Anthony Anderson Saved a Diamond in the Drain with a Q-Tip

  • Published: 15 August 2019
  • James asks Anthony Anderson about documenting the rescue of a diamond earring that fell down the shower drain, and Anthony explains how a q-tip and some dental floss did the trick.

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Comments • 39

  • Brad Early
    Brad Early  5 days back

    The star of "Black-ish" is also the host of "To Tell The Truth".

      BAD VIEWS  4 months back

      El canguro jack

      • SocialRap
        SocialRap  4 months back

        that actor is so uninteresting

        • Sim Kaur
          Sim Kaur  4 months back

          Anyone else here cause they recognised Dre from Blackish 😂

          • J Fitz
            J Fitz  4 months back

            And people are starving in the world... so glad he saved that diamond.

            • Avetor UAC
              Avetor UAC  4 months back

              intresting other how many time long if who fined)) aahaha 1:18)) need give Hummer) &HULK BROKE)) after sell dimond pay for chaos)

              • BIG D
                BIG D  4 months back

                Anthony is crazy😂😂😂

                • BasicallyBrentt
                  BasicallyBrentt  4 months back

                  Yes another nicole byer upload!

                  • marcus liam
                    marcus liam  4 months back


                    • marcus liam
                      marcus liam  4 months back

                      Muito bom mesmo o seu show

                      • Lenalight
                        Lenalight  4 months back

                        Kids nowadays would ask, “What’s a Macguyver?”

                        • mustafa jamal
                          mustafa jamal  4 months back


                          • The Asad
                            The Asad  4 months back

                            I only know Anthony because of Andre from blackish

                            • Great Nate
                              Great Nate  4 months back

                              There is nothing getto about getting one of ur diamonds out of a drain

                              • Great Nate
                                Great Nate  4 months back

                                @Aswaldo mcgyver was the getto version of mcgyver. Just cause hes black doesnt make him ghetto

                              • Aswaldo
                                Aswaldo  4 months back

                                No he’s saying he’s the ghetto version of mcgayver

                            • Temukisa Flournoy
                              Temukisa Flournoy  4 months back

                              I love Anthony Andeson so much!

                              • Adam Gordon
                                Adam Gordon  4 months back

                                Temukisa Flournoy : “ You know he white right ?? Nah... he just lightskin “ 🤣🤣

                            • cku Easyy
                              cku Easyy  4 months back

                              I be walking through the sewer to get dat back😂😂

                              • T K
                                T K  4 months back

                                “Congradulation” must be the most over used word in American talk shows. Jimmy Fellon and now him 🙉

                                • William Robertson
                                  William Robertson  4 months back

                                  You’d better believe I’d be digging in that drain for twenty HOURS to get that rock 😂😂

                                  • GO-GO GINO
                                    GO-GO GINO  4 months back

                                    YO MY GUY?? 🤔🤔🤪

                                    • KT926
                                      KT926  4 months back

                                      I think he learned a valuable lesson, never wear jewellery in the shower!

                                      • Oh yeah yeah
                                        Oh yeah yeah  4 months back

                                        or shower at 3:30 in the morning lol

                                    • FaZeSt1ky hipy218
                                      FaZeSt1ky hipy218  4 months back

                                      Hiiiii sub to me plzzzz

                                      • Can Bartu Kakaş
                                        Can Bartu Kakaş  4 months back

                                        God, Anthony really hates the leg day

                                      • Ein Gravierend
                                        Ein Gravierend  4 months back

                                        First Comment! :) I need help, pls help me.

                                        • 1oo subscribers with No posts
                                          1oo subscribers with No posts  4 months back

                                          Bopitty Boopy


                                        • Nitsuj
                                          Nitsuj  4 months back

                                          Wtf? This is heavy robot status right now.
                                          Nomphilo: ur not first
                                          Ein: OMG THANKS FOR REPLY I GIVE YOU SUB NOW :):):):):):)
                                          Nomphilo: I don’t upload
                                          Ein: I DONT UNDERSTAND?!?

                                        • Ein Gravierend
                                          Ein Gravierend  4 months back

                                          @1oo subscribers with No posts ok, i dont understand, but maybe btw we could meet up together, if you wouldnt mind.

                                        • Ein Gravierend
                                          Ein Gravierend  4 months back

                                          @1oo subscribers with No posts Thank You so much! I love You, much more, then you think

                                        • 1oo subscribers with No posts
                                          1oo subscribers with No posts  4 months back

                                          Ein Gravierend

                                          Btw I don’t post

                                      • sirine hammami
                                        sirine hammami  4 months back


                                        • Tim Dev
                                          Tim Dev  4 months back

                                          Good job kiddo