Alvarez, Valdez power Astros past Blue Jays | Blue Jays-Astros Game Highlights 6/15/19

  • Published: 16 June 2019
  • Daily Recap: Yordan Alvarez and Josh Reddick each went deep to back Framber Valdez, who fanned eight batters in the Astros' 7-2 victory

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Comments • 39

  • Jesse McCree
    Jesse McCree  6 months back

    The Astros are looking strong this year

    • Jesus Acosta
      Jesus Acosta  6 months back

      Alvarez on 🔥

      • Mega
        Mega  6 months back

        The Astros are too good.

        • lonestar lows
          lonestar lows  6 months back

          So whos spot is alvarez going to take?? And do we even need correa anymore??

        • Elisa Pena
          Elisa Pena  6 months back

          Yordan Alvarez is going to be in the Home Run Derby for sure, even though it's going to be in about a month.

          • Nice Guy
            Nice Guy  6 months back

            Lol “first hit that wasn’t a homerun” commentator from previous game

            • Toro Man
              Toro Man  6 months back

              C U LATERRRR!!

              • Antonio Neri
                Antonio Neri  6 months back

                Yoda Alvarez The new Bl-Astro 🌠💥🌠💥

                • Teddy Mark
                  Teddy Mark  6 months back

                  Everyone: Vlad Jr. is the best young hitting prospect in the game today.

                  Yordan Alvarez: hold my cerveza.

                  • Brian Hernandez
                    Brian Hernandez  6 months back

                    Vlad jr 20 years almost recently completed, Yordan Alvarez 22 years in 2 weeks. Vlad jr is even younger

                • lokivodka
                  lokivodka  6 months back

                  What happened to Nick Kingham lol?

                  • lokivodka
                    lokivodka  6 months back

                    @Joe Martin that dude pitched for relief for the blue jays I heard he broke some records in his mlb debut

                  • Joe Martin
                    Joe Martin  6 months back

                    lokivodka Who?

                • Chris 2000
                  Chris 2000  6 months back

                  2019 WS CHAMPS

                  • lonestar lows
                    lonestar lows  6 months back

                    @Brenden Nichols its probable. If we stay healthy. The twins will be hard to get passed though.

                  • Brenden Nichols
                    Brenden Nichols  6 months back

                    We're not even halfway through the season and already you're declaring them the champions. Even if they are having another great season, this is laughable!

                • Gordo Zone
                  Gordo Zone  6 months back

                  Yordan Alvarez brought fear to the MLB that the yankees had to break the bank n get Edwin Ercanacion lol

                  • kev127
                    kev127  6 months back

                    Are you dumb all they traded was the same minor leaguer the Mariners gave them 2 years ago

                • A Shadow Burned in Time
                  A Shadow Burned in Time  6 months back

                  Dangerous offense:
                  1. Springer
                  2. Altuve
                  3. Bregman
                  4. Alvarez
                  5. Brantley
                  6. Correa
                  7. Chirinos
                  8. Gurriel
                  9. Reddick

                  What you have is one of the most dangerous offensive teams in the MLB which no pitcher would want to face due to the lack of breathing room. And when Springer, Altuve, and Correa come back, this lineup is going to be STACKED.

                  • therealiity ls2hardforyou
                    therealiity ls2hardforyou  4 months back

                    Excuse me sir but where ls Yuli gourriel ??he had to be 5th at bat defenitely!!!what a beast

                  • Gordo Zone
                    Gordo Zone  6 months back

                    @MaSs GeNoCiDeS diaz on rehab assign. And fisher already got sent back to triple A for Rogelio Armenteros

                  • MaSs GeNoCiDeS
                    MaSs GeNoCiDeS  6 months back

                    What bout Diaz and Fisher??

                  • lonestar lows
                    lonestar lows  6 months back

                    @Gordo Zone ok how many hr white have or clutch hits period....vs anyone else on the team...yuli is much better on first...

                  • Gordo Zone
                    Gordo Zone  6 months back

                    @lonestar lows i don't know what's funny about that but as i noticed you're no Astros fan so you in the hater category ✌

                • Breon Mitchell
                  Breon Mitchell  6 months back

                  Alvarez hit Home Run Every Game

                • Po1itica11yNcorrect
                  Po1itica11yNcorrect  6 months back

                  We see your Aaron Judge and raise you a Yordan Alvarez.

                • the man
                  the man  6 months back

                  nice that the bottom of the order produced, and Yordan killed another baseball

                  • Mark Symbala
                    Mark Symbala  6 months back

                    Astros ws

                    • Kel Z
                      Kel Z  6 months back

                      Yordan on the baseball. Oh and first.