Which Zip Tie Brand is the Best? Let's find out!

  • Published: 04 February 2019
  • Non-sponsored video; I do not accept any sort of sponsorship and purchased all the products tested using my own funds. Seven different zip tie brands were tested in hot, ambient (75F) and cold temperatures in the video. Brands tested include Store House (Harbor Freight), Hyper Tough (Walmart), Flurhrt (Amazon), Strong Ties (Amazon), Cambridge Zipits (Amazon), TR Industrial (Amazon), and Lenitech (Amazon). Hope you enjoy the video!
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  • dopiaza2006
    dopiaza2006  1 days back

    Is there anything that can't be tested with the help of a lawn mower engine cylinder head?!

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   24 hours back

      I completely agree! It'll test just about anything!

  • Dean T
    Dean T  1 days back

    I think age of the zip tie makes a difference also

    • Dean T
      Dean T  1 days back

      Not only how long they've been in your toolbox, but how long they have been for sale. I've bought some from a hardware store and they were brittle and breaking right out of the packaging

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   1 days back

      Thank you for the feedback

  • dvgayle1
    dvgayle1  3 days back

    The biggest problem I run into with zip ties is they become brittle with age and break.

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   3 days back

      Great point! I'll test for UV resistance and age soon

  • Dave R
    Dave R  4 days back

    I did audio/visual installation and service work for about 15 years and I used thousands of those Harbor Freight wire ties and I almost never had any breakage and they worked nice and smooth, I liked them.

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   4 days back

      Seems like one of the better products sold at Harbor Freight

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams  5 days back

    I love the re-useable ties, so handy for holding wire coils, rope, etc. Hard to find though, I got mine years ago.

  • Alliance
    Alliance  5 days back

    Thanks now I know which to use for kidnapping

    • Coxfame
      Coxfame  7 days back

      Excellent job.
      I usually buy from harbor freight or homedepot brand (commercial electric).

    • RipleySawzen
      RipleySawzen  1 weeks back

      The shelf life of these things is a serious consideration. If any of them had been sitting for a year, I'd expect them to be fragile compared to ones that were not. At work, there are ties that break instantly in the winter, yet if you throw a wet paper towel in the bag for a few days, they become as pliable as rubber bands and hold enormous strength.

    • bassmann446
      bassmann446  1 weeks back

      As an electrician I was very interested in this test. I’d like to see a follow up video using some industrial brands like T&B, Panduit, Dottie, Gardner/Bender and 3M.

      • Lynn Shackelford
        Lynn Shackelford  6 days back

        @Project Farm Please test Ty-Rap® cable ties. I have used them exclusively for 20 years with no surprises. Always ordered UV resistant. You always have such high production standards. It is greatly appreciated

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   1 weeks back

        Great recommendation! I'll test them soon. Thank you

    • Jacob Sullivan
      Jacob Sullivan  1 weeks back

      You should do one on flashlights

    • Humberto Ginesta
      Humberto Ginesta  1 weeks back

      I been buying Harbor freight 11 zip ties for over two years now and they are the best for my application installing telematics on construction equipment. here in my local store in Fort Worth I paid 2.99 for the 11 inch and 1.99 for the 8 inch bag.

    • Beardman Hairy
      Beardman Hairy  2 weeks back

      Here's an idea for you: check how long a 3d printed head will last on zip ties.
      Because you can make one without bolt holes and also with some elements (pegs?) to hold it in place.

    • Bruni
      Bruni  2 weeks back

      I think the Cambridge brand is interesting for the releasable clasp design, would cut down on costs with using them, if only slightly

    • Bryan Stuart
      Bryan Stuart  2 weeks back

      Here's an idea for you but I'm not sure if it's in your scope of things to do.
      I've always wanted to see a bullet or projectile accelerate from zero to full speed in a barrel of a firearm. And the rate or length of barrel at which it accelerates the most in the form of a graph. I figured if anyone can achieve this it's you.

    • Dave Howard
      Dave Howard  2 weeks back

      Glad to see the HF held up so well, I just stocked up on them on Black Friday at $1.99 a bag. Just can't beat that!

    • ssabykoops
      ssabykoops  2 weeks back

      do you talk like that to regular people? ., why so loud?

    • Brian Park
      Brian Park  2 weeks back

      Do you know about these zip ties?
      Yes, these babies can be released and reused! This is WAY more important then just being strong enough.
      A more important parameter to "test" is quality control: how many did you need to discard because they were defective, or aged poorly?

    • Steve
      Steve  2 weeks back

      That's what I call consistent results!

      UNDERHILL  2 weeks back

      drill new holes at a right angle to the existing bolt holes and use zip ties as the bolts

    • 6oodfella
      6oodfella  3 weeks back

      I love this channel.
      After watching him test zip ties and duct tape, I’m just hoping he never tries to kidnap me.

    • Chris Adams
      Chris Adams  3 weeks back

      Gotta watch this video before I go buy zip ties

    • jack Martin
      jack Martin  3 weeks back

      Which rust remover is best for removing as much rust as possible?

      • Truthmonster
        Truthmonster  3 weeks back

        *Strength test after being out in the Sun for a year!*
        Thumbs up!

      • Val Vechnyak
        Val Vechnyak  4 weeks back

        I wish you could do the same comparison for the metal zip ties. They lock using different method than plastic ones

      • Chris O'Neal
        Chris O'Neal  4 weeks back

        So a ratchet strap test to see which one is the best.

      • blakey blake
        blakey blake  4 weeks back

        luv ur vids bro. maybe u cud av used sum kind of sealent gasket n zip tie it up n let it dry..??

        👍 from england bro

      • DJWolves97
        DJWolves97  4 weeks back

        *"...Zip-Ties, you never know when you'll need em'"*

        Well, there's this guy...

      • yeet dawg
        yeet dawg  4 weeks back

        I wish you were my dad

        • tianmere
          tianmere  4 weeks back

          😂 zip tied lawnmower...

        • Nessa McCaw
          Nessa McCaw  4 weeks back

          You should try to get that engine to run using plastic head bolts

        • J B
          J B  4 weeks back

          Thomas and Betts. Made in USA. It’s what my phone company uses.

        • gunfighterzero
          gunfighterzero  1 months back

          usually your test are right on the money but i have to say you dropped the ball on this one.

          you didnt test any professional grade zip ties such as 3M, T&B, panduit etc..

          i have been an industrial electrician for 30 years and these cheap ones dont hold up to work hardening and repeated temp changes.. some job specifications actually define specific ties to be used

        • Captain America America
          Captain America America  1 months back


        • Victor Manuel
          Victor Manuel  1 months back

          The free zip tie is the best zip tie

        • Jahman Borneo
          Jahman Borneo  1 months back

          The stainless steel ones I bought are superior.

        • Keen Colios
          Keen Colios  1 months back

          For Cambridge. I guess the production cost for releasable ones are simply higher. There has to be more quality control and i guess they have more production failures that go back to recycling.

          • Pyroman /
            Pyroman /  1 months back

            Love YouTube allows this kind of content to get to the masses ... Mr tv man would laugh at this cuz he didn't like it not realizing ppl want/need to know what company's mislead about the products the sell

          • ROBBY DARIN
            ROBBY DARIN  1 months back


            • RELOADINGandSHOOTING
              RELOADINGandSHOOTING  1 months back

              Here are some ideas if not already been tested as I frequently purchase or planning to:

              Water based paint
              Enamel Paint
              High Heat Paint (engine paint)
              LED Bulbs
              Engine Degreaser
              Oven Cleaner
              Laundry Detergent
              Carpet Cleaning Solution
              Car Detailing Products I always see on FB like “the last top coat” etc
              Dishwashing Pods
              Dishwashing Soap
              Best bottled water (cleanest, best PH, dissolved solids)
              Best Sawzall blade (wood, plastic, steel)
              Best Screw Head (phillips, torx, mor-torq, tri-wing)

              LoL have at it!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

              • Les Tapp
                Les Tapp  1 months back

                I read a suggestion to test ratchet straps. I think this is a great idea. If you do, please include Macs Tie Downs brand. I believe they make the best ratchet straps available. Great videos BTW. Thank you for doing them.

              • Karl Luedemann
                Karl Luedemann  1 months back

                I'm also wondering if the results would change if purchases were made at different locations. Since zip ties weaken drastically when exposed to UV, maybe their age, or proximity to bright light could skew the results? I suspect the Harbor Freight brand would be fresher, as they likely sell a lot of zip ties, conversely, the expensive brand may have been on the shelf for a while? They age like rubber bands in UV light.

              • Karl Luedemann
                Karl Luedemann  1 months back

                I use Harbor Freight zip ties to hold the front bumper cover on my son's car. After a few months in New Mexico, they can easily be snapped between your fingers where they have been exposed to sunlight. They are black in color. It would be nice to know if there's a brand or color that really is more resistant to UV light?

              • Fart Knocker
                Fart Knocker  1 months back


                • Fart Knocker
                  Fart Knocker  1 months back

                  @Project Farm NO PROBLEM, YOUR SHIT ROCKS.

                • Project Farm
                  Project Farm   1 months back

                  Thank you for the video idea!

              • Weiwei Su
                Weiwei Su  1 months back

                Do a video about sockets and wrenches!

              • Andrew Timmins
                Andrew Timmins  1 months back

                Thanks for pointing me to this video.

                • Me Here
                  Me Here  2 months back

                  Thank you for specifying the minimum temp. Imagine trying to zip tie stuff together outdoors in a Manitoba winter!

                • djtongi
                  djtongi  2 months back

                  My friend: What did you do on Friday evening, during we all went out and had fun with girls?

                  Me: i watched a man destroying zip ties...

                  • Glock Head
                    Glock Head  2 months back

                    What brand and model scale is this. Where is it available.