iOS 13: Top Features & Changes for iPhone!

  • Published: 19 September 2019
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    A look at over 20 TOP iOS 13 features. Which new feature is your favorite? - Thanks to TenorShare, creator of ReiBoot for sponsoring this video. Try ReiBoot for macOS: and get $10 off with coupon code 9to5mac.

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    iPhone stand used in video:

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    Top macOS Catalina features!

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    The BEST iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 features!

    50+ NEW iPadOS 13 features / changes for iPad!

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Comments • 2 355

  • 9to5Mac
    9to5Mac   3 months back

    What's your favorite new iOS 13 feature? Spill it!

    • sarah marshall
      sarah marshall  3 weeks back

      Not a gaddamn thing

    • Abeham
      Abeham  3 weeks back

      Darkmode shortcuts

    • Chris Famia
      Chris Famia  4 weeks back

      9to5Mac the haptics Touch improvements, very noticeable in Xr

    • Shishir Rao
      Shishir Rao  1 months back

      Dark Mode; and yo I have the same Xbox Controller as you!

    • Argie niel Auditor
      Argie niel Auditor  1 months back

      Shadowskully really nice

  • First Name Second Name
    First Name Second Name  14 hours back

    13.3 is still garbage, Bang & Olufsen head phones now sound like someone garbling under water, apps still freeze, battery life indicator is so,inaccurate it may as well not exist and while an iPad Pro is only crashing two to three times a day it is till crashing 🤦🏻‍♂️.
    Please Apple, get it together and don’t become the tech company where everything is supplied broken as standard

    • Wynand Van Reenen
      Wynand Van Reenen  16 hours back

      Video editing is amazing!

      • Peter Holmlund
        Peter Holmlund  2 days back

        As with most technology, we probably had all features we really needed in a 2005 Nokia, but what do I know

        • Life With Quan
          Life With Quan  4 days back

          Wish I had dark mode I’m still on 6s

        • srawan shrestha
          srawan shrestha  6 days back

          Super 9o5 mac video

          • shalendra joshi
            shalendra joshi  6 days back

            photos app

            • Stacey Holson
              Stacey Holson  1 weeks back

              A friend of mine recommended me this app. She is a mom as well and knows the struggles we feel when trying
              to navigate between parenting and work. So, I literally fell in love with its functionality. It’s like being omnipresent in your child’s life and still leave some freedom, knowing that it won’t hurt your baby. I use everything the app provides: the location tracking, apps’ monitoring, etc. Love geo-fences. That’s a genius idea to put virtual boundaries and control them. As a teacher, I know it will teach them to consider boundaries in life. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Global investigations on INFO @ KENHOWARDPI .COM to hire a private investigator for your case. However, it was hard to figure out how it all worked from the very beginning, so I had to call the support. Now, it’s ok.

              • Vinay Medhekar
                Vinay Medhekar  2 weeks back

                Gestures features of copy paste undo redo. Really quirky. 🤘🏻

                • pierre Funches
                  pierre Funches  2 weeks back

                  Watching with a I phone 11

                  • micheal damron
                    micheal damron  3 weeks back


                    • Jhunny Lanzaderas
                      Jhunny Lanzaderas  3 weeks back

                      Woooah!! It's so cool!!

                      • Oscar Mejia
                        Oscar Mejia  3 weeks back

                        What's up with the fast forward! is this an error in the video!

                        • Hannah Smith
                          Hannah Smith  3 weeks back

                          Oscar Mejia
                          Just a 30 sec. tutorial

                      • James Bond
                        James Bond  3 weeks back

                        The dark mode feature has already been beaten up excessively months ago by numerous outlets and youtubers and this guy is now overly emphasizing on it

                        • scubaflimedic
                          scubaflimedic  3 weeks back

                          A lot of new stuff, but who cares when this new update KILLS your battery! And the last two updates doesn't say crap about the battery issue.

                          • michael
                            michael  3 weeks back

                            Yea man a $10 calculator app is really worth it, as the Apple free calculator app is missing only one thing? Paying you a fee for everyone you recommend buy a $10 calculator app. Good stuff!

                            • Andrei Ramanovich
                              Andrei Ramanovich  3 weeks back

                              Unfortunately 'share sheet' function is implemented very poorly, no comparison with Android version.
                              1. Can't see any chats from Whatsapp or any other app, so need a couple of clicks just to select a recipient. Also crashes from time to time.
                              2. the messages (which I never use) have a priority and always showing in the first along with airdrop :/, btw, showing contact by contact

                              • Mark Richardson
                                Mark Richardson  4 weeks back

                                i just upgrade my iPhone 7 plus to this 13.2.2 and now my VN on WhatsApp is sticking

                                • MercILess
                                  MercILess  4 weeks back

                                  I like your wallpaper give me keyword for search, please

                                  • Samisven
                                    Samisven  4 weeks back

                                    "explain it to me like i'm 5 years old"

                                    • Bible Cosby
                                      Bible Cosby  3 weeks back

                                      Well we are iphone users 🤷‍♂️

                                  • huslen Huslen
                                    huslen Huslen  4 weeks back

                                    My friend have iPhone 5 and she can dark mode

                                  • Byakusharingan
                                    Byakusharingan  4 weeks back

                                    Have a question about notifications. So I have a social media group section for apps. So say fb, insta, Pinterest etc only some receive the notification red icon on the app but not all apps even though I got a notifications. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

                                    • Nesmay_ 20
                                      Nesmay_ 20  4 weeks back

                                      I need an Iphone 🙏🙏😑😑 we can help me please any Iphone cause I don't have telephone portable

                                    • JustAskRenee
                                      JustAskRenee  4 weeks back

                                      Thanks for all the info. So much I didn't know. ❤️

                                      • Nickolette Spicer
                                        Nickolette Spicer  1 months back

                                        Iphone 8 user here. I’m paranoid this update will slow my phone down and/or make it laggy, as well as kill my battery faster. Should I be worried about this?

                                        • Lulu Maha
                                          Lulu Maha  1 months back

                                          Jaillbrek is dead. Apple is dead. Nobody cares anymore

                                          • bashir mutebi
                                            bashir mutebi  1 months back

                                            Sometimes I ask myself what will be in iOS 14! Everything is beautiful in iOS 13

                                            • Michael Fontaine
                                              Michael Fontaine  1 months back

                                              Anyone remember when you could skip 10 seconds ahead of ads

                                            • AIDAB Bee
                                              AIDAB Bee  1 months back

                                              I absolutely HATE this update. Does anyone know how to revert? I just bought an iPad Pro for 2000$ in early September. I constantly use the 5:4 aspect ratio in photo editing. Reason being the business I worked for used it for the Instagram account. For some strange reason they removed it. I called apple and they were zero help. Someone help me please!!!! Wish I never updated! Feel like I got scammed :(

                                              • Rajan Lohani
                                                Rajan Lohani  1 months back

                                                I’m having camera issues.. it clicks blurry picture.. help me resolve this please

                                                • nounix 3
                                                  nounix 3  1 months back

                                                  If anyone can help me out with this problem I would greatly greatly appreciate it !! :-)
                                                  OK so here’s the thing. On my 2017 touchbar Mac (Mojave OS), in the Photos app, I have created various folders, and in each folder I have 2 sub-albums. These two sub-albums always have the same name (for each different folder) but that’s no problem for me since they are in different folders and there is therefore no same-name conflict.
                                                  So, imagine that I have made numerous (MANY) folders named like this: “2018-01-18 event” - for example – which is the name of the photo “event”, and then in this folder I have 2 albums; one named “All“, and the other named “Selections“. As you may understand, the “All“ album contains everything (photos and videos) from that event, and the “Selections“ album contains my selections from the first, “All“, album.
                                                  The same stands for all the other folders – from different event dates: they each have their own “All“ and “Selections“ folder in them. Obviously, all the different “All“ and “Selections“ folders have different photos and videos in them since they belong to different events. The only thing that is the same – between them – is their name (which is not a problem and cannot be confused with one another since they are inside different event folders).
                                                  I just bought the 256 GB version of the iPhone 11 Pro which now (finally) permits me to transfer all my folders and albums from my Mac to my iPhone.
                                                  Now, although I chose all these folders on my Mac to be synced via iTunes with my new iPhone, the result was a complete disaster!! I ended up with no folders at all, and SCORES of albums called “All“ and another that many “Selections“ albums.... all over the place... A complete mess.
                                                  Needless to say, it will take forever to find what I’m looking for since all the albums have the same name...
                                                  Does anyone know how I can fix this and get my folders into my iPhones photos app – just the way they are on my MacBook? Or will iOS 13 simply not allow for folders?
                                                  And, if not, does anyone know if Apple intends to bring the iOS version of Photos to behave identically to the Mac OS version of Photos?
                                                  How annoying… all this organizing,foldering, sorting, renaming, and everything has taken me AGES to make on my Mac, and I just want this to be organized identically on my iPhone.

                                                  • Redloxx
                                                    Redloxx  1 months back

                                                    My iPad just updated to iPad is 13 and I saw the dark mode feature and I was happy

                                                    • Frak Beats
                                                      Frak Beats  1 months back

                                                      Dude, clean out your mail notifications. Christ.

                                                      • Guvie Bain
                                                        Guvie Bain  1 months back

                                                        Hi love your channel! Sorry, but you didn’t mention that one has to be a subscriber to Apple Music to use the new lyric feature in music on the iphone. Not everyone is—too bad I wanted this feature!!! Oh well! Keep up the great videos!

                                                        • LouLou
                                                          LouLou  1 months back

                                                          Hold on - you still can’t DRAW in edit photos?? How annoying!

                                                          • LouLou
                                                            LouLou  1 months back

                                                            Has anyone downloaded this to their iPhone se? Worried it will cause serious lag.

                                                            • LouLou
                                                              LouLou  4 weeks back

                                                              Dreaminqs I think it’s same size yes not sure about the insides

                                                            • Dreaminqs
                                                              Dreaminqs  1 months back

                                                              SE is a 6 ?

                                                          • F
                                                            F  1 months back

                                                            If you have an iPhone 8, DO NOT UPDATE! It slows your phone :/

                                                            • EDUNET Ajay
                                                              EDUNET Ajay  1 months back

                                                              I'm watching this on my android phone 😂

                                                              • Amr EL-Amrawy
                                                                Amr EL-Amrawy  1 months back

                                                                I want to ask for more details about the stand on which the iPhone is placed.

                                                                • Gaurav Dighe
                                                                  Gaurav Dighe  1 months back

                                                                  Most of these are already there in my OnePlus.

                                                                  • Dean J
                                                                    Dean J  1 months back

                                                                    oh that NOTCH so 2018!

                                                                    • Sean
                                                                      Sean  1 months back

                                                                      Great video! Which stand is that for your phone?

                                                                      • Tenzack YOGI
                                                                        Tenzack YOGI  1 months back

                                                                        Who's watching on S10LUS?

                                                                        • Rebecca Hoffmann
                                                                          Rebecca Hoffmann  1 months back

                                                                          I tried to create my Memoji but my challenge is at the very starting camera in my message app isn’t working. I don’t get it.the camera app on its on opens and I can’t take pictures.but when I open my message app it doesn’t open to add and send a photo in A message

                                                                          • Jug Jug
                                                                            Jug Jug  1 months back

                                                                            13.2 ios on my ip8+

                                                                            • ShartingFish
                                                                              ShartingFish  1 months back

                                                                              IOS13 is the reason my next phone will be an android..

                                                                              • ShartingFish
                                                                                ShartingFish  1 months back

                                                                                skankhunt 42 Well since updating, my spell check doesn't work, my phone doesn't ring on incoming calls, when i dial out sometimes i have to do it more than once since it drops calls, my email sync on sent items broke, and my battery life is half what it was on ios12.

                                                                              • yoda on crack
                                                                                yoda on crack  1 months back

                                                                                How come?

                                                                            • GIGABOSS TV
                                                                              GIGABOSS TV  2 months back


                                                                              • Micegift
                                                                                Micegift  2 months back

                                                                                !!!!!!!!I HATE IOS 13 WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!!

                                                                                The curser manipulation is terrible. I used to like the old magnifying glass as it was easy to use made the text bigger for me to see as my eyesight isn't the best and was easier to use the select/select all, cut/copy/paste. 🙂 Now the curser just rolls around the whole page and/or paragraph and when you want to select something, the curser just rolls around the text instead and it's beyond annoying. 😡 I don't use emoji stickers, they have taken away the update icon away from app store (bottom of the screen) and instead you now have to go searching for it and if you're like me and has a lot of apps trying to scroll through them all trying to find some simple information (ie, the date for the last update) is now a nightmare and was perfect for what I needed before. I don't care about Apple Arcade. It's just another way to make money out of me as I don't even use iTunes and if I want a game, I am perfectly capable of downloading it myself and I want my updates button back please? I ended up having to contact Apple Support just for them to tell me how wonderful it is! NO IT'S NOT!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

                                                                                As to how they have murdered the email feature. The functionality is now so slow it is a disgrace, I now have emails that I cannot delete and how do you even navigate it? It used to be so easy, if you are someone like me who is in my late 40's and not technically minded, it really is just not funny. Also half of my apps no longer work and as one of them is for my bank, that is a huge problem. 😡

                                                                                I wish I had looked have looked up what iOs 13 really is before so I do except some of the blame. I blindly trusted Apple having been a loyal devotee since 2004 and updated it automatically and I now desperately want to go back to iOS 12 as for me personally, it was 100000000x better.