Variable Massacre @1:10:34 to 1:34:00

  • Published: 14 June 2019
  • Trying to tlou 5 years after the game first released!
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Comments • 14

  • micoromico
    micoromico  7 months back

    Good thing I can still watch your streams after the fact.

    • Ausente
      Ausente  7 months back

      1:40:54 he run to the bomb xD

      • Scorpio Curse
        Scorpio Curse  7 months back

        I think the main problem with your aim at the beginning is that you put too much sensitivity.

        • David Urquilla
          David Urquilla  7 months back

          I had no idea that's what fn players ment, I play that way but only because I've been playing since ps3 release so I'm just experienced in tlou factions , I used to love tricking people and circle around them for a shive before the patch kicked in good times

          • G R IE IE D
            G R IE IE D  7 months back

            Live on CNN!

            • zer0
              zer0  8 months back

              what a variable god

              • Marcelo Flores
                Marcelo Flores  8 months back

                Hola perro saludos

                • CrimsonKing97
                  CrimsonKing97  8 months back

                  Great stream. I especially liked the party where it ended suddenly

                  • Pandanto
                    Pandanto  8 months back

                    @Rages Rager 11 We know 😂 Rip Wakanda internet

                  • Rages Rager 11
                    Rages Rager 11   8 months back

                    My internet obviously stopped working man

                  • Pandanto
                    Pandanto  8 months back


                  • CrimsonKing97
                    CrimsonKing97  8 months back

                    @DIΞGO I stopped wondering. He seems to be done for today, I guess.

                  • DIΞGO
                    DIΞGO  8 months back

                    we are still here .. wondering 😂