Popsicle Stick Bombs (HD): Cobra Weave And More Kinetic Fun

  • Published: 14 April 2017
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    This is "Popsicle Stick Bombs: Cobra Weave And More Kinetic Fun!". In this video you will see many types of stick bombs. Kudos to the Kinetic King for some inpiration. Please Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe!

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Comments • 11

  • Sup Guys27
    Sup Guys27  8 months back

    At the very end I guess it didn’t work all the way so you had to cut it and set it of again

    • Puri and Sue
      Puri and Sue  2 years back

      Wow!?!?! It's like Dominos, but sticks!!

      • The Maker
        The Maker   2 years back

        Yes, it uses the same basic potential energy buildup and kinetic energy release as standard dominoes. I prefer stick bombs over dominoes though!

    • Corkboard TV
      Corkboard TV  3 years back

      Excellent. You should how you make these to others can make them too! Cool effects though!

      • Garrett Plays
        Garrett Plays  3 years back

        Nice Video, your channel is growing fast! Congratz, I can't wait to see what this channel becomes!

        • The Maker
          The Maker   3 years back

          I really like your banner! Are you a maker?

        • The Maker
          The Maker   3 years back

          Thank you Garrett Plays, I am glad to hear that someone is exited to see more videos!

      • Fajiggle Jiggle
        Fajiggle Jiggle  3 years back

        How does this work?!

        • Emalee Wynn
          Emalee Wynn  9 months back

          shut up

        • The Maker
          The Maker   3 years back

          It is based on tension. If you look closely, you can see that the sticks are woven together. When you release one, they all fly apart like a domino effect.

      • KingFade
        KingFade  3 years back

        Nice vid, if you wouldn't mind checking out my channel it would mean a lot, thanks I liked and subbed!