Elephant Eyes Listening Session - LA

  • Published: 21 July 2015
  • Elephant Eyes Available 7.21.15... Maybe?

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  • armando magdaleno
    armando magdaleno  2 years back

    Independent Goals

    • Sam Pinedo
      Sam Pinedo  3 years back

      LETTY <3

      • Gabriel Peters
        Gabriel Peters  3 years back

        "Sincerely, Riel"

        • Kenyatta Chandler
          Kenyatta Chandler  4 years back

          this nigga said Sandra and malaya

          • BKM BW
            BKM BW  4 years back

            love dreamville team.

            • MommamiaTV215
              MommamiaTV215  4 years back

              Cozz ain't put omen on his album. So there you go. If we are label mates and we call each other family and you wanna put out features with the Fam its ignorant to exclude someone from the project. I see why Omen ain't put him on the album. Tic4Tac bitch!

              • Justin Jimeno
                Justin Jimeno  4 years back

                Cozz had already almost finished his project before even signing with Cole. Calm down, lol.

            • Brent vv
              Brent vv  4 years back

              where can you get that Dreamville cap with the ''D'' on it?

              • Xcube 500
                Xcube 500  4 years back

                Dreamville shop open now. You can get it from there but shit cost $40.

              • Drknight1212
                Drknight1212  4 years back

                I got mine at the Forest Hills Drive Tour but idk where else you can get them at.

            • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
              Zlatan Ibrahimovic  4 years back

              where can i get the black shirt at 0:57 ? does somebody know

            • Justin Jimeno
              Justin Jimeno  4 years back

              I actually wanted to know why Cozz wasn't on the project. 😂😭

              • Teko Lewis
                Teko Lewis  4 years back

                So did it come out? Bc it's definitely August

                • Malik
                  Malik  4 years back

                  how you gon wear a T.D.E shirt to a Dreamville listening session

                • 916alldai1
                  916alldai1  4 years back

                  Did anyone catch what cozz was saying?? I couldn't make out the first half

                  • beni demakoso
                    beni demakoso  4 years back

                    "Bro I seen you had Cole on the project, you had Bas on the project... I was just wondering why you ain't have Cozz on the project"

                • bonita bart
                  bonita bart  4 years back


                  • Janis Todlebens
                    Janis Todlebens  4 years back

                    2 People were late for the session
                    probably obama and michelle

                    • Rare
                      Rare  4 years back

                      😂funny how Cozz said that I was wondering the same thing. But the albums dope everyone go kop that shit!

                      • thomas promise
                        thomas promise  4 years back

                        Really want a physical copy.

                        • Luis Garcia
                          Luis Garcia  4 years back

                          Can't wait to cop

                          • Kalen Jones
                            Kalen Jones  4 years back

                            He Caught My Attention When He Did That Feature On That J.Cole Enchanted Song...Been Waiting On His Debut For Some Time Now Plus We From The Same Warzone:Chicago....Shoutouts To DreamVille

                          • Michelle’s Dead
                            Michelle’s Dead  4 years back

                            TOMORROW 😩

                            • LIL PEPSIE
                              LIL PEPSIE  4 years back

                              Lmfao 😂😂😂😂the first track is motion picture

                              • MsMusicdancelover
                                MsMusicdancelover  4 years back

                                "but no one can tell my story" Thats literally what its al about.! I'm excited to hear whats to come!

                                • Black Excellence Productions

                                  I could put super impressive bars out right now. And someone next week can do the same thing. It's just a never ending competition. But no one can tell my story. - Omen

                                • NikesBruh
                                  NikesBruh  4 years back

                                  J.Cole - "Elephant Ears" 😂😂😂

                                  • Pujan B.
                                    Pujan B.  4 years back

                                    Anyone know the price? Im waiting for it at midnight

                                    • LIL PEPSIE
                                      LIL PEPSIE  4 years back

                                      It's on I tunes https://itun.es/us/wFY08

                                  • Anthony Lopez
                                    Anthony Lopez  4 years back

                                    No more maybes!!!!!

                                    • Keith
                                      Keith  4 years back

                                      I hope the song played in this video is in the album!

                                      • Chuck Jay
                                        Chuck Jay  4 years back

                                        Lmfao Obama Was Trying To Come

                                        • Oscar Ponce
                                          Oscar Ponce  4 years back


                                          • jz's son
                                            jz's son  4 years back

                                            1:16 Letty/Rikki dropping facts! 
                                            Can't for tomorrow!! #ElephantEyes

                                            • Justin Allen
                                              Justin Allen  4 years back

                                              I gotta feeling this is gonna be one of the best Projects this year

                                              • thatkiddomo
                                                thatkiddomo  4 years back

                                                "It's lit" 🔥

                                                • Karven R
                                                  Karven R  4 years back

                                                  It's about to be out!



                                                  • Daun Productions
                                                    Daun Productions  4 years back

                                                    Upload some Cole

                                                    • Ni Na
                                                      Ni Na  4 years back

                                                      @Daun Productions they arent okay,they are good and Cole is Good!u probably dont know bas,omen,cozz s songs

                                                    • Daun Productions
                                                      Daun Productions  4 years back

                                                      +Ni Na They're okay, but they ain't Cole

                                                    • Ni Na
                                                      Ni Na  4 years back

                                                      +Daun Productions if u ignore Dreamville nation you aint Cole fan!

                                                    • Daun Productions
                                                      Daun Productions  4 years back

                                                      +Alexander Seven J Cole fan since the Warm Up.

                                                    • Supa Saiyan Savage
                                                      Supa Saiyan Savage  4 years back

                                                      you a hype nigga not a dreamville fan.