PART ONE: Arica Himmel on “Mixed-ish” and More!

  • Published: 11 January 2020
  • Real fam, is there a show you would love to see get a spin-off?
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  • Chris Fisher
    Chris Fisher  5 days back

    She could easily pass as Tia and Tamera's little sister, she resembles Tia quite a bit.

    • de Tieves
      de Tieves  1 weeks back

      All these bitches look amazinggggg

      • 'Ammarah May
        'Ammarah May  1 weeks back

        Omg such a beautiful and very intelligent little girl. Love love love her hair. Beautiful

        • ChillinInTheUniverse
          ChillinInTheUniverse  1 weeks back

          1:49 ”Godsister”? Is that a thing? I’ve never heard that before, but I’m assuming it’s her godmother’s daughter?

        • Mireille M
          Mireille M  2 weeks back

          She's so sweet and gorgeous!

          • Lola N
            Lola N  2 weeks back

            I love that she looks 14!!! 💋💋💜💜

            • Persia Meshelle
              Persia Meshelle  2 weeks back

              Beautiful and mature!!

              • Joy
                Joy  2 weeks back

                She’s the cutest !!!

                • Champagne Gold
                  Champagne Gold  2 weeks back

                  That girl is awesome she rocks!

                  • Rae of sunshine 🌻
                    Rae of sunshine 🌻  2 weeks back

                    She talks so scripted lol

                    • King Clay
                      King Clay  2 weeks back

                      Yeh doesn’t come across genuine

                    • Deb R.H.
                      Deb R.H.  2 weeks back

                      Or she just knows how to answer a question.

                    • N.W.A.
                      N.W.A.  2 weeks back

                      She's a kid. Do you think they're really asking her questions she's not prepared for?

                  • Kurly Girl Kraftz
                    Kurly Girl Kraftz  2 weeks back

                    She’s great on that show and the little girl that plays her sister keeps me laughing also. 😀

                    • Go Yolie!
                      Go Yolie!  2 weeks back

                      She’s adorable!!!!☺️

                      • Ryah Glaspie
                        Ryah Glaspie  2 weeks back

                        What did Jeannie say to her because she spoke to Amanda about it first! What did she say???

                        • erica simone
                          erica simone  2 weeks back

                          She said that she’s as tall as Andrienne lmaoo well really she’s taller because A has on heels

                        • J Saho
                          J Saho  2 weeks back

                          Ryah Glaspie it. Was about her outfit, she loved it

                      • Charles
                        Charles  2 weeks back

                        How cute is she

                        • MsFears
                          MsFears  2 weeks back

                          Those “-Ish” young women are all so dope!

                          • Davon Chill2akory
                            Davon Chill2akory  2 weeks back

                            They show are. From Ruby, Bow, Zoe, Diane, Jazz, Sky, Ana, Nomi, Young Bow, Young Monica, Young Alicia, and Aunt Denise.

                          • Mel Mortazavi
                            Mel Mortazavi  2 weeks back

                            Lol. "Ish young women"'re so cute!☺

                          • Aubrey Bree Bree
                            Aubrey Bree Bree  2 weeks back

                            Go Yolie! We do lol

                          • Go Yolie!
                            Go Yolie!  2 weeks back

                            They’re the “ish”. See what I did there?

                        • jeralin banyon
                          jeralin banyon  2 weeks back

                          She’s very pretty and intelligent!

                          • Hardcore Empath
                            Hardcore Empath  2 weeks back

                            Her outfit!!!!!!

                            She's so beautiful 💞💞💞

                            • mssmtaylor1
                              mssmtaylor1  2 weeks back

                              She is such a beautiful girl!! Love the show Mixedish.

                              • Dana Stirling
                                Dana Stirling  2 weeks back

                                She's so cute!

                                • keishakaboom
                                  keishakaboom  2 weeks back

                                  I said that to myself aloud and scrolled past this comment as I said it😂💕

                              • BritBrit Nicole
                                BritBrit Nicole  2 weeks back

                                She’s beautiful

                                • Subs Sanè
                                  Subs Sanè  2 weeks back

                                  She’s so beautiful 🤗