Island Beachfront Home Renovation - Love It or List It: Sims 4 ISLAND LIVING + Base Game Speed Build

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • I AM SO EXCITED! WE FINALLY HAVE BEACH FRONT LOTS! Welcome to Sulani, the new world of The Sims 4 Expansion Pack: Island Living! What do guys think of this Island Beach Front Home Renovation? Of course my first early access video is an episode of Love It or List It! Let me know down below: Love It? or List It?

    Feel free to leave speed build and video requests in the comments section below!

    #TS4IslandLiving #EAGameChangers


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Comments • 63

  • Ami-Corn
    Ami-Corn  8 months back

    I would totally love it I need this house!!!!

    • Kiara Cunningham
      Kiara Cunningham  8 months back

      Turns out, I can’t make up my mind.. 🤦🏼‍♀️ but I’m going to use this beach 🏖 house instead.. 😍

        KELLY RIBEIRO  8 months back

        Lol I didn’t use a lot in case you wanted to download it. Just little decor around the kitchen island and some pillows basically and the nursery furniture. Hope you enjoy it!

      • Kiara Cunningham
        Kiara Cunningham  8 months back

        KELLY RIBEIRO hey girl, I downloaded this house.. but I just want you to know I don’t use CC or Mods

        KELLY RIBEIRO  8 months back

        K girl. Lol sorry it took me a few days but I have CRAZY OCD and need my house fully functional and done. I uploaded my version in my gallery under lagoon look. Ea id is KDUQUER1
        Mine is way diff and I tried to not use a lot of cc but it came out gorgeous so check it out if you feel like it 🤷🏻‍♀️

        KELLY RIBEIRO  8 months back

        Lol I actually like how mines coming out so when I’m done with it I’ll upload it and let you know. Hopefully you can just change what you don’t like

      • Kiara Cunningham
        Kiara Cunningham  8 months back

        KELLY RIBEIRO I found another house I am going to use Instead.. 🥺

    • • AmericanSimmer •
      • AmericanSimmer •  8 months back

      U should totally make an off the grid rustic home!!

      Or a homey beachfront home 🤗🤗🤗

    • Hillmidget
      Hillmidget  8 months back

      All you guys aren't from there so your body's constantly fighting off all sorts of things it's never been exposed to before. no wonder your all so pooped 💩 get plenty of rest 🛏

    • Raven96784
      Raven96784  8 months back

      ❧☀☀❤☀♥❧Dr_Ashley❧♥☀❤☀☀❧ Thank you so much for introducing us to the new Island Living Pack I am thrilled at the new possibilities available. What fun!! I can't wait to hear about ❧🐬*Mermaids*🐬❧
      Please take time to rest before your big exam, if that hasn't yet happened.
      Another epic creation, very well done.. Bravo!!

      • Simproved
        Simproved  8 months back

        OMG! it looks gorgeous! Love the interior,especially didn't find that swatch of the rug in the living room. It looks stunning!

        • Doctor Ashley
          Doctor Ashley   8 months back

          Thank you :) :) :) :) <3 <3 <3 <3 You're the best!!

      • Khaleesim
        Khaleesim  8 months back

        Another awesome renovation. Never letting us down even in the most stressful situations. Definitely "LOVE IT"! 😍 Hope you had fun and made lots of new friends at EA Play ❤ This pack is absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to get it!!! And yes yes yes to MERMAID DR. ASHLEY. You can't keep that type of content from us, girl! 🧜🏻‍♀️

        • Kiara Cunningham
          Kiara Cunningham  8 months back

          Will this beach 🏝 house be on the gallery?

          • KELLY RIBEIRO
            KELLY RIBEIRO  8 months back

            Hers is up now too!

          • KELLY RIBEIRO
            KELLY RIBEIRO  8 months back

            I have a feeling I’m going to have to step but step follow the video

          • Kiara Cunningham
            Kiara Cunningham  8 months back

            I hope it is when I start my game today.. ❤️ I have to wait until 1:00 in Canada 🇨🇦 to play..

          • KELLY RIBEIRO
            KELLY RIBEIRO  8 months back

            Ahhh I finally got the game but the house isn’t up yet and it’s the one I decided to play my family in ☹️

          • Doctor Ashley
            Doctor Ashley   8 months back

            Yes, on June 21st when the pack is released :)

        • Jonathan Peters
          Jonathan Peters  8 months back

          This is a beautiful transformation!!!!

        • Rose de Brantes
          Rose de Brantes  8 months back

          Ashley, I love this house! So pretty! I am so excited to see your builds from scratch!

          • Laurenplayzsims 4
            Laurenplayzsims 4  8 months back

            I’m so excited to play with this pack and thank you for making this video and I love the way you changed the house it looks great

            • Luk 7
              Luk 7  8 months back

              I love this renovation... good job!😄 I’m so excited for this expansion, the items and the world are simply gorgeous!!

              • Little Tiff
                Little Tiff  8 months back

                In my subscriptions I have 10 sims 4 island living vids in a row

                • SimLicy
                  SimLicy  8 months back

                  I love the dark woods with the creams and turquoise! So so pretty!! 😍💜💜

                  • Darielle
                    Darielle  8 months back

                    2 vids in a row! We love a productive Ashley!!😉😊💖💖

                  • Camilla
                    Camilla  8 months back

                    I can already tell I’m going to love this pack 😍 And yes I would love to see the mermaids in CAS ❤️🐬

                    • Doctor Ashley
                      Doctor Ashley   8 months back

                      Yay!! Mermaid video coming soon 💖💖

                  • Thomas TV
                    Thomas TV  8 months back

                    This looks amazing Ashley! I'm so happy you had fun at the event too! <3

                  • Marie Woo
                    Marie Woo  8 months back

                    So awesome! Thank you for taking the time to make these videos for us. Love this new pack!!!!!  :)

                    • NorthTexan95
                      NorthTexan95  8 months back

                      My first though was that some of these items would work well in Brindleton Bay and pool side. I believe that huge test you have to take is coming up very soon if you haven't taken it yet. I hope you get to feeling better soon and good luck!

                      • Ami-Corn
                        Ami-Corn  8 months back

                        GOOD LUCK ASHLEY!!!!!!!

                      • Doctor Ashley
                        Doctor Ashley   8 months back

                        Trying to upload for you guys and also study... I'm dying!! Haha

                    • GrumpyLynnSims
                      GrumpyLynnSims  8 months back


                      • Colin Earle
                        Colin Earle  8 months back

                        Can't wait to see more 😍

                        • rachel
                          rachel  8 months back

                          you did such a great job with this! congrats on getting sent out to ea play

                          • rachel
                            rachel  8 months back

                            DoctorAshley you’re an amazing youtuber! you deserve all the love you get and more ♥️

                          • Doctor Ashley
                            Doctor Ashley   8 months back

                            Thank you so much! Thank you for supporting me for so long too 💖

                        • henrychan360
                          henrychan360  8 months back

                          LOVE it!

                          • Doğa Üstün
                            Doğa Üstün  8 months back

                            I'm so in love with this pack..😍😍

                          • happinessistorture 999
                            happinessistorture 999  8 months back

                            I love that ❤️❤️❤️

                            • Em
                              Em  8 months back

                              Thank you for giving such a great insight into the new pack! I am so excited! It's so cool that you can build over the water, and it looks like it has some great items! Glass floors and New counters!!!! I hope they will add the counters like they did with jungle adventure. The items look like they would go really well with the jungle adventure items as well as the base game items from the Caribbean update. Nice that we also got some more modern items too! Love your top! Would love to see the footage of you as a mermaid! I’m usually not a fan of supernatural in the sims but mermaids sound and look amazing! It looks like we are getting some great cas items too! I hope you had an amazing time at ea play and are not getting too stressed before your exam, I’m sure you will do great! Also get well soon!
                              I would love if you could create some sims and then build them a house using using all the new items like they are kind of clients If you know what I mean!

                              • Em
                                Em  8 months back

                                DoctorAshley Aah! Thank you so much! Really hoping it goes well! And two videos you are so busy!

                              • Doctor Ashley
                                Doctor Ashley   8 months back

                                Omg yes Jungle Adventure x Island Living x Base Game Caribbean is a PERFECT MATCH! Okay I will definitely be posting the CAS stuff in a few days :) Definitely stressing about my exam right now but the love and support from everyone and seeing you all excited about this pack makes it all worth it 💖 Omg I love that idea. I swear you have the best video ideas. That would be an amazing series!! 💖