How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious

  • Published: 06 November 2019
  • Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education as he shares a comprehensive look at slicing fruits both large and small, from the tough to the exceedingly tender. Watch Frank peel, dice, hammer, and chop his way across the produce aisle and learn the skills you need to slice any fruit your sweet tooth desires.

    Grapes 0:40
    Strawberry 1:01
    Fig 1:30
    Plum 1:57
    Lime 2:27
    Lemon 2:46
    Kiwi Berry 3:18
    Longan 3:38
    Gooseberry 4:07
    Prickly Pear 4:26
    Star Fruit 4:52
    Rambutan 5:12
    Passion Fruit 5:44
    Mandarin Orange 6:01
    Persimmon 6:16
    Pepino Melon 6:45
    Quince 7:15
    Cherimoya 8:01
    Apple 8:23
    Dragonfruit 8:46
    Avocado 9:23
    Peach 10:32
    Pomegranate 11:11
    Orange 11:46
    Yellow Plantain 12:18
    Green Plantain 13:03
    Mango 13:51
    Grapefruit 15:12
    Durian 15:55
    Papaya 16:48
    Pineapple 17:41
    Cantaloupe 19:12
    Pomelo 20:00
    Pumpkin 20:46
    Honeydew 21:21
    Watermelon 22:03

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    How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious
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Comments • 26 619

  • Dasha Retunskaya
    Dasha Retunskaya  40 minutes back

    How to *cut (he doesn’t always slice them)

    • Shafie Bosskur
      Shafie Bosskur  54 minutes back

      Open durian with hand is boss level

      • Benjamin K.
        Benjamin K.  2 hours back

        i still dont know how to cut a mango

        • Lord of bacon91 Bacon
          Lord of bacon91 Bacon  2 hours back


          Finger limes

          • Neha Neha
            Neha Neha  3 hours back

            Super fast peel

            • Justin V
              Justin V  4 hours back

              NO POMEGRANATES

              • nurul huda
                nurul huda  4 hours back

                Berani dia kutuk durian bau macam kaki and bawang!!!! BERANINYAAAA NAK KENA BOTAK NI 😤😤😤

                • Pham Xuan Thi
                  Pham Xuan Thi  4 hours back

                  The dragonfruit flesh can acualy can be pink-ish

                  • Sasha Kalliecharan
                    Sasha Kalliecharan  5 hours back

                    In Trinidad the star fruit is called five fingers 🇹🇹🇹🇹

                    • Ariana 4 LIFE
                      Ariana 4 LIFE  5 hours back

                      How to slice Rambutan
                      Filipino's: Why dude whyyy??
                      (We Filipino's open Rambutan by hand and eat it whole then throw the seed or plant it 🤣)

                      • Luca B.
                        Luca B.  5 hours back

                        Paprica is a fruit

                        • Skyler Alaine
                          Skyler Alaine  7 hours back

                          I was not ready for the Longan to look like that on the inside

                          • TyranTex
                            TyranTex  8 hours back

                            Why tf r they calling a banana a YELLOW PLANTAIN

                            • Sativa Mahardini
                              Sativa Mahardini  8 hours back

                              You can use ur finger to open the rambutan.. and in Indonesia that's not how we eat it we just gonna put it in our mouth and "pisahkan buah dari biji nya dengan gigi" im sorry idk how to say it in English 😅 still learning

                              • Cpt. Duck
                                Cpt. Duck  9 hours back

                                Audience : "FIG!"

                                My ears : "THICC!"

                                • Shanil Pàtel
                                  Shanil Pàtel  10 hours back

                                  How old were you when you found out Banana is called Yellow Plantain?

                                  ME:Today Years old😑

                                  • A random dude Who has internet

                                    *Is it just me who thinks this is satisfying* ?

                                    • shivani balram
                                      shivani balram  11 hours back


                                      • Michael Frederico
                                        Michael Frederico  12 hours back

                                        Lemons really Pith me off

                                        • TIAM TAVAKOLI
                                          TIAM TAVAKOLI  12 hours back

                                          they sound like those background laughs in every nickolodeon show

                                          • Andrea G Nochu
                                            Andrea G Nochu  12 hours back

                                            I like how he pealed the apple so easily, I struggle for half an hour just to get the peeler yo work

                                            • Maleah Parsons
                                              Maleah Parsons  13 hours back

                                              Oh I love rambutans

                                              • Alexis Rodriguez
                                                Alexis Rodriguez  13 hours back

                                                Chef:look at the inside of the dragon fruit

                                                • wendy gomez
                                                  wendy gomez  13 hours back

                                                  Ha I knew it nobody has cut a starfruit

                                                  • Alexis Rodriguez
                                                    Alexis Rodriguez  13 hours back

                                                    I don’t know some of there fruits UMMM I have to learn more about fruit I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ passion fruit XD

                                                    • LexusGTOmega 2121
                                                      LexusGTOmega 2121  13 hours back

                                                      No pomegranates

                                                      • The Beast
                                                        The Beast  14 hours back

                                                        He forgot blueberries

                                                        • Kurstin Slone
                                                          Kurstin Slone  14 hours back

                                                          The top part of the strawberry is called the crown 👑 I think lol

                                                          • Monyze Silva
                                                            Monyze Silva  14 hours back

                                                            Sir, if you open a passion fruit in that way you're gona waste so much juice.

                                                            Just cut more close to the one of the ends, not in the middle. The fruit has a kind of capsule inside, cutting close to the end this capsule remains untouched. So you can hold the fruit with the opening upwards and use a spoon to reach the interior

                                                            • Anet Garcia
                                                              Anet Garcia  15 hours back

                                                              Strawberries you can use a straw

                                                              • zigzagzarf
                                                                zigzagzarf  15 hours back

                                                                4:58 he said u eat the wrapper

                                                                • Jason Martin
                                                                  Jason Martin  15 hours back

                                                                  that’s some obnoxious editing and “audience”

                                                                  • Athena Watts
                                                                    Athena Watts  15 hours back

                                                                    You kinda forgot the BEST fruit,

                                                                    *Boneless fruit*

                                                                    • bries angle
                                                                      bries angle  16 hours back

                                                                      ok but why are people annoyed that he didn’t show the 2nd method on how to cut the pomegranate it’s not like anyone is actually here for help

                                                                      • A random name
                                                                        A random name  17 hours back

                                                                        Yes i am watching this for the 5th time so what

                                                                        • Talia Grace
                                                                          Talia Grace  17 hours back

                                                                          Me: * sees a pumpkin *
                                                                          Audience: "Pumpkin"
                                                                          Frank: "this is a pumpkin"
                                                                          Also me: *"uSe THe HaMmer"*

                                                                          Get it?
                                                                          "Smashing" pumpkins? Hahahahahahaha

                                                                          • Poffo Ortiz
                                                                            Poffo Ortiz  18 hours back

                                                                            Ok... i REALLY need a paring knife

                                                                            • Freddie Wright
                                                                              Freddie Wright  19 hours back

                                                                              6:17 that persimmon has no god damn business being dat T H I C C

                                                                              • Alyssa Wu Zhan
                                                                                Alyssa Wu Zhan  19 hours back

                                                                                watching this and crying while i dismantle a jackfruit

                                                                                • thebloxxer of world
                                                                                  thebloxxer of world  19 hours back

                                                                                  Frank: I'll be teaching your students how to slice pomegranates
                                                                                  Teacher: NO POMEGRANATES

                                                                                  • Dim Boyy
                                                                                    Dim Boyy  20 hours back

                                                                                    I'm quite perturbed by how dark those rambutan hair are. fresh rambutan usually has a bright red or green hair

                                                                                    • Yousef Swelam
                                                                                      Yousef Swelam  23 hours back

                                                                                      Mom:what are you watching? Me: it’s complicated

                                                                                      • Clip215 Gaming
                                                                                        Clip215 Gaming  1 days back

                                                                                        His peach looks really bad...

                                                                                        • CPUGZM
                                                                                          CPUGZM  1 days back

                                                                                          The real fruit ninja

                                                                                          • Isaiah Alvarez
                                                                                            Isaiah Alvarez  1 days back

                                                                                            Ya boy forgot about jackfruit

                                                                                            • LUMBAGO101
                                                                                              LUMBAGO101  1 days back

                                                                                              Vid : How to cut rambutans
                                                                                              Indonesian : allow us to introduce ourselves

                                                                                              • LeMaC 1991
                                                                                                LeMaC 1991  1 days back

                                                                                                Whats the taste of dragonfruit?
                                                                                                Hot or sweet..?


                                                                                                • Karolis Blaškauskas
                                                                                                  Karolis Blaškauskas  1 days back

                                                                                                  Why you call it plantai? It's a banana