Cat Gives Birth, Then Doctors Realize They’re Not Kittens

  • Published: 10 January 2020
    Cat Gives Birth, Then Doctors Realize They’re Not Kittens
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  • Trina Gardner
    Trina Gardner  2 weeks back

    Before you complain and holler Click Bait, you and others might want to listen to what he says. It was a mystery to the zoo folks but evenly they figured it out. What’s so hard about just listening to a story and appreciate that it was shared. The fact that the cat “adopted” other ‘babies’ is the point here. If you don’t like the narrator’s voice, don’t listen, and if you feel it is ‘click bait’, just leave and move on to something more real, truthful, if you can find that today. If you think the narrator’s voice is so annoying, do you think ‘you’re’ complaining voice is any better? Now, I’m over my rant and back to appreciating a story of some of the strange things that goes on in Mother Nature.

    • sgtjoe2008
      sgtjoe2008  51 minutes back

      @CreepyWorld you should read all the comments, in favor to your video or not. take those negative comments as 'feedback' to make your future contents better, like making a more appropriate title for a video...capiche?

    • Anna Sloan
      Anna Sloan  5 hours back

      This is my thought on most videos..well said

    • lalune
      lalune  1 days back

      CreepyWorld of course you will say he spoke on behalf of your team won’t want to admit nor read about your underhand tactics

    • lalune
      lalune  1 days back

      I don’t give a (⋟c̫⋞)☞ you don’t like people not liking click bait

      So I’ll do a long rant like you have done so you’ll understand. If you can’t get an adult to help you

      If you don’t want to read this now is the time to stop reading

      You childishly go on about ‘complaining voice’ Well what I see here is exactly what you are doing.
      You actually think you can do better yet state that others think that.
      It’s called ‘projecting’

      Projection is a psychological defense mechanism in which individuals attribute characteristics they find unacceptable in themselves to another person.

      You can’t read minds and no one here professes they can do better
      They just, quite rightly, think that there was no need for baiting
      People state the obvious but you can’t bear to hear that so.

      Don’t look don’t read just appreciate that it is shared
      ...ᵃⁿᵈ also this is posted publically, so the public have a right, a freedom of speech right, to also have an opinion.

      Clickbait keys into predictable human behaviour. It flicks certain switches in our minds that cause us to act in a certain way. In short, it is the use of human psychology for profit.

      The story was good but spoiled because they relied on click baiting. People want to № about the subject, this is in contrary to what you judge others by, but they object because the choice isn’t given. They would have enjoyed the subject matter but hate they are duped to get them watch. This in turn negates any enjoyment which was taken away by clickbaiting

      Once we have invested in a story, we want to know how it ends and this is precisely what a well-crafted clickbait headline does, grabs our interest, gets us to invest in the story and offers the cheap, cheap cost of a click to find out how the story ends.

      Humans are susceptible to emotions, whether they are the emotions of others or of ourselves, they make us want to act, to laugh, to cry, to become angry or to provide comfort. People who write clickbait headlines know this and will attempt to incite strong emotions that, not only make us want to find satisfaction by reading the linked article, but to share the emotion with others. It uses our need to share emotions to propagate headlines on our social networks that make us laugh, that make us angry, that make us sad.

      It’s replaced the chain letters of yesteryear
      by demeaning themselves of low underhand marketing to get attention

      You don’t like that people don’t like this
      ....then ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗwalk away.
      You have become a troll while complaining of the troll like behaviour you judging others by

      Grow up!¡

    • Judy Kirk
      Judy Kirk  2 days back

      Sound turned off and fast forwarded to actual cat in video. Can't stand this particular narrator - he gets on my everlasting nerve!!!!!!!!!

  • Eve B
    Eve B  42 minutes back


    • sgtjoe2008
      sgtjoe2008  1 hours back

      ok it's a nice story...not hating or anything...but the title is really wrong

      • Elaini
        Elaini  4 hours back

        The title is... hogwash.

        • Christine Knight
          Christine Knight  5 hours back

          It's Click Bait..... and I Didn't even holler 😐

          • Nico Rose
            Nico Rose  7 hours back

            Oooohhhhh shut up....

            • Mr 90's Music lover
              Mr 90's Music lover  10 hours back

              I was 99% sure this was click bait before I clicked on it. and thank god I read the comments first, I saved almost 9 mins of my life, this is ckick bait and should be taken down

              • María Zuñiga
                María Zuñiga  17 hours back

                And nasty mean people say blak cats are bad luck wtf

                • Liz Powell
                  Liz Powell  19 hours back

                  I hate these long ones.
                  Get to the point.

                  • Jennifer Beyer
                    Jennifer Beyer  24 hours back

                    A female cat will adopt other young animals. But there is a period of time when she will adopt. There are many videos where mother cats adopt other species. It's amazing what cats can and will do.

                    • Vincypearl
                      Vincypearl  1 days back

                      #misleading Information!

                      • Sylvia Stevenson
                        Sylvia Stevenson  2 days back

                        Wow! So Amazing!

                        • Hadley Hampton
                          Hadley Hampton  2 days back


                          • Hadley Hampton
                            Hadley Hampton  2 days back

                            Ba i t

                            • Hadley Hampton
                              Hadley Hampton  2 days back

                              Dont believe any videos this pathelogical liar baits peoole with the minute you here this creeps voice report it. As bait we meed to shut this operation of deception down

                              • Hadley Hampton
                                Hadley Hampton  2 days back


                                • Hadley Hampton
                                  Hadley Hampton  2 days back

                                  Ive tuned into so many of theese fake videos produced by this obnoxious pathelogical liar based on the catchy titles that are totaly misleading just to sucker you in that the minute i here this trolls voice i report him.Dude we didnt come here to hear another one of your contrived fictional tales you use to bait people so. You can earn a buck for the amount o f people you sucker your pathetic someone needs t o stop. This freak

                                  • mike levitz
                                    mike levitz  2 days back

                                    Good voice, maybe a bit too wordy. But good voice person.

                                    • LaShaun Jackson
                                      LaShaun Jackson  2 days back

                                      If you believed the title of this video you're dumb. If you reported this video then you're way too sensitive. You don't have to like the video and you can give your opinion. But if you reported this video knowing that you clicked on it thinking that a cat gave birth to hedgehogs then You're dumb.

                                      • Jennifer W
                                        Jennifer W  2 days back

                                        What a sweet story! It shows that there are SEVERAL animals with kind hearts. I knew birds do this, just not cats.

                                        • Michael Stone
                                          Michael Stone  2 days back

                                          The title is promising-- undeservedly. The cat did not give birth to the hedgehogs.

                                          • Debra Huff
                                            Debra Huff  3 days back

                                            People on here need to chill the hell out! I mean seriously WHY ARE YALL GETTING YOURSELVES SO WORKED UP OVER SOMETHING SO TRIVIAL? People stressing over such insignificant things is whats wrong with our world today. Someones always gotta have something to complain about! I just wish everyone could take a breath before responding and realize theres much more important issues out there to be losing our shit over.

                                            • Kayann brown
                                              Kayann brown  3 days back

                                              Lions, tigers..... But never cats

                                              • Judy Childs
                                                Judy Childs  3 days back

                                                I first thought, she was raped?🤔😢
                                                ButI love the video voice ❣️

                                                • Phyllis Uzzel
                                                  Phyllis Uzzel  4 days back


                                                  • TheBullyMomma
                                                    TheBullyMomma  4 days back

                                                    What kind of an idiot works at a zoo with access to a vet and doesn’t have their cat spayed?

                                                    • Jackie Ashley
                                                      Jackie Ashley  4 days back

                                                      Clickbait waste of time

                                                      • Kristina Mullen
                                                        Kristina Mullen  4 days back

                                                        The narrator's delivery is geared towards kindergarten listeners.Its difficult to listen to it.The story is interesting so that's why I keep listening.But please try not to talk down to your listeners, dude!

                                                        • Shattered Heart
                                                          Shattered Heart  5 days back


                                                          • Maurice R
                                                            Maurice R  5 days back

                                                            Sounds about white😂😂

                                                            • Sandi laine
                                                              Sandi laine  5 days back

                                                              I knew it.waa clickbait so I am watching on mute while I scroll the comments, these ppl know how to make money on YouTube 🙄

                                                              • Arturo Ayala
                                                                Arturo Ayala  5 days back

                                                                Sorry I felt asleep

                                                                • Valma Coffey-McClean
                                                                  Valma Coffey-McClean  5 days back

                                                                  A decent voice and keeping to the subjects in hand would be great. Long winded and a bit of click bait there in the title .

                                                                  • jasmine sky Princess attention junkie

                                                                    Its the narrator that takes a whole video to say one sentence goodbye

                                                                    • lalalovengun
                                                                      lalalovengun  6 days back

                                                                      They are different cats

                                                                      • crazzylee
                                                                        crazzylee  6 days back

                                                                        What’s up with the baby monkey?

                                                                        • Bron Chow
                                                                          Bron Chow  6 days back

                                                                          Bloody hell, like drawing blood from a stone! Get to the point already

                                                                          • Dylan Heath
                                                                            Dylan Heath  6 days back


                                                                            • Dylan Heath
                                                                              Dylan Heath  6 days back

                                                                              I here this guy's voice in so many YouTube accounts

                                                                            • Cuzzo Ro
                                                                              Cuzzo Ro  6 days back

                                                                              There's a difference between birth and "adoption"I guess...ur rant was pointless and u low-key snitched on urself when explaining y it's not clickbait...u did the same shit everybody else doin...ijs🤷🏾‍♂️

                                                                              • mike d.
                                                                                mike d.  6 days back

                                                                                Click bait don't bother.

                                                                                • G Red
                                                                                  G Red  6 days back

                                                                                  I just skip to the end when I hear his voice... I know it's a good story but his voice drives me crazy😜

                                                                                  • Giavona Bellanoti
                                                                                    Giavona Bellanoti  6 days back

                                                                                    If, only people could love like mosia inspite of ones difference. I absolutely love this story mankind can learn from it. ❤

                                                                                    • Lisa Cousineau
                                                                                      Lisa Cousineau  6 days back

                                                                                      I’ve heard of this Momma animals helping other baby animals in need. When their Momma abandoned them another mamma mothers them. Nothing mysterious about this nor is this a lie.

                                                                                      • WRL13
                                                                                        WRL13  6 days back

                                                                                        I was gonna say, if the cat gave birth to the hedgehogs, I would be freaked.

                                                                                        • Jennifer W
                                                                                          Jennifer W  2 days back

                                                                                          Hey ya know, there's a great advantage as a cat to adopt hedge hogs. Kinda like befriending the big bully: no one's gonna mess with ya!

                                                                                        • Elvis Stone
                                                                                          Elvis Stone  4 days back

                                                                                          I thought she did to 😁👍🍻

                                                                                      • Ana Maha
                                                                                        Ana Maha  6 days back

                                                                                        Incredibly lovely story of a cat nd her motherly love nd instinct. It's the power of LOVE that binds all the creatures in NATURE. It's an amazing how the cat became the Foster mother to the baby hedgehogs.
                                                                                        Thanx for sharing it with us

                                                                                        • RaiRaiBrown
                                                                                          RaiRaiBrown  6 days back

                                                                                          Cats are loving caring animals very sensitive with deep emotions and intelligence contrary to what most believe. If more people understood this they would be treasured by all instead of mistreated, dumped outside, neglected and cooped up In shelters.

                                                                                        • Sheree McCuistion
                                                                                          Sheree McCuistion  6 days back

                                                                                          By (