Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less

  • Published: 28 November 2019
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    We have been asked by a few people to sin this little indie film from the summer called Avengers: Endgame. And we had nothing else going on today, so we decided to cave to fan request for once. This movie was a crowd pleaser and currently stands as the highest grossing movie of all time. But it has plenty of sins, so buckle up, kids, let's go for a ride.

    Next week: I don't remember. Some sins. Two videos. Something something.

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Comments • 16 453

  • Otávio Mio
    Otávio Mio  47 minutes back

    There are 2 facts about Thanos' plan that need to be addressed:

    1) this "50%" figure would obviously be considerably larger because of collateral damage. Only the passengers of airplanes whose both pilot and co-pilot died would be a somewhat big addition. Imagine all the other possible accidents, like that chopper in the mid-credits scene of Infinity War, that crashed into a building and surely enough killed some unsnapped people?

    2) If Thanos' plan isn't already dumb enough, this 50% of all "living creatures" makes it even dumber. Only plants and some bacteria can draw energy from things that aren't alive - light and chemicals. Since "LIVING creatures" also encompasses plant life, Thanos would just create huge chaos in the Universe's energy chain, ending up bringing all of it to the brink of extinction.

    • Summer Tyme
      Summer Tyme  4 hours back

      Sometimes the *Butterfly Effect* is cited as if to somehow refute the filmmakers comments about the film. But the Butterfly effect - or chaos theory - is actually not a theory of time travel, per se.

      *(With reference to chaos theory) the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.*

      Note the reference to a butterfly relates to a butterfly flapping its wings causing a hurricane elsewhere. Nothing about time travel. The reason people associate it with time travel is that there was a time travel movie called “The Butterfly Effect.”

      The film applied chaos theory in the sense that every tiny change to the past caused vast change to the future.

      Fine for that film - but the most important thing is - > *that’s not whats happening in EndGame.*

      Multiverse time travel - is what is happening in EndGame and that *is a theory of time travel.*

      Butterfly Effect does not solve - and in fact - compounds the root paradox of uni-verse time travel in all its forms: predestination, bootstrap and grandfather.

      If even the tiniest change in past (cause) has devastating present (effect) then you are always changing the past in some way that cancels out your ability or (reason) for changing the past in the 1st place.

      So the point is,not only is Butterfly Effect not a time travel theory, and not only is it specifically not a theory in this film, but the film’s events cannot be understood by applying this theory - even as a fan fiction.

      • Stewart Bowers
        Stewart Bowers  8 hours back

        Can we sin how many times Cap had to call the hammer to him during that battle? Like, are you really worthy of it if you just keep laying it around everywhere?

        • Summer Tyme
          Summer Tyme  4 hours back

          Stewart Bowers : Laying it around? He is fighting Thanos with it - can you do better? Also this is another self contradictory criticism.

          Cap is supposedly unrealistically adept at using the hammer, but now you accuse him of being so bad at it as to not be worthy.... which is it then? *DING*

          -> Cap used the Hammer and the power of Thor.....to save Thor’s life, if that isn’t worthy, don’t know what is.

          Sloppy film criticisms are self contradictory, and a sin in their own right.

      • Rob Funkhouser
        Rob Funkhouser  8 hours back

        Also, if Lang went "sub-atomic", there's no way any actual electromagnetic waves could've been sent and/or received being that EM waves cannot, theoretically, pass beyond a space-time that cannot "carry" such advanced means of communication.

        • Summer Tyme
          Summer Tyme  3 hours back

          “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” - Neil Armstrong

          According to Rob, no one can hear this because space is vibrations in air and there is no air on the moon or in the vacuum of space - so sound cannot be sent from the moon to the earth.

          Moral to the Story: *Even every day science is impossible to those with no imagination, inadequate education, or both.*

        • Summer Tyme
          Summer Tyme  3 hours back

          “There’s no way any actual waves could be sent and or/received”

          ⬆️ Then Quantum Physics itself is apparently doomed as a science as there is no way to communicate with the Quantum Realm - according to “Rob”.

          Who knew?

          When will you be publishing your paper?😂

      • Rob Funkhouser
        Rob Funkhouser  8 hours back

        I'm still trying to figure out how Stark Industries possesses the capability to scan "extra-Sol" - based energy signatures when we can't even detect asteroids outside of our own Solar System. Where the FUCK was Stark tech!?! He dropped the ball before he ever knew it was "in play".

        • Summer Tyme
          Summer Tyme  3 hours back

          Rob Funkhouser : “we can’t even detect asteroids outside of our own Solar System”

          ⬆️ Sure we can. The ability to detect is based on energy being given off, not size of object.

          The reason that asteroids are hard to detect is that they give off no energy.

          Black holes in space smaller than grains of sand can be detected millions of light years away.

          Now there are several more interesting questions that are begged such as how earth technology can detect objects in the present that are potentially millions of light years away.

          But even here you are making assumptions:

          One - they are looking for Thanos - who was *on Earth* when he snapped. So they can scan space for him - with the best technology that they have. Since the film is not specific about that, then there’s no basis for saying that they did anything beyond their technology.

          Two - What does deep space even mean in this context? We already know you are wrong about our not being able to detect anything other than Astroids, so that doesn’t help you.

          Three - They found nothing. “We got nothing” - until Rocket - not Stark, identified an energy signature from deep space.

          *Rocket is a Guardian of the Galaxy - He definitely does have tech to scan deep space, and an IQ of 200 to modify earth technology to assist him.*

          Or did you forget about that?

      • Cadeboy 13
        Cadeboy 13  12 hours back

        4:48 but didn't Janet talk about time vortexes in the Quantum Realm in Antman 2: Electric Boogaloo?

        • Summer Tyme
          Summer Tyme  11 hours back

          Cadeboy 13 Yes. Jeremy just missed this. CinamaSins makes more mistakes than the film’s they sin, they just don’t admit it. 😂 That’s why we have the BirdMan.

      • GhostToast
        GhostToast  12 hours back

        I really think it was stupid to kill black widow and iron man plus basically kill captain America cause he old they ruined the mcu

        • Summer Tyme
          Summer Tyme  11 hours back

          So here is what James Gunn has to say, maybe he and the Russo’s and Kevin Feige and Marvel are all *stoopid* 😂

          *So you don't think any characters in films should die? I can't agree. I think films help us to deal with our own mortality and the mortality of those we love, and seeing that through the lens of story/fable/myth is of benefit to people... In addition, the death of some characters makes the survival of the others more meaningful* - James Gunn

          Either Nebula or Gamora or Quill are going to die *again* in Guardians 3 - so get ready for more *stoopid.*

      • christopher portillo
        christopher portillo  13 hours back

        “Go back to the fantastic four” hahaha

        • Summer Tyme
          Summer Tyme  13 hours back

          Knives Out. - Chris Evans.

          The joke is ironic since Jeremy is the one trick pony with no real talent other than this 1 gimmick.

      • laurentiu iliescu
        laurentiu iliescu  14 hours back

        the only wrong thing in this film is that feminist bitch being in it at all. thats it.

        • JOHN SUH Kim
          JOHN SUH Kim  1 days back

          1:51 the reason why that scene seems a little off in tone is because the whole “We’re the Avengers not the Prevengers” speech was completely improvised on the spot by RDJ himself.

          • Summer Tyme
            Summer Tyme  23 hours back

            I love you 3000, Was also improvised.

        • mega77CHAVEZ
          mega77CHAVEZ  1 days back

          We can all agree Brie Larson is insufferable

          • Summer Tyme
            Summer Tyme  23 hours back

            Nah mostly just a bunch of creepy losers have an obsession with hating an actress.

            Most of us just enjoy the film.

        • Dash Rendar
          Dash Rendar  1 days back

          Something nobody comments on.. Where does giant antman go and what is he doing for most of the end battle? He could have grabbed Thanos and squished him like a bug, then threw a piece of the HQ at the ship and practically won the battle himself.

          • Summer Tyme
            Summer Tyme  13 hours back

            " Something no one comments on"

            And now you know why. 😅🤣😂

          • Summer Tyme
            Summer Tyme  14 hours back

            " He stumped on Cull Obsidian".
            You don't even pay attention to the very scenes you refer to.

            He was able to stump on Cull Obsidian because spider man pulled him to the ground.

            Spider man can pull Cull Obsidian to the ground, Because he is nowhere near as strong as Thanos.

            In contrast, Even with Mantis psychically subduing Thanos, Doctor Strange and iron man and Spider man and Drax combined, Could not get Thanos Off his feet , or take the glove away from him. Remember? 😂

            So your fan fiction is invalidated Whether you admit it or not.

          • Dash Rendar
            Dash Rendar  14 hours back

            @Summer Tyme except it is factual, based off evidence we have seen. You can not say I am wrong, while you just spat nonsense all over this channel's comment sections.
            I have seen you do this multiple times, when you are in the wrong, you resort to name calling and ridicule. It's upsetting, when you are a smartass, then you are fucking wrong, huh jackass?

            Seriously though, over 1,000 comments on this channel alone. That's amazing, it's like you have no life.

          • Summer Tyme
            Summer Tyme  14 hours back

            @Dash Rendar Your argument Is ridiculous. It's typical that ridiculous arguments are doubled down on in this forum. 🤣

        • raenman
          raenman  1 days back

          I literally LOL'd. How could you be this fucking un-selfaware.
          Here's a popculture reference that was painfully unfunny less than 30s in 0:27

          • Summer Tyme
            Summer Tyme  22 hours back

            A person who thinks their farts are funny..... definitely not self aware.

            The video is then likened to a fart, which is supposed to be funny when it really just stinks.

        • Summer Tyme
          Summer Tyme  1 days back

          *Endgame vs. Gone with the Wind - which is #1 box office film of all time?*

          Gone with the Wind was released in 1939 and its initial run lasted until 1943. Combining those 4 years it sold 60 million tickets.* Endgame sold 90 million tickets in 3 months.

          Of course Gone with the Wind was released over and over again.

          For the 1st 10 years of its release - there was no Television. And for 40 years following there was no home video.

          No film can be released today - into a world where there are zero options for seeing the film other than theaters.

          If that were the case today Star Wars would have tripled its original ticket sales as an entire generation of folks have now seen the film who were not even born when it was 1st released.

          Same with Avatar - and the same would eventually be true for Endgame if people would have to buy movie tickets to see it for the next 50 years.

          *That’s why Hollywood discounts the inflation adjusted statistics for old films - because they don’t make any sense - and can’t even be understood in the modern context of streaming video and the internet.*

          • First Last
            First Last  1 days back

            19:01 You messed up the best part! Check the sin count!

            “Hold my pym particle” 🤣

            • Summer Tyme
              Summer Tyme  1 days back

              First Last Nah, you corrected it. That’s more than many numb nuts on this site will ever do. 😂

            • First Last
              First Last  1 days back

              Summer Tyme Fight me 😂

            • Summer Tyme
              Summer Tyme  1 days back

              Pym. Named after Hank Pym who discovered them. *DING*

          • Kiribaku’s better ship name is Poprocks

            20:08 film theory did a video on why actually

            • Summer Tyme
              Summer Tyme  1 days back

              It’s sad that they even needed to. The whole ant man thing was just a joke, but then people started repeating it as if it were serious. 😂

          • Summer Tyme
            Summer Tyme  1 days back

            Every single attempt to rewrite this film - so that no one has to die, or be hurt is amusing in terms of childish intent, and sad in terms of complete lack of logic.
            Every such attempt fails, due to lack of objectivity and lack of clear thinking. You are little kids watching Marley and Me and concluding that it’s *stoopid* because the dog dies at the end.
            Your idea is to rewrite so that tooth fairy grants wish that Marley the dog - can live forever. How cute. 😂

            • Khalid Mustafa
              Khalid Mustafa  2 days back

              I like watching you but your ruining this movie for me

              • Summer Tyme
                Summer Tyme  1 days back

                Khalid Mustafa : It shouldn’t. If you can think for yourself then CinemaSins can never ruin any movie for you. *Ever*

            • No Body
              No Body  2 days back

              Such a fucking stupid movie, this was fun though so maybe it wasn't a complete bust.

              • No Body
                No Body  17 hours back

                @Summer Tyme Get fucked. Film was dumb as shit, obvious fan service loosely stitched together with nonsense. Dickhead :)

              • Summer Tyme
                Summer Tyme  1 days back

                No Body The film was smart. The video and its criticisms are not, and any post that needs to curse for no reason is summarily dismissed as the *frustrated rantings* of a confused idiot. 😂

            • Summer Tyme
              Summer Tyme  2 days back

              *Steins Gate* is a fun anime look at time travel - including examining time loop paradoxes and multiverse time travel. You can watch it on Hulu or you can possibly watch it for free on youtube:


              Mileage may vary.

              • Roberto Del Conde
                Roberto Del Conde  2 days back

                At 0:53 i just realized that Tonys arc reactor is a energy source. Why didnt he just plug it in?

                • Roberto Del Conde
                  Roberto Del Conde  14 hours back

                  @Summer Tyme I do not see that. I see someone who in between completely failing to discredit the other and remarking how bad he is looks more like a fool than the one he accuses as the fool. You yourself said that the arc reactor wasnt a source of power and compared it to an iphone then you went on to say that it was and that it powered a siutThe arc reactor is a powerful source of power which powered the siut which was nano tech. The reason he couldnt regenerate his siut was he probably was running low on nanobots.

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  14 hours back

                  " I mean doesn't have a fleet of ships probably because...."
                  Nope. It's Because he doesn't know how to make a starship, Nor is an Ark Reactor running on nearly 0% power at the time that Thanos impaled him in Infinity war, have enough power even for life support on the ship, Much less could he plug into a starship to power it across the Galaxy. Your parent post and all replies demonstrate a complete lack of common sense. Jeremy would be proud. 😂
                  How old are you?🤣

                • Summer Tyme
                  Summer Tyme  14 hours back

                  @Roberto Del Conde " It had enough power to be glowing."

                  So does an iPhone. You're making a fool of yourself; As predicted. You do realize that don't you?🤣

                • Roberto Del Conde
                  Roberto Del Conde  1 days back

                  @Summer Tyme First of all the arc reactor IS a power source since it powers the siut and iron man doesnt have a fleet of ships probably because he has a fleet of drones with a whole arsenal instead rotating around the Eart.remember in Far From Home?

              • TotalBlackout 17
                TotalBlackout 17  2 days back

                3 people have been in the quantum realm... Janet Pym

                • Joseph Raymond
                  Joseph Raymond  2 days back

                  what they could do is go back in time to when clint and widow are fighting give clint the soul stone in exchange for widow so she will live and the other clint will have soul stone

                  • harshita srivastava
                    harshita srivastava  2 days back

                    You know the movie is good when CinemaSins removes 9 SINS!!

                    • gamoep01
                      gamoep01  2 days back

                      Here's what doesn't make sense: how can the Infinity Stones from the past undo what the Infinity Stones did in the present, think about: the stones were going through a time of BEFORE they erased 50% of the populatio

                      • gamoep01
                        gamoep01  2 days back

                        @Summer Tyme Okay that makes more sense.

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  2 days back

                        gamoep01 “How can Infinity Stones from the past undo what Infinity stones did in the present”

                        Because they are *not* from our past - they are from alternate timelines in the multiverse. The film shows you this over and over, but apparently some simply will not get it.

                        When you see Nebula from the main timeline kill Nebula from the 2014 time line - > Nebula from the main timeline does not die - because that is not Nebula from *her* past, but rather from an alternate timeline.

                        And sure the stones from alternate timelines will still work - just the same as Nebula’s gun from the main timeline - can still kill Nebula from an alternate timeline.

                        Whether the gun, or stones come from an alternate timeline that is in the past present or future - with respect to the main timeline is *irrelevant.* The gun or stones will work *here and now* in whatever timeline you use them in.

                    • SofaCat UwU
                      SofaCat UwU  2 days back

                      So my class watched endgame in math class and the kids who scream swear words in the hallway got so angry when Tony Stark says shit around his daughter and then one girl yelled shut up and everyone got super angry

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  2 days back

                        *Black Widow vs. the Demon Red Skull*

                        3 things happen on Vormir.

                        1 Natasha sacrificed herself in order to get the soul stone.

                        2 Natasha Got Hawkeye to allow her to sacrifice herself.

                        3 Therefore Hawkeye actually did sacrifice Natasha as well.

                        What she did was absolutely badass, And absolutely in character as a superhero.

                        She outsmarted Loki, and used psychology on him to get him to reveal his plans in Avengers 1.

                        She outsmarted the Hulk, training Banner in Visualization techniques - that allows him to Sedate the Hulk and take his body back - with Natasha’s help.

                        She outsmarted ghost red skull. He clearly imagined a no win situation, for Clint and Nat. An unsolvable puzzle. Surely neither was willing to sacrifice the other. But she found a way to get Clint to Sacrifice her.

                        She even ultimately outsmarted Thanos, since by sacrificing herself to get the soul stone - Thanos could never get it. She completed the ultimate espionage mission. She died and went into the afterlife to undermine the Devil (Thanos) from inside his own realm.

                        The only problem with smart strategies from characters in smart films.... Is that dull Film Goers don't get it. That’s why they want a rematch where Hulk and hit Thanos in the face....because that’s the only thing they understand. 🤣

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  2 days back

                          *3rd version* : They should have never taken Nebula. But why would they not take her? They have no way of knowing that she would be captured... *and* more importantly - *she actually needs to get captured* - as this is directly related to how the Avengers ultimately win.

                          Without Nebula getting captured, Gamora 2014 coming into the main timeline to betray Thanos, and Iron Man getting the Gauntlet and snapping Thanos out of existence - then *the Avengers don’t win.*

                          This films plot is structured like 3D Chess - and ya’ll are playing tic tac toe. *ding*

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  2 days back

                          The concept of sacrifice this film is going for - is based on the New Testament Bible.

                          -> Jesus sacrifices himself for the sins of mankind.
                          -> God sacrifices his own son for the rest of mankind.

                          It’s not either or, it’s both. But to a CinemaSins dullard - it’s neither. As the Romans kill Jesus and God does nothing, therefore the Bible has no meaning and is just stupid.

                          CinemaSins are the anti-Drax. *Anything intelligent goes over their heads - because they *duck* it. 😂

                      • Looney Channel
                        Looney Channel  2 days back

                        This got more sins than cars 3

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  1 days back

                          Looney Channel Infinity War and Joker got more than either. So..... The idea that you can judge a film based on how many sins some idiot on the internet gives it, is a bit naive.

                      • John Beal
                        John Beal  2 days back

                        The most blatant plot hole is that Hawkeye should never have gotten the Soul Stone because Hawkeye didn’t make the sacrifice. Moreover, as much of a self sacrifice that Black Widow’s death scene was, it was not even close to the ultimate sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice would have required one to push the other off the cliff. That is MUCH harder to do.

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  2 days back

                          In Christian mythology God sacrifices his own son. And Jesus sacrifices himself.

                          But according to you this is a plot hole in The Bible. Since God does not actually kill Jesus himself. 🤣

                        • Summer Tyme
                          Summer Tyme  2 days back

                          Nope. We've also discussed this before. 3 things happen on Vormir.

                          1 Natasha sacrificed herself in order to get the soul stone.

                          2 Natasha Got Hawkeye to allow her to sacrifice herself.

                          3 Therefore Hawjeye actually did sacrifice Natasha as well.

                          What she did was absolutely badass, And absolutely in character as a superhero.

                          She outsmarted Loki.
                          She outsmarted the Hulk.

                          She outsmarted ghost red skull and what he clearly imagined was the no win situation that they were both in.

                          She ultimately outsmarted Thanos.

                          The only problem with smart strategies from characters in smart films.... Is that dull Film Goers don't get it. 🤣

                      • marcus galang
                        marcus galang  2 days back

                        MORE LIKE EVERYTHING WRONG ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

                        • Mr. Sunshine
                          Mr. Sunshine  3 days back

                          Logically, Thanos should have been snapped too.

                          • Summer Tyme
                            Summer Tyme  3 days back

                            You fail at logic. Somehow there is something basic about the Infinity Gauntlet that many of you do not get. It's very simple but somehow it doesn't sink in, no matter how it is explained. *I don't know why* because I don't understand how the CinemaSin's subscribers brains work, I guess? lol

                            -> The Infinity Gauntlet is not a mindless weapon, that does X when triggered.

                            -> It is not a magic lantern - where any idiot makes a wish - and then hope that your wish is answered correctly by the 'genie' (?)

                            It is a connection between the mind/body/and soul of the Gauntlet Bearer and the universe itself, and its six essential singularities which are:

                            1-> power (matter and energy)
                            2-> space
                            3-> time
                            4-> mind
                            5-> soul
                            6-> reality

                            ^ What happens when you control the universe is logically *what you want to happen* - provided you are able to handle the gauntlet in the 1st place - which requires nearly Godlike physical, mental and spiritual strength to begin with.

                            If this is understood then all the questions about - 'what happens if' .... [blah blah] become reductive, and nonsensical.

                            What happens is *whatever the gauntlet bearer wants to happen and can make happen.*

                            And not anything else....

                            Thanos can snap himself if he wants to, he can snap everything but himself, or he can randomize the possibility of everyone else in the Universe being snapped - *except* him.

                            In Infinity War - that's what he did, because that's what he said he was going to do, and that was what we saw him do.

                        • Osaki Nguyễn
                          Osaki Nguyễn  3 days back

                          How the fuk can Ant Man breathe when he is smaller than oxygen???

                          • Summer Tyme
                            Summer Tyme  3 days back

                            Ant Man is never smaller than oxygen in Endgame. Why do idiots ask stupid questions while swearing? Do you think the swearing makes you seem less ignorant? Nope...it works the other way. Once you see gratuitous swearing = post by total moron. lol.

                        • Ian Arculus
                          Ian Arculus  3 days back

                          4:49 the reason she looks older is probably because Scott wasn’t as deep into the quantum realm when he was there, I do think it’s dumb that time works differently in different parts of the quantum realm.

                          • Ray Long
                            Ray Long  3 days back

                            Your smile is contagious.

                            • Menilek Mulugeta
                              Menilek Mulugeta  3 days back

                              Just realized how similar the stones are to the dragon balls in Dragon ball Z, in terms of granting any wishes magically.

                              • Menilek Mulugeta
                                Menilek Mulugeta  1 days back

                                @Summer Tyme wait what? The holy grail and the arc of the covenant grant wishes?? The holy grail was the cup that Jesus allegedly drank from during the last supper, and in folktales it grants the drinker eternal life.
                                The arc of the covenant housed the tablets of Moses that were the laws of the lord. That whoever possessed the arc of the covenant had the authority to rule, I guess.

                                How are those examples the same? Also there were seven dragon balls to collect and five infinity stones to collect. The arc of the covenant is one thing, same with the holy grail, and I don't believe I've ever heard a story or saw a movie that said these things grant a person wishes.... You maybe thinking of Aladdin's lamp, but even then the genie granted three wishes... So

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  2 days back

                                @Menilek Mulugeta Yes but this is also similar to things like, Search for the holy Grail, Or the Arc. Of the covenant. Or the Maltese Falcon...or...

                              • Menilek Mulugeta
                                Menilek Mulugeta  2 days back

                                @Summer Tyme Yea I get what the individual stones do, and I'm not saying Marvel stole the idea from DBZ... What I'm saying is, the end goal of Thanos with the infinity stones was to collect them all and grant whatever wish he wanted.... Sounds a whole lot like the Dragon balls and the entire journey to collect them all which was the premise of the entire show basically and getting strong enough to battle for the dragon balls, again similar to the strongest heroes of marvel battling for the infinity stones.

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  3 days back

                                Then you don't understand the Infinity Stones. They do not magically grant wishes, and the Infinity Stones were created in 1975 by Jim Starlin more than a decade before Dragon ball Z. Many are more familiar with Dragon Ball Z - but Infinity Gauntlet does not get any ideas from dragon ball - including multiverse time travel - which is a scientific theory independent of either Dragon Ball or the MCU>

                            • Maximus Cristobal
                              Maximus Cristobal  3 days back

                              For anyone wondering how he got the stones from Thanos since the glove is nanotech he can control it so he hadnit so the stones would travel from the gauntlet to his glove when he touched the gauntlet

                            • Summer Tyme
                              Summer Tyme  3 days back

                              *Here is why Hulk really didn’t come out in Infinity War.* Warning toxic Hulk fans who think “MCU destroyed Hulk’ 😂 don’t read this. It’s the truth and you won’t like it.

                              It’s because Thanos killed him. That is the real implication of the story being told. That’s why they couldn’t put a scene with ‘smash Hulk’ in Wakanda in Infinity War. That’s why you don’t see silly scenes of Banner in a lab trying to ‘sort something out’. Sort out what? The events in the film sorted it for him, and you *were shown that.* You may not want to accept it.
                              You may want to be shown scenes that allow you to deny it. Hulk’s absence *forces you to admit it.*

                              If you think about Hulk in MCU - he is one half of stress response known as fight-or-flight which everyone has. But Hulk is the *ultimate fight response* - because he always wins, or gets stronger until he does.

                              He has never been defeated on these terms before - not by Abomination , not by Iron Man’s Hulk Buster armor and not by Thor. His fights with Thor are always a draw (and so more and more pointless in every iteration).

                              The only person to ever defeat Hulk in the MCU - is Natasha. (Think about it)

                              Until Thanos that is. For the 1st time - Hulk *gets smashed.* For the 1st time Hulking out - *does not work.*

                              When the ultimate fight response doesn’t work - whats’ left is flight - and *that’s why Hulk doesn’t come out.* (no I don’t expect Feige to ever come out and say that. He doesn’t need the toxic fan boy whining. They are too shallow to understand the film’s anyway, so it’s easier let them just not get it.)

                              *Ant that’s why we don’t see Hulk anymore.* “1st Hulk lost, then Banner lost, then we all lost” - Banner “No one blamed you Bruce” - Natasha “I did” - Banner

                              You don’t show the solution to the problem with more scenes of Hulk. He’s dead (!) You have to observe his absence and then understand that Banner moved on. He allows his past version of himself to die - so that the new version could live. (Not unlike Nebula did vs. past Nebula)

                              Banner’s character arc in the 3 film saga of Thor Ragnorok to EndGame was excellent, and it culminating in his snapping to overturn the Thanos snap - something which only he could have done - was the logical payoff for this character remaking himself.

                              What the story absolutely did not need - is an idiotic ending where he tries to smash Thanos.....again, 🙄 which would have mooted his entire character arc.

                              Hulk writer Peter David is on to some of the toxic fans who in fact - don’t want character evolution. They just want things to stay the same. *What fans think they want, and what characters and stories need - are not always the same thing.*

                              • theiviaster2
                                theiviaster2  3 days back

                                the old cap thing still bothers me

                                • Summer Tyme
                                  Summer Tyme  3 days back

                                  “It was beautiful.”

                                  Just another example of the film making sense. When films make sense most viewers will get it, and a few will be bothered by it, because they want and are used to nonsense.

                                  That’s why Michael Bay still has a job in Hollywood. 😂

                              • A supra and A cat
                                A supra and A cat  3 days back

                                R.I.P iron man

                                Reason-cuz he own a stupid sh*tty R8 in that one iron man movie

                                • will richardsson
                                  will richardsson  3 days back

                                  You really let them get away with putting fortnite in this movie smh

                                  • Summer Tyme
                                    Summer Tyme  3 days back

                                    will richardsson Nobody cares except people who know and play the video game and then “i guess” turn around and pretend to be bothered by references to it.
                                    No one buys that. 😂. People who really don’t care for Fortnite - *could care less* about Fortnite.

                                • Fresh Potatoes 111
                                  Fresh Potatoes 111  3 days back

                                  Yo CinemaSins...I would suggest a video of This Is The End. I know you would make in funny...🕴

                                  • Kaiden Davis
                                    Kaiden Davis  3 days back

                                    Wow. I’m kinda upset he didn’t include the part where Wanda almost kills Thanos

                                    • Kaiden Davis
                                      Kaiden Davis  3 days back

                                      Summer Tyme Because if he didn’t rain fire she would’ve.. and she’s the only one who’s actually gotten that close besides Thor🙂😗

                                    • Summer Tyme
                                      Summer Tyme  3 days back

                                      Kaiden Davis : Why? The whole film is filled with people ‘almost’ killing Thanos.

                                  • Bashir Attah
                                    Bashir Attah  3 days back

                                    You obviously have no respect for Mr. McGuffin. lol this was hilarious, drunk me loves you

                                    • Bashir Attah
                                      Bashir Attah  2 days back

                                      @Summer Tyme ...yes

                                    • Summer Tyme
                                      Summer Tyme  3 days back

                                      Bashir Attah That’s the liqueur talking. 😂 Everything is funny when you’re drunk.

                                  • K Patel
                                    K Patel  3 days back

                                    You missed a sin I think. When thanos was able to destroy them with his blade but couldn’t when he had all the stones

                                    • Summer Tyme
                                      Summer Tyme  3 days back

                                      Nah, this is just another lazy film viewing failure. 99% of the sins in these threads are just dumb mistakes made by people watching the films.

                                      Thanos could have destroyed any or all of the Avengers at any time - *that was never his goal* in Infinity War.

                                      His main goal was to 'get' the time stone from Dr. Strange and he *could not* do that by killing him.

                                      Several months of the site - and other than trifling continuity errors hardly anyone can find a single sin in the film. Instead it's just the same boring mistakes, made by people who think they've discovered fire, like the caveman in that car insurance commercial. lol

                                  • Patrick Wentzell
                                    Patrick Wentzell  4 days back

                                    I think the M & M chocolate candy commercial is funny the one with a raccoon in the movie theater.
                                    Red one explains to the yellow candy about Rocket not being a real life Guardian ya know.
                                    the commercial is cute and no one likes Brie Larson the men hater.

                                    • hokiturmix
                                      hokiturmix  4 days back

                                      Not a single US millitary tech in this universe. +1

                                      • Summer Tyme
                                        Summer Tyme  3 days back

                                        To do what, against an intergalactic star ship? Get slaughtered? So we need to distract from the main story by watching civilians wandering around and getting killed? Why? You do realize that that's what Snyder did in Justice league. We followed a family we didn't know around for reasons we didn't care about.... +1 on you, since you don't understand that a good narrative stays focused and does not meander like a lazy film viewer with ADD.

                                    • ercost60
                                      ercost60  4 days back

                                      Oh Jeeeezzz... you Einsteins missed the second biggest sin of all, committed in the first minutes of the film. When the Benatar runs out of fuel in space, it would keep it moving forever, not just stop "dead in the water" like a car on the side of the road. How did Tony Stark forget about Newton's laws? And naturally you're too PC to mention the biggest, cringiest sin of all, Joe Russo's gay date. Old dude should have been snapped away, no loss there.

                                      • Summer Tyme
                                        Summer Tyme  3 days back

                                        TKO. 😂

                                      • Summer Tyme
                                        Summer Tyme  4 days back

                                        Now experience teaches us that once a knucklehead makes a dumb remark - his next move is to double down on it. So ima save you the trouble and anticipate next silly remark:

                                        “Bu...but, they should still be drifting in space, and not ‘dead in the water.’”

                                        ⬆️ This comment is meaningless since everything in space is moving with respect to just about everything else. If you are sitting on your behind - you are moving at several hundred miles per hour because that’s how fast the earth rotates on its axis.

                                        You are moving at several thousand miles per hour because the earth is gravitationally tethered to the sun - which is hurtling around the Milky Way galaxy.

                                        The Milky Way galaxy is hurtling away from other galaxy’s at over 100 thousand miles per hour.

                                        Guardians of the Galaxy takes place in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Andromeda galaxy is over 1 million light years from earth.

                                        Dead in space in terms of interstellar travel means you have no way to *warp space* - your internal velocity is so laughably irrelevant in this context, that is likened to sitting on a rocket launch pad with no fuel - hence dead in space - and wondering if you might be drifting any closer to the moon, due to Newton’s laws. 😂

                                        *Now please log off of CinemaSins for long enough to pick up a science book.* - You’re welcome.

                                      • Summer Tyme
                                        Summer Tyme  4 days back

                                        ercost60 *The Educational system has clearly failed your ignorant rear end.* 😂

                                        Starships in Sci Fi Universes Warp space - they don’t drift using intertia - which is irrelevant. You need to us Einstein physics, not Newtons. 😂 Both are valid - *IF* used appropriately.

                                        I know you don’t understand this by virtue of the silliness of your comments. So the challenge is to make it *simple* enough for you to understand it.

                                        Instead of rocket moving thru space - think of stepping thru a portal. If you are out of fuel - you cannot enter a portal, which means you are dead in space. They are 1000’s of light years from earth - drifting thru space is irrelevant. You cannot target any specific destination in space that is 1000’s of light years away by drifting. The thing you are pointing at is quite possibly ‘drifting’ away from you faster than you are moving, and even if it weren’t - it'd take you millions of years to get there. So yes *you are dead in the water* , and can never reach your destination.

                                    • Karl Johnson
                                      Karl Johnson  4 days back

                                      Some good points, more than 3/4 total B.S. Just wanting to fill time and make himself feel better than the actors and dictator. What a douche! Will never watch any of his crap again.