Narrated D&D Story: How The Bard Discovered The True Cost Of Being Immortalized In Song (Conclusion)

  • Published: 14 January 2020
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Comments • 127

  • SieluLintu *
    SieluLintu *  2 weeks back

    Hey, OP here, I play the Dragonborn druid in this campaign.

    Once more, our group thanks the channel for hosting our most touching story, and for those wondering, there MAY BE a way to bring Yirbel back, but only if we defeat Strahd and escape Barovia - it will be a continuation for the campaign if we survive it! So the true conclusion will take some more months to be known, but if this post- campaign happens, I'll make a diary of it.

    As per customs, ask me any questions!

    • Plokman040
      Plokman040  2 weeks back

      The one thing I can think of is a Wish, nothing short of that or time altering (Which is not something Yirbel would want.) can restore a soul by my knowledge. But I will hope to hear your parties adventure should you succeed, Yirbel made a great choice for the better of good lives who deserve a good eternal peace. A Choice that I can think they see for even without a soul on that plane anymore she still lives, not in her song alone but in those she trusted.

    • robno101
      robno101  2 weeks back

      Judging from these clips/posts I can only say this: Massive props to the DM for what looks like a campaign with space for both the dramatic, battles, and personal moments!

    • The Siberian
      The Siberian  2 weeks back

      @SieluLintu * That is a very beautiful poem.

    • SieluLintu *
      SieluLintu *  2 weeks back

      @The Siberian Sure;
      The poem was meant not only to remember Yirbel, but to encourage all travellers on the road and strengthen their hearts, so they would not despair so easily when they arrived to the amber temple. It reflects how the Druid saw Yirbel, and some of the words she used to shout to encourage us when we mostly needed encouragement. I wrote it in portuguese which is our native language, but translated to english, it would read something like this:


      Not everything for you is already lost!
      Where there's strenght, there is still hope.
      Where there's courage, there is maybe a lingering light.
      Where there's a will, there is always a way.

      If you are now submerged in an ocean of darkness -
      Know that there's Glory in advancing through the dark;
      There is Valor in facing the impossible;
      There is Redemption in your resistance.

      In the Zenith of Evil, that lurks ahead in this road,
      Twice I sacrificed myself:
      For love and loyalty I gave up my own life,
      For righteousness and honor, my Eternal Spirit.

      I, Yirbel, did exist, and fought bravely,
      To instill boldness in your chests,
      To advise you with the words of the Bard,
      To excite with my blood the Harmony of the Spheres.

      I fought to the end, and so I conclude my final song:
      There are sacrifices deeper than death.
      Know this, and fear it no more,
      O blessed heroes who must embody the hope of the world."

    • Flynn Curtis
      Flynn Curtis  2 weeks back

      @The Siberian I'm pretty sure it's the one at the end of part 1. The link is in the description.

  • HugoLuman
    HugoLuman  6 days back

    I kinda gotta side with the animator here, was it really necessary to discourage people from getting art comissioned?

    • Worst Cat
      Worst Cat  1 weeks back

      Dragonlance setting, where my Sylvanesti wizard was determined to free the elven homeland from the curse of the Dragon Orb, that had swallowed the elven forests with nightmares, demons, cursed tangled brambles as thick as suspension bridge cables, and squalor. There were so many times through the campaign saga where the might of the elves and men, if unified, could reasonably stand against the dragonarmies, Lord Soth and undead, and Thakisis...but we could never get there...and always had to basically run from our own shadows in a land that was all but conquered to keep from being found out. One time the entire party had to split in separate directions, and lay low for a year of game time because the baddies almost got us...but we all knew to meet up at the quiet copse of trees we started our quest at. I'd just gotten use of the spell *polymorph* and saw that I could actually polymorph myself into anything I'd seen. I violated the laws of nature and used some of the dark magics I'd learned from our enemies (things I was supposed to destroy/ dispose of), and twisted the polymorph spell to work with *magic jar* and *permanancy* to shunt my essence into a completely different living being - an adult silver dragon - and then re-import my soul into it to make it permanent. The god of nature personally visited me in a dream and told me I would be punished for such blasphemy (and our DM was like...I'm not DMing your character as a silver dragon but I'll let you do what you need to do with it). I kept this hidden from all the other players and convinced them to go back to the impenetrable hedge of cursed forest that swallowed the entire elven homeland, even though they knew we couldn't get in, or survive the fight all the way to Silvanesti and the Chamber of Stars, itself. I told them all I would trade the thousand years I still had to live for one more day with them in fairer times, but my time had come to leave them. I also told them that they would find further help from the elves. Everyone was shocked and thought I was breaking the oath we'd made to each other at the start of our quest, but I turned into a silver dragon and launched into the sky, flying straight for the capital city. Our DM described it like flying over Vietnam in a C-130 and seeing all of the anti-aircraft sites coming alive at once to stop me, but I could easily out-range most attacks by simply flying higher, and shrug off sight based attacks with magic resistance. I was able to fly to the city, smash and claw my way up the stairs of the Chamber of Stars, bull-doze through the throne room doors, and wrap my talons around the Dragonorb that was still trapping the elven king, with that character's last words..."Teleport Without Error to the Elemental Plane of Fire," and use the raw potential of the fires that made the world to destroy the damn thing (and myself) forever.

      • laxus dragon
        laxus dragon  2 weeks back

        The portrait workshop is a really good idea... the problem is you have to donate money for the simple act of posting a comment, and they dont have the app for Samsungs, the device I use.

        • Mustache Merlin
          Mustache Merlin  2 weeks back

          TBH, I was expecting the anonymous God to be the dead bard, ascended from song and sacrifice. If I were DMing, I wouldn't have let the world be so unjust, and let a good deed stay a punishment.

          Idk how God's are supposed to work in D&D, but something Noragami style where they exist because people believe they do would make for a neat end. I'd say the song of her sacrifice would spread and inspire the people, who would begin praying to her. A mortal needs a body, she has none. A mortal needs a soul, she has none. But she still exists in the memory of the world, and a God needs nothing more. Missed opportunity to turn things around, imo.

          • Tristan Coble
            Tristan Coble  2 weeks back

            so wonderful

            • joshuacr
              joshuacr  2 weeks back

              Not to Metagame and I won't go over how the module handles things, but only divine intervention or a wish itself can restore a soulless (soul lost or destroyed) person, and then, we have the dark powers all watching what you do for anything divine (and possibly for such an arcane power level.) I hope one day then can find a way to return such a person, but if not, their sacrifice will be remembered in that monument forever as well as miraculously having a god break through to Barovia. May you escape to return Yirbel once more. praise be the Morninglord.

              • VincentXP
                VincentXP  2 weeks back

                Damn, just that background alone is intense, I love the story btw and thank you for more awesome content 😶 I love listening to these stories

                • Frank Phillips
                  Frank Phillips  2 weeks back

                  Jesus Christ. You're schilling at the beginning and end of your videos now? Unsubscribed. I don't feel like sitting through 3 minutes of advertisements for 6 minutes of content.

                  • Alex Whitney
                    Alex Whitney  2 weeks back

                    They got bills too. Dont judge

                  • joshuacr
                    joshuacr  2 weeks back

                    You can always choose to go to the infinite number of other YouTube broadcasters. Respectively, if your criticism is not constructive and solution-included, it is not wanted by me and I suspect many others.

                • AzureinkVI
                  AzureinkVI  2 weeks back

                  "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher..."

                  • WolfsUnleashed
                    WolfsUnleashed  2 weeks back

                    I just had the biggest SIGH at the "or take notes"...

                    • Void Jockey
                      Void Jockey  2 weeks back

                      I am wondering if there are any tales involving High Magic that you would cover at some point.

                      • Geralt Grey-Mane
                        Geralt Grey-Mane  2 weeks back

                        When will we get more Astoshan!!! :) i would want a damn full book about him haha!

                        • wesleythomasm
                          wesleythomasm  2 weeks back

                          Hmmm, I wonder if you're allowed to use it in other things...

                          • Oh Hello
                            Oh Hello  2 weeks back

                            I hear Sonic talking about DnD.


                            • Byron Smothers
                              Byron Smothers  2 weeks back

                              For further reference, yuan-ti is pronounced as yawn

                              • D3TH_IS_Y0U NATI0N
                                D3TH_IS_Y0U NATI0N  2 weeks back

                                music in the background was a little distracting this time

                                • drunden
                                  drunden  1 weeks back

                                  Yeah, the story is supposed to be emotional and the editor puts something straight out of a commercial on loop

                              • jake baczik
                                jake baczik  2 weeks back

                                Back in the days of 3.5 I was playing a human paladin, who was a zealot of cuthbertson. As well as his cohort. We came across a impoverished city ruled over by a mad entity believing him self a God king. I began laying hands a d during ailments of the people, unknowingly drawing his attention as I spread the faith a d teachings of cuthbert. He showed up and I stood before him with my cleric cohort, while my group stayed back on my command to protect the innocent. Words were exchanged and the fight broke out on my last sentence of something about making this god bleed. I lost the fight, but hit him with a crit called shot to the head with a smite crushing half of his face as my last attack calling upon the blessed name of Cuthbert the cudgel. My death was not in vain though, leading the people to lose the fear he had instilled and find faith in a god whose servant died for them the first day he met them. As well as my group leading the uprising that end his reign of terror

                                • Dragon Elixion
                                  Dragon Elixion  2 weeks back

                                  Hey, just wanted to check - to submit a funny story that I'd love to see on this channel, do I message the channel or post here or what??

                                  • Duncan Eigg
                                    Duncan Eigg  2 weeks back

                                    Yes, I have a character who saved a city at the expense of her own life. It’s a heck of a tale and I’d love to see it told here, but that probably won’t happen.

                                    • Psycho Nightmare
                                      Psycho Nightmare  2 weeks back

                                      I love it nya

                                      • DORIAN Robinette
                                        DORIAN Robinette  2 weeks back

                                        Bringing her back somehow would not undermine the sacrifice in the slightest. She still gave up her very existence. Its the thought that counts.

                                        • awkward potato
                                          awkward potato  2 weeks back

                                          The thumbnail is super metal

                                          • Surjith Murali
                                            Surjith Murali  2 weeks back

                                            I cant reach the website, I hope someone can help me

                                            • Trinston Michaels
                                              Trinston Michaels  2 weeks back

                                              Trinston was here

                                              • Chris Jimenez
                                                Chris Jimenez  2 weeks back

                                                Buckle up, this is gonna be one hell of a ride.
                                                As for a "Heroic Moment" I have one that's worth note (I believe).
                                                My friends and I were playing a more "adult oriented" game of D&D where literally anything is allowed (as long as it followed the game mechanics), everything from being good and pure - evil and corrupt.
                                                All actions were allowed as well, I assume y'all understand what I'm saying.
                                                To start, my character was a Succubus who wasn't inherently evil but did some questionable things in order to achieve her goals.
                                                One thing from here backstory was that she has already died when she was human was doomed to hell for how she loved her mortal life (she was a prostitute, but one that used sex as a way of controlling people).
                                                After being resurrected as a Succubus she decided to to not be as immoral as she was in her past life however the price of being resurrected was that if she were to die her soul still being bound to hell would return where she would be brutally raped for all eternity.
                                                It was a pretty complex backstory that to my surprise the DM approved of (he said it have him some great story ideas) either way fast forward 13 levels and my character ended up dying during a boss fight with a Paladin because he "sensed my vile soul" and at the time he was supposed to be a late game ally (around level 18) that due to bad timing on the parties decisions as well as bad luck rolls on my character the late game ally got turned into an enemy.
                                                Due to the agreement with the DM my character had no death saves and as soon as I fell in battle the fight was interrupted by a summoning circle that formed underneath my character upon death where she was forcefully drawn to hell by tentacles (my DM's little idea of sauciness since she was what she was).
                                                Afterwards the Paladin yielded for he "Had saved the party and vanquished the demon controlling/deceiving the party" however to the Paladin's surprise while he let his guard down the entire party attacked all at once.
                                                The DM gave them a roll chance to pretty much instakill the Paladin since he completely let his guard down (I think it was they had to roll an 85 or higher and out of the five players who were left that means a D20 for each, they ended up rolling an 87).
                                                The party mourns and I reroll a character at current lvl so I'm not excluded.
                                                Fast forward to end game (about lvl 17 if I remember correctly) where before the game started my DM asked if I kept my old character sheet and if I was able/willing to play two characters without giving me details, I said yeah (excitedly because I knew that in one way my character who I put so much thought into the backstory of was coming back).
                                                About two hours into the session we came to this major city where we knew nothing of it, just a place to rest and barter we thought.
                                                Well we stayed the night at a what I would call a "fancy inn" not quite what really rich people would stay in but too much for common folk to afford.
                                                Well as the party was getting ready to sleep for the night we noticed how the inn was super quiet and quite empty for the inn's prestige (in chirped the DM for a perception roll a really high one too) luckily my new character was keen to a more dexterous playstyle and I was able to hit the roll.
                                                Turns out the city we were in was a highly religious city and it was the central hub to all Paladin related issues and guess who was wanted by them for killing one of their "generals".
                                                Well I happened to notice they were getting ready to burn the inn down with us in it while the rest of the party just noticed the large force out the window.
                                                I shout to the party (in game and IRL, we role played seriously especially during climatic moments like this) and we managed to flee the inn before it went up in flames (like they just bombed it).
                                                When outside we were totally surrounded and of course "initiative roll" it was a party of six against hunadreds of Paladins, we pretty much knew it was party wipe time but we weren't going out without doing some damage.
                                                This fight was going on for about an hour when the DM interrupted the fight with Lucifer himself forcing his way past the "pathetically weak barrier" (in his words) to destroy this extremely important city Paladin city (just to note, this was not the campaign story but a split off event that developed into this dynamic scenario).
                                                Now here's where my controlling two characters came in because who was summoned to fight as his general but my own character.
                                                Which is where he told me personally that my character would be freed of her torture if and only if I personally ended the lives of my former comrades which no one knew of except my
                                                Succubus character. Due to plot devices she agreed but, I was also given a plot device deal to save my former comrades if I was lucky enough to do so by rolling a nat 20 while trying to resist attacking my former comrades (my new character was fair game though) however I had to roll the nat 20 for each former comrade where I would then refuse to attack them and once I succeeded on all five rolls it would be a complete act of defiance.
                                                Well quite a few turns later I managed to roll my last nat 20 and started to defy Lucifer where my DM told me to choose one attack to hit as a surprise on Lucifer (to fit the theme I chose "Hellish Rebuke") which due to plot armor I did max dmg but it seemed to do nothing but get Lucifer's attention.
                                                He was furious that I was defying him yet respectful that I showed such will to defy him, so he offered me a deal that he would ignore my former comrades (and my new character because he didn't want me dying again, which yes it was meta gaming but I wasn't arguing) if I willingly sacrificed my freedom to save them, which I did.
                                                Now, I thought it was done and the DM would take my old character out of the game (which he did but...) however, he instead made her an NPC and very dramatically explained how that even if she didn't sacrifice her freedom it was forfeit the moment she defied him (which was when I first decided to resist attacking, even though I also failed that first roll) giving to the notion he knew all along however he again respected my attitude and held to his end of the bargain.
                                                However the party still had the remainder of the Paladins to deal with (though much easier since they were being attacked by demons as well) which was made worse by the DM saying that my old character's torture resumes right now as he vividly describes how all kinds of demons surround her to rape her.
                                                This made the party have a permanent check to see if they could continue fighting or get so shocked that they couldn't act that turn which made the fighting that much harder (he said it have to the drama to make this scene happen and have it affect gameplay, which it did).
                                                Fast forward and the fight is over, the city is in flames and rubble and every last Paladin is dead, the party turns on Lucifer to free my old character to which he smugly glares and laughs exclaiming that we didn't have the power to stop him, let alone save her.
                                                Which we all knew. Lucifer then tears open a crack to hell with his last comment being "Respect her sacrifice for it could have been very easily all the party in the same situation if it weren't for her!"
                                                Our last view was of course another vivid telling of how they saw my old character trying to claw her way out of the demon's grasp while continually being violated before she was swallowed up by the tear and it disappeared.
                                                Not a very happy sacrifice moment but, it was a very climactic and dramatic moment in all of our D&D experience that none of us has forgotten due to the shear story telling and explicit detail.
                                                But it was the closest I had to a "heroic moment" from one of the games I participated in.

                                                • Flynn Curtis
                                                  Flynn Curtis  2 weeks back

                                                  That's some great animation on this video.

                                                  • james brost
                                                    james brost  2 weeks back

                                                    Can anyone tell me a website i can use to find a dnd group? I don't know a thing about actually playing, cause i don't know anyone that plays...

                                                    • Samuraiedge II
                                                      Samuraiedge II  2 weeks back

                                                      DnD Beyond. Very handy in finding groups and making character sheets.

                                                  • Chris Shorten
                                                    Chris Shorten  2 weeks back

                                                    The most glorious feat I seem to ever accomplish is single-handedly, and far too frequently, "kill" our wizard's badger familiar, Honey, with my spells (first it was Fireball, then it was Thunder Wave, and most recently, Ice Knife).

                                                    • X X
                                                      X X  2 weeks back

                                                      How much spiritual might would 600 souls have condensed into one being, united in their desire to see justice done to those who treat souls like yards of cloth, inspired by the most selfless hero the multiverse will never know?

                                                      • Pan Freeccs
                                                        Pan Freeccs  2 weeks back

                                                        I wouldn't say heroic, but My warlock turned mad scientist/dr. frankenstein, is working on something of great benefit to the party, and himself (Worlds Domination)

                                                        • Lazy Cacao
                                                          Lazy Cacao  2 weeks back

                                                          Allen Scott

                                                          • Arckaeus
                                                            Arckaeus  2 weeks back

                                                            Was the final concjous member of an 8 person party. We all got knocked, and in an effort to save the party and his friends. My Paladin made a deal with a devil. His life to save his party. Now? Even in death my Paladin protects the party from afar.

                                                            • Adam Strub
                                                              Adam Strub  2 weeks back

                                                              I don't get the "cost"

                                                              • Brian Goulet
                                                                Brian Goulet  2 weeks back

                                                                It's because it's referencing the prequel to this video. It's the same DnD group, so they just did a part 2 to the original story.

                                                            • Austin Axley
                                                              Austin Axley  2 weeks back

                                                              Saved to watch after work , these stories really get me in the mood to work on my campaign 😁

                                                              • Heavenlyhounds96
                                                                Heavenlyhounds96  2 weeks back

                                                                Its not the happy "ending" they wanted, but its certainly one they needed

                                                                • joshuacr
                                                                  joshuacr  2 weeks back

                                                                  It is the ending they deserved

                                                              • Filomilo
                                                                Filomilo  2 weeks back

                                                                Why you don't have option to translate videos?

                                                                • Sycho- Tech
                                                                  Sycho- Tech  2 weeks back

                                                                  As a player I say Yes, as a DM I say no. I mentioned before that I like to DM for new players, a part of the reason for that is that regardless of group size I get to use a DM-C, although admittedly I also always use the same one, he just works so perfectly for what is needed. Krive, a naturally OP dragonborn spellsword Agro-defender, I made him for the last game I was a Player, at lv1 his AC >20 and no ability is >13(with most <16) and he’s All Natural, 3 years and Ive never changed A Dam thing. Sorry off track, hes just so badass.

                                                                  I use him to aid the noobs mostly to keep them from TPKing, and to teach by Example and all that. His personality is perfectly balanced for keeping out of most conversations but also adding important information wean its needed, or objecting to a bad plan. He’s perfect for honing noobs RP skills like a wet stone, witch is why I always use him. But he doesn’t get to stick around for the whole campaign though, soon as the noobs get the hang of the game and start doing the right things on their own, he sadly winds up dead one way or another. But don’t worry I make sure he goes out like a BOSS every time. I could fill a really awesome book with all the ways he’s died like a badass.

                                                                  My favorite was a year or so ago, the party pissed off a red dragon, Krive got k.o.’ed before initiative but the party was dominating hard even without him, wean he came two the dragon realized he was Screwed and decided to try and bounce out while he still had his life, but he wouldn’t go alone and snatched up one of the party members for a snack on the way. Krive was having none of that, you don’t get to drop a cave on a guys head and run like that, not with his annoyingly self proclaimed “best friend” tangled up in your claws. The dragon got magic bombed in the back right after launching off the cliff, Krive use its sudden drop in altitude to jump onto its back, using his sword like a climbing hook to keep from getting thrown. Well long story short, they wound up near a volcano a ways up the mountain range, Krive got him to drop his buddy (who was saved by an old tree... and a couple Kobalds who wear happy to break his fall). Fortunately one of the players was using magic scrying to watch what happens. So I describe as the dragons wing is severe and both fall into the volcano. A short skirmish Ensues in the mouth of the dormant Volcano, with lots of fire breath from both sides, the activity waking it up. They fought till their was no ground (or I guess large sheets of igneous rock) left to stand on.
                                                                  Krive managed to get back onto its back befor the last chunk melted away, using his semi-melted blade to cut and stab at its back and neck as it thrashed and writhe, almost trying to swim in the massive pool of lava, or at least trying to avoid sinking further in, to no avail. Krive managed to finally slit the beasts throat, more for mercy then revenge. Leaving him alone, in the middle of a lake of Mullen fire, a good 100ft from the edge. Tired, injured, out of potions, their was little he could to besides wait for his dragon corpus floaty to sink or melt. He buddy, the guy the dragon grabbed, had made his way up the mountain, and stood at the edge, racking his brain on a way to save his friend. They all wear, but no one able to do anything was close enough.
                                                                  Krive knew what was going to happen. He knew he wasn’t going to make it out alive. So with the last of his strength, he lobs his sword ‘Foe Cutter’ over to his friend. A bastard sword Forged by a PC-member of the party, and powerfully enchanted by another PC-member, it was gifted to him as a thank you to Krive and myself. They watch as the blade slices through the air like a javelin, diving nearly a full foot into the stone at his friends feet, wean they turn to look at krive, he is gone.

                                                                  We had only been playing for a few hours that day but the group voted to end the session for the day after that.

                                                                  • Sycho- Tech
                                                                    Sycho- Tech  2 weeks back

                                                                    @Legohaiden no-one would've saw it. and think about it, you want your friends to watch as you are slowly burned to death/melted. that a whole new level of traumatic. everyone know what happened, but nobody saw it, it add a little mystery and a spark of hope that somehow he survived/ escaped. he didn't but you get the idea.

                                                                  • Legohaiden
                                                                    Legohaiden  2 weeks back

                                                                    awww comeon… he had the perfect opportunity to do the "T2" Thumbs up while decending into molten lava!

                                                                • KirasDarkLight
                                                                  KirasDarkLight  2 weeks back

                                                                  Really enjoyed the end to the story. ^_^

                                                                  Though as a side note, a proper commission from an artist should be expensive. Art is a luxury and those who provide that service needs to live too.

                                                                  • KirasDarkLight
                                                                    KirasDarkLight  2 weeks back

                                                                    @Lusewing I just discovered Hero Forge yesterday, gotta agree it's awesome! Even though I can draw my own characters having something like that to play with can be super fun.

                                                                  • KirasDarkLight
                                                                    KirasDarkLight  2 weeks back

                                                                    @Justin Carson oh yeah definitely agree to that. Sorry, just meant that art should be properly priced not that there shouldn't be alternatives. As an artist I hear so many people complain about art prices that's all. X'D

                                                                  • Justin Carson
                                                                    Justin Carson  2 weeks back

                                                                    Sure, but that doesn't mean an alternative for those who should not be spending that money shouldn't exist.

                                                                  • Lusewing
                                                                    Lusewing  2 weeks back

                                                                    Fully agree, just got a commission done for my newest character and I was very happy with the results.
                                                                    The portrait app on the other hand looks amazing to play around with and find what works - I do the same with the hero forge models.

                                                                • Patrick Dees
                                                                  Patrick Dees  2 weeks back

                                                                  I think bring yirbel back would've undermined her sacrifice. As harsh as it may seem.

                                                                  • Patrick Dees
                                                                    Patrick Dees  2 weeks back

                                                                    @Daras Thrae true. It all depends on her last will. There honestly no real answer to it.

                                                                  • Daras Thrae
                                                                    Daras Thrae  2 weeks back

                                                                    It would only undermine her sacrifice if they had to recapture the 600 souls to do it, or something else equally evil. If you have a chance to bring back someone that sacrificed their soul to save people without re-dooming those people, and you just go "Nah, it wouldn't be as cool of a life story".... I don't even have the words to describe how f'd up that would be.

                                                                • 0mega Zer0
                                                                  0mega Zer0  2 weeks back

                                                                  Or if you have modded Skyrim you can make your characters there and take screen shot for your characters ^_~ you're welcome!

                                                                  • Russell Jacob
                                                                    Russell Jacob  2 weeks back

                                                                    Let us give this DM and Players a round of applause!!!!

                                                                    • joshuacr
                                                                      joshuacr  2 weeks back

                                                                      To quote a certain contemporary Bard: Applause applause Applause!

                                                                  • Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane

                                                                    The music in the background was an interesting choice..

                                                                    • The Black Baron
                                                                      The Black Baron  2 weeks back

                                                                      Yup, I didn't even hear it properly, I had to turn the volume up all the way.

                                                                  • Dusk Wolf
                                                                    Dusk Wolf  2 weeks back

                                                                    Id call that a happy ending to making a sacrifice worth while.

                                                                    • Gabriel White
                                                                      Gabriel White  2 weeks back

                                                                      "Weeping bloody tears."

                                                                      Me: wait a minute, is that a....



                                                                      • Brianna Carringer
                                                                        Brianna Carringer  2 weeks back

                                                                        I feel for the animator, thought tbh though id say im good at drawing, I low key suck at drawing and designing characters for dnd campaigns.

                                                                        • Domyras
                                                                          Domyras  2 weeks back

                                                                          Sh*t not gonna lie, thaz a pretty neat service you're advertising for.

                                                                          • Benjamin Bjärnhag
                                                                            Benjamin Bjärnhag  2 weeks back

                                                                            Wow. That sponsorship reading was... absolutely horrible.

                                                                            Not to be mean, I continue to love the work you guys do. But the way the narrator is reading is becoming very robotic and disingenuous. It sounds too "trained" and unnatural, which makes the sales pitch at the end sound impersonal and formulaic.

                                                                            I know you put in a lot of hard work on this. But as a viewer it's starting to appear as if the narrator is just going through the motions and relying on the "salesman voice" too much.