOPEZ my mom locked my $100 box mod in her safe lmao

                • Korey Jacas
                  Korey Jacas  2 months back

                  i lost my keys years ago. my youngest son was always playing with the keypad and now the battery is dead. do you have a step by step tutorial on how you opened it?

                  • Korey Jacas
                    Korey Jacas  1 weeks back


                  • Korey Jacas
                    Korey Jacas  1 weeks back

                    @Sean Kayhill I ended up going to master locks website and ordering a replacement key A cost about $40... You are going to have to try to get that key out

                  • Sean Kayhill
                    Sean Kayhill  1 weeks back

                    Korey Jacas did anyone help you? My GF broke key off in lock and batteries are dead! I need in for papers and money

                • Joe Marchione
                  Joe Marchione  2 months back

                  For people questioning why bother buying this safe... it's fire rated, not burglary rated.

                  • Donley Wilson
                    Donley Wilson  3 months back

                    I didn't read all the comments so forgive me if i repeat.
                    See the mounting holes in the safe when he opens it.?
                    Slip a long stiff rod in the hole (hey now)
                    Plus pen light and hole to see into closed safe.
                    Slip battery cover off,
                    Hit the reset button
                    And reprogram.
                    How i opened mine..
                    ok. after cutting a hole in the bottom of another 1.

                    • Kenneth Jeremiassen
                      Kenneth Jeremiassen  3 months back

                      This is for cwc

                      • meelash1
                        meelash1  3 months back

                        Drilling the lock also counts as ruining the whole thing smh...

                        • EVIL
                          EVIL  3 months back

                          So i found one but no keys and no batteries how?

                          • click411
                            click411  4 months back

                            Thanks why dont you hang up posters of how to Break in everybodys safe

                            • Angus McRae
                              Angus McRae  4 months back

                              My brother has baught a safe and I wanna see what is in it

                              • Riley Barbieri
                                Riley Barbieri  4 months back

                                Thanks your a life ender

                                • Jenna Bagala
                                  Jenna Bagala  4 months back

                                  What if the batteries dead??

                                  • Ed Rivas
                                    Ed Rivas  4 months back

                                    That's why I'm here lol I'm screwed

                                • Mason Weichel
                                  Mason Weichel  5 months back

                                  I had three same problem but I lost the key and the battery were out. There is a feature on the safe called the bolt down feature. If it's not bolted down then there is two holes in the back. Using a long narrow rod you can stick it through there and slide off the battery cover. From there you can click the reset button and put in a different passcode

                                  • Matt Albrecht
                                    Matt Albrecht  6 months back

                                    How about NON ELECTRONIC combo safes???

                                    • あずりAzuri
                                      あずりAzuri  6 months back

                                      please i just want my phone back from my mom

                                      she took my phone and locked it in a safe like wtf dude

                                      • Your Yeti
                                        Your Yeti  5 months back

                                        あずりAzuri MINE TOO

                                    • Ingrid D Strudwick
                                      Ingrid D Strudwick  6 months back

                                      Just purchased a sentry safe thinking my belongings would be protected. Thanks a lot for showing the thieves out there .

                                      • BadDreaminq
                                        BadDreaminq  7 months back

                                        i kept sneaking my phone and stuff when i was grounded and she put it in this safe so ha got you there mom

                                        • Asuncion Rosendo
                                          Asuncion Rosendo  7 months back

                                          Thanks! I owe you one. :)

                                          • 34stzoo
                                            34stzoo  7 months back

                                            I no it's five years later. But doesn't the defeat the purpose of the safe? You can take the cap off, stick a screw driver in it, and open it.

                                            • TheJcGlobal c
                                              TheJcGlobal c  7 months back

                                              But my batterys are dead..

                                              • Toquelibre
                                                Toquelibre  8 months back

                                                Do you happen to know the default code for the HL100ES model? It's the one with the card reader. Thank you!

                                                • Josh Jones
                                                  Josh Jones  8 months back

                                                  you could save a bunch of time and effort by saying "I drilled the lock"

                                                  • Adam Bojalad
                                                    Adam Bojalad  8 months back

                                                    My battery is dead and I can't find the key how do I get in it

                                                    • Patrick Lacson
                                                      Patrick Lacson  9 months back

                                                      Does the drilling actually work? My battery is dead and I can't open it. What did the drilling do since it seems to sill remain locked even after you've drilled out the key hole.

                                                      • Anna Wilkinson
                                                        Anna Wilkinson  9 months back

                                                        I cant

                                                        • kalexander777
                                                          kalexander777  10 months back

                                                          Maybe someone stole it was too stupid to get it open so threw it away to hide evidence of the crime

                                                          • BILLIE
                                                            BILLIE  10 months back

                                                            my mom locked my phone in a sentry safe so that's why i'm here lol

                                                          • DIESELV45
                                                            DIESELV45  11 months back

                                                            I need the default code for x105 how do I find it?.

                                                            • Bilkis Ferdousi
                                                              Bilkis Ferdousi  11 months back

                                                              i Dede The same think that he dede

                                                              • Bilkis Ferdousi
                                                                Bilkis Ferdousi  11 months back

                                                                i have the same lock

                                                                • Elijah Silas
                                                                  Elijah Silas  1 years back

                                                                  Man STFU and say the code bitch

                                                                  • Rick Malone
                                                                    Rick Malone  1 years back

                                                                    You seriously fucked up that safe and you could have done that in a matter of seconds!
                                                                    "Don't want to mess up ur safe, drill a hole in it" lol
                                                                    "I'm a professional dumpster diver"
                                                                    Lol awesome

                                                                    • Chasing Greatness
                                                                      Chasing Greatness  1 years back

                                                                      When I bought this so called heavy duty safe for 300 bucks I thought I was getting my money's worth....NOOOOT!!!!! My batteries got weak and the safe wouldn't open so I got the key to open it and it didn't work!!!! Never heard of you having a key to a safe and it still won't open. For this to work you have to make sure you have batteries. The batteries do last a while but the key is a piece of crap

                                                                      • madeline massa
                                                                        madeline massa  1 years back

                                                                        Podría decirme como eliminó el sonido "pig pig" después d ingresar la nueva contraseña pues todo bien con la contraseña. Pero d cada minuto suena un pito. De Pi p

                                                                        • MRCAB
                                                                          MRCAB  1 years back

                                                                          Been reading reviews that say you can open it with a BIC pen.

                                                                          • Tiya Michael
                                                                            Tiya Michael  1 years back

                                                                            Thank you

                                                                            • Noah Shurtleff
                                                                              Noah Shurtleff  1 years back

                                                                              How do you crack the safe tho like the lock? I’m locked out of mine and forgot combo and lost keys

                                                                              • PoudiesFN
                                                                                PoudiesFN  1 years back

                                                                                17500 worked !!!

                                                                                • Brook Kheimer
                                                                                  Brook Kheimer  1 years back

                                                                                  'Lost' not Lossed.

                                                                                  • Sara K
                                                                                    Sara K  1 years back

                                                                                    This was so helpful thanks for sharing

                                                                                    • Hananaamamaman Welch
                                                                                      Hananaamamaman Welch  1 years back

                                                                                      Haha bitch I know the code yo safe now imma steal all you're shit

                                                                                      • Ungers
                                                                                        Ungers  1 years back

                                                                                        Just let it bounce upright on a bed, at the same time turn the on most digital safes, even the bigger ones if you can bounce it........