Ellen Reflects on Her Big Night at the Golden Globes

  • Published: 07 January 2020
  • Ellen’s New Year's resolution was to win the Carol Burnett Award at the Golden Globes – and in the first week of 2020, she did it! Find out how late she stayed out after the awards show, and take a look at both Kate McKinnon’s tribute and Ellen’s acceptance speech.

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  • Linda Wiedemann
    Linda Wiedemann  2 days back


    • db
      db  2 days back


      • Ivy Kaneshiro
        Ivy Kaneshiro  3 days back

        Well deserved Ellen. Keep doing what your inspiration calls on duty. Love, kindness, sharing and given compassion. Good luck to you and Porshia. You people you are

        • Hile Sylkaj
          Hile Sylkaj  4 days back


          • singing4hope
            singing4hope  5 days back

            Congrats, Ellen.

            • Luke Skywalker
              Luke Skywalker  5 days back

              Only watched it for Ricky Gervais

              • Son Of The Sun
                Son Of The Sun  5 days back

                Ugh...... Puke. Self-important person.

                • Christina Bjorndal
                  Christina Bjorndal  5 days back

                  Thank you so much Ellen - for being who you are. you gave me the courage to step into the fire and be public with my mental health challenges - From suicide to psychosis, anxiety to depression, eating disorder to disordered eating, I can truly say that I have experienced the gamut of mental health conditions. And overcome them, for the most part. Some days are easier than others. The struggle to manage my mind is real. Yet, by using a multifaceted approach, I have learnt how to do just that. And this is a message that needs to heard. I just finished writing "Beyond the Label: 10 Steps to Improve your Mental health with Naturopathic Medicine" - feared being ostracized by the medical profession -- but so far so good. Much love to you and your family (and your husband Mark..that was hilarious!) <3

                  • Patrick Leyte
                    Patrick Leyte  6 days back

                    Nothing about how Ricky told Hollywood the truth? very weak Ellen

                    • Adam Morey
                      Adam Morey  6 days back

                      What horrible vapid person & show!

                      • Sandra Cheroitich Ruto

                        love ellen

                        • Susan Long
                          Susan Long  6 days back

                          Gitmo is ready for full capacity. Witch winch. Get set go Ur freedom will soon be our safety 2020 trump jfkjr

                          • govind s
                            govind s  7 days back

                            Congrats Ellen, but I watched it for ricky

                            • Colliding Forces
                              Colliding Forces  7 days back

                              I love you Kate... and that woman with the jokes... Ellen? ;)

                              • JZWALZ51 ROBIN
                                JZWALZ51 ROBIN  1 weeks back

                                Just going on and on....oh well.

                                • Renee Louise
                                  Renee Louise  1 weeks back

                                  You like Killary and always have

                                  • Duncan Sands
                                    Duncan Sands  1 weeks back

                                    Now watch Ricky Gervais golden globes 2020, where he wins the Oscar for roasting Hollywood's liberal perverts!!


                                    • CHESS TD PLAYS! love you

                                      This show make me happy everyday 😊
                                      I love you ellen. Iwant to see you some day

                                      • Jair Liñan Neyra
                                        Jair Liñan Neyra  1 weeks back


                                        • Abbottpotumas
                                          Abbottpotumas  1 weeks back

                                          Not one mention of the man who 'MADE' the night by calling out all the Hollywierds on their hypocrisy and tore them a new one ...'The Hero Ricky Gervais'.

                                          • pancake ghosty
                                            pancake ghosty  1 weeks back

                                            I actually only clicked this to here what she had to say about ricky gervais tbh

                                        • Sara Nkoenyane
                                          Sara Nkoenyane  1 weeks back

                                          Ellen! You're wearing glitter!!! I feel betrayed!!!!!! How could you?!

                                          • Sara Nkoenyane
                                            Sara Nkoenyane  1 weeks back

                                            Ellen! You're wearing glitter!!! I feel betrayed!!!!!! How could you?!

                                            • Steven Meyer
                                              Steven Meyer  1 weeks back

                                              She is so beautiful and talented. Love her confidence in herself.

                                              • Marwan Mohammed
                                                Marwan Mohammed  1 weeks back

                                                No , thank you Ellen for make me laugh all those past 17 years . 🙏🏽

                                                • baby boo
                                                  baby boo  1 weeks back

                                                  she has that kind of "charm" that can only appeal to american. imo. she comes off as very calculated, not at all a "unfiltered" person, and this part alone is a telltale of all that it's off with her : all this megalomaniac and uncut video and following conversation rounds about
                                                  2)her famous friends
                                                  the sole fact that she ignores to even aknowledge ricky gervais is passive aggressive attitude.

                                                  • Olivier Gahungu
                                                    Olivier Gahungu  1 weeks back

                                                    You deserve the price by the fact that you care about others also for your action to preserve nature

                                                    • elaine o'reilly
                                                      elaine o'reilly  1 weeks back

                                                      Kate's reaction behind Ellen during her speech is hilarious 😂 Kate's speech was incredible

                                                      • Thaís Dallastra
                                                        Thaís Dallastra  1 weeks back

                                                        I’m learning English watching your tv show and I’m totally in love with it! And congrats about your golden globe! I’m Very happy for you, you deserve it !

                                                        • Melody The Massage Therapist

                                                          What a beautiful soul you have! Wishing you a happy week! Thanks for all you do for others! :)

                                                          • All Day
                                                            All Day  2 weeks back

                                                            Dam. Kate likey the girls!!! I might have a chance now with my small pp

                                                            • Dan
                                                              Dan  2 weeks back

                                                              A bored audience endured 10 minutes of drivel

                                                              • J Bagger
                                                                J Bagger  2 weeks back

                                                                Doesn't usually go to parties, often goes to see a baseball game with a war criminal.

                                                                • SingenStatt Atmen
                                                                  SingenStatt Atmen  2 weeks back

                                                                  Oh man this was great. So much joy and love, and also hilarity. Well done, Ellen. Also I love all the glitter everyone seems to be wearing. ^^ :D

                                                                  • DinoHF79
                                                                    DinoHF79  2 weeks back

                                                                    Ellen we love you!

                                                                    • Almudena Carnero
                                                                      Almudena Carnero  2 weeks back

                                                                      Alo. Ellen niña de papa. Niña de mama los amaya music. Pascua. Ayuda recorts. Neón.

                                                                      • I M
                                                                        I M  2 weeks back


                                                                        • Ana Del
                                                                          Ana Del  2 weeks back

                                                                          I came here Just to see what would she say about Ricky's monologues BUT, no. She just praised herself once again.

                                                                          • Lisa Ward
                                                                            Lisa Ward  2 weeks back

                                                                            I love Ellen,she has the biggest heart for .For compassion for animals and everyone! Ellen for president!

                                                                            • Rohan Blue
                                                                              Rohan Blue  2 weeks back

                                                                              Ricky is the best thing happend

                                                                              • cat holic
                                                                                cat holic  2 weeks back

                                                                                4:00 I saw apple CEO

                                                                                • Bohemian Bedouin
                                                                                  Bohemian Bedouin  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Mark, her husband?

                                                                                  • stuart Wilson
                                                                                    stuart Wilson  2 weeks back

                                                                                    What about Ricky. He advice to just accept your award and **** ***

                                                                                    • S955US84
                                                                                      S955US84  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Ricky Gervais to HOLLYWOOD: "You're in no position to lecture the public about anything.
                                                                                      You know NOTHING about the REAL WORLD. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg." (teenage climate change activist)


                                                                                      • Julia Van Blarcom
                                                                                        Julia Van Blarcom  2 weeks back

                                                                                        So, no mention of the best, and most important part of the Golden Globes? Okay then.

                                                                                        • aj jones
                                                                                          aj jones  2 weeks back


                                                                                          • Kate Robinson
                                                                                            Kate Robinson  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Love her. Genuine, beautiful, caring, and giving. Ellen has done endless things for a lot of living beings. Beautiful inside and out. Anyone who offers anything negative should be ashamed of themselves. This is a good person.

                                                                                            • Elizabeth Malaurie
                                                                                              Elizabeth Malaurie  2 weeks back

                                                                                              Good auto promotion

                                                                                              • The m Family
                                                                                                The m Family  2 weeks back

                                                                                                When your truly struggling in life it’s hard to watch Ellen