Patrick Rothfuss & Friends - A Charity D&D Game Trailer

  • Published: 09 December 2019
  • Missed the live stream? Catch the VOD here:

    A group of titans of the D&D world have been assembled for an epic game of Dungeons and Dragons. Starring - Patrick Rothfuss, Felicia Day, Chris Perkins, Jeremy Crawford, Amy Vorpahl and Todd Kenreck!

    You can watch them play for free on at 7 PM Pacific on Tuesday, December 10th.

    Watching these masterful dice-rollers and storytellers play D&D would be enough for anyone, but we want to go one step beyond. We want you to mess with them—and mess with ‘em good. As an incentive, we’ve worked things out with Worldbuilders, a nonprofit begun by fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss, such that whenever you donate to them, you get to screw with the cast

    For $20
    - Grant my character a potion of healing. (Limit 3 per character)
    - Grant my character a re-roll during the game. (Unlimited)
    For $25
    - Allow my character a roll on the random Wild Magic Surge table. (Limit 3 per character)
    - Grant my character an uncommon magic item (determined by the DM). (Limit 4 per character)
    For $35
    - Give my character a phobia. (Limit 3 per character)
    For $50
    - Grant my character a rare item (determined by the DM). (Limit 2 per character)
    - Add a piece of secret backstory or hidden agenda for my character. (Limit 4 per character)
    - Earn a “Pat Rothfuss Bullshit” card that you can use in your own campaign! (Limit 5)
    - Chris Perkins “GREEN FLAME” card that you can use in your own campaign! (Limit 5)
    For $65
    - Screw with me by giving my character an accent because I’m bad at doing accents. (Unlimited)
    For $150
    - Win my gear: I’ll send you the dice I used in the game, my character sheet signed by me and the other players, and an official “Pat Rothfuss Bullshit” card and Chris Perkins “GREEN FLAME” card. (Limit 1 per character)
    For $200
    - Grant my character a wish spell to use during the game. (Limit 1 per character)
    For $1000
    - Loot the Bodies: We’ll send you a full set of the 37 Worldbuilders D&D cards, featuring cards from Critical Role, TAZ, and D&D Luminaries! (Limit 1)

    Learn more about Worldbuilders:

    Donate to Worldbuilders to help make a better world, and join us on the D&D Beyond Twitch channel at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time on Tuesday, December 10th to get in on the fun!
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Comments • 26

  • D&D Beyond
    D&D Beyond   1 months back

    Missed the live stream? Catch the VOD here:

    You can still donate at to support Worldbuilders and have a chance to win awesome prizes!

    • A Kurtz
      A Kurtz  1 months back

      Cool a minute long video of credits.

      • taelok
        taelok  1 months back

        Is the countdown timer just wrong on the twitch channel? It says next stream is in 20 hours, but the description above says they stream the game in an hour and a half. Was there a cancellation or postponement that isn't noted?

        • Sky Memories
          Sky Memories  1 months back

          Who will be the DM among all the legends of this group?

          • Stephen D
            Stephen D  1 months back

            Happy DnDecember everyone!

            • Alexandre Boutaud Valarini

              I will say: *TREMENDOUS* missed opportunity.
              The title card should have been:
              "Patrick Rothfuss and friends"
              "Patrick Rothfuss"

              • Weyird
                Weyird  1 months back

                I once watched a game like this where observers could pay to help/hinder the players. Eventually each player and the GM had like 100 re-rolls. It became quickly apparent the whole thing had gone overboard and people just kept re-rolling, meaning nobody ever failed so there was very little excitement, plus it turned to such a slog that slowed the game down. it was clear neither the GM nor players were having fun that game.

                That was just a small local convention, but I hope this is done much better!

                • Marc0S
                  Marc0S  1 months back

                  That's an all-star cast! hyypppeee!!!

                  • Sesimie StreetFighter
                    Sesimie StreetFighter  1 months back

                    Mr. Rothfuss was the reason i watched a little show called Acq inc. Then he appeared on another little show called Critical Role. The man is the Genesis of my D&D playing.

                    • Peter Akerboom
                      Peter Akerboom  1 months back

                      Funny - same here! I decided I wanted to play when I saw him DM in Acquisitions Inc. That was many play sessions ago :)

                    • joey robson
                      joey robson  1 months back

                      This man also got me into d&d
                      He is a tremendously insightful character actor and the best storyteller

                  • Mikael Olsson
                    Mikael Olsson  1 months back

                    Felicia Day!? Sign me up!

                    • Jon Day
                      Jon Day  1 months back

                      You know I'm a fan.

                  • Brian Seguel
                    Brian Seguel  1 months back

                    Do I have to donate at the event live to "mess" with the team? Or can I donate now and reserve my devilish place?

                    • Todd Kenreck
                      Todd Kenreck  1 months back

                      I believe you can donate right now!

                  • I VisiBomb I
                    I VisiBomb I  1 months back

                    I know its not that big of a deal, but it bothers me that the text gets pixelated when its heading towards the screen.

                    • Teatime Encounters
                      Teatime Encounters  1 months back


                      • VoiceOfMan
                        VoiceOfMan  1 months back

                        Was this a Death Stranding trailer? Because, I don't understand.

                        • VoiceOfMan
                          VoiceOfMan  1 months back

                          @Todd Kenreck Thanks Todd.

                        • Todd Kenreck
                          Todd Kenreck  1 months back

                          It is a live D&D game this Tuesday where your donations affect the game.

                      • Kyle R
                        Kyle R  1 months back

                        Dnd stream or interview type thing? What's it gunna be?

                        • Kyle R
                          Kyle R  1 months back

                          @Todd Kenreck omg a game with my favorite writer and favorite host. Thank the gods.

                        • Todd Kenreck
                          Todd Kenreck  1 months back

                          D&D game being streamed

                        • Robert Pettigrew
                          Robert Pettigrew  1 months back

                          Well it says game so DnD stream I would guess.

                      • Angus DeLoin
                        Angus DeLoin  1 months back

                        Definitely some Pat Rothfuss BS. Can't wait

                        • Austin Borst
                          Austin Borst  1 months back

                          How exciting!