How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious

  • Published: 06 November 2019
  • Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education as he shares a comprehensive look at slicing fruits both large and small, from the tough to the exceedingly tender. Watch Frank peel, dice, hammer, and chop his way across the produce aisle and learn the skills you need to slice any fruit your sweet tooth desires.

    Grapes 0:40
    Strawberry 1:01
    Fig 1:30
    Plum 1:57
    Lime 2:27
    Lemon 2:46
    Kiwi Berry 3:18
    Longan 3:38
    Gooseberry 4:07
    Prickly Pear 4:26
    Star Fruit 4:52
    Rambutan 5:12
    Passion Fruit 5:44
    Mandarin Orange 6:01
    Persimmon 6:16
    Pepino Melon 6:45
    Quince 7:15
    Cherimoya 8:01
    Apple 8:23
    Dragonfruit 8:46
    Avocado 9:23
    Peach 10:32
    Pomegranate 11:11
    Orange 11:46
    Yellow Plantain 12:18
    Green Plantain 13:03
    Mango 13:51
    Grapefruit 15:12
    Durian 15:55
    Papaya 16:48
    Pineapple 17:41
    Cantaloupe 19:12
    Pomelo 20:00
    Pumpkin 20:46
    Honeydew 21:21
    Watermelon 22:03

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    How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious
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Comments • 24 066

  • Elsa Frost
    Elsa Frost  3 minutes back

    "Kiwi berries are adorable"

    • Elsa Frost
      Elsa Frost  3 minutes back

      The lemon cutting triggered me

      • Adinaaa xx
        Adinaaa xx  11 minutes back

        "This is a Longan. They grow on trees"

        Okay sir😊

        • πυριφλεγής μόρος

          Although informative, I think the title should be "watch a man cutting and eating fruits for 24 minutes straight".

          • Cristii Chan
            Cristii Chan  24 minutes back

            how to slice every fruit:
            *pear and tomato: am I a joke to you?*

            • Riad Boumrah Year 10
              Riad Boumrah Year 10  36 minutes back

              Legend has it that Frank still hasn’t showed us the second way to process a pomegranate.

              • FelisTerras
                FelisTerras  40 minutes back

                Whoever thougt that putting the 90's sitcom live audience into this show was a good idea should be monitored. Very. Closely. As for the hammer time: foodwaste is not a term anyone on your team has coined, right?

                • Aqualia !
                  Aqualia !  58 minutes back

                  Me: *hears cringy audience sounds, obvious « this is a (fruit) » and HAMMER*
                  Also me: Stop it. Get some help. Please. PLEASE. EDITOR. STOP.

                  • Upsetti Spaghetti
                    Upsetti Spaghetti  1 hours back

                    I'm watching a video on how to cut every fruit. I have homework for tomorrow. I don't even like cooking what am I doing here?!?

                    • Softie
                      Softie  1 hours back

                      Why are you even slicing rambutan?

                      • Igor Igor
                        Igor Igor  1 hours back

                        thank you so much

                        • No_Mercy
                          No_Mercy  2 hours back

                          In my family we cut the mango 🥭 horizontally then twist the half off we then chew the mango off the seed and use a spoon to scoop the mango which looks like a bowl

                          • Andrea Kroon
                            Andrea Kroon  2 hours back

                            Him: Cuts a lemon and lime
                            Cuts on his hand: I'm finna end this man's whole career

                            • Bora Shakir
                              Bora Shakir  3 hours back

                              You forgot TOMATOES

                              • mohamed shafeerpk
                                mohamed shafeerpk  3 hours back


                                • Nick Hobbs
                                  Nick Hobbs  3 hours back

                                  The first thing I thought was "WTF is that yellow one that looks like a jellyfish" - just me?

                                  • Elsa Frost
                                    Elsa Frost  9 minutes back

                                    Does anyone know though?

                                  • Nick Hobbs
                                    Nick Hobbs  3 hours back

                                    And he didn't even cut it!

                                • EwaldM [GD]
                                  EwaldM [GD]  3 hours back

                                  Am I the only one whos likes apples with their skin on better

                                  • creeper guy
                                    creeper guy  3 hours back

                                    You know when he got to the avocado did anyone think of the song peel the avocado peel the avocado

                                    • EwaldM [GD]
                                      EwaldM [GD]  3 hours back

                                      This video could have had potential...

                                      • 420 420
                                        420 420  3 hours back

                                        Who peels apples? And don't tell for your child, just give it whole.

                                        • Brice McCane
                                          Brice McCane  3 hours back

                                          That’s the sharpest knife I’ve ever seen

                                          • Opal
                                            Opal  4 hours back

                                            Plantain = banana with extra steps

                                            • Kristián Benko
                                              Kristián Benko  4 hours back

                                              Be careful, plums have stones inside :D It's not a seed :D I was wrong all my life :D

                                              • Hugo Jeep
                                                Hugo Jeep  4 hours back

                                                *shows image of mango*
                                                Text: *mango*
                                                Audience: *mAnGo*
                                                Guy: this is a mango

                                                Me: oh thanks I didn’t know

                                                • ItsTheUnknown
                                                  ItsTheUnknown  4 hours back

                                                  People call longan mata kucing idk if all malaysian call it tho

                                                  • Snowiiwastaken
                                                    Snowiiwastaken  4 hours back

                                                    To the Editor of the Video.

                                                    You will be fired.

                                                    • Sensei W
                                                      Sensei W  4 hours back

                                                      Dude doesn't even know how to use a hammer...

                                                      • George XMG
                                                        George XMG  5 hours back

                                                        What about a Kiwi...

                                                        • iKONIC UWUUU
                                                          iKONIC UWUUU  5 hours back

                                                          Gooseberry?? Itu ciplukan :v

                                                          • Nicholas Hebranko
                                                            Nicholas Hebranko  5 hours back

                                                            thas a bannana

                                                            • Koof dragon
                                                              Koof dragon  5 hours back

                                                              There are 2 things I hate in this world
                                                              1. The audience laugh
                                                              2. The editor

                                                              • ToyoKujo
                                                                ToyoKujo  6 hours back

                                                                I want to try dragon fruit so badly but you don't find it in Italy

                                                                • bitupan xaikia
                                                                  bitupan xaikia  6 hours back

                                                                  I thought that was a banana

                                                                  • ryze
                                                                    ryze  6 hours back

                                                                    hMMM the aPpLe heRe iS maDe oUT oF apPle

                                                                    • Carl Wheeze
                                                                      Carl Wheeze  6 hours back

                                                                      Don’t do that ever again, thanks

                                                                      • R.L.A.X 503
                                                                        R.L.A.X 503  6 hours back


                                                                        • Skolp'
                                                                          Skolp'  7 hours back

                                                                          pointless and superficial, it's not like there is actually something to learn here, maybe some exotic fruits but..
                                                                          why i'm even watching this guy hammering fruits, encouraged by his loud imaginary friends..
                                                                          i feel i'm not in the target audience of this, perhaps they aimed for 5 yo brainless kids ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                                                          • Николай Моллов

                                                                            Портокалът не се реже така

                                                                            • FBJ Channel
                                                                              FBJ Channel  7 hours back

                                                                              I wanna cut a kiwi rn and i’m stressing

                                                                              • Phuc Nguyen Huu
                                                                                Phuc Nguyen Huu  8 hours back

                                                                                3:40 in vietnam we call them nhãn

                                                                                • The Gamer
                                                                                  The Gamer  8 hours back

                                                                                  Then you eat the flesh off the skin.

                                                                                  Thanks for the advice frank!
                                                                                  I'm off on my cannibalistic rampage now if you don't mind.

                                                                                  • Dionisius Hugo
                                                                                    Dionisius Hugo  8 hours back

                                                                                    What I thought about rambutans:
                                                                                    It goes really well on yoghurt, salad, etc


                                                                                    It goes well with gin, vodka

                                                                                    • LuKaS 7776 H
                                                                                      LuKaS 7776 H  8 hours back

                                                                                      The dragon fruit and prickly pear were oddly satisfying to watch.

                                                                                      • zulhamsyah fahmi
                                                                                        zulhamsyah fahmi  8 hours back

                                                                                        5:12 Apakah itu rambutan.. gw pikir ada nama inggrisnya :(

                                                                                        • Kayla Saindon
                                                                                          Kayla Saindon  8 hours back

                                                                                          What about jackfruit!?!

                                                                                          • SweetCinnamonガチャシ

                                                                                            yellow plantain?
                                                                                            i only know banana.

                                                                                            • Martin Berka
                                                                                              Martin Berka  9 hours back

                                                                                              no tomatoes?

                                                                                              • King500able
                                                                                                King500able  10 hours back

                                                                                                Can you make a video on how to make a form of sweet and sour sauce using fruits