Shenmue 3 Is A Unique Game

  • Published: 29 November 2019
  • This is the greatest turtle racing of All Time
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  • RealMsantiago RMS
    RealMsantiago RMS  2 days back

    I love shenmue. All 3 of them, they’re my favorite games of all times. Now I can admit that the first 4 hours or so of shenmue 3 are slow and dragged out to death. Horrible for anything not a fan of the series and even dreadful for a huge fan like me. I hope you didn’t give up on the game.

    • JoJonoMuskets
      JoJonoMuskets  2 weeks back

      I thought I've learned my lesson after Jump Force, but I never did my research.

      Imma not repeat that again and actually research the game before spending it.

      • cute ass anime
        cute ass anime  3 weeks back

        I love the stilted voice acting in this game. The conversations are so fucking hilarious, I'm convinced Ryo is actually an android trying to learn how humans communicate. For me, this is one of those games that I would never want to play myself, but I would have a blast watching a let's play of.

        • Darian
          Darian  3 weeks back

          4:48 Is that Gon Freecs?

          • Captain Doomsday
            Captain Doomsday  1 months back

            It's EXACTLY THE SAME as the first game.

            • joe e
              joe e  1 months back

              I would say ignorance is bliss in your case. Sad

              • Optimist Grind
                Optimist Grind  1 months back

                Tomar The Turtle Racer

                • Genocide OW
                  Genocide OW  1 months back

                  weebs unironically play shit like this bcuz it has anime art style. How crazy is that.

                  • YHZH
                    YHZH  1 months back

                    Diddy Kong Racing had better turtles and racing, fuck off.

                    • PonPon Doodlez
                      PonPon Doodlez  1 months back

                      I guess it's silly and just nostalgia speaking but the stiff animations, off faces and lip syncing reminds me of the old games. It's charming in a way

                      • Rev the scatman
                        Rev the scatman  1 months back

                        I’ve never played/seen a Shenmue game before so I have no idea if this is a good game or not

                        • Andre P.
                          Andre P.  1 months back

                          Hey alright

                          • The Lizard People
                            The Lizard People  1 months back

                            What did the thugs look like again?

                            • Derek Kastelic
                              Derek Kastelic  1 months back

                              ITS TOMAR BABYYYY THE MF TURTLE RACER

                              • eating stuffwith
                                eating stuffwith  2 months back

                                That's really high fps,
                                Still a boring game

                                • Sonic1994CD
                                  Sonic1994CD  2 months back

                                  Making Shenmue 3 was a mistake. No wonder Sega didn't want to continue making the series, it sucks

                                  • Derek Stimens
                                    Derek Stimens  2 months back

                                    its been a week. give more shenmue

                                    • Kyle Kerrigan
                                      Kyle Kerrigan  2 months back

                                      This game wants to be Yakuza badly lol.

                                      • Chyleen Lopez
                                        Chyleen Lopez  2 months back

                                        This game isn’t for people who have not played it. I know you know that, but it needs to be considered EVERY time you wanna look up Shenmue 3. The “hardcore fans” that “accept anything” paid money for the creation— not for the DLC— They made this game...This is NOT for some new audience or anyone who has NO IDEA what this is. This is what we asked for and we got exactly what people paid 8 million dollars for. Now I’m gonna go into the 8 million because people are saying the game is terrible for that money. Imagine A game 20 years old.... you probably can’t because you’re most likely A “Shallow gamer” if you don’t know about Shenmue or A title that “survived” its own era, but IMAGINE A 20 year old game that has NO sequel and people are like “shut up and take my money and make that game!” and when it’s announced to FINALLY be made......its on A budget, A very, very SMALL budget COMPARED to the 2 previous games that people compare it to. For having the SMALLEST budget in the series, it looks exceptional. It DOESNT look the best, but considering the fact that A lot of new features were added and they had to make an ENTIRE GAME with new features it STILL looks good. For the budget they had, this game could have been terrible, but it looks like the Shenmue die hard fans know and that’s not being considered, but it’s okay because the only people who don’t consider it are the people who have NO IDEA what Shenmue is. People who just found out what this is because of its release have no authority or opinion space because it’s equivalent to A hoe talking about the experience of being A housewife. Play the first 2 Shenmue games then ( maybe ) die hard fans would even listen because if you’re just jumping into the comments like “I play the great Fortnite, this game looks trash” no one takes you serious because we all know about this game and we all know you people don’t know shit lol. If you guys think people are dumb for paying for this game or for backing it just know no one agrees or cares except the people who are on your side of the fence and vice versa. Just shut the fuck up and stop announcing your opinions because you have NO experience therefore you’re IGN employees to us (Nobodies). If Shenmue 3 sucks why do you people constantly look it up or get sucked into the argument? Where the fuck did you people even come from? “Ah man, I thought this game was gonna be the BEST” No real Shenmue fan ever thought that or wanted that. We just wanted Shenmue 3 and it’s here and if you don’t know, now you know this IS what Shenmue has ALWAYS BEEN (A very, very slow, very vibey game with lots of environmental essence from another culture). It’s the exact opposite of what people today and back then expected. It’s A game where you are somewhere that is nothing like America, but it’s annoying to see so many kids and stupid adults saying “American games are better” or “this is nothing like American games” fucking DUH it’s A Japanese game made by A Japanese guy based on A Japanese dude who goes from Japan to China so why the fuck would it be compared to COD MW or GTA? The only reason it’s compared to those games is because it’s being compared by retards who feel great about announcing shit they know nothing about. If you don’t know, now you know. This game wasn’t made for kids now a days to twitch this shit, it’s not flashy, it’s not fast paced and MINDLESS— it has LOTS of life and lots of personality UNLIKE AMERICAN GAMES that constantly have an identity crisis. Look at how many games changed from part 1 to part 8 then play all the Shenmues (actually play them) and tell me then people didn’t get exactly what they wanted. Nobody cares if it’s the best, you can’t name the best game, that talk is strictly opinion and even if you bring the best rated games it’s other people’s opinions and in another state the opinions are switched because opinions are not facts and they ALWAYS CHANGE you fucking nimrods. The best rated game ever is Super Mario Galaxy 2 and my opinion is different, not saying that game sucks, but I think A different game deserves to be the best just as you do because we all have the right to have separate opinions and we don’t have to agree. I can say this game is great and you can say this game sucks and that is okay, but it is not okay (to me atleast— might be okay to you) to talk about something you are not experienced with because you look like A fucking JOKE especially when your JOB is to make opinions or play games....If you don’t know Shenmue this is it and again, don’t misunderstand this: This is not what it is now, this is not what we get for now, this is what it has always been and this is the reason we love it (because it’s DIFFERENT, it’s weird, we find it funny and lovable, it’s not fast paced, it’s very, very, very slow and detailed and we have to do so much, etc...) all these reasons are exactly why we fell in love with this series and if you can’t understand that than understand that you don’t have to because the love has nothing to do with you or your opinions nor has it ever been. It’s genuine with Shenmue fans, we don’t like Shenmue because other people do and that’s the biggest difference between Shenmue fans and “gamers” today. Y’all “Shenmue haters” just try to impress someone you don’t even know— these people don’t do shit for you, but support your dumbass opinion and you guys feel happy inside because someone actually (in the most interactive internet state era ever) agreed with you it’s A little more true, but it’s not, I can say anything and based on how someone feels they can agree, but there’s people out here just tryna make friends so they’ll agree and you people get so much butterflies in your stomach that you think your on top of the world (momentarily). Back then it was different, I’m no old, but I know I have an old soul because my moral values are way different than people my age and I’m cool with that. Ya can build A friendship or relationship bashing and destroying and us Shenmue fans will still be enjoying the way of the heart. When Shenmue came out it was so different, there was NOTHING like it, but today you kids are spoiled as fuck and the people who say “Yakuza is better” are even fucking dumber because IT WAS MADE BY THE EXACT TEAM WHO MADE SHENMUE! The Shenmue series gave BIRTH to Yakuza and every other game just like that. Virtua fighter was like Tekken in A way and Yu Suzukia said “ I wanna make an RPG game” and he got some characters he was gonna put in Virtua Fighter and put them in Shenmue instead and made A story and instead of fighting in A 2D game you were able to go home, sleep, get A job, go to arcades, walk around, run around, open every draw, etc... people who don’t know that or can’t see how beautiful that game was are fucking idiots because it gave birth to A HUGE part of the gaming world and it CHANGED the way people saw games and other games followed suit. It was so successful people copied them over and over and this was in 2001, please do me A favor and look at games released then (actually take time to research the line of games released in 2001 for EVERY console) look at Shenmue 3 and tell me something people aren’t already saying. I don’t wanna hear anymore “surface talk” talk about something people aren’t looking at.....The same people saying “the lip syncing is trash” play Fortnite where there is an actual story that NOBODY fucking understands and there was more than 10 seasons of the shit. Explain the Fortnite storyline and make it seem like you understand, but that shit is truly retarded for this age, but don’t mention that because “it’s fun so it’s A good game”.... please tell me how perfect the voice acting is in games... you can probably think and name one, but you don’t really know about games with perfect lip syncing because nobody really cares about that shit! I can understand if you say “that’s distracting”, but for you people who make it seem like all the effort in the game is thrown out the window because of the lip syncing, need to stop sucking your own dicks because Shenmue has NEVER had perfect lip syncing....Even in games where lip syncing is good, it’s terrible. If I went around every corner of every game pointing out every reason why it was bad AFTER buying and spending lots of time playing it, I’d be A MISERABLE peice of nobody like you people. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it, don’t play it and it’s that simple whether you are A kid or an adult lmao. Fucking ridiculous, it’s only A game about experiencing another culture you ungrateful bitches lol. Seriously though, if you didn’t know, now you do bitch. Fuck my language. “Respect my gangsta” just wanted to throw that in there for some odd reason.

                                      • The Bridgeburner
                                        The Bridgeburner  2 months back

                                        Shenmue 2 was just a forklift driving simulation

                                        • anDREas17gr
                                          anDREas17gr  2 months back

                                          When does he stream!??

                                          • Princess/Queen CB
                                            Princess/Queen CB  2 months back

                                            Does anyone know where I can talk to some sailors?

                                            • Ninjartist 36
                                              Ninjartist 36  2 months back

                                              Critical: The art of gluttony

                                              • Sergeant Shultz
                                                Sergeant Shultz  2 months back

                                                you do not know the significance of the fork lift. brings back memories.

                                                • Animan 4
                                                  Animan 4  2 months back

                                                  I actually forgot Tomar is in this game

                                                  • Osama Getting Laiden
                                                    Osama Getting Laiden  2 months back

                                                    This game is like low budget sleeping dog

                                                    • camilo fuentes
                                                      camilo fuentes  2 months back

                                                      "is that a turtle or a bullet"

                                                      • Daniel Marin
                                                        Daniel Marin  2 months back

                                                        Just play yakuza instead trust me

                                                        • JPSkillet !
                                                          JPSkillet !  2 months back

                                                          I would love a part 2 to this video; the plot is just so compelling! That last statement was a lie.

                                                          • Obie
                                                            Obie  2 months back

                                                            I swear I played more of that marble mini-game in Shenmue 2 than the game itself.

                                                            • moabpanda01
                                                              moabpanda01  2 months back

                                                              4:50 holy shit is that ben 10?!?!

                                                              • Redjfulfer
                                                                Redjfulfer  2 months back

                                                                Wait Shenmue 3 just came out?

                                                                • Dkyguy1995
                                                                  Dkyguy1995  2 months back

                                                                  This game is one of the most appealing experiences of 2019 IMO

                                                                  • Phoenix Splash TV
                                                                    Phoenix Splash TV  2 months back

                                                                    I backed the game and I was very pleased with the outcome. I'm glad it didn't try to be like yakuza and try to win over the crowd that likes instantaneous satisfactions. Shenmue is like fishing or golf. Very slow and relaxing. If you go into it expecting tons of excitement, you'll be disappointed.

                                                                    • TheDestroyerOfWorldss AndOtherVariousThings

                                                                      Shenmue is so low quality that it's laughable, I feel bad for the people that pitched in to the Kickstarter.

                                                                      • when noobs did it
                                                                        when noobs did it  2 months back

                                                                        I think the perfect word to describe shenmue is retarded

                                                                        • Mao Cat
                                                                          Mao Cat  2 months back

                                                                          Am I the only one who has always thought Shenmue was and always will be utterly over-hyped trash with sub-par writing? I'll never understand how a game that looks like it was made 10 years ago by an uninvested team of people just looking for a paycheck was able to gain so much money in crowd-funding.

                                                                          • foni646
                                                                            foni646  2 months back

                                                                            Those thugs must have been behind that attack

                                                                            • Karyon Their Story
                                                                              Karyon Their Story  2 months back

                                                                              Still waiting for Jackie Chan’s uncle dlc

                                                                              • JupiterLounge
                                                                                JupiterLounge  2 months back

                                                                                2:47 - 3:20 save u all sum time

                                                                                • Jamston Julian
                                                                                  Jamston Julian  2 months back

                                                                                  Not being funny, but what is the point of Shenmue? What is its appeal?

                                                                                  • colorblind
                                                                                    colorblind  2 months back

                                                                                    Tomar at the turtle races

                                                                                    • Gattai
                                                                                      Gattai  2 months back

                                                                                      there is only 1 reason why you would want to play any japanese game with english audio.... to make fun of and rant how shit it is

                                                                                      • xDark
                                                                                        xDark  2 months back

                                                                                        It's a strand type game

                                                                                        • Coldkill2001
                                                                                          Coldkill2001  2 months back

                                                                                          Don't hate on the fat karate guy, he's cute

                                                                                          • Wajih bec
                                                                                            Wajih bec  2 months back

                                                                                            * MAIL!*

                                                                                            • Universal _Wisdom
                                                                                              Universal _Wisdom  2 months back

                                                                                              So this is supposed to be a
                                                                                              2019 game huh...

                                                                                              • Phoenix Splash TV
                                                                                                Phoenix Splash TV  2 months back

                                                                                                Yeah it wasn't buggy enough on day 1.

                                                                                              • MrZyphR
                                                                                                MrZyphR  2 months back

                                                                                                Is it a AAA release? Would you rather the latest call of duty?

                                                                                            • El Barto
                                                                                              El Barto  2 months back

                                                                                              Most Japanese people don’t even know what a hamburger even tastes like, well the ones in Japan.