Patrick Mahomes restored my faith in football - Mike Golic Jr. | NFL Playoffs

  • Published: 13 January 2020
  • ESPN’s Trey Wingo, Mike Golic, Mike Golic Jr. and Jason Fitz discuss Patrick Mahomes’ "Hall of Famer" performance for the Kansas City Chiefs in their 51-31 playoff victory against the Houston Texans.

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Comments • 113

  • Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot

    Before or after he whored himself out to advertisers?

    • Harry Mills
      Harry Mills  2 days back

      Reid's coaching has always been just fine. But his teams have always been paper-thin. Some years, the one playmaker he had was broken down by the 16 games just GETTING those teams to the playoffs. But Reid didn't rush anybody back onto the field from injuries. Let backups play as needed - and they were needed a lot - all year. They had their struggles. But they came out of it with starters with fresher legs, and backups with important experience. And they learned that those backups had game. And they learned how to play together, with the new guys on the field. It kind of worked out, perfectly, although it seemed like adversity at the time.

      • Highwayanimatic674
        Highwayanimatic674  2 days back

        Niners coming for ya chiefs kingdom.

        • Lil Mermaid
          Lil Mermaid  3 days back

          I am not a chiefs (browns fan unfortunately) but they were spectacular. Kelce, Mahomes and all of them. I have become a very big Mahomes fan and now a Kelce fan over the past two years. They may not be my favorite team but they are one of my top 4

          • Dalton Stone
            Dalton Stone  4 days back

            Titans beat patriots-let’s talk about Brady..Titans beat ravens-let’s talk about jackson..Let me guess next headline will be about mahomes

            • Ryan ODonohue
              Ryan ODonohue  3 days back

              Dalton Stone Nah

            • Kensington Quarters
              Kensington Quarters  4 days back

              It’s alright I wanna see the UNDERDOGS Tennessee win and finish all the way TEEN TTANS GO🤝🦅

          • tdubbed
            tdubbed  4 days back

            And none of that 24 point deficit was on PM!

            • BobbyBeRad
              BobbyBeRad  4 days back

              He’s so good, the Madden curse barely affected him

              • Ryan ODonohue
                Ryan ODonohue  3 days back

                Jesse Nelson No

              • Jesse Nelson
                Jesse Nelson  4 days back

                BobbyBeRad the curse is gonna catch him in the super bowl. He’s gonna lose to the packers. Aaron Rodgers SuperBowl MVP

            • Nathan Lee
              Nathan Lee  4 days back

              Watson was lucky to stand up on that blitz. He shouldn’t have been playing in the second round

              • Silver Bull30
                Silver Bull30  4 days back

                Why the chiefs restored your faith in football, 🏈 is because its like watching backyard football! Fun fun fun, you just never know what's going to happen!!! Love it @cheifschampions

                • Silver Bull30
                  Silver Bull30  4 days back

                  👑 🏆 CHIEFS KINGDOM 🏆 👑

                  • Chris1969o
                    Chris1969o  4 days back

                    TRUMP 2020!

                  • TheSaintFrenzy
                    TheSaintFrenzy  5 days back

                    He's the Brett Favre of our era and throws less interceptions! He's liked and respected by nearly all fan bases and brings a level of excitement that was desperately needed back in the game. As a lifelong chiefs fan I'm so thrilled to FINALLY have a QB of his caliber on the team. The young man is handling the pressure and fame really well here in KC. Dude's going to get a record breaking contract soon too.

                    • TheSaintFrenzy
                      TheSaintFrenzy  2 days back

                      @Mike Young I'm just so impressed by this young man. I love how others centered he is. When the media sets him up for self glorification, he always acknowledges his teammates, every time. I live in the KC area....good times all around last night.

                    • Mike Young
                      Mike Young  4 days back

                      He's not just respected. He is beloved and not just by Chief's fans.

                    • Ethan Hsiao
                      Ethan Hsiao  5 days back

                      Every fan base except most afc west fans (outside chiefs) and most patriots fans hate him lol

                  • Dadson worldwide
                    Dadson worldwide  5 days back

                    Mahomes career best 450 yards vs titans wasn't enough to win.
                    Kc has lost like 5 games straight vs Titans.
                    Andy reid is 1-8 vs titans even with former Superbowl teams.
                    You talking heads are reaching into your gut feeling for the chiefs
                    I've heard excuses and hypotheticals to why you think they win against the Titans but you could do the would've could've for the pats and kc is a #4 seed not 2.
                    That's how close to being a low seed they are right now.
                    34-27 Titan up!
                    Ryan already down 2 score late in 4th qtr threw TN to a comeback win over kc.
                    Titans defense and Ryan are just too much for kc..
                    Henry and mahomes gonna get theirs .

                    • Gemini Rhino
                      Gemini Rhino  1 days back

                      Dadson worldwide This aged well. Props to the Titans though, they exceeded expectations. Mahomes and the Chiefs are just the real deal out of the AFC this year.

                    • berkslaw
                      berkslaw  3 days back

                      Hey, Dadson: The Cheifs won't lose today.
                      Have you seen the amount of State Farm commercials "The Media" is showing DURING the playoffs!?!?!

                    • Jack Huff
                      Jack Huff  3 days back

                      @berkslaw Lol

                    • berkslaw
                      berkslaw  3 days back

                      @Jack Huff
                      Mahomes (and the CHEIFS) will win it ALL simply for the FACT that we have to sit through all of those God-for-SAKEN State Farm commercials DURING THE PLAYOFF "GAMES"!!!!!

                    • Jack Huff
                      Jack Huff  3 days back

                      Hey Dadson the only issues i have with your logic is 7 of those 8 losses against the titans werent Mahomes and company. So to put it simply its more accurate to base your decision on loss number 5 for team and loss number 8 for Andy. The other 11 arent accurate anymore since its a completely different Chiefs team. Also you cant deny that the missed field goal in the regular season againts your Titans wouldnt have made a difference. Say what you want but i dont think it will be as easy as you think.

                  • Dadson worldwide
                    Dadson worldwide  5 days back

                    Guys the chiefs is only one playoff game better with mahomes than they were before. 2017 kc was hosting wildcard vs Titans. They lost but in 2018 &19 mahomes has only got them one game better.

                    • jesse williams
                      jesse williams  5 days back

                      Boy it only took 1 game for everyone to dump Lamar and get right back on Mahomes

                      • xx cc
                        xx cc  3 days back

                        the interest in lamar was based more on the whole bLaCk PoWeR thing more than him as a qb. hes another kaepernick

                      • Vossler Henrick
                        Vossler Henrick  3 days back

                        @Caleb Smart Tom Brady throws worst tantrums and even fusses at his teammates. Nearly everyone dumped Lamar because it generates the most buzz and clicks. Typical media cycle.

                      • Jeremiah Symonette
                        Jeremiah Symonette  3 days back

                        I feel like they were too gung ho to jump onto lamar in the first place. Mahomes threw 50 tds his first year, you cant convince me anyone is better than that

                      • Caleb Smart
                        Caleb Smart  4 days back

                        Throwing a tantrum and trying to play hero ball tends to make people tentative about supporting you tbh

                    • Dime Bag
                      Dime Bag  5 days back

                      Mahommes did more than make plays - he was a leader - he put fire in his team and they responded. All due respect to reid as well in that department. A steady ship will finish the race almost assuredly ahead of the rest.

                      • Bray Forte
                        Bray Forte  6 days back

                        I am so thankful I was able to go to that game against the Texans. What a game. Comeback for the ages by the best QB in the league.

                        • Adam  Smith
                          Adam Smith  6 days back

                          He is going to lose another championship game guys good not great.

                          • Mihir Mahajan (Student)
                            Mihir Mahajan (Student)  3 days back

                            @Vossler Henrick we just gonna ignore that brady had randy moss, wes welker, gronkowski, and Edelman throughout his career as well as a great defense? Lol Mahomes torched defenses even when tyreek hill was out

                          • Vossler Henrick
                            Vossler Henrick  3 days back

                            @Patricks Arm First off, Texans defense is incredibly suspect in dealing with QB that are mobile. Mahomes is nowhere near fast as Lamar and he still burned their defenders multiple times. Lamar literally played the Texans like it was child's play. It shows more that the Texans defense is straight up garbage. Tom Brady is still the best by a FAR margin because he makes average players look better. Mahomes is loaded with weaponry for his offense. If he truly wish to be great; he's going to put in work once his rookie contract goes away and he eats up a lot of the CAP = talent getting traded elsewhere.

                          • Patricks Arm
                            Patricks Arm  6 days back

                            You must be a Texans fan. Good players don't do what he did. Hall of Famers do. And won the MVP his first year starting. 50 TDs and over 5000 yards.Lost the AFC championship game? His defense lost them the game. Yeah I guess he's average.

                        • Dusten Doolen
                          Dusten Doolen  6 days back

                          Idiot's all around.... pat played well... cr credit all the way goes to special teams and defense.. how many short fields were givin.

                          • Jack Hollis
                            Jack Hollis  6 days back

                            Mahomes is the best quarterback of all time. Nobody has the arm talent he has, and nobody has put up the numbers he has. When it is all said in done, he should have surpassed every other quarterback in the league.

                            • Timo Cruz
                              Timo Cruz  4 days back

                              @Susan Maggiora Compared to other positions, it's much easier to stay healthy and play into your late 30s as a QB. The real question is how long is the team going to have this offensive talent and coaching? (which you also alluded to). Mahomes is on a GOAT trajectory right now. If he gets patriot level defence in his career.... oh lord.

                            • Ballin Too
                              Ballin Too  4 days back

                              I seen prime Aaron Rodgers so I seen mahomes before

                            • Susan Maggiora
                              Susan Maggiora  6 days back

                              Jack Hollis I agree. But a lot has to go right for that to happen. I think people underestimate how hard it is to stay healthy for 10/15 years as a QB. Plus, he’ll have to deal with different head coaches & lots of players. But I’d love nothing more than to see him break every record in the book (Not Favre’s interception record of course 🤣)

                            • IJeffChiefsKingdom
                              IJeffChiefsKingdom  6 days back

                              Jack Hollis facts
                              He will only get better

                          • Craig
                            Craig  6 days back

                            30-year Pats fan (yeah, some pretty ugly years back then), and I can honestly tell you I *dearly* want this man to hoist a fist full of rings. He's everything you could ever want as a QB, a teammate, an ambassador of the game of football and the city of KC. Grats on the win, KC fans; I'm sincerely rooting for your boys to go all the way. It's always nice when great things happen for great people, and you'll find none better than PM.

                            • kai kat
                              kai kat  2 days back

                              Thanks Craig!!!!!

                            • xx cc
                              xx cc  3 days back

                              the only real patriots fans to me are the ones who were fans when before Bledsoe got injured. lots of respect and i wish patriots fans respected Chiefs fans more. we are your truest rival

                            • MaXiMuS54
                              MaXiMuS54  4 days back

                              Nah, Mahomes will be paid and bankrupt the team thus devoiding the team of half their talent. The reason why Belichick is successful is because he doesn't overpay players, he runs that team like a corporation.

                            • tdubbed
                              tdubbed  4 days back

                              Just read this again, man, and I have to say thank you. That means a heck of a lot coming from a Pats fan.

                              I am honored by your comment, and I vow to buy a ring each time PM wins one.

                              Thank you.

                            • Mike Young
                              Mike Young  4 days back

                              Thanks Craig.

                          • Copper Head
                            Copper Head  7 days back

                            Don’t forget Kelce was playing with a hurt Hamstring. He was even lat from comingout at half time.

                            • Susan Maggiora
                              Susan Maggiora  6 days back

                              Copper Head Yeah, he only played about 65% of the offensive snaps, iirc.

                          • peterfrknpan
                            peterfrknpan  7 days back

                            Ok. The guy on the right. Are you that big of an idiot ? You gave credit to the coaches for getting Patrick in the game ? What game did you watch ?

                            • Adam 1
                              Adam 1  7 days back

                              Titans POSS has sucked lately. If they can’t keep Mahomes off the field, they’re going to lose. You can’t out score him with the run. Not happening.

                              • jakwiq
                                jakwiq  4 days back

                                @Adam Smith The fairytale ends Sunday.

                                Chiefs will turn Titans back into the 9-7 team they are.

                                Chiefs win big.

                              • Adam  Smith
                                Adam Smith  6 days back

                                TITANS WIN EZ DOE

                            • Dan Stevens
                              Dan Stevens  7 days back

                              Mahomes is the REAL mvp. Ravens lost to the browns...

                              • WeebKage81
                                WeebKage81  5 days back

                                Thats's a dumb thing to say

                              • Karl Ross
                                Karl Ross  6 days back

                                Sounds like a Browns fan.

                            • Yasuke Afro Samurai
                              Yasuke Afro Samurai  7 days back

                              Why is that is it because the texans head coach literally gave the game away with his bad coaching decisions ?

                              • Yasuke Afro Samurai
                                Yasuke Afro Samurai  3 days back

                                @xx cc first of all the only idiot is you because i represent the bang bang ninergang not the texans chiefs or cheeseheads braniac .

                              • xx cc
                                xx cc  3 days back

                                We spotted you idiots 24 points to help make you feel good and you cant even say thanks?

                              • IJeffChiefsKingdom
                                IJeffChiefsKingdom  6 days back

                                Yasuke Afro Samurai didn’t chiefs spot Houston 14 points

                              • Jake Minder
                                Jake Minder  7 days back

                                So his coaching led to 6 straight TDs

                            • Basiru Jabbi
                              Basiru Jabbi  1 weeks back

                              He’s special I have been saying this forever

                            • Shawn Harrison
                              Shawn Harrison  1 weeks back

                              man that Windows annoying

                              • Robb Hotdog
                                Robb Hotdog  1 weeks back

                                Pat Mahomes has made it to the AFC Championship game 2 years in a row. Those two years are also his first two years as a starter. Any arguments are over at this point.

                                • Shmavster 420
                                  Shmavster 420  3 days back

                                  Robb Hotdog dont forget that before him their last conference championship game appearance was what, 1991?

                                • Michael Li ツ
                                  Michael Li ツ  3 days back

                                  should be* there's always some stupid dude that thinks mahomes is bad

                                • Ryan ODonohue
                                  Ryan ODonohue  3 days back

                                  Neil Williams Anyone can be beat, even the Titans can be beat. Chiefs would definitely beat them tomorrow

                                • Christopher Laughlin
                                  Christopher Laughlin  4 days back

                                  @Ziroidex So, Lamar Jackson had about 360 passing yards and 149 rushing yards. Titans beat them pretty convincingly.

                                • Neil Williams
                                  Neil Williams  4 days back

                                  @Christopher Laughlin and struggled with the lonely Lions before the ones injury😂🤣the man can be beat

                              • David Clark
                                David Clark  1 weeks back

                                yes Patrick mahomes is the real deal he is the next great quarterback for the next decade get the super bowl win chiefs

                                • Todd Davis
                                  Todd Davis  1 weeks back

                                  We have waited 50 years for Patrick Mahomes....Great bookends, Super Bowls 50 years apart. He restored mine as well. Thanks

                                  • Mike Young
                                    Mike Young  4 days back

                                    The ghost of Blackledge is vanquished no matter how it turns out. Win or Lose, Mahomes will be back next year as well.

                                • Phil Castillo
                                  Phil Castillo  1 weeks back

                                  Mahomes was on all game, his offense didnt show up until the 2nd quarter. D really only gave up 10 to the Texans during that calamity.

                                  • Yeahsure
                                    Yeahsure  3 days back

                                    That's what no one seems to talk about much. Texans only really drove the field to about 17. Chiefs got a gift with the fumble, but other than that it was done through normal offensive play.

                                  • floatpool pool
                                    floatpool pool  5 days back

                                    and his receivers decided it was ok to catch a ball when it hits them in both hands.

                                  • Rich Kendall
                                    Rich Kendall  6 days back

                                    they were just rusty from the bye week. started catching after 15 minutes of game time.

                                  • Lord Momin
                                    Lord Momin  7 days back

                                    Without Chris Jones