WWE Real Couples- WWE Wrestlers Who Married Fellow Wrestlers in Real Life

  • Published: 15 October 2018
  • WWE Real Couples - Real life wives of WWE Wrestlers-WWE Wrestlers Who Married Fellow Wrestlers in Real Life -No, we’re not talking about storyline marriages, but the real deal. Here are 10 WWE wrestlers who married other WWE wrestlers.

    Topics discussed in this video:-

    1. wwe wrestlers married to other wrestlers
    2. real life wives of WWE Wrestlers
    3. wwe couples 2018
    4. real wwe couples

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Comments • 530

  • Tharfa aejaz Sheik
    Tharfa aejaz Sheik  2 weeks back

    Rusev and Lana are no more together!! Lana cheated to rusev fo Bobby lashly

    • Ammillious Bennett
      Ammillious Bennett  1 months back

      Edge & Beth Phoenix is blowing me ..

      • Vikram Singh
        Vikram Singh  2 months back

        Incomplete information

        • Dwayne Greene
          Dwayne Greene  2 months back

          John Cena an Nicky Bella? Have they married?

          • Dwayne Greene
            Dwayne Greene  1 months back

            @Anime Nerd ahh i see. Thanks.

          • Anime Nerd
            Anime Nerd  1 months back

            Dwayne Greene They broke up they were just engaged #cenation

        • Faizoor Rahman
          Faizoor Rahman  2 months back

          Are Bobby Lashley and Lana really married?

          • Conker DaQuik
            Conker DaQuik  2 months back

            Tell us something we dont know jeez all these r wayyyy old

            • Grove Street Few
              Grove Street Few  2 months back

              Sable was a bad bitch

              • مجاهد البشير
                مجاهد البشير  3 months back

                📲*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*📲
                شـبـاب🙋‍♂️ لاحـظـت كــثــيــر كــومــنــتــات عــن تـكـبـيـر الــقــضــيــب والـثـذي و الــمــؤخــرة وســرعــة الــقــذف
                ولا يــهــمــك😉 تــواصــلــو مـع الـدكـتـور👨‍⚕️ الـلـي نــصــحــنــي بـوصـفـة اسـتـعـمـلـتـهـا كـم أســبــوع وحـصـلـت عــلــى نـتـايـج مــذهــلــة🤩🥳
                الـلـي عــايــز الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ يـتـواصـل مــعــه الـواتـس اب *00212679620248* *whatapps*📲

                • C.H.A.D Bravo
                  C.H.A.D Bravo  3 months back

                  Mike Kanellis fuking cucked haha. Ahead of the game LMFAO

                  • SourAv DG
                    SourAv DG  3 months back

                    Nd now again rusev nd lana working in a cheating storyline with lashley🤣

                    • SamoaNative
                      SamoaNative  3 months back

                      rusev and lana are not together anymore:[

                      • Bryc e
                        Bryc e  4 months back

                        Instead of Rusev and Lana it is Bobby Lashley and Lana

                        • Terence Asongwed
                          Terence Asongwed  4 months back

                          Michelle Mccool was a mixture of beauty & athleticism. One of the greatest ever divas.

                          • S'all good man!
                            S'all good man!  4 months back

                            AJ Lee is my ideal woman! A petite brunette, a little crazy, and a whole lotta sexy

                            • X_XFeedBackX_X
                              X_XFeedBackX_X  4 months back

                              All you have to do to get a hot girl is be ugly😂

                              • Keisha Murrell
                                Keisha Murrell  5 months back

                                Where's the Black Wrestlers Booker T and Paisley/Char and Naomi and Jimmy for example.

                                • Vikki Wallen
                                  Vikki Wallen  5 months back

                                  If you didn't know this list smh 🤦😤 wow

                                  • Stephen Pope
                                    Stephen Pope  5 months back

                                    A lot of the video is not accurate. Its click bait

                                    • i Love Cops
                                      i Love Cops  5 months back

                                      Theye is a conflict of interest her. It must not be aloud no moores. ita bad for the business andkatfabe fake wrestling!!!!

                                      • Corky DeLarge
                                        Corky DeLarge  5 months back

                                        You could really be edgy if you featured Chris and Nancy Benoit.

                                        • Raiden Croft
                                          Raiden Croft  5 months back

                                          Edge with no Lita ?

                                          • Devilicious Babe
                                            Devilicious Babe  6 months back

                                            I so wanted Edge to marry Lita but unfortunately Beth Phoenix took him

                                            • Brandon Jones
                                              Brandon Jones  6 months back

                                              That was funny when that girl slapped that guy

                                              • Don Johnson
                                                Don Johnson  6 months back

                                                Sable was gorgeous but shes basically a grandma now.

                                                • Don Johnson
                                                  Don Johnson  6 months back

                                                  I want Summer Rae back.

                                                  • Don Johnson
                                                    Don Johnson  6 months back

                                                    All Maryse has is a pair of fake knockers ... No talent otherwise.

                                                    • Gracie Hill
                                                      Gracie Hill  6 months back

                                                      Okay but the true power couple is triple h and Stephanie McMahon . Just saying !

                                                    • Rs Mariya S
                                                      Rs Mariya S  7 months back

                                                      lita is nice girl,,,

                                                      • Noddy singh
                                                        Noddy singh  7 months back

                                                        Edge & lita’s chemistry was something else !! 🔥

                                                        • jjeess7007
                                                          jjeess7007  7 months back

                                                          The Miz is not a wrestler he’s a joke.

                                                          • Paras Rathod18
                                                            Paras Rathod18  7 months back

                                                            CM PUNK & AJ LEE 😍😍

                                                          • Ines Fehh
                                                            Ines Fehh  7 months back

                                                            brock lesnar sable?

                                                            • Rotty
                                                              Rotty  8 months back

                                                              AJ and Punk are SERIOUSLY so cute together. I am happy for them.

                                                              • Red Bull
                                                                Red Bull  8 months back

                                                                Why no gay wrestlers?

                                                                • johnny tyler
                                                                  johnny tyler  8 months back

                                                                  Trish Stratus was and still is one if the finest females on the planet

                                                                  • Katie Tiller
                                                                    Katie Tiller  8 months back

                                                                    Why is jimmy uso and Naomi not on this list?

                                                                    • CrazyfitPT
                                                                      CrazyfitPT  8 months back

                                                                      Lmao, Mero thought he was guna whoop the ass of whoever Sable was seeing,,, Till he found out that someone was Brock.. Lol, talk about having to rethink your plan.. 😂

                                                                      • John Shea
                                                                        John Shea  8 months back


                                                                        • kandaka R
                                                                          kandaka R  9 months back

                                                                          I love CM punk and a.j lee ❤️

                                                                          • ChaesMe Xx
                                                                            ChaesMe Xx  9 months back

                                                                            CM Punk and AJ Lee's relationship is the cutest thing ever❤ they're the best couple ever (in my opinion atleast) but yeah they're the cutest❤

                                                                            • daniel ali
                                                                              daniel ali  9 months back

                                                                              Who is the asian girl in the last one??

                                                                              • Jon Jon Lannen
                                                                                Jon Jon Lannen  9 months back

                                                                                I really dig your vids, Wrestlelamia!

                                                                                • Kayla Beatty0731
                                                                                  Kayla Beatty0731  9 months back

                                                                                  On the road majority of the year guess u want sex u go diva 😵

                                                                                  • prazertv
                                                                                    prazertv  9 months back

                                                                                    That dude actually took his wife's last name? What a simp! He must really hate his father.

                                                                                    • Sam Caraballo
                                                                                      Sam Caraballo  6 months back

                                                                                      Little insecure there my nigga breathe 4 tradition lives...

                                                                                  • Rox gaming
                                                                                    Rox gaming  9 months back

                                                                                    Lana or nikki bella

                                                                                    Comment down bellow

                                                                                  • Slim Dave
                                                                                    Slim Dave  9 months back

                                                                                    Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss

                                                                                    • Nina Dickson
                                                                                      Nina Dickson  9 months back

                                                                                      Luna Vachon & Gangrel?? (1994-2006)

                                                                                      • LadyDragonsblood
                                                                                        LadyDragonsblood  7 months back

                                                                                        Absolutely. They had a very loving relationship for a while.

                                                                                    • Nguyễn Jason
                                                                                      Nguyễn Jason  9 months back

                                                                                      What about HHH and Stephanie?