Narrated D&D Story: How My Deranged Player Became The Undisputed Rat King

  • Published: 12 January 2020
  • As crazy as it gets..

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  • All Things DnD
    All Things DnD   2 weeks back

    First of all, SHAMBLING MOUND. And now, have you ever outmaneuvered your DM? Please tell us of your experiences and comment your reactions below!

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    • Fulgrim
      Fulgrim  4 days back

      I submitted my story about a Powder Keg and a furnace. Hahaha. I hope you get to hear it everyone

    • Kyrie Brunton
      Kyrie Brunton  1 weeks back

      My D and D group had a game where we met a dragon on a hoard of gold. Our party needed to get past the dragon to the opening of a small tunnel behind it. We were very low leveled character and knew that the dragon would make mincemeat of us if it hit us.

      Most of the party immediately tried to sneak until our paladin rolled his Sneak check badly. The dragon awoke.

      Meanwhile, our newest member of the group, who had never played D and D before, transformed into her bear form and used Dig. Successful roll after successful roll, she just dug a tunnel under the hoard of gold and reached the other side of the chamber unharmed with my character following close behind.

      Our DM didn't think it was a threat at the time and thought we were just hiding. The rest of the party eventually hopped into the tunnel as well. Too late, he realised what we were doing... I had never seen our DM look so shocked; a early part of his campaign was completely avoided and by the newest party member as well. He scrambled over the books and said 'I can't do anything to stop this.' I honestly thought he would use his DM boot but he didn't.

      We still joke about it to this day, years later. A priceless piece of our group's numberous jokes and mess up but this time by the DM himself.

    • Duke Traxxus
      Duke Traxxus  2 weeks back

      If this episode were a drinking game, I'd have died from alcohol poisoning by 2:46

    • ComocosonoEWL
      ComocosonoEWL  2 weeks back

      That was a really cool story. also where is Astoshan?

    • Jaded Pony
      Jaded Pony  2 weeks back

      Playing a Lawful Evil wizard, battled our way through the tower of a necromancer trying to resurrect his Litch master.
      DM had no intention of letting us stop the ritual so when we made it down the stairs into the ritual chamber there was 20 low-level undead between us and the Necromancer.
      He was preparing a ritual sacrifice of a virgin girl using a dagger with the Litch's soul in it. All he had to do was plunge the knife into the heart of the child.

      Fighter rushed in to fight the undead, Paladin rushed in to fight the undead, Priest turned undead trying to make room for them to work.

      I cast magic missile at the prone, restrained, 12-year-old girl on the table and instantly exploded her head.

      With the sacrifice dead the Litch couldn't be resurrected, we cleaned up the low-level fodder and captured the Necromancer.
      The party was upset that I killed the girl but I told them, the life of one girl to save hundreds, perhaps thousands of souls from being enslaved by the Litch for all time, sounds like the greater good to me.

      Characters hated it. Players loved the look on the DM's face when I ruined his evil plot.

  • JP Tata
    JP Tata  2 days back

    Doesn't it take until the next full moon for inflicted lycanthropy to take hold, assuming the inflicted character survives? Or is that only in 3.x?

    • Ryan Farley
      Ryan Farley  3 days back

      I did like the way it ended . that being said if you wanted to shoe horn in something to stop EKs attempt to become the rat king all you had to do was have some were rat hunters come in and destroy the were rats . but sense ek npced his character valiantly I like that out come best . mainly because I would make ek a villain that they would have to put down in the future and then I would force the players in engaging into a cover up of what happened . that would be after they fight through the world and form a great and noble name for themselves muhahahahah

      • Señor Doggo!
        Señor Doggo!  3 days back

        Ok before I start I live in South Africa and I don't want likes just comments to help me because I really want to play D&D but me and my friends don't know how to play and we don't have anything that could even work,I've tried Digital versions but they always ask for money just to progress through the chapters, please help me

        • Paul Baldwin
          Paul Baldwin  3 days back


          • The Hermit
            The Hermit  3 days back

            All hail the rat king keeper of secrets

            • Sheevwaswrong
              Sheevwaswrong  3 days back

              LOL, Disguise Self is a lvl 1 Illusion. The spell description makes it clear that "The changes wrought by this spell fail to hold up to physical inspection". You even said the rats sniffed at him. They have advantage on Perception checks that rely on smell. They know the sweet smell of food from a Rat King. DM fail, letting a player grandstand, forcing the rest of the party to play along with you and your EK's little jam session. Oh and rampant Help action abuse, that's a shock LOL. Letting a player call for saves from NPC's that were obviously all bitten without any mention of attack rolls or initiative is just patently ridiculous. Of course that might have let the rest of your party have a say huh. Maybe one of them had a first level spell to completely break the game too. You even said it pissed off the rest of your party. Control your table kid.

              • Hamarbi Ljungskile
                Hamarbi Ljungskile  4 days back

                Take a shot every time you hear "shambling mound".

                • Gojira Fan
                  Gojira Fan  5 days back

                  No offense but you sound like Chill's brother, Shivers.

                  • Captain Donkeyballs
                    Captain Donkeyballs  6 days back

                    In the game I’m currently part of I have a largely homebrew barbarian golem character, who has lived several centuries and is aligned as true neutral, not because he doesn’t have emotions, but more because he couldn’t care less about mortal concerns. I justified him needing to level up by saying that he spent 50 years in a desert with nothing to eat but sand, and since he usually ate rocks to use the minerals for sustenance, this was the same as starving himself.
                    As part of the original 3 characters in the campaign he did many great things, such as slaying a dragon, and simultaneously saving, yet also politically condemning a country by killing the king after he was infected with a kind of home brewed infection that turned him into a monster, thus introducing us to the overarching threat of the campaign as we need to go around to several towers in order to destroy entities that are fuelling the spread of the infection.
                    Since the story I’m telling here, my golem has gotten a lot less dismissive of mortals, partly due to his growing respect for the rest of the party, and the people we’ve interacted with along the way.
                    However, he wasn’t always like this, and as a result, he has done some really horrific things without caring in the slightest, the worst of which is most likely the time he nonchalantly turned a child into paste whilst fighting a werewolf.
                    The story begins when our party met a wild man in the forest, he had been hiding in a hole in the ground, trying to live as close to nature as possible, and generally just minding his own business, but he helped us out a bit, so we determined he was an ok guy, cut to a few hours later when as he’s leading us toward the nearest town since collectively our party at the time had the navigation skills of a toddler with a blindfold, he gets suddenly caught in a net trap, and several of the townsfolk come running out of the trees with spears.
                    Upon confronting the townsfolk we were told that the man was a werewolf, and that he had been stealing their children.
                    Now remember, we had decided this guy was cool, and the party was good aligned (notably excluding my golem, who was the only person to suggest we let the townspeople do as they please, though the exact wording was “let the local fleshlings deal with their fleshlings problems” again, not evil, just not interested in getting roped up into some anti-witch hunt shenanigans) but despite my arguments the party elected that we would help clear his name, winning over the townsfolk by having our ranger tell their towns equivalent of mayor’s fortune, then having the bard and sorcerer convince him to let us stand guard by the wild man’s cell in case he turned, our thinking was that when he hadn’t transformed in the morning, we could help out our cool friend, then carry on with our journey, letting the town have someone that knew the woods as an ally in tracking down the werewolves.
                    Later that night however, the guards told us they had seen something run down the street, and we went to investigate, what we saw in the distance thanks to our rangers high passive perception, was a werewolf, running down the street carrying a child.
                    We immediately gave chase, and eventually followed the werewolf to an old abandoned mansion on the edge of town, that the mayor would later tell us the guards hadn’t thought to check, given that the entire building had been on the verge of collapsing for a while now, I pointed out that fleshlings were stupid, and then we prepared to mount our rescue of the captured child, through the age old strategy of throw the halfling.
                    After my extremely successful roll sent the ranger through a window on the second floor, the rest of the party began entering the building from below, the plan was simple, the ranger searches for the child, the rest of us make as much noise as possible to lure the werewolf to us.
                    The ranger found a child, though notably not the one we were looking for, turns out these werewolves were smart, and kept the children in locked rooms so they had constant snacks whenever they wanted, this made the bard declare he would end them, the ranger to quietly comfort the terrified child, the sorcerer to suggest we burn down the building, and me to compliment the forward thinking of the hairy fleshlings I was soon to tear apart.
                    The plan went well for a while, with the party distracting the werewolves in the main hall of the mansion, whilst the ranger unlocked doors on the second floor, and told the children to wait until we had finished off the werewolves so we could escape, then came the moment we slipped up, you see the DM had thought our party was a little overpowered, so to make up for this he had started getting creative with the combat mechanics of our enemies, he’s since made this a regular thing, and it’s great fun to work around in encounters.
                    Anyway, the quirk we discovered was that these werewolves regenerated damage done to them very quickly, not instantly, but fast enough that we would start taking serious damage before they did, and this forced us to change strategy, namely by employing another age old strategy “burn the building down with them still inside” to be fair, this was at first accidental burning, as our sorcerer cast a spell to create an area of fire, not remembering that this building was made of wood, and that the spell lasted a minute.
                    The werewolves, realising they were about to lose their hideout, elected to cut their losses and leave while they could, one of them ran up into an attic, and was chased by our ranger, the second ran down a hallway, and was chased by me.
                    The sorcerer and bard were too busy frantically trying to open all the doors in the building before it burnt down, and telling the children to run for it, the ranger used a scroll to summon a powerful elemental in the attic that made quick work of the werewolf he was chasing, and he left the building via the main entrance with the others, taking the werewolf body outside so the sorcerer could burn it to ashes, just in case.
                    Meanwhile, I had chased the other werewolf through the entire mansion, I was big and slow, so it could easily outpace me, but eventually it came to a dead end, the only room the bard and sorcerer hadn’t gone into, and thus containing the final child.
                    This is where the whole not caring about mortals thing turned a possibly tense hostage situation, into a terrifying example of what true neutral characters are capable of.
                    The werewolf was holding the child in front of itself, and told me if I came any closer it would kill them, the DM then mentioned that the werewolf was inching toward a window at the other side of the room, clearly intent on breaking it and making an escape, since even with its healing a golem twice its size was still intimidating.
                    I took a moment to ponder the situation, and weighed my options.
                    Then I remembered that I was both true neutral, and that I was a barbarian, a barbarian with a single rage left for the day.
                    So, my golem roared at the werewolf, then charged it at top speed.
                    the werewolf, surprised by my sudden aggression threw the child at me, the DM then started saying that as the child is in my way, the werewolf starts to make for the window, but before he can say the werewolf tries to break it, I simply ask in a calm, though perhaps slightly menacing voice “why would that slow me down?”
                    The DM simply asked “what?” And I said, “I bat the child aside and continue charging the werewolf”
                    The DM made me roll for an attack, and as the dice gods love nothing more than blood sacrifices, I got a nat 20, and then rolled max damage, dealing a whopping 26 damage to an NPC less than 5 hit point, I joked that the child was probably paste now, and the rest of my party were silent, trying to take in what I had done.
                    The werewolf put up an admirable fight, but the blood sacrifice had pleased the dice gods, and they favoured me throughout, ending with me pinning the werewolf, and unceremoniously ripping off its head.
                    I left the building, and threw the werewolf’s body on the fire with the other, the child’s remains were buried beneath the building, and as a result, the party never discovered just how terrifying my golem could really be.
                    Remember kids, true neutral doesn’t have to mean you have no opinions and no personality, it can also be used as a fun way to justify and explain why your usually good character occasionally does or says truly terrible things from the perspective of a good guy, simply because they see the world in a different way.

                  • Jim Redtalon
                    Jim Redtalon  1 weeks back

                    So we were doing a dungeon crawl. I was playing a classic halfling thief. As we moved thru the dungeon we came across a large bulky door. I told the dm that I crack the door open and look inside with my torch. The DM told me I could see spiderwebs in the room ahead. I asked him how much of the room is covered in spiderwebs. He said every inch. So I did what any sensible dungeon thief would do. I tossed the torch inside and closed the door. After getting a nat 20 on a reflex save to close the door fast enough. Me and my party listened to the sounds of flames and dying spiders for a few minutes before deciding to open the door again. The DM told me I killed many spiders that he had wanted to use to really challenge the party. But my idea of lighting the webs on fire was just too good to waste.

                    • Juan José
                      Juan José  1 weeks back

                      The most awesome play

                      • Lane Smith
                        Lane Smith  1 weeks back

                        I have out manuvered my DM in my first campaign, then he screwed me. He decide to put what was basically a minor Eldritch god into the game; it granted wishes for experience via a contract. Long story short, I eventually used it's power to take it's place to conquer the final boss with it's power. Once I got it the power he threw in some "hidden clause" that meant I couldn't leave the room.

                        • Olympia Rose
                          Olympia Rose  1 weeks back

                          DM outmanoeuvre:

                          DM set up a time sensitive plotline where the lords of the elemental plane of fire were attempting to invade the material plane, at the same time as a demonic incursion was taking place across the country. It would be a real stretch to try to solve each one. Cue the chaotic neutral members of the party opening a rift to the plane of fire and emptying two entire bags of holding full of Brown Mold into a volcano, causing a plane-wide ecological disaster the fire lords had to deal with, neutering their attack plans and letting the party focus on the demons.

                          XD tl:dr? Grand scale eco-terrorism saves material plane by trolling flamey dudes.

                          • Olympia Rose
                            Olympia Rose  5 days back

                            @Frank G haha why thank you. It was different characters but the same group that happened upon a homebrew'd 'spell permanence' scroll unwisely added to the campaign by the DM, and after almost a year of rapid acceleration managed to fire a 10 by 10 by 20 foot pillar of solid adamantine at near relativistic velocity through a planar gate into Asmodeus's domain, straight into his throne room. The lesson is. Do not give my character Garnet Jewelspark (an at the time lv12 rock gnome transmutation wizard) a permanence spell and a gate scroll. By lv20, and in total defiance of Mr Welch's well known list, she became the self-titled gnomish god of heavy artillery.😜😆

                          • Frank G
                            Frank G  5 days back

                            That is the most badass thing I have ever heard.

                        • Raptor In Your Closet
                          Raptor In Your Closet  1 weeks back

                          I once had a DMPC challenge me to single combat over conflicts on how I treated a goblin prisoner (true neutral half orc Barb who looks down on small weak creatures vs lawful good paly sorcerer home brew), figuring his op ass character would kick my ass, since we’re both lvl 1. I was playing a stupid pathfinder barbarian archetype that lets you turn into a tiger while raging, and I one shot him with the three natural attacks it gets in a turn. He was less then pleased.

                          • Hayden Campbell
                            Hayden Campbell  1 weeks back

                            Talk about the best laid plans of mice and men

                            • Axios
                              Axios  1 weeks back

                              The origin of the skaven...

                              • Joseph Netherland
                                Joseph Netherland  2 weeks back

                                (this is my first time playing DND) my party and I were headed to kill a giant troll, and we had to make camp at a cave entrance. So ask to check the cave for anything interesting. The GM said that there was a statue of a dragon in the cave. And asked what I was going to do. So I screamed "Hello!!!" into the cave causing a huge battle. Then rolled to smash the statue. Releasing an imprisoned Dragon that gave us all a magic item. Later the GM told me that statue was for later and I ruined 2 weeks of planning. I felt terrible. Lol

                                • Jared Walker
                                  Jared Walker  2 weeks back

                                  A dragon was going to drop me from a fatal height, and I convinced it to let and my party go. I explained that I had no hostile intentions, didn't realize it was offensive to be in possession of a dragon orb, gave it to the dragon, apologized, and the rest of my near dead party members reluctantly apologized as well. Sounds wimpy, but the dragon's alignment was good, and my party, except for me, had attacked it for no reason other than boredom.

                                  • Meinrad Dreizacker
                                    Meinrad Dreizacker  2 weeks back

                                    You want Skaven? Cause this is how you get Skaven.

                                    • Cameron C
                                      Cameron C  2 weeks back

                                      I’m running a campaign with a guild of wererats. But when a player gets bit and fails con save, the lycanthropy curse takes time to change the PC, if they don’t get treated they will turn in a month game time. Having the people turn in this story instantaneously seemed a little off to me

                                      • Silvadel Shaladin
                                        Silvadel Shaladin  2 weeks back

                                        Actually I didn't like the DMs actions in this. It was a very heavy handed reaction to unexpected actions by the players.

                                        • Jacob Cochran
                                          Jacob Cochran  2 weeks back

                                          Damn that is such a badass way to murder the main boss

                                          • Telemergion
                                            Telemergion  2 weeks back

                                            This story is awesome, but in an 80's B movie kinda way. If you think too hard at any point it's actually sorta dumb and very implausible. At numerous points the DM would have been well within their rights to have things go differently, and arguably should have. But they got this super unique story out of it, everybody had fun, so I'm glad they didn't.

                                            • susuke selberkh
                                              susuke selberkh  2 weeks back

                                              All hail sjin, the true rat king!!!!!!!!

                                              • Yamato Hotsuin
                                                Yamato Hotsuin  2 weeks back

                                                Why would he ever give it up? He gets to make all the rules.

                                                • Unknown name
                                                  Unknown name  2 weeks back

                                                  I mean, they're rats. THE rats.

                                                  Theeey're the RATS.

                                              • woot spam
                                                woot spam  2 weeks back

                                                amazing, great videos dude!

                                                • Caleb Christensen
                                                  Caleb Christensen  2 weeks back

                                                  All hail the sub surface king, the gnasher of teeth and claws, the faux become real. His favorable gaze be upon you.

                                                  • The Cheese
                                                    The Cheese  2 weeks back

                                                    Yes-yes! Under-empire grows! Praise the horned-one!

                                                    • vsGoliath
                                                      vsGoliath  2 weeks back

                                                      How many times can we say shambling mound?

                                                      • Jeremy Powell
                                                        Jeremy Powell  2 weeks back

                                                        so once my DM and I were playing our massive kingdom builder campaign and he had a roll sheet for city events he rolled 2 black dragons, I was a lich I handed back the 2 ancient black dragons on a silver platter after going off with no army cause who needs that when I just throw a maximized empowered fireball at the 2 dragons and teleport (feats are great)

                                                        • ogugua obidike
                                                          ogugua obidike  2 weeks back

                                                          Well this is a shit DM

                                                          • Jarrod A
                                                            Jarrod A  2 weeks back

                                                            I became king of werewolfs in a story once and retired him as he March werewolf horde to new lands but best part in future DnD with friends he show up again as a NPC with a quest to kill undead army who try take his land (kinda feel like Warcraft if replace werewolf with worgen and Undead with forsaken) but still that was a fun times

                                                            This story brought up the good old days thank you

                                                            • Jarrod A
                                                              Jarrod A  2 weeks back

                                                              Skaven: yes yes he be good leader to plz horn rat yes yes

                                                              • soul 4
                                                                soul 4  2 weeks back

                                                                Kinda did something but it was kinda a boring result though honestly. The dm said there was a wood barricade blocking the entrance to the dungeon we raided earlier and my character a known psychotic arsonist imeadiatly decided to burn down the door. Unfortunately for those inside it took a while to burn using create bonfire soooooo.....everything including a giant orc boss died of suffocation or smoke inhalation. The gust being cast into the tunnel by another party member didn't help either lol

                                                                • The Spencer Show
                                                                  The Spencer Show  2 weeks back

                                                                  Can this be made into a full fledged story

                                                                  • Warboss Sloth Pope
                                                                    Warboss Sloth Pope  2 weeks back

                                                                    I had a Dwarf Barb who was Warhammer themed- slayer and he would destroy any icons of "foul worship". This lead to a section of the Strahd campaign where the 20str Beartotem barb Slamming the statue of Strahd onto the floor breaking it. But it also happened to destroy a Strahd's coffin that had been protected with invisibility.... When we later killed strahd it turned out he couldn't reform in his castle all because of a zealous dwarf destroying anything he didn't like.

                                                                    • TheFictionMan
                                                                      TheFictionMan  2 weeks back

                                                                      Should've put Pickle Rick in. Wipe out all of rat-kind.

                                                                      • Jack ripper
                                                                        Jack ripper  2 weeks back

                                                                        All hail the rat king 😊😜

                                                                        • SC3 B7
                                                                          SC3 B7  2 weeks back


                                                                          • Nathanael Simons
                                                                            Nathanael Simons  2 weeks back

                                                                            I have a friend who has not played DnD and has shown no interest, however he claims that he knows DMs that have never had party members ruin their plans...

                                                                            • Mustache Merlin
                                                                              Mustache Merlin  2 weeks back

                                                                              The ninja turtles play a game of DnD with. master Splinter

                                                                              • jeloseth
                                                                                jeloseth  2 weeks back

                                                                                SAY SHAMBLING MOUND AGAIN!

                                                                                • David Nix
                                                                                  David Nix  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Sound mixing is off

                                                                                  • Max Starling
                                                                                    Max Starling  2 weeks back

                                                                                    The dm got stuck in a trap of their own making, as nothing actually forced their hand in having the rats accept the EK as their king, to have the rats continue serving EK after they were exposed.

                                                                                    • Jannik Sohn
                                                                                      Jannik Sohn  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Wasnt a trap though, this Sounds like a great session

                                                                                  • mike Lefebvre
                                                                                    mike Lefebvre  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Shambling mound

                                                                                    • Terrence McDale
                                                                                      Terrence McDale  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Yes yes yes

                                                                                      • William
                                                                                        William  2 weeks back

                                                                                        1:44 4:54 Hey! Who turned off the lights?!