Which Interior Paint is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published: 14 October 2019
  • Best interior latex house paint? One paint coat coverage, ease of application, stain coverage, stain resistance tested. Valspar Pro, Colorplace (sold at Walmart), Valspar Signature, Behr Marquee, Pittsburgh, Dutch Boy, HGTV Sherwin Williams, Sherwin William Emerald, PPG Timeless, and Glidden Premium.

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Comments • 3 669

  • edbtzkhud
    edbtzkhud  22 hours back

    This video just proved that the best paint wasn’t even on the same level as these inferior paints, let alone in this test.
    The BEST paint hands down is

  • Luke DeJong
    Luke DeJong  1 days back

    I have experience with diamond Vogel products and sherwin Williams products. So I was excited to hear that paramount was a good value! However it’s actually $40 per gallon normal price right now, only 4 months after the video posted. Just as an FYI.

    • Corndog Caravan
      Corndog Caravan  2 days back

      Great review and testing, I brag to friends about your channel. Another testing idea is cabinet paint. I've used the Valspar Cabinet paint for one project but would like to see other brands tested. Keep up the great work!

      • Corndog Caravan
        Corndog Caravan  2 days back

        @Project Farm Thanks for the reply. I may try the Sherwin Williams product next and will post back results.

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   2 days back

        Thank you very much for the positive comments and for the video idea

    • Capt. George
      Capt. George  4 days back

      Too bad you couldn’t get your hands on Benjamin Moore paint. Next time?

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   4 days back

        Great suggestion on testing BM. I need to test it in the future

    • RadicalMT15
      RadicalMT15  5 days back

      hello. great video as always. can you test chrome wheels cleaners? thx

    • Andy Barker
      Andy Barker  6 days back

      This was very helpful! I am going to paint my bathroom tomorrow. I came back and rewatched this video. I confidently went with the BEHR Marquee! Thanks Project Farm!

    • LBCAndrew
      LBCAndrew  6 days back

      I guarantee Dunn Edwards Aristoshield would match or exceed any of these paints.

    • Stibam elgrin
      Stibam elgrin  6 days back

      Where is Jotun paint?

    • Chris Nash
      Chris Nash  7 days back

      Great review. Was wondering if this should have included Kilz primer?

      Additionally, heads will roll if shoe scuffs, crayons, “and God forbid” MARKERS end up on my wall!

    • SomuchBS
      SomuchBS  1 weeks back

      Pretty sure if you look on the can the majority of paints are made by PPG. Thanks for another great vid!!!!

    • Mark Whippy
      Mark Whippy  1 weeks back

      Were you using a different roller for each?

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   1 weeks back

        Great question. Yes, I bought a dozen rollers, roller pans, etc. Thank you!

    • Russ Russell
      Russ Russell  1 weeks back

      Would you do a similar exterior paint competition for those of us who live in houses that require painting or staining every four to five years?

      Outstanding series sir.

    • Charles Harding
      Charles Harding  1 weeks back

      Awesome job. We enjoy watching your videos. Very useful stuff.

    • Zack Zander
      Zack Zander  1 weeks back

      Zinsser primer and Sherwin Williams is the best combo out there. Benjamin Moore is good but Sherwin Williams has way better accessibility in my area. Almost as common as Starbucks stores.

    • Brian Rice
      Brian Rice  1 weeks back

      Pittsburgh Paramount is $36 at my Menards store, where are you seeing it at $21.97? I think you may have the wrong price shown and it really belongs in the “mid range” of the prices.

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   1 weeks back

        Thank you for the feedback

      • Brian Rice
        Brian Rice  1 weeks back

        Either way, great video! Love the way you tested in a consistent manner.

    • Low End
      Low End  1 weeks back

      Do you come with a volume control??

    • Gabriel Gochenour
      Gabriel Gochenour  1 weeks back

      I'm a little late to the party but this video definitely made up my mind on what brand of paint to use to paint my new home! Thank you for all the effort you put into giving all these unbiased reviews!!

    • Doug's Shed
      Doug's Shed  1 weeks back

      Before I knew anything about paints (and I still don’t know much) I bought the cheapest paint I could at one of the box stores thinking it was a better value and I ended up applying four coats to get walls that still ended up with uneven coverage and they looked pretty shitty. I bought a gallon of some good stuff at about 4x the cost and it out performed 5 gallons of the cheap stuff and was way less work. I wish this video was around then. Coulda saved me hours of work and despair. I appreciate your channel

      • bostonanthony
        bostonanthony  1 weeks back

        One request, my handyman and I are HOOKED watching your channel. Love your technique, charts, etc. Could you add a one time donation option to your patreon site ? I think many of us would love to make a donation but not on a recurring basis.

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   1 weeks back

          I'll check and see if a 1 time donation can be setup on Patreon. Thank you very much for the positive comments

      • bostonanthony
        bostonanthony  1 weeks back

        Why no testing of Benjamin Moore ? This is most preferred by professionals and I would love to see it compared to Sherwin Williams

      • Grouperhound
        Grouperhound  1 weeks back

        I used Emerald Exterior on my home in the tropics. Outstanding paint, but you definitely pay for it. I assume the price shown here for the Interior Emerald is after some promotion, because it retails for $75-$80 per gallon. The Behr looks very attractive if retail pricing alone is considered. Keep in mind that Behr also has promotions, and it can be purchased in large format pails, unlike SW Emerald which is only sold in Gallons.

      • Joshua Kingsley
        Joshua Kingsley  2 weeks back

        You should perform a follow up video using the same brands, but with a different sheen. Flat paint is best for covering imperfections, but higher sheens like satin and semigloss, offer better "scrubbability" and stain resistance.

      • Daniel Silvernail
        Daniel Silvernail  2 weeks back

        Wish you would have tested out Benjamin Moore paint.... :-/

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   2 weeks back

          Great suggestion on BM. I'll have to test it in the future

      • RBG Gomes
        RBG Gomes  2 weeks back

        All trash

        • Legacy Maiden
          Legacy Maiden  2 weeks back

          Wife comes home and asks why she has zebra wall!

        • Trigger Happy
          Trigger Happy  2 weeks back

          You get what you pay for. I've always used Behr or Sherwin Williams. It holds up great and goes on nicely. Now if I was painting a shop or rental house, that's a different story.

        • WillieRants
          WillieRants  2 weeks back

          The scuff test really put a smile on my face. That shoe. LOL

          • Project Farm
            Project Farm   2 weeks back

            lol. Yes, glad I'm no longer needing those shoes!

        • WillieRants
          WillieRants  2 weeks back

          This was awesome. Though probably a ton of effort consider testing exterior paints. Fading and discoloration are big concerns.

        • dvxAznxvb
          dvxAznxvb  2 weeks back

          Not very scientific when you didn't get an eye exam to determine if your vision wasnt a variable

          • Rich Colter
            Rich Colter  2 weeks back

            I rarely comment but your tests are simply awesome. It is so nice to see your thoroughness and attention to detail. I would love to see you do a test on laundry detergent!

          • Tim & Kris Holzhauer
            Tim & Kris Holzhauer  2 weeks back

            Showcase paint is sold at Lowes

          • Adrian Dawkins
            Adrian Dawkins  2 weeks back

            Behr marque is meant to be ran as a colored paint, the paint gets thinned out when pigment is added

          • Johnny Cash
            Johnny Cash  2 weeks back

            No Ben Moore?! Lololol great vid man I've been painting for over 11 years this is my kinda vid bro. great job I don't Kno how you come up with these tests

          • Alex Oster
            Alex Oster  2 weeks back

            omg you're literally the best. i thought you only did oil reviews 😂

          • Shane Biri
            Shane Biri  2 weeks back

            Which spray degreaser or brake parts cleaner works the best. Sound like a showdown needs to happen.

          • Ken B
            Ken B  2 weeks back

            Good test. What about blocking? Sherwin Williams has big problem with blocking. Run more test please. I watch all your videos. Great work!!

          • Greg Piatek
            Greg Piatek  2 weeks back

            Benjamin Moore is only paint i use, painting with sherwin Williams or any other brands feels like torture after you try Benjamin. also flat is good for ceiling only for walls you have to go to eggshell or at least low sheen

          • Ibp Support
            Ibp Support  2 weeks back

            Benjamin Moore Paints ? wtf ? check the stats here: https://www.owler.com/company/benjaminmoore

          • Mutlap
            Mutlap  2 weeks back

            The pigment is a key ingredient, it's called Titanium dioxide. The more you in the can the better the paint will cover. It will be listed on the side of the can. Valspar is now owned by Sherwin Williams

          • Ian Carnel
            Ian Carnel  2 weeks back

            Come back to this one and test how many coats each paint needs to cover up .. Both as an overpaint and as stain coverage

          • a1l2e3x4s5o6
            a1l2e3x4s5o6  3 weeks back

            aww, shoulda tested the Benjamin Moore

          • Paul Chiang
            Paul Chiang  3 weeks back

            Great video. I would like to see if you can test various water filtration pitchers I.e. Brita and see if they really work. Thanks.

          • pityo gonzalez
            pityo gonzalez  3 weeks back

            My mom used to paint "School Portables" in .Ca, and said when the team ran out of Sherwin Williams or Vista they would use BEHR.!!! Your uploads are always a treat.😎

          • 91rss
            91rss  3 weeks back

            The Dulux with the diamond on it is by far the best. We tried em all.

          • joewrosenthal00
            joewrosenthal00  3 weeks back

            How about testing varnishes?

          • Josh McIver
            Josh McIver  3 weeks back

            15/16 chains

            • PSL54 C
              PSL54 C  3 weeks back

              I would like to see a similar test done with automotive paint. I’ve been spraying PPG’s DBC line of paints for years. I’ve always had great color match and durability.

            • wade taylor
              wade taylor  3 weeks back

              As always: GOOD JOB! THANK YOU...