PART ONE: Christine Lahti on Feminism, Her Show “Evil,” and More!

  • Published: 12 January 2020
  • Christine Lahti joins us, and she’s talking all things feminism and her new show “Evil”!
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  • Zero Privacy
    Zero Privacy  6 days back

    Feminism is like daytime tv, cancerous.

    • Jo-ann Blair
      Jo-ann Blair  1 weeks back

      Loni Love needs to be fired for what she said about Black Men

      • Stan Kim Jongin
        Stan Kim Jongin  1 weeks back

        Black women did vote but Ig 🥴

        • Lillian Whitson
          Lillian Whitson  1 weeks back

          I'm sorry but feminism is terrible. It's destroying society. Being a single mom who raises inmates isn't cool. Having a 2 parent home is cool. Screw you feminism from a woman

          • lexi219
            lexi219  1 weeks back

            Without feminism, you wouldn't have the right to vote, work, have your own credit cards, or own property. But go off, dear 😂

          • Gugulethu Sithole
            Gugulethu Sithole  1 weeks back

            Lillian Whitson Ma’am feminism did not start the single mom epidemic. Your government did.

          • Lillian Whitson
            Lillian Whitson  1 weeks back

            Uju Azuya didn't the single mom epidemic get started along with the feminist cancer in the 60s??????

          • Uju Azuya
            Uju Azuya  1 weeks back

            This is so stupid lol how does being a single mom relate to feminism sis go read a book

        • Renata Barbosa
          Renata Barbosa  1 weeks back

          2:22 looks like Tamar lmao 😂

        • Loony Tunes
          Loony Tunes  2 weeks back

          She was in the bathroom snortin somtin somtin lol like she sucked at lying

          • Scorpio Skates
            Scorpio Skates  2 weeks back

            Feminism are Women who fought to give Women the right to Vote, Work, Equal Pay and then Men have made it out of a "Dirty Word"! Women like Kim Kardashian and Adrienne Baillon have never stood up and fought for anything and promote Women as Sexual Beings!😣😣😣😣😣

            • CONJUNCTION
              CONJUNCTION  2 weeks back

              She’s saying us and our interests, whose interests have feminism been centred on? Which women? Cause if she’s talking about representation, feminism hasn’t advocated for all women.

              True feminism has the power to transform society, but too often what is advanced as feminism is actually White supremacy in disguise – a counterfeit we sometimes call White Feminism.

              White Feminism exists to promote the comfort and safety of middle-class and affluent White women.

              At its core, it is a racist ideology that claims to speak for all women while ignoring the needs of women of color and suppressing our voices when our agendas and priorities don’t align.

              It recognizes the voice of women of color only to further its own aims and appear inclusive (Ortega, 2006).

              Its organizational representations fail to properly address racial and economic intersectionality in experiences of sexism.

              It rejects the idea that women can oppress others who are disempowered and, in doing so, replicates the harmful unacknowledged social dynamic of the primacy of well-educated White voices.

              • J L
                J L  2 weeks back

                Women hate feminism but that’s the only reason ur out the kitchen and have the right to vote - thanks to feminists

                • lexi219
                  lexi219  1 weeks back

                  Thank you. How are y'all gonna act like you haven't immensely benefited from feminism? If you are a woman that has their own bank account, owns property, works, votes, uses contraceptives, has used maternity leave, and/or went to college, then your ass benefited from feminism.

              • Eddie N
                Eddie N  2 weeks back

                "Michael's Williams incredible speech"? Michael Williams admitted to aborted her child for a award smh

                • TheEpez88
                  TheEpez88  2 weeks back

                  Woman vote already and vote for mostly men candidates. If we want to see more woman politicians then more woman need to get into politics, which I would not blame or be against them choosing not to be. We like what we like.

                  • Gurl M
                    Gurl M  1 weeks back

                    amen to that...thats all it comes down too

                • Megalodon Unlocked
                  Megalodon Unlocked  2 weeks back

                  Feminism is white women wanting an equal share of what white men have stolen from black and brown people. Get a clue, these 'females' are conning you...

                  • C.C.W
                    C.C.W  2 weeks back

                    Feminism 😒 we all know its a competition. Child all votes dont count because its essentially the electoral college that gets voted in😒

                    • pakiraju786
                      pakiraju786  1 weeks back

                      In my state of Michigan, which typically is a blue state, lost in 2016 within a few thousands. So yeah in some states it does count.

                  • DorYon Lefave
                    DorYon Lefave  2 weeks back

                    Chr!s Brown Alphabetical Order Last Name 1st

                    • C.C.W
                      C.C.W  2 weeks back

                      Ik amanda cant stand white feminism😂

                      • LaShonda Rochell
                        LaShonda Rochell  1 weeks back

                        @Gugulethu Sithole So what's mind-blowing about his statement, GOD don't make mistakes so if you born a boy or girl He already made it definitive no matter how you feel that you are the opposite sex of what you are . Born male, die male born female die female end of discussion!!!!

                      • Gugulethu Sithole
                        Gugulethu Sithole  1 weeks back

                        J L I’ve never been more disappointed in a human being in 2020 like I am with you 😂 .. the ignorance, the recklessness, the disrespect is mind blowing smh

                      • LaShonda Rochell
                        LaShonda Rochell  2 weeks back

                        @J L Yesss to this commenter

                      • J L
                        J L  2 weeks back

                        C.C.W But she loves homosexual lgbtHIV people and pandering to them and believing in men becoming a female 😂 which is not biologically possible

                    • Sasha Jolie
                      Sasha Jolie  2 weeks back

                      Feminism and evil in the same sentence. As it should be!

                      • ana perez
                        ana perez  1 weeks back

                        Gugulethu Sithole from the looks of it I don’t think that you understand it. seeing as I told you what I thought and my opinion. And when the question was asked to you. You couldn’t give an answer. Whether it’s your lack of understanding the question. Or maybe deep down you know that we in fact do not live in a patriarchal society. So I think your right about one thing, a one sided argument can not continue. Have a great day.

                      • Gugulethu Sithole
                        Gugulethu Sithole  1 weeks back

                        ana perez I was more than happy to hear your views on why you believe that we do not live in a patriarchal society. However you seem to lack understanding of the very definition of patriarchy as it relates to society. At this point I genuinely believe that you “don’t believe” in something that you don’t understand. This conversation is probably not worthwhile for us to continue. Great chatting to you. Bye.

                      • ana perez
                        ana perez  1 weeks back

                        Gugulethu Sithole but I told you my stance I don’t believe we live in a patriarchy. I gave you the definition of it and I told you I don’t think we do live in one. I don’t know how you could have missed that. You still haven’t said if you do believe in one and why.

                      • Gugulethu Sithole
                        Gugulethu Sithole  1 weeks back

                        ana perez and while you’re at it, please substantiate your answer. Thanks.

                      • Gugulethu Sithole
                        Gugulethu Sithole  1 weeks back

                        ana perez what is your understanding of patriarchy as it relates to society ? Coz what you’re doing is quoting the definition of patriarchy from the dictionary and making that the basis of your answer. You’re not a robot. Think.

                    • The Mandinka Family
                      The Mandinka Family  2 weeks back

                      I like how Amanda pretends to be interested in this feminist topic seeing as how it only protects interest of white women. Good job for pretending!