Making a Book Safe

  • Published: 16 May 2011
  • Here's a time-lapse of my first Book Safe attempt with a few tips I gathered along the way. For actual instructions, see:

    Update: Apparently people like high-resolution pictures, so I'm making my facebook album available:

    It's a very time-consuming project, though I've shared a few bits time-saving of insight I've gathered within the video. The results can be very cool though, so don't let the challenge discourage you. I will have a written account of the book safe's construction as well as my thought process on my blog shortly:

    Time to completion: approx. 15 hours over 3 days.
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Comments • 113

  • The Openminded Skeptic
    The Openminded Skeptic  2 months back

    Glad you did, that book was about to attack.

    • Hyper Hektor
      Hyper Hektor  7 months back

      instead of a scalpel you could use an oscilating multi tool with a blade or small tooth saw insert .

      • yelloworangered
        yelloworangered  1 years back

        Wow. Nicely done.

        • Diabolous3x
          Diabolous3x  2 years back

          won't have to buy dunny paper for a while

          • Rock girl
            Rock girl  2 years back


          • Victor Way
            Victor Way  2 years back

            So um, i first cut out the inside pages then i made sure they were all even and trimmed and polished it up with sandpaper and some other things, then i glued them together and hoped for the best, the pages are kind of crinkly and disgusting but oh well, great try for the first time... i guess...

            • Sue Cox
              Sue Cox  2 years back

              Fun to watch--pretty easy to follow even at that speed. Great finished product, too. The velvet is very nice final touch.

              • Jack
                Jack  2 years back

                The book which the writer spent years to write became a waste. Didnt feel good seeing a book being destroyed

                • Stephanie Brady
                  Stephanie Brady  3 years back

                  Great video!

                  • StickerHI
                    StickerHI  3 years back

                    you should redo this with the shapeoko now hehe

                    • young Hadene
                      young Hadene  3 years back

                      check this video this guy is glowing up you might like it

                      • Asha Wheeler
                        Asha Wheeler  3 years back

                        I hope you used the "S" section of the collection. It just seems fitting to use the part that has the definition for the word "safe" for the book safe. LOL. Maybe it's just me.

                        • Charles Boyer
                          Charles Boyer  4 years back

                          what kind of fabric is that?

                        • Blackrose
                          Blackrose  4 years back

                          slow down so we can see better

                          • Winston Moy
                            Winston Moy   4 years back

                            I actually just got a new (and slower) video of this project done a few days ago:

                        • Blossomlynn Mousseau
                          Blossomlynn Mousseau  4 years back

                          you are f****** speeding

                          • Amy B
                            Amy B  4 years back

                            to you have this not in time lapse? with materials?

                            • smhnicolette
                              smhnicolette  4 years back

                              I finally found a way to make my 5000$+ textbooks functional!!

                              • ima fish
                                ima fish  1 years back

                                I think that's the cost of all her textbooks

                              • Asha Wheeler
                                Asha Wheeler  3 years back

                                LOL. Wow. $5000 text book? What course was this for?

                            • Teja Hara
                              Teja Hara  4 years back

                              Amazing Bruh! How much time did it take to complete this???

                            • KAUSHIK
                              KAUSHIK  4 years back

                              Good video but U most not spouse to stick pages first

                              • rosie turner
                                rosie turner  4 years back

                                Very very helpful! But type of glue did you use and did you just smear it on all the pages at once?

                                • Winston Moy
                                  Winston Moy   4 years back

                                  +rosie turner It's just Elmer's glue watered down enough to brush on a thin coat.

                              • Erica Herrera
                                Erica Herrera  4 years back

                                how will it take to get all those pages out?

                                • Winston Moy
                                  Winston Moy   4 years back

                                  +Erica Herrera Depends on how thick your book is. If you work diligently, probably about 10 pages a minute.

                              • Ferrell McCollough
                                Ferrell McCollough  4 years back

                                bend covers back, clamp paper in two pieces of plywood, very firmly (through bolts just inside cut area maybe). Drill corner then with a very fine tooth blade cut out with jig saw or jewelers.

                                • Blue CraneCrafts
                                  Blue CraneCrafts  5 years back

                                  lol it has a sibling
                                  funny :)

                                  • ella wiesz
                                    ella wiesz  5 years back

                                    Too fast

                                    • alexc165
                                      alexc165  5 years back

                                      Nice Video! good job! =)

                                      • MonkWerks with Fr. Thomas

                                        I imagine the Shapeoko would make quick work of this project now.

                                        • Winston Moy
                                          Winston Moy   5 years back

                                          @MonkWerks with Fr. Thomas I have to do some investigation. I'm not sure how well an end mill will rip through loose pages... but the thought did cross my mind.

                                      • Jenny Nguyen
                                        Jenny Nguyen  5 years back

                                        Great! I can eat when it looks like im just studying!!! 

                                        • Lady_Lone_ Wolf
                                          Lady_Lone_ Wolf  5 years back

                                          Was it just me or did that video to fast?

                                          • CasmiguelF
                                            CasmiguelF  5 years back

                                            Great video, I really enjoyed watching this!

                                            • ELEMENTO1120
                                              ELEMENTO1120  5 years back

                                              tooooooo fast......!

                                              • daniellapos
                                                daniellapos  5 years back

                                                Too fast.

                                                • Ryan Cobb
                                                  Ryan Cobb  5 years back

                                                  Great idea, but you might save yourself some time and effort if you used a handheld drill (for corners) and jigsaw (for strait edges) to cut the center out, and then instead of fabric that has to be sewn into a cube shape, just use Flocking... you basically just spread a layer of glue around the inside of the storage space, sprinkle in a layer of Flocking powder, and when it dries, it feels like felt! Just a thought :)

                                                  • Missy Corrales
                                                    Missy Corrales  5 years back

                                                    way too fast video.  looks like it would a great tutorial but impossible to see what your doing.

                                                  • monica webster
                                                    monica webster  5 years back

                                                    very good video....thank you.
                                                    I like the velvet fabric inside of it. 

                                                    • Mikhail Miakoda
                                                      Mikhail Miakoda  5 years back

                                                      That was awesOOooome

                                                      • Dj Manning
                                                        Dj Manning  5 years back

                                                        How long would all of this take!?

                                                        • Katie walker
                                                          Katie walker  6 years back

                                                          Thought your were gonna start bring in a chain saw or something XD

                                                          • Juan Pablo Fortabat
                                                            Juan Pablo Fortabat  6 years back

                                                            It is quite time consuming but i believe it's worth it. I use something similar to carry my ipad & external HD. Who would even consider stealing a korean-english dictionary haha
                                                            Thanks for the video, i quite enjoyed it.

                                                            • lucy okane
                                                              lucy okane  6 years back

                                                              Make it slower I don't even know wat u r doing 

                                                              • Omg_Its_Angel
                                                                Omg_Its_Angel  4 years back

                                                                1. Glued about the first 20 pages together and glued them to the book cover
                                                                2.then glued the rest together on the outside
                                                                3.cut pages out
                                                                4.put silk stuff in

                                                                There that's what I think he did

                                                              • Banana Boat Charlie
                                                                Banana Boat Charlie  5 years back

                                                                Me either

                                                            • neopong13
                                                              neopong13  6 years back

                                                              wOW This is great! Thank you for taking the time to make this video!!!

                                                              • Ewa Bergman Holmberg
                                                                Ewa Bergman Holmberg  6 years back

                                                                Can´t say I like this, you show everything way too fast ..... 

                                                                • Tamilyn Ogawa
                                                                  Tamilyn Ogawa  6 years back

                                                                  Whoooooooa dats so koolz ;D

                                                                  • Jacob Zezulka
                                                                    Jacob Zezulka  6 years back

                                                                    If I could sew I would sell those

                                                                    • UnnyPierce
                                                                      UnnyPierce  6 years back

                                                                      fuck wtf r u doing to the books!!!! geez

                                                                      • jaredglasgow3
                                                                        jaredglasgow3  6 years back

                                                                        Why come here if you're going to complain about how someone uses an old book.

                                                                    • username:R¡sl¡ejane
                                                                      username:R¡sl¡ejane  6 years back

                                                                      wow i really wanna do this on my books that i used in college.. 

                                                                      • Brenton Johnson
                                                                        Brenton Johnson  6 years back

                                                                        There has to be an easier way

                                                                        • Taz Dec
                                                                          Taz Dec  6 years back

                                                                          There are just look at other videos or just buy one

                                                                      • Bill moore
                                                                        Bill moore  6 years back

                                                                        Just type this in ebay search( Secret Hidden Storage Compartment book safe real Book) he charges no shipping fees and prices start at $15.99
                                                                        I bought two already !

                                                                        • Justin Smith
                                                                          Justin Smith  6 years back

                                                                          I want one but I'm too lazy :(((