Guess My Sexual Orientation | Lineup | Cut

  • Published: 18 September 2019
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    Who's Queer Here? | Lineup | Cut

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Comments • 16 598

    ROXY THE ANGEL DRAGON  20 minutes back

    Dude the last girl they talked to was GORGEOUS

    • MrRoodywo13
      MrRoodywo13  27 minutes back

      “Track your biases and learn who those biases are serving” I love listening to him speak.

      • Noelie Rossi
        Noelie Rossi  3 hours back


        • SF TV
          SF TV  3 hours back

          I would punch the two gays if they talk to me that way
          Even girls don't try that hard

          • SF TV
            SF TV  3 hours back

            2:38 : the roles are reversed
            The end is near

            • Kelly Yu
              Kelly Yu  4 hours back

              i like the guy with the pink top. i think he approached the game in the right way and i don't think he ever made people uncomfortable? sometimes it's natural to wonder about the sexual orientation of different people but i don't think he ever made any offensive assumptions and he seemed to be genuinely interested about these people and what they thought instead of using every sentence as an indicator as to sexuality

              • II Praxil II
                II Praxil II  4 hours back

                Y’all talking about the lady with the dress but is no one going to point out the “Am I your type?” “ not necessarily” “You are a straight male”

                • Park Haruka
                  Park Haruka  4 hours back

                  so we straights cant even notice who looks sexy or not even if u find a woman attractive u are not sexually attracted to her

                  • Park Haruka
                    Park Haruka  4 hours back

                    I HATE GAYS

                    • Park Haruka
                      Park Haruka  4 hours back

                      LET STRAIGHTS TO BE STRAIGHT

                      • panzy
                        panzy  4 hours back

                        so much of this just made me angry lol

                        • Jasmine Park
                          Jasmine Park  5 hours back

                          The girl with Muslim beliefs is soooo fine

                          • buttmunch
                            buttmunch  5 hours back

                            “Do you think I’m sexy?”

                            “Uh I love the cut of the dress-“

                            OH MY GOD IM WHEEZINGGGGG

                            • Jo Jo Purple
                              Jo Jo Purple  5 hours back

                              I love how the bi dude legit did the finger guns.. same bro

                              • Sude Keser
                                Sude Keser  6 hours back

                                I’m a Muslim and I’m bi omg my first outing 😅

                                • Erick Mendoza
                                  Erick Mendoza  6 hours back

                                  8:47 "no I don't think you are" 😂😂😂

                                  • Liam TSF
                                    Liam TSF  7 hours back

                                    The queer guy in the pink croptop is jarvis in 10 years. LMAO

                                    • M.O리사
                                      M.O리사  7 hours back

                                      Who else is gay? 😂

                                      • the king of all satans
                                        the king of all satans  7 hours back

                                        They all sexually orientated as cancer.

                                        • tiger 116
                                          tiger 116  7 hours back

                                          What is queer, sorry by my ignorance

                                          • Murat Güler
                                            Murat Güler  8 hours back

                                            All of you are talking about the woman in dress being too judgmental etc BUT I cannot be the only person to be crazy annoyed by the ignorance of the gay guy right? I just think we need to move on from the exact binary logic he has.

                                            • Warren Penn
                                              Warren Penn  8 hours back

                                              I feel like its not crazy that they assumed the muslim lady was straight... super religious people tend to be straight... and all they knew about her was that she was religious

                                              • Felisha Liggen
                                                Felisha Liggen  8 hours back

                                                The short girl with short blonde hair so funny..i mean..she's cute...I keep replaying at the part she said "i'm sweating..." and the "i got one right.." part..i can't stop laughing at that part...she so adorable

                                                • OmegaIQGamers Bros
                                                  OmegaIQGamers Bros  8 hours back

                                                  At 8:05 if you look closely he has a fairy tail emblem.

                                                  • Majestic Dre
                                                    Majestic Dre  9 hours back

                                                    2:07 lol asian homie just got pimped

                                                    • Summer. Reina
                                                      Summer. Reina  10 hours back

                                                      The one girl with the weird outfit with the girly on top tomboy on bottom she’s definitely a lesbian (stud ) or panesexual

                                                      • lil andrea
                                                        lil andrea  10 hours back

                                                        *DO YOU THINK I'M SEXY*
                                                        "i mean- i love the cut in the dress?"
                                                        *DO YOU THINK I'M SEXY*
                                                        "i have a huge attraction to glasses...?"
                                                        *DO YOU FIND ME ATTRACTIVE*

                                                        • Lance Gelotin
                                                          Lance Gelotin  12 hours back

                                                          the short whitr girl really makes me burst to laugh everytime its her turn to guess the genders.

                                                          • Bea M
                                                            Bea M  13 hours back

                                                            There is literally no way to do this without offending the poor people getting judged even though they signed up for it

                                                            • xMaaars
                                                              xMaaars  14 hours back

                                                              I loved that girl with the yellow pants!! Such a sweet person!

                                                              • slumber
                                                                slumber  14 hours back

                                                                what has life come to

                                                                • Justin S
                                                                  Justin S  15 hours back

                                                                  What the hell is wrong with people. The world needs to end now seriously. We have 900 genders and 125 sexual orientations. Welcome to 2019.

                                                                  • Offizer Walnut
                                                                    Offizer Walnut  16 hours back

                                                                    The girl in the dress got called out by the African American dude when he said 'you know you're attractive' . Get called out boi

                                                                    • Alee S
                                                                      Alee S  17 hours back

                                                                      Obsessed with the person in the pink top and shorts, such a sweetheart

                                                                      • BRWN HONEYOVO
                                                                        BRWN HONEYOVO  17 hours back

                                                                        “ I GOT ONE RIGHT! 😃”
                                                                        the crowd: “ yayyy 🙄 “

                                                                        • Wonn Seo
                                                                          Wonn Seo  18 hours back

                                                                          The first lady look bit like gaga

                                                                          • yousif rafat
                                                                            yousif rafat  18 hours back

                                                                            The woman with glasses wanta to get hooked no matter what sex is in the other side

                                                                            • Matteo Ngambo
                                                                              Matteo Ngambo  19 hours back

                                                                              6:06 two different species in 1 room wow 😯

                                                                              • Matteo Ngambo
                                                                                Matteo Ngambo  19 hours back

                                                                                Nigga just case you not his type don’t mean he straight you just ugly 🤧

                                                                                • Claria Juana
                                                                                  Claria Juana  22 hours back

                                                                                  8:32 wtf girl he's SO unconfortable

                                                                                  • Ssstupidaa Aaaa
                                                                                    Ssstupidaa Aaaa  22 hours back

                                                                                    Omg YouTube is getting sooooo comfortable with en double ads 😂❗️

                                                                                    • Icy Diamond
                                                                                      Icy Diamond  23 hours back

                                                                                      Omggg he has a Fairy Tail symbol!

                                                                                      • VAKLANG MARANGAL
                                                                                        VAKLANG MARANGAL  23 hours back

                                                                                        I AM NOT ATTRACTIVE TOO

                                                                                        • Ellyn Gould
                                                                                          Ellyn Gould  23 hours back

                                                                                          Why is nobody talking about the mullet ??

                                                                                          • MARYAm Alhussain
                                                                                            MARYAm Alhussain  23 hours back

                                                                                            Pink tank guy looks like jonathan van ness and antoni combined

                                                                                            • Marcelo Dutra
                                                                                              Marcelo Dutra  24 hours back

                                                                                              I identify as a Tesla moved by gas

                                                                                              • Marcelo Dutra
                                                                                                Marcelo Dutra  24 hours back

                                                                                                Bruh this is bullshit

                                                                                                • Emilly Heringer
                                                                                                  Emilly Heringer  24 hours back

                                                                                                  Yeaass ace representation! 💜