Drawing Character Art for Beyond Heroes - Max Dunbar

  • Published: 12 November 2019
  • Max Dunbar talks about creating the character art for Beyond Heroes, his favorite character to draw and why art is so important to Dungeons and Dragons. Beyond Heroes begins Nov 13th at 2pm PT on http://twitch.tv/dndbeyond.

    Max is a Comic book & Concept Artist who has worked on many incredible projects, including Descent Into Avernus & BALDUR'S GATE: INFERNAL TIDES. Follow him on Twitter @Max_Dunbar

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Comments • 11

  • Owen Roberts
    Owen Roberts  2 months back

    Amazing! Would have loved to have seen the whole creation of the piece, the process etc.

    • Zeter Zero
      Zeter Zero  2 months back

      Them some solid designs. That halfling is an amazing piece.

      • Brady Hargett
        Brady Hargett  2 months back

        Max has the best style, my favorite comic book artist.

        • Bryant Roberts
          Bryant Roberts  2 months back

          Great work.

          • Dungeon Dad
            Dungeon Dad  2 months back

            Always a huge fan of D&D art. Really amazing stuff

            • SIR Hipolito
              SIR Hipolito  2 months back

              This is the first time I see the face behind the drawings I've been a fan of for so long. I don't know why I've always imagined Max as being an older guy. Maybe it's because his always so nice/responsive/supporting on Twitter. Really astonishing art and a great guy behind it!

              • Jester's Sketchbook
                Jester's Sketchbook  2 months back

                great-looking art!

                • VidMonkey
                  VidMonkey  2 months back

                  Max's art is really good and the design of the characters are out of the park amazing.

                  • nitasu987
                    nitasu987  2 months back

                    Max Dunbar's art is always super indicative of D&D to me :)

                    • D&D Beyond
                      D&D Beyond   2 months back

                      Do you create/commission art for your D&D characters? Which is your favorite piece of official art in Dungeons and Dragons history?

                      Beyond Heroes begins Nov 13th at 2pm PT on http://twitch.tv/dndbeyond!

                      • Bryce
                        Bryce  2 months back

                        Love the art! The idea of many different people's characters drawn by the same artist creates the ragtag menagerie feel of a team within a coherent style, it makes the group look naturally varied in this case.