Construction-heavy Yonge-Eglinton gets more challenging

  • Published: 15 November 2019
  • Yonge and Eglinton has been re-organized, again – and it's having an effect on locals and businesses. CityNews reporter Erica Natividad explains.

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  • Faz
    Faz  3 weeks back

    Construction companies are daylight robbers in disguise.

    • tvdruggedzombie
      tvdruggedzombie  3 weeks back

      Corruption running amok. Do some investigating

      • Marcus flie
        Marcus flie  4 weeks back

        Like every other city project this was supposed to be done last year

        • wl03bu
          wl03bu  4 weeks back

          Yonge and Eg has been one lane in each direction for years. At least now the pedestrians crossing at Yonge and Eg are fully open.

          • FS150HZ
            FS150HZ  4 weeks back

            Tunnel boring sucks. It takes forever. Go back to cut and cover and get it done in a third of the time. Yonge & Eglinton has looked like this for almost five years now. It took that long to build the Yonge subway from Union to Eglinton.

            • masta inc
              masta inc  4 weeks back

              The crosswalks are finally back.. that’s all I care

              • Mazes S A
                Mazes S A  4 weeks back

                Citynews reported Toronto city spokesman Brad Ross chided a student reporter for showing homeless people being turned away from shelters. Why isn't citynews taking this corrupt official to task????? Citynews this was also partly your story. Take him and his boss John Tory to task for this blatant attack on reporters.

                • name
                  name  4 weeks back

                  they will never complete the project

                  • Nameless Entity
                    Nameless Entity  4 weeks back

                    Didn't the spokesperson for metrolinx used to work for city news? Looks. Familiar

                  • n u
                    n u  4 weeks back

                    adding in a line that no one asked for... eglinton is ruined forever.

                    • wl03bu
                      wl03bu  4 weeks back

                      I want it. I also want Relief/Ontario Line.

                  • Eric M
                    Eric M  4 weeks back

                    How dare you

                    • Dirty Burger
                      Dirty Burger  4 weeks back

                      Well add some diversity and that will fix it duh.

                      • Rafael Najib Subibi
                        Rafael Najib Subibi  4 weeks back

                        @Dirty Burger That's so British of you. Lol

                      • Dirty Burger
                        Dirty Burger  4 weeks back

                        @Rafael Najib Subibi mayo ok but ketchup is a racists condiment. Maybe garam masala or red curry instead 😉🤣

                      • Rafael Najib Subibi
                        Rafael Najib Subibi  4 weeks back

                        Mayo and Ketchup please.

                    • Kimmie K
                      Kimmie K  4 weeks back

                      Just another glorious day of driving in toronto lol

                    • Zdenek Niederle
                      Zdenek Niederle  4 weeks back

                      Another few hundreds jobs created by Liberals and paid by taxpayers 👍🏼