• Published: 03 December 2019
  • Hey guysss Long time no see! Today's first video back after 3 months is a palette comparison of the new Shane x jeffree star Conspiracy Palette VS the Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Palette! In today's video I go over swatches, do an eyeshadow tutorial and my overall thoughts and opinions on both palettes, as well let you know if I could only have one palette which one would it be!

    Hope you guys enjoy!
    Thank you so much for watching I really do appreciate it! xoxo Kim

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  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie  1 weeks back

    I love Tatis palette it’s my everyday go to.

    • Alana Benitez
      Alana Benitez  3 weeks back

      Your videos haven’t been showing up in my feed!!! 😭😭😭 I hope everything is going good with your other jobs!! You deserve it! 😁

      • Mirandabe
        Mirandabe  1 months back

        I thing the Tati beauty pallet is way much better for me. I just love the colors on it 😍😍😍

        • ndorame
          ndorame  1 months back

          Do you film with your computer?

          • nerma - _ -
            nerma - _ -  1 months back

            hi!u just got a new subscriber😂💖lol

            • Jocelyne L-Fab
              Jocelyne L-Fab  1 months back

              Fantastic review! You are very eloquent and I love the car analogies. Wonder what's your BMW palette?..German engineering- classsy shades, great easy shifting between textures, and solid 16 hours of wear time....

              • KIM SANTOS
                KIM SANTOS   1 months back

                Probably the soft glam palette from abh would be my BMW! 😂

            • Stephanie McKellar
              Stephanie McKellar  2 months back

              YESSSSSS! You're amazing!

              • Jacq Volpe
                Jacq Volpe  2 months back

                Welcome back Kim!!!

                • KIM SANTOS
                  KIM SANTOS   2 months back

                  Thanks girl!!! ❤️😊😊

              • Sophie S
                Sophie S  2 months back

                I feel like Shane's palette is more for fun. Like, Shane brings the idea that is very him, and does a palette for his audience and makeup lovers and Jeffree brings good quality eyeshadows. Tati really thought about everyone and making a palette that just makes everyone look and feel pretty. I'm glad I waited and bought (pre-ordered) Tati's palette and not Shane's when it was trendy. I almost did but I'm glad I didn't. I have a minimum wage job so I was gonna buy one palette this season and I'd use Tati's palette every day, while I would use like two shades in Shane's palette. It's still really cool and good quality.

              • zoiababy
                zoiababy  2 months back

                Colourpop double entendre palette got that sequin formula well all of her formulas are in colourpop brand. Does anyone compared the ingredients on Tati’s and colourpop palettes?

                • KIM SANTOS
                  KIM SANTOS   2 months back

                  I don’t have any colourpop shadows so I don’t know too much on that, maybe someone else on YouTube has a video

              • Kelly Wolfe
                Kelly Wolfe  2 months back

                I am so drawn to the Tati palette and i love glitter I wot love to own it 💖 i really want to try something from Jeffree star cosmetics to 💜 great video 💛💙💗💜♥️💙💖💚

                • zoiababy
                  zoiababy  2 months back

                  Tati’s palette reminds me of colourpop eyeshadows. I’m not into crazy bright colors but I like the way conspiracy eyeshadows look and how buttery they look compared to Tati’s. The glitters are all over the palette and other shadows. So it is very messy.

                  • zoiababy
                    zoiababy  2 months back

                    sparky10901 when she showed the swatches to me the conspiracy looks more smoother and there lots of glitter all over the inside of the Tati’s palette.

                  • sparky10901
                    sparky10901  2 months back

                    Tati's shadows are extremely buttery, and I've been using my palette non-stop and there is no dirtiness or glitter. It's not messy at all.

                • Ursula TheAwesome
                  Ursula TheAwesome  2 months back

                  Too Faced Peach palette has sequin type of shadow and Becca Volcano godess has pressed glitter like Tati.

                  • sparky10901
                    sparky10901  2 months back

                    Urban Decay has been doing sequin-type shadows forever!

                • Ursula TheAwesome
                  Ursula TheAwesome  2 months back

                  Ugh I would haaate if my mattes had glitter fallout on them, doesn't look like the Tati beauty palette is good for travelling. The "hair" was actually fibers from pressing it turns out

                  • Deirdre Futral
                    Deirdre Futral  2 months back

                    What eye liner do you use? Like today.

                    • KIM SANTOS
                      KIM SANTOS   2 months back

                      I used the too faced better than sex one!