Cruz Azul or Chivas Guadalajara: Which team will have a better 2020 Clausura? | Liga MX

  • Published: 08 January 2020
  • ESPN FC's Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez examine the state of Cruz Azul and Chivas Guadalajara following disappointing Apertura 2019 showings from both sides. Gomez calls Cruz Azul "a dumpster fire" and says the organization is much worse off than Chivas from top to bottom. Salazar contends that Chivas had the worse 2019 Apertura and come into the 2020 Clausura in more dire straits.

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  • Monsur Rahman
    Monsur Rahman  2 weeks back

    Quite a lot makeup on salazer's face.😶😶😶

    • Brr Vi
      Brr Vi  2 weeks back

      I think Cruz Azul will reach top 10 now my problem with Chivas is you buy all of these players which were mostly all star quality last year for this season and you wanna go big but look at your manager Chivas are taking a huge gamble on Tena for this season and well lets see if it pays off because if they dont reach the semifinals at least this season its a failure!!

      • Thatguywithaname23
        Thatguywithaname23  2 weeks back

        Tena literally turned the season around for Chivas and if it wasn’t for Boy they would have made the liguilla. The team literally only needed 3 points. Had tena been in charge from the beginning they would have been in the fight.

      WETBVCK JASPER  2 weeks back

      Cruz azul ftw

      • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

        So? Who cares if Chivas haven't made a final in 5 years at least they won which is all the matters. Cruz Azul haven't won Liga MX final in 20 year's. He had many opportunities to win against a big team like America and they collapsed at the very end of each game. Chivas won controversially but it was a against another dynasty as much as fans don't want to admit Tigres is a tough team.

        • Jax Carter
          Jax Carter  2 weeks back

          Cruz Azul won the league cup last year and beat tigres XD

      • Oly Gost
        Oly Gost  2 weeks back

        Que chingue su madre el America

        • Axxess Mundi
          Axxess Mundi  2 weeks back

          Mexican teams play in the MariConcacaf. Come on ESPN cover real teams in competitive confederations.

          • Axxess Mundi
            Axxess Mundi  2 weeks back

            @Duzk Just jerked off When the competition is Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, USA and a bunch of islands ...yeah that's the competition.
            Liga MX = MariConcacaf exports players to the

          • Duzk Just jerked off
            Duzk Just jerked off  2 weeks back

            Bro the Mexican league is more competitive then most of leagues

          • Axxess Mundi
            Axxess Mundi  2 weeks back

            @SVGAR SKVLL Players that Mexicans wish to be..
            Argentina & Brazil 7 WCs GOATs from Ardiles to Zico
            Mexican legends= 0
            Main rivals in the MariConcacaf USA, Haiti Jamaica and

            Even Croatia made it to a WC

          • SVGAR SKVLL
            SVGAR SKVLL  2 weeks back

            I rather watch Liga MX than the mls, Argentinian league and Brazilian league. Lol

        • Carlos Henrique
          Carlos Henrique  2 weeks back

          México don't have relegation?

          • Carlos Henrique
            Carlos Henrique  2 weeks back

            Thanks dude! I got confused for a sec

          • SVGAR SKVLL
            SVGAR SKVLL  2 weeks back

            Yes, Mexican teams do get relegated. The 2nd division is called Ascenso MX 🇲🇽

        • Mpop 14
          Mpop 14  2 weeks back


          • Class on Bread
            Class on Bread  2 weeks back


            • SVGAR SKVLL
              SVGAR SKVLL  2 weeks back

              None 😂