Bernie DESTROYS Pete Buttigieg During New Hampshire Debate

  • Published: 08 February 2020
  • Bernie went after Pete Buttigieg in the debate. Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Nando Vila discuss the New Hampshire debate on The Young Turks. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


    Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Cenk Uygur, Nando Vila

    Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Cenk Uygur, Nando Vila


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Comments • 8 469

  • Max Meggeneder
    Max Meggeneder  20 minutes back

    John was great in this segment! You can't be for the people of are not against these industries and their puppies, including Buttigieg.

    • Saint Nick
      Saint Nick  5 hours back

      Bernie is a POS liar!!!! Multi millionaire first class flyer. Russian communist socialist POS

      • Jared M
        Jared M  2 hours back

        The f are you on about lmao what and I ain’t even from America and I know that sounds stupid 😂

      • StrafinJr
        StrafinJr  5 hours back

        Trump ball sucking conservatives hahahaha

    • You UUMMAA
      You UUMMAA  8 hours back


      • Sam
        Sam  6 hours back

        So does capitalism.

    • Noah Goldman
      Noah Goldman  9 hours back

      The CIA doesn’t “build movements” Petey boy... they destroy them... tell dat child to put his lil britches n cap on n go back to school, he needs to learn some history

      • Vegan CarboRaider
        Vegan CarboRaider  11 hours back

        "Turn the Page" is also a Rush song. And the phrase is said a lot in the song. AND it's about people react to news... "We pretend things only happen to strangers"

        Too bad Rush isn't more popular. "Progressive Rock" is too Progressive for the ignorant masses.

        • proud 2 B Liberal
          proud 2 B Liberal  13 hours back

          Pete is a CIA asset and worse IMO he is a right wing Dem and a proven racist. Bernie is the only person on the Dem side I believe in. That said I will vote Blue No Matter Who tRump is vile and lusts to be a Dictator his reprisals would make Stalin's pale in comparison

          • Jessie Joy
            Jessie Joy  1 days back

            Calling both Pete and Mike out in one speaking, finally Bernie growing a bit of a spine. The biggest issue for Bernie is he backs down hard.

            • Jason b
              Jason b  2 days back

              Big 3 Dems ONLY
              BIDEN, Warren or of them has too get the Dem nomination....the media wants too the racist gay mayor too win and will make the DNC a joke!

              • Tim Childs
                Tim Childs  2 days back

                I like Pete saying he’s not a millionaire as if he’s not going to be in a few months

                • floatpool pool
                  floatpool pool  2 days back

                  I appreciate the Young Turks efforts to help re elect Trump. You guys are the Youtube version of MSNBC and CNN. You're doing a great job!

                  • mjpayne95
                    mjpayne95  10 hours back

                    @Kanashi Kafe ok then point that out, why are so many people on here gay bashing, didn't really expect this out of TYT supporters.

                  • Kanashi Kafe
                    Kanashi Kafe  10 hours back

                    mjpayne95 I don’t care that he’s gay but he does have a sketchy past

                  • mjpayne95
                    mjpayne95  2 days back

                    @Jason b Are you anti gay? what does Pete's sexuality have to do with his bad character?

                  • Jason b
                    Jason b  2 days back

                    MSNBC and CNN want the racist gay mayor too win...FOX news and the RNC included because with this guy getting the DNC nomination would automatically get Treasonous Trump Re elected again!

                • Abdulmajid Hassan
                  Abdulmajid Hassan  2 days back

                  Bernie for 2020

                  • Abdulmajid Hassan
                    Abdulmajid Hassan  2 days back

                    Let us revolution to change Americans to Humanity

                    • bbbravoboy
                      bbbravoboy  2 days back

                      I think you guys are in the right direction but saying PETE has nothing substantial to say is wrong

                      • Noah Goldman
                        Noah Goldman  9 hours back

                        He literally has nothing substantial to say... all he does is spit out bs platitudes...mayor Pete worked for a company that fixed bread prices...look it up

                      • Jason b
                        Jason b  2 days back

                        TYT is absolutely RIGHT about this racist gay mayor....He working for the wealthy homosexual community that is funding the DNC and they will rig it for him too win....Disgusting!....He gets the nomination it will divide the DNC and turn the party onto a joke!

                    • GuaiEye
                      GuaiEye  2 days back

                      I like a lot of what you guys do, but nobody should be setting out to destroy anyone. It’s not Bernie’s message, and it shouldn’t be ours. Bullshit headline.

                      • Sean Dore
                        Sean Dore  3 days back

                        So if trump os not your enemy , name who is?. These people are such dueche bags they have nothing good to add to our civilization

                        • Carl Brand
                          Carl Brand  3 days back

                          TYT is like beauty pageant moms - NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING short of 100% farthest-left Liberal is a good enough score.

                          Which is why TYT is helping to re-elect Trump. (and why you lost both my online and phone membership subscriptions).

                        • ac chareunsab
                          ac chareunsab  3 days back

                          Bernie making sure if he doesn't win, nobody else wins.

                          • Noah Goldman
                            Noah Goldman  9 hours back

                            ac chareunsab correction: if he doesn’t win NOBODY ELSE CAN... get it through your head...

                        • Theodore Pepe
                          Theodore Pepe  3 days back

                          Josef Stalin was big on people being 100% with him too.

                          And anyone talking about doing away with entire industries has no place talking about being in support of the working class.

                          • henk de tank
                            henk de tank  3 days back

                            Besides, it's not about being keen about his popularity, it's about his transparency, trustworthiness and how he isn't corrupt.

                          • Anagha Shyam
                            Anagha Shyam  3 days back

                            Nope, Stalin rose to power within the already ruling Bolsheviks in a rather traditional way albeit from rather humble beginnings.
                            Bernie has literally never talked about doing away with entire industries. That's not even physically possible and why would anyone would that except as maybe a simulation in a video game.

                        • STOIC
                          STOIC  3 days back

                          Meat Booty Judge eats other mens rotten assholes out, and guzzles man jizz while Bernie sits and watches. think about that for a bit.

                          • Jimmy Mueller
                            Jimmy Mueller  3 days back

                            Ty now I got something to fap too

                          • Tyler Broome
                            Tyler Broome  3 days back

                            STOIC umm... it’s Sheat Buttchug thank you very much

                        • STOIC
                          STOIC  3 days back

                          All the Demonrat candidates combined don't even equal one of Trumps taint boils

                        • R S
                          R S  3 days back

                          This entire panel will vote for Pete if he wins the primary

                          • ken thomas
                            ken thomas  16 hours back

                            It's all circus in the end.

                        • Jasp Kernizan
                          Jasp Kernizan  3 days back

                          This show is biased towards anyone who is not Bernie. They might as well rename this show the Bernie Sanders show cause cause literally every episode they defend this guy til death. You mean to tell everyone in the race does something wrong except Bernie ?

                          • Noah Goldman
                            Noah Goldman  9 hours back

                            Everyone in the race did something wrong except Bernie, that is correct

                          • Noah Goldman
                            Noah Goldman  9 hours back


                          • Kizer Soze
                            Kizer Soze  12 hours back

                            @ken thomas True.

                          • ken thomas
                            ken thomas  16 hours back

                            *Jasp* Bernie has his faults, but are you against M4A, free education, eliminate student debt, Green jobs, ending illegal wars, stop outsourcing jobs, make the rich start paying taxes, etc? What is Trump offering? So far he hasn't done one damn thing he promised that wasn't already in the works before he became president.

                          • Daniel Patton
                            Daniel Patton  1 days back

                            Tell Louder with Crowder to rename that show the Donald Trump Show.

                        • machia0705
                          machia0705  3 days back

                          The only way Biden can stay in the race is if he has very spectacular debates where he can shut Bernie down, but Uncle Joe is not the same after he got the dirt on him revealed to the public by Trump and company.

                          • Blahskiohh
                            Blahskiohh  3 days back

                            BERNIE 2020 🌍🌏🌎

                            • Trey Macaluso
                              Trey Macaluso  3 days back

                              Pete is a modern-day Aaron Burr

                              If you stand for nothing, Pete, what'll you fall for?

                              • stolenrelic
                                stolenrelic  2 days back

                                Let’s not sully Aaron Burr’s name like that. 😂

                            • Eduardo M.
                              Eduardo M.  3 days back

                              Pete’s dad was a Marxist professor: Who made him like this?

                            • Tyler_Plurden
                              Tyler_Plurden  3 days back

                              Trumps just gonna win again...why does any of this matter? Go home...relax.

                              • Lunsen 402
                                Lunsen 402  3 days back

                                considering bernie seems to win according to most polls ageinst trumpy dump i would say the opposite, go out and get the old man elected and let´s see him suger punch that orange baboon (metaforicly of course)

                            • Bob Golden
                              Bob Golden  3 days back

                              Bernie is voting booth poison. He will drive 80 million conservatives out while his millennials forget which day the election falls on.

                              • Noah Goldman
                                Noah Goldman  8 hours back

                                Bob Golden okay boomer

                              • stolenrelic
                                stolenrelic  2 days back

                                Callum b
                                Thank you. Millennials outnumber boomers now, not to mention Gen Z, which also is more invested in politics than “young people” have historically have been as well.

                              • Carl Brand
                                Carl Brand  3 days back

                                I hear ya, Bob. His rabid defenders know issues, but not politics.

                              • Callum b
                                Callum b  3 days back

                                I think it’s quite evident millennials are more politically active than any other generation. Wether or not it’s effective or not.

                                This whole “millennials suck” attitude is just ignorant and short sighted.

                              • Lunsen 402
                                Lunsen 402  3 days back

                                you do realise many of his ideas are even popular with working class conservatives, also you understimate young people...

                            • Westside Smitty
                              Westside Smitty  3 days back

                              Bernie thunders like The Elvis of Politics. ''How Great Thou Art''. Go, cat, go!

                              • bellamoon
                                bellamoon  3 days back

                                When there is talk of shutting down corporations, there also needs to be discussion about the safety net that will be provided for the workers who will be laid off. Education, healthcare, and unemployment payments until people can get back on their feet. One example: administrative staff at corporate health insurance companies. Another: workers in fossil fuel industries. To get their votes, they need to know that they aren't going to be left high and dry.

                                • Sam
                                  Sam  6 hours back

                                  There are approximately two million people working in the health insurance industry. There are 27 million uninsured. Sanders has talked about funding for jobs transitions being part of his M4A bill. As for the fossil fuel industry, energy isn't going anywhere. Jobs are going to open up in the green energy sector.

                              • nathan nomad
                                nathan nomad  3 days back

                                Delete Pete! No time for your sheet!

                                • Ron M
                                  Ron M  3 days back

                                  Shut up Anna you pompous ass.

                                  • nathan nomad
                                    nathan nomad  2 days back

                                    @Ron M Hey, what's the matter? Stupidity got your tongue?

                                  • nathan nomad
                                    nathan nomad  3 days back

                                    @Ron M They are just a couple of the many questions that you need to ask yourself. But, if you are the moron you sound like, you might not understand!

                                  • Ron M
                                    Ron M  3 days back

                                    nathan nomad I love it when morons like you criticize others intelligence and then put question marks on sentences that are not questions. Did you finish grade school little Nathan? 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

                                  • Lisa M Santos
                                    Lisa M Santos  3 days back

                                    Why be an ass? You serve no purpose, Vladmir or is that you Ivan?

                                • Roberto Perez
                                  Roberto Perez  3 days back

                                  Hi, I don't live in the U.S, but follow US politics, like I follow politics in my own country. My opinion about elections, we think we live in democratic countries in which we voice our opinion by voting every 4 years, but the system, the power players or the juggernaut, make sure that the puppet they need is voted in to maintain the status quo. The female journalist, Ana, says it very well when talking about who is behind the candidate Pete Buttigieg, the establishment, same people who made Hillary Clinton candidate last election. By chance came upon your channel on youtube. Love the panel, people who care and love their country and want the best for it. More people like you are needed to "shake" us out of our lethargy and get out there and say enough is enough. Thank you

                                  • Tyler Kruse
                                    Tyler Kruse  3 days back


                                  • LeavingIt Blank
                                    LeavingIt Blank  3 days back

                                    That was 15 minutes wasted. (Actually, thank god for adjustable speed playback.) You just just rambled on about how awful Buttigieg is without giving any proof. So his tweets aren't profound proclamations... SO what? I don't expect policy by tweet. He says he can unite the country but doesn't say how... exactly like all the others! You guys need to change your logo to BPB for Bash Pete Buttigieg because apparently you have nothing else to say. Totally misleading title--- Bernie didn't destroy him, but you guys sure did. And I thought I could come here for thoughtful commentary.

                                    • nathan nomad
                                      nathan nomad  2 days back

                                      @LeavingIt Blank Well if you watched it and still didn't get, you must be a bit slow in the head.

                                    • LeavingIt Blank
                                      LeavingIt Blank  2 days back

                                      @nathan nomad Must be why I watched this whole clip.

                                    • nathan nomad
                                      nathan nomad  3 days back

                                      They explained perfectly why Pete is awful! You are evidently a dimwit!

                                  • grabir01
                                    grabir01  4 days back

                                    Buttiwhat? His dad was Marxist. Bernie should love the guy.

                                    • Scotty Emp
                                      Scotty Emp  3 days back

                                      You are confusing socialism with communism. i.e. Russians in the White House.

                                  • Chad Sweeney
                                    Chad Sweeney  4 days back

                                    Apparently many in new Hampshire love billionaire bought politicians.

                                    • B N
                                      B N  4 days back

                                      Buttigieg never answers questions. He is a clever guy. Don't be fooled

                                      • B N
                                        B N  4 days back

                                        Buttigieg never answers questions. He is a clever guy. Don't be fooled

                                        • Aljosa Petkovic
                                          Aljosa Petkovic  4 days back

                                          Can't wait till November to see it all turn Red again and watch your faces it's gonna be even more glorious than 2016 :)

                                          • nathan nomad
                                            nathan nomad  3 days back

                                            Maybe you cult45 morons should go on a corona cruise, so that humanity might have a chance of survival?

                                        • spartanclams
                                          spartanclams  4 days back

                                          guys you ever see fake pete wants to yap he raise his hand with his middle finger up

                                          • Michelle Yerkes
                                            Michelle Yerkes  4 days back

                                            Buttigieg is taking campaign tips from Marianne Williamson

                                            • Michelle Yerkes
                                              Michelle Yerkes  4 days back

                                              Buttigieg is still 10000x better than trump

                                              • nathan nomad
                                                nathan nomad  3 days back

                                                @Grzy Ruth morons have a sense of humor?

                                              • Grzy Ruth
                                                Grzy Ruth  3 days back

                                                im going to vote for trump bc it is funny haha

                                            • Bruce Barboza
                                              Bruce Barboza  4 days back

                                              Just to kind of piggyback on what's already been said here, this is not about a purity test or about pointing the finger at other candidates because they are less "progressive". It's not about people wanting to pat themselves on the back for being farther left. The reason so many of us support a candidate like Bernie is because we know he isn't beholden to corporate donors.

                                              It may give us all the warm and fuzzies to think it's better not to critique other candidates and just be "inclusive" without being critical, but this is a mistake. If we choose a candidate who is in the pocket of corporate donors, nothing changes, that person is NOT working for us.

                                              If it ever comes down to what we the people want and need vs. what the rich corporate donors want, we will lose. Period. Whatever issues are important to you are going to be secondary to the whims of lobbyists and rich donors. In that case we might as well just keep Trump in office. This is why those of us in the Bernie camp are so critical.

                                              We want a president that is actually going to do some good for the common man and woman for once. Not just someone who knows how to talk a good game like Pete Buttigieg. If you want a candidate who is going to put you last behind their rich donors, just like Trump and every other corporate shill, well then you have many options.

                                              However if you you want a candidate that works FOR THE PEOPLE, you need a candidate funded BY THE PEOPLE and ONLY the people, not the corporations and lobbyists and billionaires. If we want a president and a government that actually works FOR THE PEOPLE then Bernie is our man.

                                              • nathan nomad
                                                nathan nomad  3 days back

                                                For some unexplainable reason many of the economically oppressed folks, keep supporting their oppressors! That may be why tRump says he loves stupid people?

                                            • K D
                                              K D  4 days back

                                              Bernie is Mr right, Butti is Mr Bean....

                                              • ciz sam
                                                ciz sam  4 days back

                                                His Supreme Court idea isn't half bad if it was possible to expand it. There would have to be a neutral commission to propose the 5 neutral judges and a majority of Senate to approve. This is usually the Arbitration panels to supervise many Free Trade Deals across the world. I see where Buttigieg got the inspiration from Europe.

                                                • Rich Perkin
                                                  Rich Perkin  5 days back

                                                  Go Bernie

                                                  • janie camacho
                                                    janie camacho  5 days back

                                                    Perhaps my blinders are off to you. I see that YOU all picked a ride-or-die candidate so it's your job to tell people what to think or how to think by attacking the other candidates close to Burnie's electable heels. I'm unsubscribing

                                                    • nathan nomad
                                                      nathan nomad  3 days back

                                                      Pitiful that you can't even spell Bernie, and obviously to delusional to see his potential to keep the planet alive, and get this country out of it's shithole status!

                                                    • nathan nomad
                                                      nathan nomad  3 days back

                                                      Since you are to stupid to spell Bernie correctly, later! Good luck with your delusions!

                                                    • Seahawk_27
                                                      Seahawk_27  3 days back


                                                    • Cincy 911Truth
                                                      Cincy 911Truth  5 days back

                                                      Buh bye!