Mac McClung, Georgetown roll over St. John's for first Big East win | FOX COLLEGE HOOPS HIGHLIGHTS

  • Published: 09 January 2020
  • Hoyas guard Mac McClung scored 21 of his 24 points in the first half, as Georgetown built a double-digit lead and never looked back.

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    Mac McClung, Georgetown roll over St. John's for first Big East win | FOX COLLEGE HOOPS HIGHLIGHTS

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Comments • 68

  • FOX Sports
    FOX Sports   1 weeks back

    Will Georgetown make the NCAA Tournament?

    • David McCracken
      David McCracken  6 days back

      @headcontraption They've known that since all the "" went down.They've worked EXTRA hard and any one of them can go the distance....fouls excluded of course.gotta work on that.

    • headcontraption
      headcontraption  6 days back

      David McCracken and you don’t think their 7 man rotation is going to get more worn down than other teams? they can beat ANYBODY on any given night, but they can lose to anybody also. again, i hope you’re right and i’m wrong.

    • David McCracken
      David McCracken  6 days back

      @headcontraption tomorrow's game will give everyone a second look at G-Town.....🏀

    • David McCracken
      David McCracken  6 days back

      @headcontraption i happen to believe that they ,at their best performance, are better than all in tbe conference. Remember, they have just started to regroup and blend, but they are really meshing as a whole.Team play is where its at,and I am confident that they understand how to become winners.

  • Mace 1
    Mace 1  2 days back

    Where’s the McClung highlights? This weakkkk

    • Niven English
      Niven English  6 days back

      8 pts against Nova, Mac is ready!!!😁🤣😂😅

      • Jesse James
        Jesse James  7 days back

        This is chef Gordon Ramsey’s long lost son who escaped the kitchen as a child and ran to the basketball hoop

        • Niven English
          Niven English  1 weeks back

          Just came to see how many delusional people think Mac is nba level.

          • Mac Anthony
            Mac Anthony  6 days back

            @Niven English ok.. any 1 can hav a bad game though..

          • Niven English
            Niven English  6 days back

            Just saw 8 pts against Nova, that’s nba?? 😅😄🤣😂😁😆

          • Kingdom Konsciousness
            Kingdom Konsciousness  7 days back

            This is a joke right? #NBAMAC

          • Mac Anthony
            Mac Anthony  7 days back

            @Niven English huh?? Never said they are the same player... smh.. all im sayin is Mclung can find a place in the nba.. he can shoot and has high iq.. folks said he was not goin to play d1, then those folks said he would be on bench.. i mean what they gon say next??🤣🤣🤣

          • Niven English
            Niven English  7 days back

            Mac Anthony have you seen jjRedicks stats?? He’s the the acc 2nd all time scorer. Are you trying to put Mac on that level? Because he’s nowhere near, please don’t disrespect JJ like that.

        • Chris Topher
          Chris Topher  1 weeks back

          Mcclung white baller

        • trent noble
          trent noble  1 weeks back

          Going to get Injured not NBA Caliber!!!

          • Gseric47
            Gseric47  7 days back

            Erm, not after numbers he's put up in HS. I doubt it, Mac's got incredible durability.

          • Daniel D.
            Daniel D.  1 weeks back

            I think he can be NBA caliber but your right about the injury part. He sacrifices his body too much in the play.

          • Stephen Brodsky
            Stephen Brodsky  1 weeks back

            So, who is NBA caliber according to the NAACP?

        • Devn
          Devn  1 weeks back

          MAC FINNA BE A STAR.

        • Adam Wittman
          Adam Wittman  1 weeks back

          If your going to use someone’s name at least make the video primarily about them. This had maybe 4 Mac highlights.

          • Vic Wilson
            Vic Wilson  1 weeks back

            Mc is not an NBA player..........Europe yes.

          • Padmal Jayaratna
            Padmal Jayaratna  1 weeks back

            He is going to the NBA man .. athletic guard who can shoot.

            • Niven English
              Niven English  5 days back

              @Man In Black are you stupid or dumb?

            • Man In Black
              Man In Black  5 days back

              Niven English

              He has a higher vert than anyone in the NBA at 48". That counts for athleticism..

            • Brett Harnisch
              Brett Harnisch  7 days back

              Vic Wilson. Not saying you are wrong, but they play defense in the NBA? Last time I seen defense in the NBA the bulls were playing the jazz in the finals! 😂

            • Dindu nufn
              Dindu nufn  7 days back

              @Niven English loser

            • Niven English
              Niven English  7 days back

              Mac is athletic for a white guy, that’s about it. Tell me a guard in the nba he’s more athletic than, tell me a major div1 starting guard he’s better than. There are already high school and freshmen projected higher than him, matter of fact Mac is not even projected to go pro. Sorry man...

          • p caz
            p caz  1 weeks back

            using mclungs name for views.. lame

            • headcontraption
              headcontraption  7 days back

              100 Dollar he’s down to yurtsix right now.

            • 100 Dollar
              100 Dollar  1 weeks back

              Def not gonna put “yurtseven plays soft as charmin as g’town wins”

            • Mark Peel
              Mark Peel  1 weeks back

              p caz he did lead the team with 24 🤷🏼‍♂️