Aljamain Sterling's DIY Conditioning Program | Joe Rogan

  • Published: 12 July 2019
  • Taken from JRE MMA Show #70 with Aljamain Sterling:

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  • ushilives3
    ushilives3  4 months back

    I've felt more stronger doing slow pull ups to normal/fast pull ups

    • mykiisubtle
      mykiisubtle  5 months back

      Brilliant dude

      • Dinardo Joseph
        Dinardo Joseph  5 months back

        amazing i want to workout now

        • J W
          J W  5 months back

          dude is an amazing fighter honestly guy just pushes

          • Brian Krosky
            Brian Krosky  5 months back

            Holy shit I didn’t know he went to Cortland

            • cory gill
              cory gill  5 months back

              Needs a coach

              • Kj Clark
                Kj Clark  5 months back

                cory gill he trains with ray longo and Matt Serra

            • MrBicesterBoy
              MrBicesterBoy  5 months back

              "that long term squeeeeeeze endurance"

              • suhail ahmed
                suhail ahmed  5 months back

                I kinda miss the "Hello freak bitches" lmao

                • TMT 1
                  TMT 1  5 months back

                  Jones wrestled and was solid but he also started his striking that way that’s why thy called him a “look see do” fighter vs shogun

                  • James Syre
                    James Syre  5 months back

                    Joe “you have great kicks” rogan

                    • BlazerDuck07
                      BlazerDuck07  5 months back

                      Out his mind or off his rocker bro.

                      • Tony Jones' bassoon whippet

                        Eddie hearn, Nick pope, scott aaronson....get them on Joe

                        • Oksana Gilroy
                          Oksana Gilroy  5 months back

                          Why no one wants to hear eddie hearn come on and be a white don king hes a bullshit artist

                      • Greg  Gates
                        Greg Gates  5 months back

                        5 of last 6 guests r black, Rogan is pandering

                      • VanillaThunder
                        VanillaThunder  5 months back

                        Interesting interview...interesting dude.

                        • E Harold
                          E Harold  5 months back

                          He seems like a chill ass down to earth dude

                          • Gaston Phalange
                            Gaston Phalange  5 months back

                            Great Podcast. Prince Naseem or Robbie Lawler next. MVP or Raymond Daniels would be a dream

                            • Hyjax
                              Hyjax  5 months back

                              Naz would be sickk

                          • edward farmer
                            edward farmer  5 months back

                            Aljamain Sterling , pretty kool dude.

                            • will wagstaff
                              will wagstaff  5 months back

                              Slow muscle work is goooood

                              • Shol'va
                                Shol'va  5 months back

                                NIce :D People start spelling "stein" correctly :D Greetings from Germany ;)

                                • Ignacio Gerardi Arauz
                                  Ignacio Gerardi Arauz  5 months back

                                  I spared with Aljo and he is a machine ... he is condition is on point!

                                  • marantz moon
                                    marantz moon  5 months back

                                    Marantz Moon

                                    • Waffle Daily
                                      Waffle Daily  5 months back

                                      Sort of late, might as well mention I upload waffles every day

                                    • Combat-conspiracies-cats-kratom- brian frumps

                                      The jackson 5 should reunite

                                      • Fight Hop
                                        Fight Hop  5 months back


                                        • Steven C Gomes
                                          Steven C Gomes  5 months back

                                          😂😂 “your to close mom”

                                          • Steven C Gomes
                                            Steven C Gomes  5 months back

                                            I realise I misspelled it but it sounds funnier

                                        • Dustin Wind
                                          Dustin Wind  5 months back

                                          Dude matches the curtains

                                          • Dustin Wind
                                            Dustin Wind  5 months back

                                            @Almighty Fonics you assume his race and gender? SHAME

                                          • Almighty Fonics
                                            Almighty Fonics  5 months back

                                            He’s not even dark for a black guy

                                          • Dustin Wind
                                            Dustin Wind  5 months back

                                            @Michael Hey there. You're an sjw douchebag.

                                          • Michael
                                            Michael  5 months back

                                            Hey there. You're an idiot.

                                        • nosTaLgio
                                          nosTaLgio  5 months back


                                          • Spiritthoughts
                                            Spiritthoughts  5 months back

                                            Brandon is 5'10 not 6'1 Joe you're just confused about your height.

                                            • Zenith Fitness
                                              Zenith Fitness  5 months back

                                              Joe make a video about people that use protein powder/creatine/preworkout is using these still make you a natrural? Or not because I argue, protein powder users usually lose their gains once they stop using it like a month or so after they stop using it they can't do any of the workouts they would do while using protein powder, I don't use protein powder and I stopped working out for a year and I still have a six pack whereas my friend was using preworkout, creatine whey protein but once he stopped using it all his gains were lost in the first two months.

                                              • Almighty Fonics
                                                Almighty Fonics  5 months back

                                                Stfu meathead

                                              • Mr. High Minded
                                                Mr. High Minded  5 months back

                                                @Zenith Fitness You clearly done absoloutley zero research..everything you just said is completly false. There isnt one person in this world that could lift more volume than someone else just because they drink protein shakes. It just doesnt work like that, protein shakes are liquid food and thats it.If you are not willing to educate yourself on this then its your problem, be clueless..

                                              • Shea Doherty
                                                Shea Doherty  5 months back

                                                @Zenith Fitness You clearly don't understand nutrition son. Protein powder is just powdered food. That's it.

                                              • Zenith Fitness
                                                Zenith Fitness  5 months back

                                                @Mr. High Minded look aight Everytime I used to go to the gym EVERY single dude scoops up like three scoops of protein and drinks it like nothing, supplements are giving your body "nutrients" or whatever but what I am explaining is that the protein your are consuming doesn't come from you aka you aren't gaining that protein naturally because you have to rely on a supplement, every single dude I know says " yea bro it takes hard work" but really the protein powder/shakes doing all the work, I've notice back then when my friends would workout they couldn't do the same amount of reps/lift the same amount without their supplements, or they would but not as good as they would with their little supplements whereas me I still do every workout like its a sandwich, and I realized taking protein powder builds up your muscles like water balloons and once you stop taking your little supplements most gains dissapear like in a couple months and then they can do what they would do with supplements so basically you cheat your body out of the natrural way which is without supplements

                                              • Mr. High Minded
                                                Mr. High Minded  5 months back

                                                @Travis Atwell you're right, I dont know how I didnt pick up on that lol. When someone loses their gains in a month or two they are without a doubt on steroids, no way around it..

                                            • Nick
                                              Nick  5 months back

                                              Who's taller? Joe Rogan or the angry bagel shop guy?

                                              • Smooth Move McGillicuddy
                                                Smooth Move McGillicuddy  5 months back

                                                @Nick Having a big wallet increases your dating options more than anything. I guarantee 2' 8" Verne Troyer got more pussy than anyone in this comment section.

                                              • Xavier Andrews
                                                Xavier Andrews  5 months back


                                              • Greg Ory
                                                Greg Ory  5 months back

                                                @Ed Lamont lmfao height dont mean HOPS though, but still, having sex doggystyle would be awkward, she'd be so high up lol

                                              • YPeezy
                                                YPeezy  5 months back

                                                Stephanie S short bitch

                                              • Stephanie S
                                                Stephanie S  5 months back

                                                @Ed Lamont   ok fair enough but tall girls do exist. Whether you are with them or not should have nothing to do with you feeling emasculated (imo) I get height is a dominance thing but so is confidence which is better than having height.

                                            • Sebastian Franco
                                              Sebastian Franco  5 months back

                                              Joe, “it’s bananas man, he’s so gigantic” Rogan

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                                                This guys out of his bird

                                                • moby
                                                  moby  5 months back

                                                  Aljamain "out of his bird" Sterling

                                                  • GuttaMarley
                                                    GuttaMarley  5 months back

                                                    @moby 😅😅🤣 all good bro.

                                                  • MO JO
                                                    MO JO  5 months back

                                                    Earnest12235 - yeah i know what it means, just didn't like the expression because it didn't make sense, but now that you wrote "Out of the birdcage" lol that sounds funny and it makes sense :D

                                                  • Earnest12235
                                                    Earnest12235  5 months back

                                                    @MO JO out of the bird
                                                    Out of the birdcage
                                                    Out of his mind

                                                  • moby
                                                    moby  5 months back

                                                    @GuttaMarley damn I fucked it

                                                  • MO JO
                                                    MO JO  5 months back

                                                    that's a weird expression? never heard it before, and don't want to hear again, it just sounds dumb

                                                • YMA AFRICAN MGTOW WARRIOR

                                                  Joe Rogan is a government shill

                                                  • Oksana Gilroy
                                                    Oksana Gilroy  5 months back

                                                    Yup the government has him telking about mma and fighters conditioning routine makes sense thats what they would deem good propaganda

                                                • Spaceheiro
                                                  Spaceheiro  5 months back

                                                  Joe "your too close mon" Rogan

                                                  • hemullett 2
                                                    hemullett 2  5 months back

                                                    I havnt watch the vid yet but i bet joe mentions dmt