Tidying Up My Desk After Leaving DanPlan (Q&A)

  • Published: 11 January 2020
  • Appologies, but I just need to correct some things I said in my stream:

    1) I said that Jay was most likely copying my personality, which was true, but it was Daniel that suggested him to copy me. Jay didn't decide to by himself.
    2) The amounts of money that I said Hosuh received were wrong, I got them mixed up. The percentages were right, but the base amounts were wrong. Hosuh actually received 15% of the revenue from May 2017 (animation transition) to May 2019 which amounted to $42,000 CAD. This is also taken from the pure revenue amount, the amount that Daniel made with taxes and employee salaries taken out before paying Hosuh, which based on Hosuh's share shows that the total revenue amount was about $280,000, with merch and sponsorships included. These are just estimates as neither Hosuh nor I had access to the real values.

    Thank you Blank and Ivu for sorting through literally thousands of messages to help me with this stream.

    And I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been giving me support and kind words over the past week. When I posted my video, I didn't expect to get as many views as I did and I also didn't expect those people who heard me out to be so supportive (this is YouTube after all).

    There are a lot of people still on the fence about this situation and hopefully this stream will answer any aching questions you all might have.

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  • miguel fernandez
    miguel fernandez  2 minutes back

    Unpopular opinion... Even if Dan is as bad as it seems, Stephen should at least attempt to pretend to be grateful to Dan because otherwise, nobody would know who he is. That being said, I've unsubscribed from Actually Stephen and Danplan since too many people are misquoting both parties and I dont have the energy to follow this stupid drama. Good luck on your channel Stephen, and Dan if the allegations are true, shame on you. And Hosuh, you are great! I hope your friends work this out and that you three can all hang out when you get back.

    • My thoughts and entertainment

      i am on your side

      • DragonNestKing
        DragonNestKing  2 hours back

        Copy from my original post on “By the way”

        Many people are here upset about the whole situation, others are here just to pause the video and have a hissy fit at dan, and I’m here to find the truth. Here is what I currently have.

        1. Stephen posted first, claiming he was not being compensated enough and saying that Dan was abusive. I’d like to add that making a situation public is one of the worst ways to make a conflict worse. If, note; *IF*, Stephen was trying to make this worse, then this was definitely the way to do it.

        2. Throughout Stephen’s streams, we see him being very, as short of a description I can make it, mean. I wouldn’t say this is who he is, he could have been joking, but I’m not throwing away the possibility.

        3. Dan seems visibly upset in his new video, and this could be a trick. But, I can see it. He’s hurt. For those who watched the whole video, you might agree. While I’m leaning towards this being real, I’m not going to confirm until I know, for a fact, that this is true.

        4. People quickly sided with Stephen and hated on Daniel. Some good fans who obviously enjoyed Stephen, as I did, and some people who are/aren’t part of DanPlan *cough* Jay *cough*

        5. Stephen said he wanted to discuss this personally, and Dan even offered to do this as we see in the texts provided by Dan. But, Stephen hasn’t agreed.

        6. Stephen brought Hosuh into the situation. This would be a great way to make a mediate a conflict if the mediator was non biased. Note, if the mediator was non biased. Hosuh, being a very honest person, from what we can see through live-streams and vids, was non biased, luckily. But, it still went wrong. This is because Hosuh was friends with both of them, making him biased in that sense.

        7. Dan has given us evidence thorough enough for this to become an investigation and not a one sided witch hunt for a “monster” as one party calls the other.

        8. Stephen, here’s the kicker for me, admits that he is using the audience, that is being told that Dan is a monster, as a weapon against Dan. THIS was Stephen’s main slip up. Using people at all is wrong, but using them as a weapon? Yeah, I’m going to let you find your own conclusion on this one because I can’t even use this evidence without starting to gain bias. Take this note as you will.

        9. Stephen’s words in his QnA livestream while he was clearing off his desk, “he didn’t give me recognition for one mil, so I’m gonna take his two mil.” That isn’t okay to me, but that’s my bias and I’m putting that to the side for this. What Stephen has brought across by saying this is that he wants revenge, not money, not friendship, not a compromise, revenge. This contradicts with what he said earlier in his stream about just wanting this to end. It also contradicts what Dan showed us with Stephen still wanting the money from earlier unpaid vids, showing he wants money. These contradictions weaken and weaken my case towards Stephen being right.

        10. Stephen stated that he needed to speak for the animators in which, if Dan is being honest about him only recording and nothing else, he can not do because he doesn’t even know them, personally or business wise.

        11. Dan is correct on the matter of the animators which he gave us in his vid, they are subcontractors. He is right on what that means and on the matter in general. This is also a piece of evidence that if Stephen had brought up, then his case would’ve been stronger.

        My current conclusion in case nothing else after this comes out:Stephen is in the wrong, and Dan is in the right. Stephen has been contradictory, unkind, and overall very destructive. He says all those times he said “i hate you, Daniel” was with true malice, giving us a sense of what kind of person he is. We see through his live-stream on his being rude and unkind to people like Hosuh, such as “Actually, is Hosuh a better artist than Stephen? No” and his recent livestream on the personality test, in which he got numbers I would give to a borderline sociopath, but that’s my opinion take it with a grain of salt. I have provided evidence on his contradictions and the destructiveness I mentioned was found through his “attempt” to make things better by bringing Hosuh into it, which made things worse, by making the situation public, and an inference on what he is like personally with what he said about taken dans two mil because he wasn’t given recognition for one mil. In my current conclusion, the people who are hurling insults at Dan should be ashamed of themselves. But, to anyone who starts throwing insults at Stephen after reading the and/or watching the vid on DanPlan, you should be just as ashamed.

        • Do you have any beans?
          Do you have any beans?  2 hours back

          It's starting to look like a competition to see who can made a longer video talking about the situation between Dan and Stephen. First it was a seven minute video on Stephens channel, then an hour long video on Danplan, finally a two hour video on Stephen channel again.

          • YumYum Man
            YumYum Man  3 hours back

            I am not being a you know party pooper but didn’t you say in this vid that if something was not true you’d take it down because in Daniels vid he says most of it isn’t soooo..... who is lying here?

            • NoLuckNathan
              NoLuckNathan  3 hours back

              I only wacth danplan for steve

              • Max Martinez
                Max Martinez  3 hours back

                Dude do ur own channel. I would watch it

                • Randall Elkins
                  Randall Elkins  3 hours back

                  Stephen you are my favorite of Danplan but lieing is not ok and call me out if you want my fellow fans or Stephen yourself but saying this is not ok dose Hosuh even get a say in this the poor innocent Bean is probably sad that he has to watch his friends fight

                  You are and always will be my inspiration for many things but you might no longer be my favorite I love you don't hurt yourself I hope you and Dan figure things out bye
                  Love, Maddy

                  • katherine ortiz
                    katherine ortiz  4 hours back

                    my heart is broken

                    • Jordyn Martin
                      Jordyn Martin  5 hours back

                      Dan has more of a kind work things out approach Stephen got mad and freaked out and lied Dan called his lies out and helped clear things out

                      Ps take down the vid cause “want to work things out” Dan showed proof text

                      • Sir Banana
                        Sir Banana  6 hours back

                        Who hear after dan side came out

                      • Kaitlyn Raulerson
                        Kaitlyn Raulerson  6 hours back

                        The sigh count in this video is heart breaking

                        • Garvonsnavle
                          Garvonsnavle  6 hours back

                          I'm sorry but I am on Dans side, not yours. I think I have a good idea as to what happened. I've gone through and seen similar things. But Dan also had evidence, where as your's seems like just anger and frankly, jealousy. I think you should take some time to rethink your words, and evaluate what happened. I don't mean this in any mean way, but both of you should talk, and I honestly think you should apologize because he did try to reach out to you.

                          • Jon .S
                            Jon .S  6 hours back

                            Stephan listen
                            Dan is trying to resolve stuff with you and you just ignore please sort it out I'm sad as I enjoyed your videos so much and I was sad when you left and I'm begging please please just sort it out I'm really sad your my favourite channel and it's stupid that your fighting just sort it out please.

                            • Dankworth RBLX
                              Dankworth RBLX  10 hours back

                              I can't be part of your channel due to the lies you have made about Danplan, he had so much respect for you, yet you disrespected him and lied. You say this shit happened but you have no fucking proof. Congratulations for your fake personality

                              • Dankworth RBLX
                                Dankworth RBLX  2 hours back

                                @Dinah Mite True but Dan still had more proof and Stephen had none to back up his claims

                              • Falling-Out-Trees 101
                                Falling-Out-Trees 101  5 hours back

                                Dinah Mite ^^

                              • Garvonsnavle
                                Garvonsnavle  6 hours back

                                harsh, but true

                              • Dinah Mite
                                Dinah Mite  7 hours back

                                Well some in the community attacked dan after judging from what Stephen said so why repeat the mistakes again. We still dunno if dan lied but we do know more, no1s perfect

                              • Sanikiyo
                                Sanikiyo  9 hours back

                                I agree

                            • CapsuleBarGraph
                              CapsuleBarGraph  10 hours back

                              This actually promotes Stephens YouTube channel even though that isn’t the purpose of this. Just a little while ago he was in the 300 thousands in subscribers but he is already into the 400 thousands right now

                              • Damien Chou
                                Damien Chou  11 hours back

                                Please make up

                                • KSoulz _YT
                                  KSoulz _YT  12 hours back

                                  Stephen it's Ok
                                  We are here for you
                                  It makes me Sad that one of my favourite funny guy is being this sad and depressed
                                  I'm just :(
                                  We care for u Steven I Felt sorry for what happened wish u the Best
                                  And I Wish u don't regret what u did because the Pain on the Heart is Uncureable.

                                  • Garvonsnavle
                                    Garvonsnavle  6 hours back

                                    watch the video that dan posted

                                  • Dinah Mite
                                    Dinah Mite  7 hours back

                                    Em have you seen Dan's new video?

                                • china oil
                                  china oil  12 hours back

                                  As childish as I may seem, I wish this never happened. I just want the old DanPlan back. The one I always look forward to watch. I don't even know what to think anymore. I just know that I'm gonna miss them.

                                  • Kraken
                                    Kraken  13 hours back

                                    I don’t understand what the point of making these videos of all this drama, why can’t you guys just talk this out privately. You and Dan seem to have both said that you tried to talk it out, Dan had the benefit of the text messages. People have only made Dan the bad guy because you decided to make videos and live-streams in this, do I think Dan is the best? No, I don’t think any of you are I don’t know you personally, but if you want Dan to go talk to you, you can. Or you should be able to from what I’ve seen.

                                    • IronEpic
                                      IronEpic  14 hours back

                                      Hey hey
                                      So Dans response vid came out and all I wanted to say that this may have caused dan to quit.
                                      He really would’ve had to go through a tough time with a channel that has been attacked by a former friend I don’t know who I should believe.
                                      I’m greatly upset that this has happened but dan did have text evidence and I’m mad at the people not believing dan I’m sure there’s truth in both sides.
                                      So I hope dan comes back and all this is resolved.

                                      • Jos-Jos Radvanjí
                                        Jos-Jos Radvanjí  14 hours back

                                        dayum.I just saw the thumbnail,thought it was a cute animation and it's just drama .-.

                                        • Ashton May
                                          Ashton May  15 hours back

                                          Stephen go back to dan plan

                                          • I'm Dibing
                                            I'm Dibing  16 hours back

                                            I still love you~ c:

                                          • Paradox Gaming
                                            Paradox Gaming  16 hours back

                                            Stephen is like this is youtube after all me f youtube this is about my fav content creators btw the super hero vid is prob gonna be the last vid meant to entertain with the trio for a while even longer with jay i think

                                            • Paradox Gaming
                                              Paradox Gaming  16 hours back

                                              This is shock but i knew something up cuz 2 weeks thats alot

                                              • North-American P51D-10
                                                North-American P51D-10  18 hours back

                                                After watching Dan's side of the story I don't know what's true or not.

                                                • Iron Warrior
                                                  Iron Warrior  19 hours back

                                                  Will you ever do games?

                                                  • kiki mi
                                                    kiki mi  19 hours back

                                                    this is getting me stressed out
                                                    I liked Danplan I liked Hosuh I liked Stephen I liked Dan I liked the videos. but I don´t know anymore

                                                    • Laoxie
                                                      Laoxie  19 hours back

                                                      I bet that 99% of fans are following danplan because of hosuh, Stephen, and jay

                                                      • samus the gamer weirdo
                                                        samus the gamer weirdo  20 hours back

                                                        So what other lies to have to feed us? (:

                                                        • Falling-Out-Trees 101
                                                          Falling-Out-Trees 101  4 hours back

                                                          i’ll say what i have said to everybody else. we have no idea who has been telling the truth and it’s not up to us to make judgements and accuse people. keep your opinions to yourself and let them be

                                                      • Suzanne Tan
                                                        Suzanne Tan  20 hours back

                                                        Stephen saying serious stuff with giggles interspersed here and there really has me thrown for a loop

                                                        • Eric Murphy
                                                          Eric Murphy  21 hours back

                                                          Man fuck this just go down there and talk to him . talking over a video doesn't help

                                                          • Mel Melon
                                                            Mel Melon  21 hours back

                                                            I new it. The comments is now filled with a bunch of ignorant ppl or little children (so toxic) Switching sides based on whoever made the lastest video. Ya know maybe, just maybe, there was some misunderstanding and miscommunication on both sides and both are somewhat in the wrong and somewhat in the right. Just leave it be bc we don't know what really happened and now its just between Dan and Stephen and there is no more need for public responses bc it'll only make it worse

                                                            • Skittles McStabbypants
                                                              Skittles McStabbypants  21 hours back

                                                              Going into business with friends is fine look at Rooster Teeth. The difference is Bernie paid his friends more than fairly and worked with them to make them more valuable to their company and helped guide them as well. He never lost sight of being the one who owned and ran the company but he always took good care of his friends and the talent. I saw this coming months ago you could hear it in the escalating hostility in Stephen's and Daniel's voices. Just had no idea what the reason behind it all was. It's kind of sad that Dan chose money over friends even at the expense of his "on screen talent".

                                                              • Fox Gaming yt
                                                                Fox Gaming yt  22 hours back

                                                                hey stephen i really do know how you feel and i understand that you regret it all with dan but the only real reason i subscribed was because of your dark humour (sorry for the bad spelling) i still do dark humour like you but i really liked your personality and honestly i really love you man no homo but like you dont have to worry cause were here for you and we can help you and you might not believe me and honestly your my favorate character in danplan and plus its the past and it really doesnt matter but it does and please give us updates about you and this god offule mess and thank you for every laugh ive had watching danplan and maybe talk to a tharopist because it will really help and thank you again .

                                                                • Funtime Avi 36
                                                                  Funtime Avi 36  23 hours back


                                                                  • Avery shearer
                                                                    Avery shearer  23 hours back

                                                                    Unsubscribed to you!!!!!!

                                                                    • Sparkflyer the sweet and powerful Wolf Queen

                                                                      I think that a little of all three stories happened. But the best thing to do right now is forgive and forgot. Longing and heartbreak stays for a long time. It's been like this for me since my grandmother died. I still blame myself for not doing more to help her. But I keep trying to forgive and forgot, but remember her for everything good that happened. I think that this will work for you as well. You do not have to stay friends, but letting go of this past will be best for the future for all of us and you. I care so much for you. I do. You make me feel like something is right in the world. It hurts more seeing everything going on between what once was a seemingly fun relationship. I'm sorry this happened, and I'm so sorry if I bothered you. Have a good day, Dan, Stephen, Hosuh, and everyone else I love and miss.

                                                                      • Mikey Kornowski
                                                                        Mikey Kornowski  24 hours back

                                                                        why did you rowin my life

                                                                        • Falling-Out-Trees 101
                                                                          Falling-Out-Trees 101  4 hours back

                                                                          Mikey Kornowski dont be so selfish. stephen was obviously not happy working at danplan and say something was wrong and tried to do something about it. he left because he wanted to and he probably felt a lot worse about it than you

                                                                        • Mikey Kornowski
                                                                          Mikey Kornowski  24 hours back

                                                                          that chanel was the fing that made me happy

                                                                      • Patrick H
                                                                        Patrick H  24 hours back

                                                                        If you consider YouTube a hobby, and you don't care about money, why were you so upset about not being paid enough?

                                                                        • Patrick H
                                                                          Patrick H  13 hours back

                                                                          @Hollow Knowledger Hey, good reply! That clears things up. Cheers!

                                                                        • Hollow Knowledger
                                                                          Hollow Knowledger  23 hours back

                                                                          Sorry for bad English
                                                                          English is not the mother language to me I still keep learning

                                                                          I think the problem is Dan didn't give the both h and s and animators the equal where of their own
                                                                          Basically s is mad at Dan didn't recognize s as a core members

                                                                          And the problem is Dan didn't recognize s as a core member and said he is a employee
                                                                          and at Dan video Dan didn't said it was a false accusation

                                                                          If you really view your member as a important role you should give the same amount where that he is weight
                                                                          But instead Dan make it as a company but not as a friendship special in Dan own word
                                                                          He is the boss not the bosses the boss witch make me think it's no longer friendship

                                                                          And the thing is Dan didn't even try to make Stephen feel any Better but keep attacking him in the following 9 mouth video is too off to me

                                                                          Is a friendship if Dan truly view Stephen as a friend he would not just think ''i thought it was finished after he and Stephen have negotiate the 100$per video '' he should let Stephen feel he is a friend instead of employee

                                                                          Hope you have a nice day my friend

                                                                      • Ssrj Nathan 69
                                                                        Ssrj Nathan 69  24 hours back

                                                                        Sorry to ask this after you 97 question streak but was the animators pay affected at all by the donations

                                                                        • carlos Rodriguez
                                                                          carlos Rodriguez  1 days back

                                                                          Whyyyyyyyy. i-i

                                                                          • addi
                                                                            addi  1 days back

                                                                            i wish you were still in dan plan i really miss you in there video's...but how hard did that hit housah???

                                                                            • Gd Preston
                                                                              Gd Preston  1 days back

                                                                              I’m sad

                                                                              • kkrow
                                                                                kkrow  1 days back

                                                                                Dan's video really hurts his credibility

                                                                                • linkfan 3 muskateers
                                                                                  linkfan 3 muskateers  1 days back

                                                                                  um you lied about dan being radio silent and now I'm just confused -_-

                                                                                • Paul Atzbach
                                                                                  Paul Atzbach  1 days back

                                                                                  WTF Stephen