Top 5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2019 | Best Door Lock Reviews

  • Published: 28 October 2017
  • If you want increased ease of access and home security, a smart door lock might be the gadget you need. ... 5 latest deadbolt allows users to unlock their doors with the tap of a finger on the lock itself with electronic or bio-metric way.
    Top 5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2018 | Best Door Lock Reviews

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    Nuki Smart Lock - smart bluetooth door lock

    The smart lock from Nuki automatically unlocks your door when you get home and closes safely when you leave. Your smartphone simply remains in your pocket. ,

    Friday - WiFi Electronic Smart Door Lock -

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity Easily and automatically synchronize the lock to your smartphone or tablet, so you don't have to worry about fumbling for your keys while your hands are full on the way in or out the door.

    BLUEGUARD-E smart lock

    The BLUEGUARD-E smart lock attaches easily to any door and connects via Bluetooth and a mobile app to a user's smartphone. ,

    Teodoor - Smart Lock

    With Teodoor, your smartphone becomes your new door key. It installs easily on the inside of your existing lock on a wide variety of doors, providing you with a complete, personal smart lock experience – in truly hands-free fashion. ,

    Monkey. The smart key - Now Nello -
    Upgrade your existing intercom to get hands-free access to your building, enjoy unattended deliveries or go completely keyless in combination with any smart lock.
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Comments • 66

  • Ray W
    Ray W  1 weeks back

    teodoor is a kick starter not for purchase

    • kader gumus
      kader gumus  2 months back

      This video smells like a lawsuit is coming.

      • Point Blaster
        Point Blaster  4 months back

        I’m smart
        I’m reliable
        I’m safe
        And I’m expensive as hell

        • Builder
          Builder  8 months back

          smartphone, internet and IOT and wireless connection are the worst keepers imaginable for your home or office....
          If you're going to use an electronic lock, do not connect it to anything, unless its locally by cat5 cable.
          Unless you like anybody walking into your house at will.

          If a smartphone is an integral part of a lock / security system, avoid it like the plague.

          • Reymando Salamero
            Reymando Salamero  8 months back

            Ten best washing machine

            • Ocie Baird
              Ocie Baird  10 months back

              I haven't found what the cost is.

              • Johnny Li
                Johnny Li  10 months back

                from 2017...wdf

                • Daven Jee
                  Daven Jee  11 months back

                  If someone really want to break into your house, nothing you can not stop him,

                  • Vinny
                    Vinny  11 months back

                    Do these deadbolt type locks only work on wooden doors as most doors theses days are PVC or Composite ?????

                  • AKA Jin
                    AKA Jin  11 months back

                    what if power outages and someone stole the phone?

                    • ZedIOptima
                      ZedIOptima   11 months back

                      Smart door locks are now improving their features

                  • Arm cylo
                    Arm cylo  12 months back

                    *In the car* Did you lock the door? Go check it. Omg u let it unlocked! Go lock the door now. It keep unlocking whenever im approaching the door. And this last forever.

                    • Mashfiq Alam
                      Mashfiq Alam  1 years back

                      Wireless technology is not safe at all if everything is connected together at one place via one network it can bring billions of radiation at once I prefer staying in the old style a card key or by using keys old style was the safest the future is not safe at all thinking about all the diseases which will c ok me in side my house omg. The first thing which scares me is cancer its surely gonna come so I prefer not making my home smart I dont wanna die by the use of technology my phone,& PC is more than enough

                      • T B
                        T B  12 months back

                        Then go die in your own cave.

                    • Kenny Linda
                      Kenny Linda  1 years back

                      Awesome. We have always used Molilock's smart home locks, especially the fingerprint door lock. That works well in improving the security.

                      • Jimmy Nakasone
                        Jimmy Nakasone  1 years back

                        It would be great if these smartlocks had the same feature along with a keypad so that you could punch a code in if you get locked outside without your cell phone. Looking into getting one for all our doors.

                        • Laurent Chervet
                          Laurent Chervet  1 years back

                          Teodoor is never gonna deliver Kickstarters....

                        • Vishalrohit chanyal
                          Vishalrohit chanyal  1 years back


                          • Sebastian Colón
                            Sebastian Colón  1 years back

                            *Knock *knock ...oh look, I think my friend arri...aaaaagggg ...RAPE! RAPEEE!

                            • OptimisticPessimist
                              OptimisticPessimist  1 years back

                              I might consider a smart lock, but then hope I don't piss off a black hat hacker. They might wirelessly hack the phone. That can be done via BT even when you think you have it turned off.

                              • ZedIOptima
                                ZedIOptima   1 years back

                                Smart door lock is made for better security than normal lock

                            • OptimisticPessimist
                              OptimisticPessimist  1 years back

                              Why should I trust security advice from someone who has huge ground floor windows without high security bars?

                              • Pablo Neruda
                                Pablo Neruda  1 years back

                                Hope the lockers are betters than the ads and actors ....

                                • James Reese
                                  James Reese  1 years back

                                  Is it hack proof?

                                  • John Bob
                                    John Bob  1 years back

                                    A lock isn't very 'smart' if it needs something to open it....the ultimate smart lock opens upon recognition of face....I seen someone with one...pretty cool.

                                    • OptimisticPessimist
                                      OptimisticPessimist  1 years back

                                      Every one I've heard of built into a computer can be fooled by a printout of the owner's face.

                                  • Coco Wang
                                    Coco Wang  1 years back

                                    Great content! I recently bought a smart door lock by MOLILOCK. Quite good, they also produce various door lock, like fingerprint door lock and wifi door lock.

                                    • tcin3399
                                      tcin3399  11 months back


                                    • ZedIOptima
                                      ZedIOptima   1 years back

                                      Thanks, these are smart automatic keyless futuristic doorlock

                                  • William
                                    William  1 years back

                                    Was that a Watchdogs intro?

                                  • Shai Long
                                    Shai Long  1 years back

                                    THIS IS NOT A REVIEW!!!

                                    • kader gumus
                                      kader gumus  2 months back

                                      This channel hearted you for some reason. 🤔

                                  • MrDvikk
                                    MrDvikk  2 years back

                                    5 stupidity looks

                                  • pokopi83ko
                                    pokopi83ko  2 years back

                                    at a general electricity fail...whats happening ?...all locked ?

                                    • selvedre
                                      selvedre  5 months back

                                      actually this is a good question. For example if there is a fire and you need to run away asap. Jokes about living in a space station wouldnt be funny. And I dont have smart lock, though I was interested in having one. So the answer is - there are two types - fail secure keeps doors locked, you can open them manualy and the design allows (usually it does), the other type is fail safe, where in power cut situation doors unlocks (probably more usefull in hotels, etc).

                                    • DeamBeam
                                      DeamBeam  6 months back

                                      The nuki one is battery powered. You need to change them every 6 months. The App gives you a warn, if the battery is low.

                                    • T
                                      T  2 years back

                                      pokopi83ko I know this is a month late, but if it's any help. Some smart locks (such as the nest one I believe) have a backup power supply for at least 12 hours

                                    • pokopi83ko
                                      pokopi83ko  2 years back

                                      we live in 2018 and our elecricity is still generated mostly from coal -oil ...where do you live ? in a space station ?

                                    • N I
                                      N I  2 years back

                                      pokopi83ko u ever had an electricity fail ? We live in 2018 man

                                  • Gregory Burnett
                                    Gregory Burnett  2 years back

                                    Awesome and fantastic? and realy cool video
                                    made by you ever first time i seen
                                    something new and something different video
                                    from others. Thank you soooo much dear.

                                    • C rus
                                      C rus  2 years back

                                      Until the power is out ... and blizzard outside ..:)

                                      • Tommy Tran
                                        Tommy Tran  1 years back

                                        Install a back up generator at your house. Lol

                                      • OptimisticPessimist
                                        OptimisticPessimist  1 years back

                                        At least some are battery powered. You have to periodically check them to make sure they never run too low while you're out.

                                      • Curtis Densmore
                                        Curtis Densmore  2 years back

                                        C rus Use a key...

                                    • T 25
                                      T 25  2 years back

                                      Fucking weird video

                                      • Cheefus Smith
                                        Cheefus Smith  2 years back

                                        half this shit isn't even available. how is this the "5 best smart locks for your home 2018"?

                                        • Anneke de Bruyn
                                          Anneke de Bruyn  3 months back

                                          Hell, some arent even real products but mockups.

                                        • sjd97
                                          sjd97  11 months back

                                          Now it is titled as "Top 5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2019". Just great...

                                      • WICKEDLEE LOOPY
                                        WICKEDLEE LOOPY  2 years back

                                        When your phone battery goes flat , then you look completely stupid.....genius !

                                        • pokopi83ko
                                          pokopi83ko  2 years back

                                          If you use a normal key at these situations - it means they have the same safety like the other doors.

                                      • Kit Kennedy
                                        Kit Kennedy  2 years back

                                        and if you dont have your phone on you

                                        • OptimisticPessimist
                                          OptimisticPessimist  1 years back

                                          The only biometric reader I "might" trust is a high resolution retina scanner. That's a lot harder to get a copy of. Fingerprint and face scanners are not that hard to fool. Just a few years ago someone photographed the hands of an official in Germany while passing behind her and used that to fool a fingerprint scanner. Not directly, there were other steps that followed.

                                        • Joseph Miller
                                          Joseph Miller  2 years back

                                          Cheefus Smith ;)

                                        • Cheefus Smith
                                          Cheefus Smith  2 years back

                                          Joseph Miller oh snap!

                                        • Joseph Miller
                                          Joseph Miller  2 years back

                                          Kit Kennedy what is it 1999? Try your pager on your smart lock. Why wouldn't you have your phone.

                                        • Quinn Savio
                                          Quinn Savio  2 years back

                                          Kit Ken

                                      • ZedIOptima
                                        ZedIOptima   2 years back

                                        5 Smart Door Lock and keyless front door lock for home security and smart your daily life.