Steve Bannon: If There Is Another Tiananmen in Hong Kong, the CCP Will Collapse | Zooming In

  • Published: 22 August 2019
  • At the height of the Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstration and the crossroads of the U.S.-China trade talks, Zooming In host Simone Gao interviewed former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. They discussed Hong Kong’s future, what’s next for the U.S.-China trade war, the stakes for all parties, and above all, the nature of this grand conflict.

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  • astro ayumi
    astro ayumi  3 days back

    US hypocrisy is above all !

    • Peter S
      Peter S  6 days back

      The best strategy for China may have been to lease Hong Kong to the British for a further 99 years. It is a great interface for the middle kingdom. It allows the CCP to rule in their method on the mainland, while smoothly interacting with the rest of the democratic world. It behaves as a third party, or a firewall so to speak. Removing that firewall by absorbing Hong Kong will necessarily mean either a radical change to the CCP or a radical change to democracy. In the final analysis, will central control defeat democracy? Is democracy as we know it a sham, itself simply a method of control by the elite?

      • ehsan ehsan
        ehsan ehsan  3 weeks back

        Wherever the us put their nose there's chaos

        • ALPHONSINE Aguillon
          ALPHONSINE Aguillon  1 months back

          The United snakes association (USA) is the world’s greatest dictatorship. Steve Bannon is a psychopath. This Chinese interviewer is shameless race traitor.

          • Fair Vue
            Fair Vue  2 months back

            Slick politicians in Washington DC know how to score a personal point or two from China.

            • Mike Tamborski
              Mike Tamborski  2 months back

              Great interview, love this girl!

              • Timothy Bair
                Timothy Bair  2 months back

                EXCELLENT must view interview...share this EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Voranart Sirisubsoontorn
                  Voranart Sirisubsoontorn  2 months back

                  Freedom is within everybody desire instinct, being under too much control like chinese people creates down side than up.

                  • Voranart Sirisubsoontorn
                    Voranart Sirisubsoontorn  2 months back

                    Isn't it time for totalitarian/dictatorship Communist china party to let chinese people start living like most civilized culture where people take part in deciding for themselves directly or indirectly.

                    • Goose Goosey
                      Goose Goosey  2 months back

                      Glad to see the world is finally waking up to the true nature of CCP.

                      • Sattler
                        Sattler  2 months back

                        Simone i am just getting to know you & i loved your interview, you had a decent talk & ask the right questions! Having this mam interviewed was an awesome idea, he is smart, has a deep understanding of the psychological hand moving the political strings behind the scenes & has a viable vison for what is going on! Thank you for interviewing him my name is Fred & i just subscribed!

                        • Jim Sia
                          Jim Sia  2 months back

                          Continue to bull garbage. He thinks he's God

                          • COMMIE CHINESE'S DO ORGANS HAVESTING


                            • Kaptain Lightcoin
                              Kaptain Lightcoin  2 months back

                              The CCP needs to be attacked from within China. Let’s make this happen !

                              • 明德 徐
                                明德 徐  2 months back

                                this guy definitely wants hkg to be apart from china. thats exactly how vicious US is.

                                • RoweHowe
                                  RoweHowe  2 months back

                                  明德 徐 hk is not china, nor is Taiwan

                              • Blood Elf{WOW}
                                Blood Elf{WOW}  2 months back

                                Not ever a good reason to use guns against unarmed civilization. Hong Kong my hopes and good thoughts are with all of you.
                                This channel is my HK view thank you for helping me to get the truth. President Trump please help Hong Kong.

                                • sjh gxnn
                                  sjh gxnn  2 months back

                                  I cant agree so.Chinese would live as before even poor as north Korean ,because Chinese all believes the West are murder their life

                                  • Lee Carlos
                                    Lee Carlos  2 months back

                                    n'importe quoi; ca fait plus de 20 ans qu'on parle de l'effondrement du CCP, et alors...

                                    • Hao Hu
                                      Hao Hu  3 months back

                                      You guys have no idea how much you contributed to a better and yet stronger China. Now Chinese people are more unified and determined. We believe even more that our country and civilization will be prosperous. So thank you!!!


                                      • damtol1
                                        damtol1  3 months back

                                        I like that Steve ... the CCP is Huawei.

                                        • damtol1
                                          damtol1  3 months back

                                          the CCP could turn off a US Huawei 5 G system ... switch it off in a second and turn it against the US economy like a big electronic nuclear weapon. and boom off with the US and West.

                                          • damtol1
                                            damtol1  3 months back

                                            Yep I agree totally with Steve Bannon here, the West have lost trust with the CCP.

                                            • damtol1
                                              damtol1  3 months back

                                              Trump should cancel all Huawei in the US and request all Nato countries do the same for security concerns....until China proves itself to be a humanitarian country with 100% openness to the West and 100% transparency in all areas...etc.

                                              • damtol1
                                                damtol1  3 months back

                                                I think Huawei s 5G could be used as hacking device for an economic war with the west...and cause a lot of diseases and illness to be magnified too. And in case of some war, it could act as a circuit breaker that could be turned that all communication could be closed down in the West!! All commerce closed down and switched off by China in an act of war! Is this possible.? Think about it. Would you want to give your partners or potential enemy control over your commerce and communications, media etc.?

                                                • damtol1
                                                  damtol1  3 months back

                                                  Yep use economic sanctions and embargo on all those tyrannical families in the CCP who are not allowing HK to self govern herself by her people.

                                                  • damtol1
                                                    damtol1  3 months back

                                                    One country two systems seems like a crazy failed ideology that was doomed to fail, and set up for corruption and manipulation. One Hong Kong one system by the people for the people! Is all that is needed to be in acted in law and practice.

                                                    • damtol1
                                                      damtol1  3 months back

                                                      If there is another Tianamen square ... in Hong Kong then the west should blow up the bridge to China and arm the Hong Kong protestors with lethal weapons for self defence.

                                                      • damtol1
                                                        damtol1  3 months back

                                                        Yes HK people have right and duty to self govern themselves and Xi Ping and the CCP need to learn to respect boundaries and HK peoples rights to live as they want to, and understand that HK is an international city where many nationals reside and want to live under the banner of democracy, in peace, with freedom from tyranny. HKers protests and demands are legal, just and dutiful.

                                                        • damtol1
                                                          damtol1  3 months back

                                                          One country and two systems will not work with the CCP backing the HK government.
                                                          HK people need to cancel that idea and make it one HK one system for the people by the people.

                                                          • Charles Fan
                                                            Charles Fan  3 months back

                                                            best interview ever!

                                                            • Srta Carla
                                                              Srta Carla  3 months back

                                                              He said that the only people that could destroy the ccp will be it’s own people, but After the year 2020 with the new credit score system in place. It will be almost imposible, because the CCp will have completely control over its people, let’s say you post something online that that disagree with the party and guess what the next Uber (in China didi app ) you try to take won’t come to pick you up. These are the wonders of 5g.

                                                              • Jackie Yeo
                                                                Jackie Yeo  3 months back

                                                                Your outlook for the world is very narrow, As a political scientist you should focus and comment more about your own country first ! so many youngster using machine gun killing innocent people everywhere , first of all. we do not want to be the same as you so similarly you do not want to convert to be Chinese either ? Tell your President to grant all Hong Kong Protesters to be US citizen,

                                                                • Jose Glenn
                                                                  Jose Glenn  3 months back

                                                                  i'll tell you this much if the CCP. does invade Hong Kong knowing what's at stake
                                                                  then they might as well go ahead and invade Tiawan too at the same time because I know what will happen Tiawan will declare Independence before the world and all Hell will break loose the CCP would be backed into a corner and will have no choice but to take Control
                                                                  of the Sitauation by Brute force and also knowing War with the United States is Coming
                                                                  So if you look at the Problem from the CCP's point of view this makes perfect sence. kill 2 Birds with one stone and take full Control of the Shitstorm before the Americans can react.

                                                                  and right now with the Election in the US.
                                                                  THIS IS PERFECT TIMING FOR THE CCP TO POUNCE.

                                                                  That is if they have the Ball and Brains to pull it off.

                                                                  Good Luck with that.

                                                                  • EDDIE 000
                                                                    EDDIE 000  3 months back

                                                                    This reporter just raised the bar UP, back where it belongs.

                                                                    • lim john
                                                                      lim john  3 months back

                                                                      Fairy stories

                                                                      • Paco Lilzz
                                                                        Paco Lilzz  3 months back

                                                                        Bannon is a liar. First of all, he said China needed to be contained because its not Judeo Christian. He rather partner with the Russians. And now he saying he's only against CCP not the Chinese people. Fucking Liar with moving goal post.

                                                                        • Kin W
                                                                          Kin W  3 months back

                                                                          Democracy does not work in hk. The rioters had proof it. Is ugly.

                                                                          • Iris lol
                                                                            Iris lol  3 months back

                                                                            Masks Rioters, breaking roads, beating passers-by citizen, destroying public property, burn MTR, shop sand banks, Rioters always throwing gas bombs.

                                                                            • Quantum Jump
                                                                              Quantum Jump  4 months back

                                                                              Chinese communist party need to be eliminated period...

                                                                              • Barb Wilson
                                                                                Barb Wilson  4 months back

                                                                                Technically- under the one country two systems treaty HKPD can request national security forces under article 14 but they have not. They still go it alone which pretty much equates to NYPD going it alone. edit: Nevermind old article. The bill that began the protests has been withdrawn and the violence on the streets has escalated beyond belief. Proving many of the protesters had no intention of stopping. Riots have become a sport.

                                                                                • MICHAEL
                                                                                  MICHAEL  4 months back

                                                                                  The only reason the Hong Kong situation last this long,without more servere crack downs,is because the CCP is all tied up in internal oppositions like in Tibet,Monglia,the Weigher Muslim genocide ect.. But the biggest factor of them all is the near war opposition of the U.S. and it's allies.Without president TRUMP, none of this is possible.Without TRUMP, there would be no more protest.Had it was under OBAMA, I bet that there would be no protest now.You need to see things as they are, ALL CONNECTED .Remember,without TRUMP THE HONG KONG PRISON RIOTS WOULD HAVE BEEN LONG GONE.

                                                                                  • Philip Jones
                                                                                    Philip Jones  4 months back

                                                                                    GOD BLESS HONG KONG!!!

                                                                                    • my grand father and me Fandino

                                                                                      He is campaigning for world support to stop ch8na from sending the army to quell the hongkong protesters.

                                                                                      • Royce Chen
                                                                                        Royce Chen  4 months back

                                                                                        Bannon is living in his day dream... If you visit China today and interview the citizens on the street, most of the people will tell you that they support CCP and they are confident for the future of China. Those Hongkong thugs can continue whatever they are doing to destroy their home and eventually get hated by local citizens, but CCP won’t intervene coz there is nothing good for mainland and these thugs will never ever stop China’s development!!!

                                                                                        • Bob Grout
                                                                                          Bob Grout  4 months back

                                                                                          Bannon, geez what a racist war mongerer

                                                                                          • suslin Mew
                                                                                            suslin Mew  4 months back

                                                                                            Steve Bannon is the one who Wall Street fuckers and Chinese Communist Party hate you know he is the man of justice. They want to demonize Bannon, just like they want to demonize the honest US citizens.

                                                                                            • Yu Tjien Sen
                                                                                              Yu Tjien Sen  4 months back

                                                                                              1 thing the western is not aware off ..most Chinese through out the world ...I am talking about the Chinese race ..not only Chinese people from mainland China ..even if China lost in this trade war .( which I don't think so )...we Chinese will gather and donate to help up China ..who do u think help and support ccp during war with Japan ...
                                                                                              We Chinese will never forget our roots no matter which country we are staying ...put that in mind ..

                                                                                              • Manny Kwan
                                                                                                Manny Kwan  4 months back

                                                                                                Who cares what S Bannon say!