Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less

  • Published: 28 November 2019
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    We have been asked by a few people to sin this little indie film from the summer called Avengers: Endgame. And we had nothing else going on today, so we decided to cave to fan request for once. This movie was a crowd pleaser and currently stands as the highest grossing movie of all time. But it has plenty of sins, so buckle up, kids, let's go for a ride.

    Next week: I don't remember. Some sins. Two videos. Something something.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Comments • 12 945

  • Morgan Richardson
    Morgan Richardson  38 minutes back

    I know this is just for entertainment value but some of these "sins" are so stupid. You really think that if 50% of the population evaporated in thin air people would still care about trash removal or baseball games? Just nitpicky to fill time.

    • Andrew Freeman
      Andrew Freeman  49 minutes back

      Endgame was hot garbage. Infinity war was infinity times better.

      • Trellie s.s. Rose
        Trellie s.s. Rose  2 hours back

        Sin #95 where most of the women in the MCU come together is everything I couldn't articulate into words _stated._

        • TyTimeIsAwesome
          TyTimeIsAwesome  2 hours back

          The biggest flaw in trying to "humanized" Thanos in the MCU is that they make him a terribly weak and one dimensional character. I mean, he wants to kill half the population to save themselves...really? I'm glad CSin brought up the fact he could just literally create more resources if he truly cared. That's besides the point- to me him doing it for Mistress Death is 100x better. Who cares if the audience can't relate to him? He's a mother freaking alien- we're not supposed to relate to him! It's one of the reason Thanos was great. We don't understand and we can't understand his logic. Humanizing him mades him look pathetic, and at no point did I ever feel bad for Thanos (or feel he was a giant threat really).

          • Deft Motion
            Deft Motion  3 hours back

            Hawkeye IS an Avenger because he can take on a team of Yakuza by himself. He and widow were considered the superhumans before mutants and God's got well known

            • Deft Motion
              Deft Motion  3 hours back

              ....with twice as many garbage trucks as necessary(to keep garbage in control for half pop). Small towns would be fucked but big cities would benefit from an even random 50% pop reduction. Rural folk would have to move to cities recreating overpop circumstances, while decreasi.g food production. Thanos plan is retarded

              • Joshua Perez
                Joshua Perez  3 hours back

                Avengers: endgame come for the epic fight,leave with the confusing time theory

                • Zeyxeo Ight
                  Zeyxeo Ight  3 hours back

                  "Everything wrong with Endgame"

                  𝗧𝗵𝗼𝗺𝗮𝘀 𝗵𝗮𝘀 𝗻𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝘀𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝘀𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝗯𝘂𝗹𝗹𝘀𝗵𝗶𝘁 𝗯𝗲𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗲

                  • thaReelz 13
                    thaReelz 13  3 hours back

                    If you watch VanossGaming you know Vanoss ruined endgame. Let me explain

                    If you watched VanossGamings vid about nogla raging in Gta and he yelled I AM and vanoss edited Ironman

                    And at the end of endgame when ironman snapped his finger b4 he snapped what did he say
                    I am Ironman
                    There you go the movie didn't even exist during that upload and there's already spoilers

                    • Khalid Stewart
                      Khalid Stewart  5 hours back

                      Couldn’t Thor just place his hammer on thanos?

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  5 hours back

                        Foolish. Thanos can’t lift the hammer but he can knock it away - *he did* if you watch the fight closely. If you guys had Thor or Caps powers Thanos would easily kill you because he’d outsmart you. 😂

                    • ItzVyper14
                      ItzVyper14  6 hours back

                      One small detail that you got wrong is the stones got “destroyed” in 2018 not 2023

                      I would be great at CinemaSins

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                        If a Chimpanzee had to discuss time travel theories...it would resort to fart jokes. ‘Ahem’.

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                        He is completely clueless about how the Infinity Stones work, about the nano tech gauntlet, and OMG don’t get me started on Jeremy and time travel.

                        Those two things go together about as seamlessly as Calculus and Chimpanzee. 😂

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  5 hours back

                        Said Captain Marvel is worlds stronger than Thanos - which he just pulls out of his butt, as the film makes it clear that Thanos is stronger than any other character and he is specifically sited by the Kree (Captain Marvel is Kree) as the most powerful being in the Universe.

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  5 hours back

                        ItzVyper14 He got lots of shix wrong. I don’t mean subjectively wrong - I mean flat out wrong. He made a big stink about Nebula not hiding her burnt arm. -but *she did hide it.* There was a clue when she went to sabotage the Avengers - she had to unwrap her arm and it was revealed to not be burnt.

                        Fool just missed it. No excuses. Straight up *DING.* And there are a dozen more like that. Six months to assess the most successful film of all time - and that’s the best he can do?

                    • andy wong
                      andy wong  7 hours back

                      If past thanos time traveled forward but landed in a year where his future self was still alive, would he be able to see himself? If thats the case wouldn’t past thanos still be able to get the stones after cap puts them back or did tony’s snap wipe thanos completely from every existing timeline

                      • Summer Tyme
                        Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                        Tony’s snap wipes Thanos from every time line.

                    • Chris Campbell
                      Chris Campbell  8 hours back

                      lol the end. "You're my boy Blue!"

                      • Jonathan Goldfarb
                        Jonathan Goldfarb  8 hours back

                        Could they turn into dipndots XD

                        • Quinn Jones
                          Quinn Jones  8 hours back

                          *looks down*

                          It’s blank

                          • Azumi
                            Azumi  11 hours back

                            MVP rat saved the universe

                            • Summer Tyme
                              Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                              Didn’t kill Thanos or invent time travel - or see the future - or get the soul stone - or snap and resurrect 1/2 the Universe, or send Thanos and his Minions to hell across all time lines and all realities...but - yeah, without random occurrences like the rat reviving AntMan all would be lost. 1 in 14 million chances are like that.

                          • Kazedor Scarr
                            Kazedor Scarr  11 hours back

                            For a hot second, I thought you were going to sin Cap's catching of Mijolnr and, by Odin's beard, if you had, I would have unsubscribed.

                            • Summer Tyme
                              Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                              *How Thanos travels to the future and (main) timeline?*

                              Thanos is an Eternal with a super-human intellect, and a scientist.

                              He has a techno mage named Ebony Maw who can manipulate matter.

                              He also has an army of scientists and has conquered countless worlds that are more advanced than Earth. He is also in 2014 and has years - in his time- to plan his attack against the Avengers in the future.

                              So why would Thanos - when given pym particles by Nebula find it difficult to reproduce a technology for isolating sub atomic particles developed by and named after Hank Pym on earth in the 1960's (???)

                              Answer - he wouldn't.

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                Better question: *We see Nebula give Thanos the Pym particles, then the scene cuts away....why don't we see Thanos develop his plans to attack the Avengers in the future?* Because that's not how good filmmaking works. *Great films* do not explain to you everything that is going to happen before it happens.

                                That eliminates suspense and surprise. It takes away from the perceptive viewer the reward of thinking along with the film. (instead of lagging 6 months behind, like a certain website. 😊 )

                                Great films *foreshadow.*

                                The film Psycho - foreshadows that Norman Bates has an unhealthy obsession with this mother, and is a bit of a pervert who watches Janet Leigh through the peep hole.

                                But it does not tell you before hand that Norman Bates, killed his mother, stuffed her remains, and then dresses up like her to assume her personality - and so assuage his guilt over having murdered her.

                                When Bates murders Marion Crane in Psycho - you are supposed to be surprised, and only after the fact are you supposed to put two and two together.

                                Same with Thanos attack on the Avengers compound. It's shocking and brilliantly directed. The difference is - CinemaSins subscribers are too limited to ever put two and two together. 😂 To CinemaSins subscribers - films that require you to think... suck. 😂

                            • Mark
                              Mark  11 hours back

                              How do the Avengers need a Pym particle each but Thanos can move a whole army with only one?

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                The associated failed question is how Captain America can time travel to the past and back without additional Pym Particle.

                                This question simply *forgets* ->

                                - That Hank Pym is alive at the end of the film so the whole idea that there is a shortage of Pym particles by the end of the film - is *false.*

                                - Weeks to months have passed since the final battle as the Avengers have *built* a new Quantum Tunnel time machine - since the old ones were destroyed by Thanos in the battle - so they've had plenty of time to get more Pym particles from Hank.

                                I've head some try to make excuses for why they make this mistake, but it's clear that they have simply lost the plot - ie - are not mentally processing the whole reason why Pym particles are in short supply (because Hank is dead) to begin with. Nice try.


                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                Thanos is an Eternal with a super-human intellect, and a scientist.

                                He has a techno mage named Ebony Maw who can manipulate matter.

                                He also has an army of scientists and has conquered countless worlds that are more advanced than earth. He is also in *2014* and has years - in his time- to plan his attack against the Avengers in the future.

                                So why would Thanos - when *given pym particles* by Nebula find it impossible to reproduce a technology developed by Hank Pym on earth in the 1960's (???)

                            • Psyco Nick
                              Psyco Nick  14 hours back

                              What about go back 10 year in past when thanos doesn't have stone

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                And do what? How can you guys listen to this film explain that 'changing the past doesn't change the future' - and have it go right over your heads.

                                My dog watches films more intelligently than that. 😂

                            • Psyco Nick
                              Psyco Nick  14 hours back

                              Wait if they go to past then where is there past version

                              • Psyco Nick
                                Psyco Nick  10 hours back

                                @Summer Tyme this movie doesn't make any sense

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                boooo... 😂

                            • Sezuin _
                              Sezuin _  14 hours back

                              (SPOILERS) Since ant man returned to the normal sized realm at the beginning couldn’t they just make him go into atom size and get the stones and enlarge them because thanos said they were reduced to the size of atoms

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  12 hours back

                                Booo. Another Cinema Sins failure. Thanos did not say reduced to 'size' of atoms, but rather reduction *to* atoms. That is the definition of atomize. Which also means.... fragment to trillions of atoms. Like - what an atom bomb does to plutonium.

                                You guys need to go back to school instead of using this site to become ever dumber while referring to everything too hard for you to understand as... *stupid.* 😂

                            • Gulamemustafa Gojanur
                              Gulamemustafa Gojanur  14 hours back

                              Don't make fun of logo

                              • Me Me
                                Me Me  11 hours back

                                He's not making fun of it...

                              • Me Me
                                Me Me  11 hours back

                                He's not making fun of it...

                            • BigStickyNugs
                              BigStickyNugs  15 hours back

                              Terrible movie, especially after Infinity War. I loved that movie.

                              • Summer Tyme
                                Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                EndGame is better than Infinity War - but more complex, focused on character instead of action. Many who say they love Infinity War also don't understand it, but they just respond to the action.

                            • duloh suaib
                              duloh suaib  15 hours back

                              Endgame sins?? November 2019???

                              What took you so long?!

                              • atta suarez
                                atta suarez  16 hours back

                                Why did cinema sins wait so long to make this video?

                                • Ivan Favian Kamil
                                  Ivan Favian Kamil  17 hours back

                                  7:17 the benathar wasn't there, so obviously scott didn't noticed 😂

                                  • CERJ Media: Game Clips
                                    CERJ Media: Game Clips  19 hours back

                                    Me watching this Movie: "Oh, So I guess they went back in time and brought made it so that the snap didn't happen in the first place, and everyone and everything just continued on as normal. as the avengers continued with their normal timeline. Cool."
                                    Me watching Spiderma: Far From Home: "WTF is this Bullshit"

                                    • CERJ Media: Game Clips
                                      CERJ Media: Game Clips  11 hours back

                                      ​@Summer Tyme At some point they said they were going to go back in time, to the exact point where things change, and make sure it doesn't change. (Referring to putting the stones exactly where they were when they took them) That's what I thought they were doing. They never showed a specific example of a person coming back from the snap. They said that they were going to "undo the snap" not snap back to life people who were snapped away at that very moment, and they never specifically showed anyone poof back into existence like in Far From Home, so I assumed that that wasn't the case, because that would be stupid, (which it is) and cause heeps of problems for a lot of people.

                                      More Importantly, all of the non-victims are the same age. At the end of the movie they show everyone there, at the funeral, and regardless of whether they snapped or not, they all looked the same age as they did in the late 2010s. So I just thought that whole battle was all in 2019, and they went back in time and stopped the snap from happening.

                                      Regardless, it's a pretty confusing movie with a lot of plot holes, and I don't think understanding the specifics of exactly how they travel through the quantum realm is equivalent to understanding the movie at all.

                                    • Summer Tyme
                                      Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                      So you didn't understand the film at all then?

                                  • Rajarshi Majumdar
                                    Rajarshi Majumdar  19 hours back

                                    the only thing i came to see was a comment about tony's chest....
                                    you've disappointed me cinema sins

                                    • wellington z
                                      wellington z  21 hours back

                                      I hate how they never explained thanos's weapon. That thing destroyed everything.

                                      • Summer Tyme
                                        Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                        What do you want explained? He is Galactic Warlord from an advanced civilization. He has conquered - Ndavilir, Xandar, Knowwhere and countless other worlds.

                                        He has had weapons made by famed weapons masters of Ndavilir - he has a techno mage named Ebony Maw who can manipulate matter at will via science and sorcery.

                                        Is it just that you are upset because the Villain has a weapon that is as powerful as the heroes? What did you expect? Why are you pretending like Thanos would not have awesome weapons?

                                    • Summer Tyme
                                      Summer Tyme  24 hours back

                                      Before: Wow I’ve been waiting for this!
                                      After: 😴

                                      • Dark fuggin mark haaan

                                        The thing from tag had me weak☠️😭 that an the one bout the troops 😭

                                        • Summer Tyme
                                          Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                          Then you were already weak. 😂

                                      • Nick S
                                        Nick S  1 days back

                                        I bet there's a "must have weird ass haircut" claus in Tilda Swinton's contract.

                                        • Dbd
                                          Dbd  1 days back

                                          The fart comment was top fucking notch. Hahahaha

                                          • Summer Tyme
                                            Summer Tyme  23 hours back

                                            BirdMan: “This is what happens when CinemaSins is cornered. They try to prove they are just a comedy channel and not a film criticism channel and you get fart jokes.”
                                            Proving that they are an incompetent film criticism channel that tries to hide their failure behind fart jokes. Hint: *It isn’t working.*

                                        • Katie Kitty
                                          Katie Kitty  1 days back

                                          18:39 This made me laugh out loud. I love it

                                          • Summer Tyme
                                            Summer Tyme  24 hours back

                                            Katie Kitty It was just dumb, not funny.

                                        • Nic Williams
                                          Nic Williams  1 days back

                                          This movie was set up like having children wasn’t a thing for 5 years straight

                                          • Trellie s.s. Rose
                                            Trellie s.s. Rose  11 hours back

                                            @Summer Tyme Gee, I didn't know there was more than one way to have children. 🙄

                                          • Summer Tyme
                                            Summer Tyme  24 hours back

                                            Nic Williams :In what way?

                                        • Gottafast Go
                                          Gottafast Go  1 days back

                                          The best year ever 2019 was the best

                                          • reid lindsey
                                            reid lindsey  1 days back

                                            Sounds like Paul Rudd narrating this

                                            • Adam Kalb
                                              Adam Kalb  1 days back

                                              Did you know all of those red and white time-travel Pym particle suits are digital? There were time restraints on filming Endgame, so the, uh...costume designers had to figure out how they wanted those suits to look when the scenes with them were being filmed, then digitally add them on to the footage of them wearing what I assume are the normal clothes they had on in the scene just before they started wearing those suits. December 10, 2019, 8:33pm

                                              Of course, they could have been wearing entirely different outfits each scene, since it doesn't matter what they were wearing underneath the digital suits. They could have even been naked for all I care! Not that I thought they were. I'm no perv who wanted to see Nebula's surveillance show the past Nebula when she was peeing.

                                              • Anonymous User
                                                Anonymous User  1 days back

                                                14:25 Come on. Space Stone. Think about it.

                                                • broonytoons tv
                                                  broonytoons tv  1 days back

                                                  You forgot to remove a sin on avengers assemble

                                                  • Adam Kalb
                                                    Adam Kalb  1 days back

                                                    18:35 You make an excellent point about people who crashed on an airplane, but that would be a moot point if the pilots on the airplane were not snapped away. December 10, 2019, 7:55pm

                                                    • Adam Kalb
                                                      Adam Kalb  1 days back

                                                      15:50 No, you can't take Black Widow with you because they will need to return her. December 10, 2019, 7:53pm

                                                      • Adam Kalb
                                                        Adam Kalb  1 days back

                                                        I think the only reason why Captain America and Iron Man didn't go to 1970 from the start to get more Pym particles is because...they didn't want to face the troubles of coming up with new identities, and only resorted to that because the past Hulk from The Avengers lost their Tesseract. December 10, 2019, 7:52pm

                                                        • Summer Tyme
                                                          Summer Tyme  1 days back

                                                          Adam Kalb Of course - you can’t take something from a past timeline that you can’t return - without repercussions. Specifically you can’t reconverge that timeline.

                                                      • Adam Kalb
                                                        Adam Kalb  1 days back

                                                        8:40 Oooh, nice catch, Cinema Sins! I didn't know Alan scored both of these movies, so great job telling Paul Rudd to suck it and owe us Back to the Future lovers an apology! It is not bull feces, Ant-Man. December 10, 2019, 7:28pm

                                                        • Summer Tyme
                                                          Summer Tyme  1 days back

                                                          Adam Kalb Back to the future *is* bullshit. The dialogue was written by physicists. You owe your 4th grade science teacher an apology. 😂

                                                      • Adam Kalb
                                                        Adam Kalb  1 days back

                                                        4:44 What do you mean, 5 years = 5 hours is Paul Rudd's real life? Is it because Paul looks so much younger than he actually is? December 10, 2019, 7:24pm

                                                        • Summer Tyme
                                                          Summer Tyme  1 days back

                                                          Adam Kalb : This guy is clueless. The Quantum realm doesn’t turn years to hours or whatever.... It contains time vortexes - as Janet Van Dyne warned Scott about. The result of entering a time vortex was unpredictable - as Scott Lang stated - until the Avengers figured out how to control it - the result: Time Travel.

                                                          No one’s fault that this goes over the heads of Jeremy and his crew of knuckle headed subscribers - except their own.

                                                      • that1g_u_y
                                                        that1g_u_y  1 days back

                                                        I just noticed that Thanos has a blade like the one he gives to Gamora

                                                        • Summer Tyme
                                                          Summer Tyme  1 days back

                                                          that1g_u_y Perfectly balanced - as all things should be.
                                                          This is a film that rewards intelligence and leaves empty headed idiots to protest how supposedly “stupid” everything that they don’t understand is.

                                                          The problem is that everything they don’t get...is everything that makes the film worth watching to begin with.

                                                      • Khamûl the Black
                                                        Khamûl the Black  1 days back

                                                        This could have used a lot more time in the oven. Or maybe just... time in the oven. If you're going to be this lazy, just stick with making fun of movies that are objectively bad. Those practically write themselves.