Super Rare Secrets in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2): Tiger Striped Bay Mustang

  • Published: 19 October 2019
  • Top 10 Super Rare Secrets and Rare Tiger Striped Bay Mustang in game Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Rockstar put a lot of secret things in Red Dead Redemption 2, and many can only be discovered if you explore and experiment. Learn about these rare stuff and game mechanics in Red Dead 2:
    Throw body at window to break them
    Spread winged condor sunbathing
    Del Lobo family jokes
    Jumping over crevices
    Diamondback Rattlesnake
    Whale bones in the desert
    3rd Meteorite ghost location
    Cannonball water jump animation (diving in water from high up)
    Morse code in window on a ship
    Rarest horse (Tiger Striped Bay Mustang)
    Ride on Roof of tram in Saint Denis
    Gameplay walkthrough on PlayStation 4 Pro version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Comments • 89

  • edepot
    edepot   3 months back

    Make sure you watch to the end for the bonus Riding Roof of Tram trick!
    And please give a LIKE for entertaining you

  • Payam Behtash
    Payam Behtash  3 months back

    is this a different game? I don't have these areas on my map!!!

    • ProGamer
      ProGamer  3 months back

      @Payam Behtash You can get acces to New Austin after you finish chapter 6

    • Payam Behtash
      Payam Behtash  3 months back

      @XxGAMMAxXthanks for the response. So you mean I can't go to new Austin or find that rare tiger striped unless I play online?

    • XxGAMMAxX
      XxGAMMAxX  3 months back

      If you're talking about new Austin, you gotta actually go there BC none of the games story actually takes place there at all except online. Only reason to go there is to do a few bounties, explore and see some easter eggs and inspect some sites and hunt a few legendary animals in order to get 100% completion.

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde  3 months back

    Hehe interesting

    • Rebeccaan ;p
      Rebeccaan ;p  3 months back

      Tiger striped bay mustang isn't the rarest horse at all, that would be the splashed white american paint and the piebald tobiano hungarian

      • ProGamer
        ProGamer  3 months back

        @Rebeccaan ;p I dont even know if you can find it but if you can then it probably is the rarest horse

      • Rebeccaan ;p
        Rebeccaan ;p  3 months back

        @ProGamer do you mean the black arabian is or isn't rare? cut u can buy it at a stable

      • ProGamer
        ProGamer  3 months back

        Or the black arabian

    • G K
      G K  3 months back

      People confuse the bones with a whale but it’s a pterodactyl.

      • edepot
        edepot   3 months back

        Did you even read the description in the Journal? It is a whale

    • Arthur Looby
      Arthur Looby  3 months back

      Love that tiger stripped mustang. Riding it with John all the time and the most bravest horse I had and I used them all. She is fearless.

      • Brian Hart
        Brian Hart  3 months back

        And also if you go to miss Watson's cabin and West Grizzlies pump shotgun are not mommy is a semi-automatic shotgun is there I remember is one of the two it's really great shotgun

        • yuan hunguy
          yuan hunguy  3 months back

          I thought #4 was a lightning strike

          • edepot
            edepot   3 months back

            Weather control start trigger

        • Christen Sims
          Christen Sims  3 months back

          What horse are you riding on

          • ProGamer
            ProGamer  3 months back

            Its an arabian that you can buy after completing Epilogue part 2

        • Nikita Perlee
          Nikita Perlee  3 months back

          I found something that's hard to do and can be annoying. but you can also simply 'jump on horse' with a wild horse. I've done this a few times, it's not the easiest way to break it but can be fun.

          Also I have a weird find in the game, nobody helped me yet but maybe you can figure it out? At the beginning of the owanji river is a waterfall. From close you won't see it, but if you get on the mountains / Shane or by the american burial sight You see > > > pointing up the waterfall. I don't know what it is, or if it's even something. But there's 3 identical bigger and smaller ones with two X x on the other side. I hope it is something but if it's not, that's fine too.

          • Ahmet Soylu
            Ahmet Soylu  3 months back

            You are a psycho

            • Matthew Malone
              Matthew Malone  3 months back

              This is helping to get through the hype for RDR2 PC!

              • Sad Pepe
                Sad Pepe  3 months back

                This game is insane

                • COWBOY
                  COWBOY  3 months back

                  Love your videos.

                  • Mr. Wumpa
                    Mr. Wumpa  3 months back

                    Hey number 4 might actually be a lighting strike rather than a meteor

                    • Derek Wadley
                      Derek Wadley  3 months back

                      Unless you can find a piece of meteorite it was 100% a lightning strike, I agree. Plus there would need to be an actual crater, not just a burn radius to support a meteorite.

                  • LilCatMiner
                    LilCatMiner  3 months back

                    I'm using my tigers striped mustang in online while watching XD

                    • LilCatMiner
                      LilCatMiner  3 months back

                      @XxGAMMAxX no you can't break them and keep them,i bought mine for 14 gold bars

                    • XxGAMMAxX
                      XxGAMMAxX  3 months back

                      You can't be online,break a horse in and actually keep it can you. I know you can in offline story but I didn't know you could online.

                    • LilCatMiner
                      LilCatMiner  3 months back

                      @edepot i haven't seen one there,i just bought her from the stables

                    • edepot
                      edepot   3 months back

                      It is available online in same location?

                  • Leonardo Elias
                    Leonardo Elias  3 months back

                    What does the Morse code mean?

                    • Leonardo Elias
                      Leonardo Elias  3 months back

                      edepot I'll try, by the way nice job you've been doing, your videos are awesome

                    • edepot
                      edepot   3 months back

                      Get a friend to decode it, then come back to this video and tell us!

                  • L J
                    L J  3 months back

                    You can also throw a person through a window.
                    It's a really cool detail and i didn't expect it at all.

                    • XxGAMMAxX
                      XxGAMMAxX  3 months back

                      I love throwing ppl through windows. Its realistic AF esp since this is an old western game.

                    • L J
                      L J  3 months back

                      @edepot valentine and rhodes.
                      You have to grapple them and beat, then he throws him through the window.

                    • edepot
                      edepot   3 months back

                      Which saloon can you throw them through? What town?

                  • Wuu_Kidd
                    Wuu_Kidd  3 months back

                    Not sure if this was mentioned before. Sorry if it was, but I found a way to bring a stage coach into camp and travel to New Austin as Arthur. I brought one in and I was running everyone over as well as killing their horses.

                    During the mission where you retrieve the bounty for the professor Andrew Bell. Once you complete it, the prof will load the bounty into the stage coach and drive off. All you do is spook the professor off (I jumped on top of the stage coach), shoot the lock off the doors, then the wagon should be drivable. The game doesn't register the wagon as a stage coach, thus allowing you to drive it into camp and even into New Austin.

                    • Andrew Lowden
                      Andrew Lowden  3 months back

                      @Nabilio Sure, head on down, party out w your welcome party...its fanTASTic

                    • Nabilio
                      Nabilio  3 months back

                      Can you not go to New Austin as arthur normally?

                  • Michaelkm7
                    Michaelkm7  3 months back

                    I still watching your Metal gear solid V videos :3

                    • Michaelkm7
                      Michaelkm7  3 months back

                      I’m on my way. Thanks for the Details and Teaching videos❤️

                    • edepot
                      edepot   3 months back

                      Awesome. You got 100%?

                  • Erwin Priyono [Erw1np]
                    Erwin Priyono [Erw1np]  3 months back

                    Mustang with only 1 hp

                    • DemiGod
                      DemiGod  3 months back


                      • guti eponja
                        guti eponja  3 months back

                        Its so realistic thanks edepot :3

                        • Ryan Godfrey
                          Ryan Godfrey  3 months back

                          That's a pterodactyl

                          • Toasty
                            Toasty  3 months back

                            It says sperm whale bones as a journal entry

                        • tacocat 1899
                          tacocat 1899  3 months back

                          Use #3 as much as you can while I Arthur is still alive,.cause that animation is just useless as John, unless you need to die

                          • KomiiKazie _
                            KomiiKazie _  3 months back

                            FINALLY A NEW INTRO

                            • KomiiKazie _
                              KomiiKazie _  3 months back

                              @edepot OMG u replied!!

                            • edepot
                              edepot   3 months back

                              Sugar on food tray

                            • Tlknghds_1980
                              Tlknghds_1980  3 months back

                              @KomiiKazie _ it is but there have been vids with this intro too

                            • KomiiKazie _
                              KomiiKazie _  3 months back

                              @Tlknghds_1980 I thought it was the powder on the tray

                            • Tlknghds_1980
                              Tlknghds_1980  3 months back

                              Wdym that intro has been on his vids many times

                          • Everaldo Santos
                            Everaldo Santos  3 months back

                            8, 7, 3, 2 ( i don't know if it's a glitch, it's strange that's for sure ) and 1, never saw those, nice findings.

                            • The Liquor
                              The Liquor  3 months back

                              Is the tiger bay mustang always a girl?

                              • shiloh h
                                shiloh h  3 months back

                                That breakin the window animation. I broke one I think I was in valentine. And there wqs a woman outside like cleaning the windows. And she just kept on cleaning it like it was still theren I got screenshots

                                • shiloh h
                                  shiloh h  3 months back

                                  Pull up utube. And first thing I see new edpot...Hell ya..

                                  • Евгений Третьяков

                                    #4 это не метеорит. Есть домик неподалеку, там есть книга. В которой написано про эту ситуацию.

                                    • Micah Ashman
                                      Micah Ashman  3 months back

                                      Not even 1k views. I'm actually kind of early for once.

                                      • FBI
                                        FBI  3 months back

                                        Are you doing a video without me ?

                                        • Wild Beast
                                          Wild Beast  3 months back

                                          Please dont check my history

                                      • Alidd Da
                                        Alidd Da  3 months back

                                        The number 7
                                        Me : he is gonna fail
                                        Edepot : jump with the horse like a movie hero
                                        Me : 😮

                                        • zNathz Squad
                                          zNathz Squad  3 months back

                                          Break windows

                                          • Luc Wijngaard
                                            Luc Wijngaard  3 months back

                                            I have found this one, right when I was hunting the Legendary Pronghorn or Tatanka Bison, I don't remember but anyway it's such a beauty! Great vid!

                                            • PEYTON LONG
                                              PEYTON LONG  3 months back

                                              Maybe when you found the whale New Austin was covered in water or flooded🤔

                                              • Foot ass
                                                Foot ass  3 months back

                                                PEYTON LONG u kno u can find whale bones in the desert irl? ocean levels used to be a lot higher

                                              • edepot
                                                edepot   3 months back

                                                Underwater video is here:

                                            • xXStargamerXx
                                              xXStargamerXx  3 months back

                                              *Well done Rockstar*

                                              • River License
                                                River License  3 months back

                                                These aren’t even secrets

                                                • SuGaR aNd SpIcE
                                                  SuGaR aNd SpIcE  1 months back

                                                  @LW730151 wow no shit it was a joke

                                                • Nabilio
                                                  Nabilio  3 months back

                                                  You shut your god damn mouth, Ungrateful little cockmeat.

                                                • Wyatt Earp
                                                  Wyatt Earp  3 months back

                                                  He just do it for entertainment

                                                • Sulkii
                                                  Sulkii  3 months back

                                                  @Strixus ROBLOX Read the comment above yours.

                                                • Strixus ROBLOX
                                                  Strixus ROBLOX  3 months back

                                                  Koulis TM I didn’t know about the Morse code so for some people they are

                                              • Jimmy Marcussen
                                                Jimmy Marcussen  3 months back

                                                Nice horse 👌

                                                • Alex Rus
                                                  Alex Rus  3 months back

                                                  *_-There's no sign of any intelligent life anywhere-_*

                                                  • TheMandraw
                                                    TheMandraw  3 months back

                                                    its flickering textures, not morse code

                                                  • Void X
                                                    Void X  3 months back


                                                    • Bored Guy
                                                      Bored Guy  3 months back


                                                      • ok
                                                        ok  3 months back