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  • Published: 13 November 2019
  • Meet the cast of 'Beyond Heroes' as they introduce their characters and the format of D&D Beyond's new Dungeons and Dragons series. Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/dndbeyond on Wednesdays at 2pm PT or subscribe to this channel for the VOD.

    Beyond Heroes is a series of one shot adventures that continue the story of the Heroes of the Vale as they set out on missions across the planes. Tune in live for the chance to win a D&D Beyond Legendary bundle every time a player rolls a natural 20 and vote on where our heroes adventures will take them next!

    Todd Kenreck as the Dungeon Master
    Briv, Half-Orc Oath of Heroism Paladin played by Adam Bradford
    Orkira, Dragonborn Light Domain Cleric played by Lauren Urban
    Penelope, Halfling Circle of Land Druid played by Hope LaVelle
    Alyndra Alexandria Garanahil Sarrbarand, Lorekeeper of Rime Spiro, Kinscribe of Clan Monkeymouse, High Elf Cleric / Wizard played by Jen Kretchmer
    Keen, Eladrin Eldritch Knight Fighter played by TJ Storm
    Freely, Halfling Bard / Paladin / Sorcerer / Warlock played by B Dave Walters

    Broadcasted live on Twitch! Watch our shows live at https://www.twitch.tv/dndbeyond on Wednesdays at 2pm PT

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Comments • 26

  • jpcsdutra
    jpcsdutra  2 months back

    Since Avren is in Idle Champions now, I think it is a matter of time until we see the rest of this crew in Idle Champions, huh?
    I look forward to seeing another half-orc besides Krond make it to the game. Orkira seems she could be a fun character too.

    • RaptorRed79
      RaptorRed79  2 months back

      the Character pics where done by Max Dunbar?! they had to have been it looks like his style (Which I Love!)

      • Bobby Frankenstein
        Bobby Frankenstein  2 months back

        I've been loving these heroes' adventures. But I do have a request to the cast and all my other fellow D&D players. As a person of Irish heritage who speaks a smattering of Irish Gaelic, it really grates on my ears to hear people pronounce the name Oghma as "ogma" and the word "ogham" as "og-ham" or "oggem." They should be "Ohma" and "ohm," respectively.

        In most dialects of Irish Gaelic, the "gh" sound is either silent or mushed into a vowel or diphthong when appearing in the middle of a word. "H" is not a letter in Irish Gaelic, it is an operation. When paired with another consonant, it indicates the pronunciation the other consonant should be given. So, when paired with m or b, for instance, the mh or bh sound is most commonly "w" when in the middle of a word (so Samhain is pronounced "saw wen" rather than "sam hane," for instance), while having a soft "u" sound when at the end of a word (see my parting sentence below). If paired with g, the gh is pronounced like y when at the beginning of a word, and most often is silent when in the middle, as in the English words "light" or "fight." This is especially true in formal Modern Irish, which has standardized pronunciations in an effort to preserve the language.

        So, it's "Ohma" for Oghma, and "ohm" or "oh-em" for ogham.

        Go raibh maith agat! <---- That's irish for "thank you." You say it "go ruh muh a-gut."


        • quincy briley
          quincy briley  1 months back

          But oghma has a g sound in its pronunciation. It always has. You can look it up on the forgotten realms wiki where it says how to pronounce it, with citations.

      • WizardJim
        WizardJim  2 months back

        The anthropologist wizard is my favourite character concept, I'd already played a character who was a wizard second and an architect first, becoming an adventurer to study ancient ruins, the building techniques and sacred geometry of past cultures, with formidable arcane knowledge being a happy side effect.

        • Susan Binks Scrafford
          Susan Binks Scrafford  2 months back

          My gosh and golly but I love this party so much! Y'all give so much heart to your characters and gameplay it's positively captivating storytelling. More please!

          • Sovran Soviet
            Sovran Soviet  2 months back

            I like to think that even when Todd is being interviewed he is still the one asking questions

            • mleanl
              mleanl  2 months back

              Love the idea of an anthropologist! I've always wanted to play one so it'd be interesting to see how the character works.

              • Kaitlin K.
                Kaitlin K.  2 months back

                Im excited! Ill give it a shot! I really like TJ Storms characters. The Character design is fantastic too :)

                • Zeter Zero
                  Zeter Zero  2 months back

                  Briv best boi. Penelope best gurl.

                  Also TJ Storm usually has some really interesting characters so Keen seems like he'll be a lot of fun.

                  • Nitro
                    Nitro  2 months back

                    this guna be a youtube thing or only twitch?

                    • D&D Beyond
                      D&D Beyond   2 months back

                      Both! New episodes will come to YouTube the day after they stream on Twitch.

                  • PunkPinata
                    PunkPinata  2 months back

                    Uhh Those characters are drawn by Max Dunbar(unless I am stupid and wrong) They look flippin awesome

                    • PunkPinata
                      PunkPinata  2 months back

                      @Quintin Steevessenior Oh sorry, it was ment as kind of a joke about myself.

                    • Zeter Zero
                      Zeter Zero  2 months back

                      @PunkPinata We all have moments like that.

                    • Quintin Steevessenior
                      Quintin Steevessenior  2 months back

                      Why would you consider yourself stupid? Or are you being sarcastic?

                    • PunkPinata
                      PunkPinata  2 months back

                      @Rick Grayson aaaand that folks, is why I am flippin' stupid. I saw that video... and forgot because my brain has more holes then a swiss cheese. Thanks for reminding me

                    • Rick Grayson
                      Rick Grayson  2 months back

                      They just had a video with Max. It is known.

                  • Gkayen
                    Gkayen  2 months back

                    Well it come out as a podcast ?

                    • D&D Beyond
                      D&D Beyond   2 months back

                      It will indeed! The podcast feed is currently being set up but if you keep an eye out on our Twitter, Facebook or the front page of dndbeyond.com you'll be notified as soon as its available!

                  • Tadas Botyrius
                    Tadas Botyrius  2 months back

                    Hy, will you play this compain in person or via the internet again?

                    • D&D Beyond
                      D&D Beyond   2 months back

                      Same online format as the previous campaign, however, if you want to see some of the players playing in person together Jennifer ran a wonderful adventure for them at Gamehole Con this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNIlHqbgNiA

                    • Matthew Neyens
                      Matthew Neyens  2 months back

                      "Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/dndbeyond on Wednesdays at 2pm PT or subscribe to this channel for the VOD."

                  • Fil kearney
                    Fil kearney  2 months back

                    I've been running a 1 hour lunch time campaign for coworkers for the past year... it's great to see more short-session gaming! :)

                    • D&D Beyond
                      D&D Beyond   2 months back

                      Episode 1 of Beyond Heroes is OUT NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrPy1P6ialo

                      • Polarized Captain
                        Polarized Captain  2 months back

                        I’m excited for this!