Can Prince Harry and Meghan really become ‘financially independent’? - BBC Newsnight

  • Published: 14 January 2020
  • The Queen has agreed a "period of transition" in which Prince Harry and Meghan will spend time in Canada and the UK.
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    In a statement following the family’s crisis summit at Sandringham, the Queen has made it clear that Harry and Meghan “do not want to be reliant on public funds in their new lives”.

    James Clayton reports on how the couple might achieve financial independence and in the studio Mark Urban is joined by columnist Kate Maltby and royal commentator Dickie Arbiter.

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  • Light Box Logos
    Light Box Logos  9 hours back

    Stop using this story to deviate from the real story of Prince Andrews misdemeanours!!

    • John White
      John White  1 days back

      My daughter is mixed race and same age as Archie....every little girl wants to marry a prince....but not one whose uncle is a paedo...

      • patricia treslove
        patricia treslove  2 days back

        The Queen can pay for it then, because we have just about had enough of her antics, she was going to drag this on, with her small steps BS in her speech, she hasn't taken their titles away, they will just not use them RIGHT, what she has done is AGAIN shown the people of Britain her middle finger, because we still have to treat them as HRH's and in with that is their security, if the Queen wants to keep her ass on the throne she better take a lot more notice of the taxpayers because, like Charles, we do not have a never-ending supply of money.
        She knew what they were doing, and supported them in their plans, no wonder she has done nothing until now, we have had to witness years and years of her families disgraceful scandalous behavior while she has carried on with her head in the sand, what she has done is not the reason we have a Royal family, we had to watch her eldest son's adulterous behavior towards his young
        inexperienced wife for 12 years, before she acted and what she did directly caused three people to die, in a tunnel in Paris, we the people, asked her day after day to fly OUR FLAG the UNION FLAG over an empty Buckingham Palace because we wanted to show our respect to Diana and her family, but the cold-hearted Queen was going to do nothing for the people who turn out waving little paper flags whenever she wants to party. What she did was to allow our request but ONLY for the length of the funeral, and that is why those boys had to walk behind their dead mother's coffin and were told not to cry. all because she was not going to give the people their request. What sort of a Grandmother would do that, because we were going to jeer the Queen, not Charles which you may think, but the Queen, who showed US no respect?

        • Gavin Haynes
          Gavin Haynes  3 days back

          Fuck thm all off n hang andrew the pedo cunt

          • peter chapman
            peter chapman  4 days back

            they are independently wealthy so should not be a problem but the question is they have responsibility to the Royal family and should not have been allowed to just walk away

            • Joe Bloggs
              Joe Bloggs  4 days back

              Everyone else manages.

              • stephen onomo
                stephen onomo  4 days back

                Racism Racism Racism.

                • Donna Campbell
                  Donna Campbell  6 days back

                  Can’t even listen to anymore crap about these two... can’t stand either one of them... they are petty, selfish and people should give them what they ask... NOT a peep about them is the press... I think they deserve that😂😂😂... let them fade away!!!!👏👏👏👍👏👏👍

                  • J D M
                    J D M  6 days back


                    • Pallab Sarkar
                      Pallab Sarkar  6 days back

                      Who cares? I am much more concerned about whether I can pay my own bills this month (and eventually reach my own state of financial independence!) than worry how will these poor spoon-fed elites bankroll that new Rolls-Royce! Believe me, they are never going to starve, lol!

                      • Dammit Donna
                        Dammit Donna  6 days back

                        Both Andrew and Harry dethroned by their hot dogs.....tisk tisk.

                        • Jeff Jeffreys
                          Jeff Jeffreys  6 days back

                          She has already decided to work. And Racist Britian is still mad about her decision. Black people are naturally hard working. They built US and Britian. Try to have respect and behave.

                          • Jeff Jeffreys
                            Jeff Jeffreys  6 days back

                            Its annoying a white presenter asking another white dude if racism is an issue. Dear white people man up abd bahave

                            • TheRepty818
                              TheRepty818  6 days back

                              Can you blame them for leaving? British have treated them horribly. Harry probably doesn't want them to do his wife the way they did his mother.

                              • Marie Moffatt
                                Marie Moffatt  7 days back

                                Just think Megan Markle became a member of the Royal Family in less than 2 years, and she has cause so much trouble for the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

                                • MW G
                                  MW G  7 days back

                                  8:22 he seems genuinely sad that show was cancelled

                                  • A Temba
                                    A Temba  7 days back

                                    Good on you Harry you have yr own family now you protect them with all yr might yr mother dianna was killed because of this royal monarchy live yr own life Harry yr mum will be proud of you it takes huge courage for Harry to leave power to u Harry

                                    • Ginger Hadley
                                      Ginger Hadley  7 days back

                                      Harry inherited millions from his mother, Megan brought a lot of money into the marriage. Combined with Prince Charles commitment to help them for a year, the money they already have, losing the low-hanging fruit (ie most of her horrible bio family), and the earning from books, speaking engagements, and other business interests? I have no doubt they'll be fine!

                                      • Phyllis Gray
                                        Phyllis Gray  1 weeks back

                                        He is a Royal, he was born with it, can’t take it away from him. Megan has her own rights. Racism is large in this but the British press won’t stop. To call her a monkey is what??? Racism

                                        • Phyllis Gray
                                          Phyllis Gray  1 weeks back

                                          Leave the, alone, blimey you the press have caused this issue. Let them alone. Canadian people will deal with it the way they do get on with this. You the press think you have all the answers and all you manage to do is kill people.

                                          • Jason
                                            Jason  1 weeks back

                                            Blame the media for this not megan or harry

                                            • Jeff Bryan
                                              Jeff Bryan  1 weeks back

                                              Queenie's to do list  1. kick vampire leeches from family... 2. invite perv back to family  She's so busy she'll need a raise.

                                              • Alexander Lock
                                                Alexander Lock  1 weeks back

                                                RHESES POSITIVE COMMONER BLOOD GET OUT OF THE ROYAL HOUSE!!!

                                                • KEVIN HESKETH
                                                  KEVIN HESKETH  1 weeks back

                                                  Why the obsession by the British media.You look like puppets of the royal family and it makes you a turn off.They have power and are unelected and have wealth through the tax payer and Their ancestors who stole land from the people.Lets get rid of the monarchy and have a elected president and for the land they own,they should sell it and pay the poor reparations.

                                                  • Tina Reutin
                                                    Tina Reutin  1 weeks back

                                                    So, Harry can’t help being born royal. Why can’t the British people help pay for his security? I don’t get it.

                                                    • a. shawnee
                                                      a. shawnee  1 weeks back

                                                      NO more NO-bels?

                                                      • angelique giusino
                                                        angelique giusino  1 weeks back

                                                        These two are close to billionaires already and they can't pay for their own security???? Disgusting

                                                        • Martha Sanders Parker
                                                          Martha Sanders Parker  1 weeks back

                                                          Meghan and Harry are smart and maybe pay for their own, security.

                                                          • Martha Sanders Parker
                                                            Martha Sanders Parker  1 weeks back

                                                            Dickie, do you work for the palace.

                                                            • BamBam Bigelow
                                                              BamBam Bigelow  1 weeks back

                                                              Never forget about peodifile Prince Andrew.

                                                              • VampliFyer
                                                                VampliFyer  1 weeks back

                                                                Maybe the real issue here is that anyone in their right mind is worried about Meg and Harry's ability to be "financially independent" when together--without the Royal family--they have more combined wealth than 99% of the world's entire population.

                                                                • Yvette Torres
                                                                  Yvette Torres  1 weeks back

                                                                  Gosh these 2 really don't seem sympathetic. Everything posed is so negative to them. The man is delusional if he doesn't see the racism

                                                                  • no one J
                                                                    no one J  1 weeks back

                                                                    They will but for me 2 points now the QUEEN AND PRINCE PHILLIP should be enjoying peace at their age and not having Megan and harry having tantrums Andrew bringing major stress to the royal house hold

                                                                    • nehpets w
                                                                      nehpets w  1 weeks back

                                                                      Hilarious to see the press try and cover up and distract with this bullshit story.

                                                                      • Renata Kretschmer
                                                                        Renata Kretschmer  1 weeks back


                                                                        • maree van grondelle
                                                                          maree van grondelle  1 weeks back

                                                                          CHARLES WILL GIVE THEM MONEY, MONEY WON'T BE THEIR PROBLEM

                                                                          • r B
                                                                            r B  1 weeks back

                                                                            The racism in the UK is stifling nobody wants to admit to it but everyone is racist!

                                                                            • Paul Taylor
                                                                              Paul Taylor  1 weeks back

                                                                              r B shut up you pathetic moron,no other nation/race has done more to benefit other nations/races than the uk,go and read some books and get your facts right and stop spreading lies

                                                                          • Incel Insurrection
                                                                            Incel Insurrection  1 weeks back

                                                                            When you have a wedding and only one person from her family showed up, it's not a marriage. It's a trap.

                                                                            • David Rumsey
                                                                              David Rumsey  1 weeks back

                                                                              What a wonderfully paternalistic discussion. No discussion whether/how Meghan and Harry can even immigrate to Canada in the first place! It feels like they take our Canadian immigration system for granted. What will they contribute to the Canadian economy with their #SussexRoyal Instagram brand... These type of "Commercial Royals" who cash in on their name alone belong in the USA.

                                                                              • Craig Whitehead
                                                                                Craig Whitehead  1 weeks back

                                                                                Love Dickie Arbiter but I really want to buy the chap a new tie

                                                                                • Dominic A
                                                                                  Dominic A  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Didja notice megan is always smiling and harry always looks apprehensive.
                                                                                  Harry gave his testicles to her as a wedding gift,so there was no need for her to cut them off herself.

                                                                                  • unoino 111
                                                                                    unoino 111  1 weeks back

                                                                                    The bottom line is the royals have a habit of sacrificing commoners who marry into their family, they did it to Diana, Fergis, and kate, they allowed the media to drag these women thru the mud as long as they left the royals alone, not one of their husbands or the palace came to their defence, the difference now is that Harry chose to buck tradition and defend his wife, so now you people think that Harry has lost his mind because he chose to say enough is enough leave my wife alone, he told you retards from the beginning, I love her and I'm not going to play these stupid games with you, remember it got his mother killed. By the way where is the pedophile Andrew??? That's how much power the royals have, destroy Meghan and save Andrew, GTFOH you weirdos are a waste of oxygen

                                                                                    • Kezia
                                                                                      Kezia  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Independent, my arse! They're just giving up the Sovereign Grant, which is 5% of their funding. The other 95% comes from Duchy of Cornwall, that is, Charles.
                                                                                      People are going crazy about independence, but no, it's not what it is.

                                                                                      • cjmvegas
                                                                                        cjmvegas  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Since Frogmore staff has been dismissed, will the queen return the tax payer money that was used to fix it up? I suggest use it for a public bed and breakfast and charge a mint

                                                                                        • Rosemary K
                                                                                          Rosemary K  1 weeks back

                                                                                          MEGXIT? WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THAT?
                                                                                          The narcissistic commoner AND divorcee Meghan has turned a real Prince into a vagabond! She must be proud of her vile achievement, which I am sure was just another dramatic role in her menu of delusions. She was living an "ordinary life" before, never took private jets, and she certainly bared her body in trashy TV episodes for a living! And she was just a D-List actress. How does that compare to the royal life she desperately fought to get, and which she now views as trash? This is a crazy psycho who will end up throwing the Prince and his kid under the bus when she again gets tired of living like a commoner! Moreover, she views babies as an environmental pollution! Yeah, you heard that right! Britain, get ready to welcome Prince Harry when he returns looking like a chewed up beggar! 😢

                                                                                          • shur7318
                                                                                            shur7318  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Obama and Hillary trio has enlisted Harry for THIER next heist Megan was Harry’s honey pot resulting in marriage you figure it out ! This is a globalist move exploiting Harry for nefarious purposes in the future follow the money

                                                                                            • JesseSaintJesse
                                                                                              JesseSaintJesse  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Oh poor Meghan, she can't walk to the shops from Frogmore college, the house she CHOSE to live in...what is he talking about?

                                                                                              • JesseSaintJesse
                                                                                                JesseSaintJesse  1 weeks back

                                                                                                The Canadian people are NOT prepared to pony up for H and M's security to the tune of over 75% according to the latest pole.