Silicon Valley: Maximizing Alphaness (Season 6 Episode 4 Clip) | HBO

  • Published: 18 November 2019
  • You're gonna need this. #HBO #SiliconValleyHBO
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    From Mike Judge (Office Space, Beavis & Butthead) comes this tech-savvy satire about programmer Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch), whose game-changing compression algorithm becomes the subject of a valley-wide bidding war.

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    Silicon Valley: Maximizing Alphaness (Season 6 Episode 4 Clip) | HBO
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Comments • 90

  • Frank Sobotka
    Frank Sobotka  4 weeks back

    Don’t show his to Guilfoyle.

    • Jonathan Dono
      Jonathan Dono  1 months back

      I’m quite positive Dave Bautista taught him this during the movie they shot together.

      • Kolos
        Kolos  2 months back

        BTW, Ethan is "how to buy bitcoin" guy from college humor video "if google was a guy"

        • J K
          J K  2 months back

          Danish’s shirt is 100x worse than the sweater. Least alpha shirt you can wear.

          • Jeffy B
            Jeffy B  2 months back

            Dinesh doesn't even work out for his Marvel role. He just drinks protein shakes and watches Alpha videos 24/7 to get JACKED TO THE GILLS!

            • Prashant s
              Prashant s  2 months back

              Looks like they're trying too hard to replace T J Miller

              • Blake Abernathy
                Blake Abernathy  2 months back

                @Prashant s I thought he just wanted to work on the emoji movie, didn't think there were any hard feelings between anyone

              • Prashant s
                Prashant s  2 months back

                @Mo Hanam I think there were issues between him and Thomas Middleditch

              • Mo Hanam
                Mo Hanam  2 months back

                What’d TJ Miller exactly do to get himself kicked off of the show?

              • Grady Whitman
                Grady Whitman  2 months back

                Yeah and it's not working

            • NUGNESS123
              NUGNESS123  2 months back

              The irony is if you joked sexually at all like this at any of the FAANG companies, they would destroy you through HR and make you unemployable.

              • Kunal Arora
                Kunal Arora  2 months back

                I bet this scene was originally written for TJ Miller. He was the mentor to Richard on random things like these

                • rike94
                  rike94  2 months back

                  @Kunal Arora yes, i do think they wrote after season 5 ended and before shooting of season 6 started. Bill Gates wrote about this show in his website, and when he met the writers, they were discussing ideas for season 5.

                • Kunal Arora
                  Kunal Arora  2 months back

                  @rike94 Do you think they are righting scenes for this season right now?

                • rike94
                  rike94  2 months back

                  Yeah, TJ is gone since 2017 and two years later they wrote a scene with him in mind... Right...

              • McQuinTrix
                McQuinTrix  2 months back

                FUCK YEAHHHHHH

                • Grady Whitman
                  Grady Whitman  2 months back

                  Dinesh is sculpting his guns, getting swole, which of course has no value in becoming a billiionaire, who have more important issues to deal with

                  • Grady Whitman
                    Grady Whitman  2 months back

                    Who's more Alpha: Zuckerberg, Gates, Dell, Wozniak, Buffett, Bezos the richest men in the world aren't "Alpha", they're smart, observant, introverted Betas. In 2020 Betas win. Get with the times.

                    • Nitrobuz Ae
                      Nitrobuz Ae  2 months back

                      I will MASTER you BETA! lol - Steve's Palmer Balmer. Now in Vicks and Pink Bubble Gum. Because TASTE is for WUSSIES!

                    • Hasnain Abbas Dilawar
                      Hasnain Abbas Dilawar  2 months back

                      You know I have always wondered do "alphas" have to be rich? And how are they related?

                    • Dr. Beavis
                      Dr. Beavis  2 months back

                      shut up wussy

                  • JDC
                    JDC  2 months back

                    “TAKE OFF TH-at sweater”😂😂

                    • larnizzo91
                      larnizzo91  2 months back

                      Seriously dinesh, can’t hide that fitness lol

                      • bleh bleh
                        bleh bleh  2 months back

                        This episode was pretty random and was all over the place. The show's going down just like GOT.

                        • Steven Gotting
                          Steven Gotting  3 weeks back

                          Yea I don't get the hate either. I thought season 6 was hilarious

                        • Shady Boukhary
                          Shady Boukhary  2 months back

                          @Grady Whitman I respectfully disagree. I don't think it's as funny as it used to be when TJ Miller was around, but I still think it is quite funny and entertaining. Every episode so far has given me a least a couple of good laughs. For example, Jared going crazy, the whole scene where Richard is mocked for doing a linear search on a sorted list, Gilfoyle and HR, Maximizing Alphaness. These are all examples of scenes that gave me a good laugh.

                        • Grady Whitman
                          Grady Whitman  2 months back

                          The show sailed for the toilet when Erlich left. A clogged toilent, pick and axe, not a plunger. Used to be sooo funny, now it's an aimless PC commercial, but alas, this is why things end badly, because if it wasn't bad, it wouldn't end. SV6 is bad.

                        • Shady Boukhary
                          Shady Boukhary  2 months back

                          I thought it was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

                      • EL SCIENCE
                        EL SCIENCE  2 months back

                        Did Danesh get jawline implants 😂

                        • Uwe Bindewald
                          Uwe Bindewald  2 months back

                          Fuck Yeeahhh!!!!!

                          • Uwe Bindewald
                            Uwe Bindewald  2 months back

                            dinesh looks totaly jacked, ready for his new marvel role

                            • Mark Hutsell
                              Mark Hutsell  2 months back

                              What do all these people working together on this same broken record of a comment have in common? Btw, it's not at all as obvious as they seem to think.

                            • Ethaara
                              Ethaara  2 months back

                              He watched this video many times, I think it is not a coincidence

                          • B Drago
                            B Drago  2 months back

                            That's the moment I realized that if Dinesh was white he'd probably be an alt-right shithead.

                            • Ishan Saxena
                              Ishan Saxena  2 months back

                              We need Maximizing Alphaness video!! Please share

                              • Browsing Channel
                                Browsing Channel  3 weeks back

                                Ishan Saxena HBO listen us. You made the boob app so do this.

                            • Mudit Jha
                              Mudit Jha  2 months back

                              Dinesh is the new brogrammer in town.

                              • Eedo 123
                                Eedo 123  2 months back

                                Dinesh traps are alpha

                                • A A
                                  A A  2 months back

                                  So that's how he became so big

                                  • christian0097
                                    christian0097  2 months back

                                    The forehead is the strongest part of the body.

                                    • Grady Whitman
                                      Grady Whitman  2 months back

                                      Not as strong as a big ol' girthy cock

                                  • cp1307
                                    cp1307  2 months back

                                    Fuck yeah !!

                                    • Arek Wasilewski
                                      Arek Wasilewski  2 months back

                                      Na jaki chuj barany puszczanie najlepsze momenty ? Na jaki chuj mam później odpalić odcinek ? Hahhaaa

                                      • Muttahhar Dar
                                        Muttahhar Dar  2 months back

                                        Just can't get enough of Dinesh's biceps!

                                        • Samhosh Vader
                                          Samhosh Vader  2 months back

                                          Why the fuck is Dinesh so buff? He looks ripped like Batista

                                          • Вячеслав К
                                            Вячеслав К  2 months back

                                            Fuck yeah!💪

                                            • freaknable
                                              freaknable  2 months back

                                              Dinesh looks like he hits the gym 5 times a week.

                                            • Water Balloon
                                              Water Balloon  2 months back

                                              whats so bad about alphaness, society needs it right now

                                              • Prashant s
                                                Prashant s  2 months back

                                                That's why they're trying to maximize it.
                                                Fuck yeaaah

                                              • PuffTheMagicHobo
                                                PuffTheMagicHobo  2 months back

                                                Yup, more betas = more school shooters

                                              • islandbee
                                                islandbee  2 months back

                                                @Edmond Chan - Yes, from a self interest point of a view I agree. But, I'd never snitch on my family. Snitches are bitches.

                                              • Edmond Chan
                                                Edmond Chan  2 months back

                                                @Danny Isambard This sounds like beta talk. An alpha wouldn't need to say (like me). They just do.

                                              • Edmond Chan
                                                Edmond Chan  2 months back

                                                @islandbee Yes, I have also seen A Bronx Tale. The Prisoner's Dilemma has the added benefit of a much lighter sentence for the snitch. We know from stories and actual people that have snitched, hence how we have these gangster/mob films, that they did snitch, whether it was because they were selling drugs they were not supposed to, or they were looking at life and couldn't bear it.

                                                And no, snitching isn't beta. Keeping quiet isn't alpha either. If someone's keeping quiet and not snitching because they were told to, is that really alpha? If someone's snitching because it removes their rivals and strengthens their claim, is that beta?

                                            • BM BM
                                              BM BM  2 months back

                                              Hey, uh, don't show that video to Gilfoyle!

                                              • Love Is The Answer
                                                Love Is The Answer  2 months back

                                                @Zed A.A Not sure about Gilfoyle living a hedonistic lifestyle, I thought he just liked knowledge of the self. And you meant Gilfoyle & D'elia together or Martin & D'elia? 😄

                                              • Zed A.A
                                                Zed A.A  2 months back

                                                Love Is The Answer that makes sense. Maybe he lives a hedonistic lifestyle :P Like Chris D’Elia. Those two would be fun to watch together in a sitcom

                                              • Love Is The Answer
                                                Love Is The Answer  2 months back

                                                @Zed A.A I saw that episode. But I have heard that the creators don't want to put a romantic relationship in the story. And to be honest, it is refreshing to not see romance in a nice TV show, most shows just copy that Rachel-Ross on-off relationship idea, which gets boring. About Gilfoyle, I don't think he is evil, or anyone is, I read that people are non-dual, people are neither good nor bad, people are just beautiful humans, I hope we see shows that tell people that reality. In the show, Gilfoyle doesn't follow the Satanic Bible but LaVey's Satanism(people confuse the two and just think Gilfoyle is evil), which talks about human freedom, so, I'd say that he got fed up of materialism & wanted to learn about spirituality. 😊

                                              • Zed A.A
                                                Zed A.A  2 months back

                                                Love Is The Answer Interesting :) In the ending of season 5 it seemed like he and Monica had something going on. I wonder why they scrapped that

                                            • Omkar Deokar
                                              Omkar Deokar  2 months back

                                              Who else searched maximizing alphaness on YT???

                                              • oinkpiggin
                                                oinkpiggin  2 months back

                                                found it. it is on pornhub

                                              • Saint Cyanide
                                                Saint Cyanide  2 months back

                                                @Craig Tucker Shut the fuck up, Craig. Tweek was right to dump your ass.

                                              • Craig Tucker
                                                Craig Tucker  2 months back

                                                just google zuzana drabinova ffs!

                                              • E Hernandez
                                                E Hernandez  2 months back

                                                I posted the link to the actual Maximizing Alphaness video in the comments but YT doesn't seem to allow me to post it here :D

                                              • Craig Tucker
                                                Craig Tucker  2 months back

                                                spoken like a true beta cuck! respekt!

                                            • Dhruv Yadav
                                              Dhruv Yadav  2 months back

                                              Watching 🔥👏