TJ Hunt Ferrari GT3 458 and StreetHunter Toyota Supra SEMA reveal

  • Published: 06 November 2019
  • The First StreetHunter Toyota Supra is done! One of my top stops for SEAM 2019 was TJ Hunt's Ferrari GT3 458 and StreetHunter Toyota Supra SEMA reveal. TJ is friend ,customer, and part of the Toprank fam so we've been following both of the builds and it was super rad to get a chance to see them both in person. If you've seen his videos you know whats gone into his completed Ferrari GT3 458 Widebody... which is crazy from start to finish. Both cars are stunning, enjoy the video!



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Comments • 49

  • Capt Two6
    Capt Two6  1 weeks back

    Little late but awesome vid bro! Loving the content and pretty jealous about SEMA. I’ll hit it up next year haha

    • Capt Two6
      Capt Two6  1 weeks back

      Brian Jannusch I’m gonna be there 9-15 Jan 🤙🏻 Everything’s booked!

    • Brian Jannusch
      Brian Jannusch   1 weeks back

      Tokyo Auto Salon 2020!!!!! So excited

  • Super Speed
    Super Speed  3 weeks back

    Rice tails also caught up with Ferrari, 🤐

    • Tou Vang
      Tou Vang  1 months back

      screwed on wide body kit... YUCK

      • Bakhtiyar Mamadaliyev
        Bakhtiyar Mamadaliyev  1 months back

        Hmm 🤔 all I see on YouTube is Supras but it’s all YouTubers and if the car is that popular and good then how come I never seen one on the streets? Hmm that got me thinking no one is buying the bmw supras huh?

        • Justin
          Justin  1 months back

          It’s a shame that car will never get driven any where near its potential

          • Gordon Merchant
            Gordon Merchant  1 months back

            Disappointed Calvin wasn't there to enjoy this he was a big part of both builds.

            • Gordon Merchant
              Gordon Merchant  1 months back

              I liked both 458 and the Supra though the 458 wheels could have been better the bronze worked well with the green body but style was a bit too basic and out of place on a Ferrari and the chrome rims looked wrong.

              • DeadShot
                DeadShot  1 months back

                It is a BMW Supra Kiddo

                • Brian Jannusch
                  Brian Jannusch   1 months back

                  And the a70 and a 80 are Yamaha Supra ... kiddo

              • Iceman
                Iceman  1 months back

                His 458 is money, but the supra looks pretty meh. Looks bland in black. Makes it look generic..

                • Eduardo Fenili
                  Eduardo Fenili  1 months back

                  I don't have an exotic or even nice car, but I love looking at them and driving them when I can. When the 458 came out it really re-invigorated my love for Ferraris...I think it did for many people. This is one of the nicest 458s I have ever seen. Happy he was able to save it - it's also the car that got me following TJ =)

                  • Brian Jannusch
                    Brian Jannusch   1 months back

                    I agree, the 458 for me was what really got my attention for modern Ferrari’s

                • Artur T
                  Artur T  1 months back

                  13:17 "it's only a toyota" :O

                  • Edwin
                    Edwin  1 months back

                    The spoiler is just nice. Unlike some supra with ugly big spoiler disgusting.

                  • 18t4motion
                    18t4motion  1 months back

                    Those wheels are niiice... but not "keep it a secret for a couple weeks till the reveal" nice. #sorrynotsorry

                    • 3d
                      3d  1 months back

                      Maybe next year get in earlier so views don’t have to see the back of people heads thanks

                      • Boosted_Dilly
                        Boosted_Dilly  1 months back

                        The a90 is way grown on me. Wow I gotta have one

                      • Felix The cat
                        Felix The cat  1 months back

                        TJ‘s Ferrari really is the bees knees🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 His Supra is cool too but there were some better ones

                        • Brian Jannusch
                          Brian Jannusch   1 months back

                          His Ferrari was probably my favorite exotic at the show

                      • OneAndOnly Lokey
                        OneAndOnly Lokey  1 months back

                        And to think that 458 was a salvaged one is insane!

                      • Andres Salazar
                        Andres Salazar  1 months back

                        13:16 “but it’s only a Toyota” 😂

                        • Iskandar A.
                          Iskandar A.  1 months back

                          The level of disrespect!!! 🤣🤣 wanted to comment this haha

                        • Carlos
                          Carlos  1 months back

                          Along with the engine

                        • Iceman
                          Iceman  1 months back

                          BMW* It is built off all BMW Z series parts.

                      • OzSeattle
                        OzSeattle  1 months back

                        Drives me crazy to see people filming with their cameras (cell phones) straight up.

                        • Javier Rodriguez
                          Javier Rodriguez  1 months back

                          Might be a Snapchat or instagram story.. horizontal on those apps don’t look good

                      • Shifty
                        Shifty  1 months back

                        Nice wheels but poor fitment

                        • TJ Moto
                          TJ Moto  1 months back

                          You obviously don’t watch his videos he said so himself he wants to use the car on the street not to keep in the garage. Go watch his vids you’ll know why

                        • Zsombor Raduly
                          Zsombor Raduly  1 months back

                          @Shifty I thought you were talking about the supra.... Nvm

                        • Shifty
                          Shifty  1 months back

                          1. I obviously mean the fitment on the 458
                          2. Who is not jelly on a 458 with GT3 kit? Whats your point? lol

                        • Justin Trujillo
                          Justin Trujillo  1 months back

                          Someone is jelly 😂

                        • Zsombor Raduly
                          Zsombor Raduly  1 months back

                          The fenders have a lip that is mean to allow the wheels to tuck like they do. Not to mention, the kit is 3d printed, not final.

                      • steverl22
                        steverl22  1 months back

                        Great looking cars....dude puts in WORK!!

                        • Brian Jannusch
                          Brian Jannusch   1 months back

                          steverl22 yeah, from what I know it was a TON of work to get both done

                      • Sunedosa
                        Sunedosa  1 months back

                        Best looking kit for the 2020 supra sofar, it's just wide enough and doesn't get silly as a few of the other kits ive seen with massive rear ends while this is perfect. The wing looks amazing aswell. His 458 looks nice too.

                        • Brian Jannusch
                          Brian Jannusch   1 months back

                          I completely agree, he said the wing is inspired by his FD RX7 and the TRD wing on the Supra he got from us...

                      • shus Garage
                        shus Garage  1 months back

                        Could not make it but glad you got the shot of revealing the supra✌

                        • Brian Jannusch
                          Brian Jannusch   1 months back

                          Was a cool moment! Hope to see you here one of these years

                      • MeinM5
                        MeinM5  1 months back

                        I gotta say ...I really like TJ....he's a humble dude and seems really mature. I used to be a bit of a hater but he's grown on me. His Ferrari is frigging amazing. Good for him.

                        • Iceman
                          Iceman  1 months back

                          Wouldn't call him Humble but he seems nice enough.

                        • Brian Jannusch
                          Brian Jannusch   1 months back

                          Yeah he’s seriously a great guy... and I can appreciate his taste in cars and modifications

                      • Hector Lopez
                        Hector Lopez  1 months back

                        Not going to lie, the new 2020 supra is growing on me now as the body kits the companies are making for them looking aggressive and a street legal race car.

                        • Brian Jannusch
                          Brian Jannusch   1 months back

                          Yes there so many great mods and so many more to come... it’s definitely helping keep tuning culture alive

                        • MeinM5
                          MeinM5  1 months back

                          Very DTM-like. I agree.