NYCC 2019: ALL ELITE WRESTLING - Brandi Rhodes, Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens)

  • Published: 05 October 2019
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Comments • 26

    xX DOMINUS Xx  1 weeks back

    I prefer her ring name "Kharma" instead of kong. Kong seems offensive.

    • ricky pinnock
      ricky pinnock  4 weeks back

      Imagine smashing Kong as your woman....😎🤗

      • Suspekt Zero
        Suspekt Zero  2 months back

        I love how Brandi speaks and conducts herserlf, very smart and talented lady. I never got the chance to watch Awesome Kong much, she wasnt properly used in TNA, but it looks like shes on the right track at AEW.

        • Andrew Flood
          Andrew Flood  3 months back

          kia stevens aka awesome kong look so bad ass at nycc 2019 !!!!

          • D F.
            D F.  3 months back

            U wanna know why Kylie Rae left AEW than u can ask Brandi Rhodes... Kylie didn't have medical issues... Rumors has it Cody Rhodes was into Kylie Rae and Brandi wasn't having it... So u can fill in the blanks

            • jay craig
              jay craig  2 months back

              Good Kylie Rae is garbage and Brandi is so pretty

          • Laid back Headbanger dude

            That guy with glasses looks a lot like Paul Heyman!!

            • Cauã Marçal
              Cauã Marçal  3 months back


              • Ro Val
                Ro Val  3 months back

                It is such a breath of fresh air to see this side of Awesome Kong. I love it!

                • springer 90
                  springer 90  3 months back

                  Love me some Kia Stevens, she thicc af!

                • Reginald Redd
                  Reginald Redd  3 months back

                  Aew need to sign Gail Kim so we can have those 5 star tna matches again against awesome Kong

                  • jay craig
                    jay craig  2 months back

                    I SAID THE SAME THING. Maybe we could get a match

                  • Mrs. Arthur Morgan
                    Mrs. Arthur Morgan  3 months back

                    Gail is my favorite of all time aside from Kong, but I’m pretty sure she’s done. After Tessa conquers the world in Impact, she’d be a great person for Kong to feud with.

                • Jerachi Kun
                  Jerachi Kun  3 months back

                  loving that new hairstyle n color of kong 💜 always pretty

                  • rorykelly45
                    rorykelly45  3 months back

                    Brandi is the most beautiful black woman I have ever seen 🤤 🤤 🤤 in another life I would marry her lol 😍😍

                    • naekiko moon
                      naekiko moon  3 months back

                      Awesome Kong is aewsome

                      • Malik Da Martian
                        Malik Da Martian  3 months back

                        Kong is looking good as hell...She is looking real delicious right now

                        • Tye Puesy
                          Tye Puesy  3 months back

                          Kong is an absolute legend, so happy shes with AEW.

                          • Hey Mikey
                            Hey Mikey  3 months back

                            There's so much talent in AEW, that a lot of ppl don't really know about!!! Hopefully they can get another hour added on to their show, so more of their artist can paint their canvases and or have their portraits painted!!! 2hrs is Kool but 3hrs would be great!!!

                            • Hey Mikey
                              Hey Mikey  3 months back

                              @Tye Puesy definitely right tho!!! I/we wanted more and they blessed us with AEWDark!!! 😉
                              Also..Khan spoke about trying to get an extra hr down the road somewhere!!! I think TNT will give it to them, but wants to see how well they will do first!!! I love it tho!!! Any #AEW is better than no AEW!!!

                            • Hey Mikey
                              Hey Mikey  3 months back

                              @Tye Puesy ...lovely name!!!

                            • Tye Puesy
                              Tye Puesy  3 months back

                              I think 2 hours is the sweet spot, the first episode of Dynamite left me wanting more! I can't wait for Wednesdays now

                          • Hey Mikey
                            Hey Mikey  3 months back

                            Kong is Awesome as well!!! Looking forward to seeing her art in #AEW!!!

                            • Hey Mikey
                              Hey Mikey  3 months back

                              Love Brandi as always!!! So we'll spoken and down to earth!!! 😍