Hornet King Wasp Q + A video! Wasp Nest Removal EXPLANATIONS

  • Published: 08 November 2019
  • Hornet King Wasp Q + A Video! Narrowed down from 270+ Questions down to 11! Here are the 11 questions and timestamps to go the question you are most interested in!

    1. 00:30 "The science behind stings! What causes some people to be allergic"

    2. 4:12 "Do you feel pain from wasp sting? Do you develope immunity to venom after many stings?"

    3. 05:41 "Did you have another career path in mind before becomming the Hornet King?"

    4. 10:28 "Are you concerned that the wasps you let build nests near your home might end up creating more nests near your home come next year?

    5. 11:17 "What does your daily routine look like and has it changed at all by focusing more on YouTube?"

    6. 12:33 "Being a musician yourself, who are some of your favorite artists or bands? Which ones, would you say,
    have been the most influential to your own music?"

    7. 13:43 "How do you decide what to remove and to relocate other nest and do you have other locations you move them to? Also will other colonies attack other colonies?"

    8. 21:12 "Recently I’ve seen other channels pop up like yours, obviously yours will always be the best. But how do you feel about these other wasp
    removal channels that are following suit? Some of them don’t even care for the wasps they just straight up want to kill them. It’s a
    little off putting compared to your educational approach."

    9. 23:47 "What’s the one thing you most wish people would understand about hornets?"

    10. 25:07 "I’ve always wondered how the cells that the larvae are in get that hexagonal shape. That’s always amazed me. Each one is so perfectly made.
    Why are they not circles instead?"

    11. 26:13 "How did you get in to wasp removal?
    Do you have angry neighboors for all the wasp nests you bring by? How did you get the idea feeding the chickens wasp grubs?"

    Thank you to everyone who had submitted questions! I wished I could anser them all in the video, but as you can see, time constraints limited the number I could answer with decent detailed answers!

    If you guys enjoyed this video and wish for me to do another Q+A style video, let me know!

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Comments • 371

  • watrgrl2
    watrgrl2  1 days back

    I am also a RN of 32 years now. Been with a lot of dying people and I agree with you. You sound like you have a wonderful point of view and your heart for sick people is beautiful . We need more nurses like you. I am leaving due to ill health so it’s my turn to need good nurses.

    • Happy Survivor
      Happy Survivor  4 days back

      I have been hornet stung twice.....there was something majorly wrong...lolololol. Swelled like a watermelon while 9 months pregnant, retired nurse here. I have love for animals now I get you better!

      • hidhawkes
        hidhawkes  4 days back

        Always will have critics. Keep doing what your doing.

        • Keith Madding
          Keith Madding  5 days back

          Where’s the liability in moving a nest? What if someone gets seriously injured by the relocated nest?

          • Hornet King
            Hornet King   4 days back

            A quote from "Happy Gilmore" - "He shouldnt have been standing there..."

            All nests I relocate are placed on my property or my parents property. If someone is stung, the more pertinent question is, "why are you on my property?".

        • starman617
          starman617  1 weeks back

          Do people volunteer their home yard or properties for the purpose of relocations? Like for those removals too far from you or your folks, where the colony wouldn't survive the trip? I do get that a colony has to meet requirements in order to have a high probability for success.

          • Vishal Mks
            Vishal Mks  1 weeks back

            Man, you just made removing wasps a form of education and entertainment! Btw is the squirrel your pet/ did you adopt it / what's it's backstory? Side note: Chickens love red pearl onion skin and red pearl onions on general !

            • Bailey's Goat Farm
              Bailey's Goat Farm  2 weeks back

              I have mast cell disorder. These thing set me off bad. Every year mowing time is the worse.

              • Julie Bee
                Julie Bee  4 weeks back

                Saweet I got all my answers and more! Can't believe I never watched this one.. 🙄 🙃
                Also, you said niche right! (French girl here 😂) woohoo!!

                • bellyisis
                  bellyisis  1 months back

                  Would or what do u suggest to get a “wild” squirrel to trust you? We have a squirrel that has been at our house every day for at least 2years.We call him Gimpy cause he is missing his flat part of his Rt foot. The wound is not recent , must’ve been when a youngster.We don’t want to bring him only ask to get him to trust us. Thank you

                  • Hornet King
                    Hornet King   1 months back

                    Idk. I raised Humphrey from a 3 week old abandoned baby. I'm not a squirrel whisperer lol. He trusts me because I'm his mama.

                    Setting food out for the squirrels and being outside while they are eating and making your presence known and non threatening will help break the ice. Then slowly move the food closer to your home and get them comfortable being closer to you. Any scaring them while they are near you will set you back miles in one moment from the inches of progress you made in weeks.

                • Thalia Roberts ❤️❤️❤️

                  I don’t know if this question has been asked how much times have you been sting? (Plz do hart and check my videos too :’3 )

                  • Susan Southard
                    Susan Southard  2 months back

                    I enjoyed hearing about you Journey.

                    • Doug Hollowell, Sr
                      Doug Hollowell, Sr  2 months back

                      Very nice video, HK!! Your answers were well thought out. I’m guessing most/all the 15 dislikes were from the folks who want every nest relocated. I’ve been thinking about this, I don’t know what the survival rate is for new queens, but a queen or two in a nest can create a massive number of queens who will create new nests. Left unchecked, the world would be filled with wasp/yellow jacket nests. So I don’t have a problem with your methodology. Lastly, I like several classic rock bands, but I’ll ALWAYS listen to and turn up a Beatles song!! Love ya, brother!!

                      • Probably Not my name
                        Probably Not my name  2 months back

                        Never ask a nurse a physiological question... also get some moisturizer for the razor burn. The camera reveals all.

                        • Hornet King
                          Hornet King   2 weeks back

                          It's not razor burn; its foliculitis. Never ask a nurse to execute incorrect treatment 😘

                      • Cheri Green
                        Cheri Green  2 months back

                        Wow! You sure have a lot of talents plus you have a wonderful way of explaining how things work. I love how kind and sweet you are to your animals. Great job of editing too. Love your channel!

                      • SchemingDuck
                        SchemingDuck  2 months back

                        The comb is hexagonal because it has less wasted space, but also used over squares or triangles because it creates a more sturdy structure :)

                        • SchemingDuck
                          SchemingDuck  2 months back

                          @Hornet King True :p I suppose they are studier than squares but have more volume than triangles so they are the perfect balance. I love your videos, keep it up from a fan in New Zealand!

                        • Hornet King
                          Hornet King   2 months back

                          Sorry, but triangle is the strongest geometrical shape. But, the hexagonal tube is certainly stronger than square and circular :-)

                      • Ashantay Lumpkins
                        Ashantay Lumpkins  2 months back

                        Bro had a who squirrel in his house 🤣

                        • FlameMirage
                          FlameMirage  2 months back

                          I like your style, and no wonder why I like your approach. I'm a fellow nurse too! But my hobby is aquariums and terrariums :3

                          • Hornet King
                            Hornet King   2 months back

                            Thanks so much! Welcome to the channel, colleague!

                        • Andrea Vollmer
                          Andrea Vollmer  2 months back

                          The Beatles will always be my favorite band! Let It Be is my all time favorite song. Apparently it’s been my favorite song since I was a baby. My mom told me that she used to play it for me when I would get upset and it would calm me down. That song still calms me down to this day. ❤️

                          • Kenny Gross
                            Kenny Gross  2 months back

                            answered all my questions! very nice video

                            • Just some green thing that gives breathing juice

                              0:19 HOLD UP

                            • Jennifer Kingsbury
                              Jennifer Kingsbury  2 months back

                              Haha then "that guy" should get into the nest removal and relocation business himself since he's so knowledgeable and impassioned.

                            • Jennifer Kingsbury
                              Jennifer Kingsbury  2 months back

                              Wow, that explanation of the sting reaction was really informative and in a manner easily understood. I got stung when i was around 11, on the thigh, and the swelling was fairly widespread and severe. I remember it was bad enough that i went to the hospital, but I'll be damned if I can remember what stung me lol so i just avoid all the stinging insects. I also remember being told that if i were to be stung again, the reaction would only get worse. That was over 40 years ago, and i haven't been stung since, so haven't tested that theory lol.

                            • Blu Devereux
                              Blu Devereux  2 months back

                              I really enjoyed this Q&A. Those are comments & questions that are unecessary bcs you have done & are doing the research on these insects not jumping in blindly. [Eventho I am highly allergic to wasps, hornets, bees etc..] I love your channel. I love what you do, I love the chickens...You stay positive & keep up the great work!! 🥰🤩🤩🤩😏💯💯💯💯🤩🤩🤩

                              • Hornet King
                                Hornet King   2 months back

                                Thank you so much for the love and support! I really appreciate your feedback and positive words! Thank you for watching!

                            • Leda Botelho
                              Leda Botelho  3 months back

                              Help! I need somebody! I think you make hornets look goooood. Love the q&a sweetheart. Keep it up.

                              • Hornet King
                                Hornet King   3 months back

                                Oh my heart reading this comment! <3 <3 <3

                            • Илья
                              Илья  3 months back

                              I challenge everyone to find a more likeable youtuber than him

                              • Hornet King
                                Hornet King   3 months back

                                @Илья No homo brother! Thanks for always supporting my channel!

                              • Илья
                                Илья  3 months back

                                @Hornet King no homo

                              • Hornet King
                                Hornet King   3 months back

                                This comment is why I love you! <3 <3

                            • deisisase
                              deisisase  3 months back

                              Where/how do multi-season nests form? And how long can they last?

                              • weibie Katz
                                weibie Katz  3 months back

                                lol Song - Album - Film : If I Fell - A Hard Day's Night - A Hard Days Night. I seriously had to laugh, The Beatles are all I listened to as well. And then when I got a little older I also added Very old Kiss (per-1976) and even more so Credence Clearwater Revival. Incidentally, I left school at 17 and went back much later and became an Anthropologist! Keep on doing what you are doing, man! You are doing the important job by teaching people to not fear these animals, but to respect them and understand what they are doing for the environment. How people and the environment interact and impact each other, and that my friend is called Cultural Ecology :- )

                                • Chris Lewis
                                  Chris Lewis  3 months back

                                  Awesome QA, I knew nothing about wasps and hornets, just thought they would were pests. Love your content, I never miss a video now ;-)

                                • dungeoneer
                                  dungeoneer  3 months back

                                  What about a video busting some myths about wasps & hornets?

                                  • DasVERMiT
                                    DasVERMiT  3 months back

                                    Another thing about the circles vs hexagons question... I believe hexagons take less material to make. So besides being a more efficient use of space, they're quicker and easier to build too.

                                    I'd be really interested to see if someone could do the math and figure out exactly how much more efficient they are. That's a bit beyond my abilities.

                                    • COD DESTROYER 115
                                      COD DESTROYER 115  3 months back

                                      I think you have done an amazing job educating us on this subject!!! You would be a better lecturer than all of the teachers at my school!👍

                                      • Afar Sagrav
                                        Afar Sagrav  3 months back

                                        Hey man! Just found your channel, great content! keep it up! Greetings from Alaska

                                        • Thanh Phan
                                          Thanh Phan  3 months back

                                          I learned about this more than my science class

                                          • M. Duncan
                                            M. Duncan  3 months back

                                            You can’t rescue every hornet. You have a life too. That you relocate any of them is admirable and also feed the larvae to the animals you rescue. The respect you show to the littlest things that most people consider pests is just amazing.
                                            I never watch the other wasp channels, that would be cheating 🥰

                                            • Hornet King
                                              Hornet King   3 months back

                                              Awe thank you, I love this comment so much!❤❤

                                          • Vincent Wesolowski
                                            Vincent Wesolowski  3 months back

                                            Thank you for a great instructional video. However, I still do not grasp the idea of queen cells. I always thought a nest had one queen and when she dies another queen took over. It appears in the nest there are hundreds of queen cells. It’s it the survival of the fittest? Thanks again for your channel, my wife and I enjoy watching your videos. How do people find you to do a removal?

                                            • Rosalind Jimenez
                                              Rosalind Jimenez  3 months back

                                              OMG! The time you spent 'splain'in that relocation question! Bless your heart!
                                              My answer: not feasible.
                                              Q: But whyyyy😢
                                              My answer: reasons. NEXT!

                                              • Alisha Davis
                                                Alisha Davis  3 months back

                                                This was such a great video!! You are such a sweetheart & so genuine. Your big heart shines bright in every video. I am also a nurse & when you were talking about appreciation of life seeing & helping others transition out of their life really hit home for me. That was such a beautiful way of explaining it & absolutely so true. I have worked in hospice for many years & people often tell me that they can’t understand how I can enjoy my job knowing that my patients are going to die. Well, we all are going to die at some point. And to have the honor & privilege to help someone who might be scared &/or hurting while they are in their final days is a very beautiful thing & a huge reminder everyday to love & appreciate that I have been given another day to tell my kids & my husband, family & friends that I love & appreciate them!! ❤️❤️ Thank you for your videos, and your big heart & all that you do for people & for the furry friends too!

                                                • Pawpaw Jessee
                                                  Pawpaw Jessee  3 months back

                                                  I love this video

                                                  • Brutaltronics
                                                    Brutaltronics  3 months back

                                                    the thumbnail looks like a screenshot from a sick anime opening.

                                                    • RandoTube
                                                      RandoTube  3 months back

                                                      I really enjoyed this. While I appreciate wasps I am a bit wary of them, like most folks. And I know people will occasionally, accidentally stumble on a nest and can get pretty severely stung as a result. So, what is the best thing you can do to rescue yourself or someone else in that situation?

                                                      • andy shelly
                                                        andy shelly  3 months back

                                                        every time that i have ever got stung it was a rued surprise . i had no idea that you are a nurse , much respect , i love the country side , its the only place that i am willing to live . bees are so cool i am fascinated by there colonies , you have filled a much needed space in the understanding of social insects , if only peoples could BEE as easily understood !

                                                        • Kyle Cain
                                                          Kyle Cain  3 months back

                                                          I always enjoy your videos. They’re unique, and show what a caring person you are. Keep it up!

                                                        • Leslie Beckwith
                                                          Leslie Beckwith  3 months back

                                                          i can't believe people think you can save them, it's just not natural... in any way. no one can relocate them all. you are a really cool dude.

                                                          • bronxboy131
                                                            bronxboy131  3 months back

                                                            I recently discovered your channel and it's absolutely fascinating ! Thank you !><>< I'm also a Beatles fanatic- 👍😎☮☮❤

                                                            • Hornet King
                                                              Hornet King   3 months back

                                                              Thanks so much for being here! Love brother, From Me To You!

                                                          • Mirkatu
                                                            Mirkatu  3 months back

                                                            Great Q & A, it answered some of my questions, especially about how you got started doing removals, and how you discovered chickens eat larvae. :-)

                                                          • TWSTF 8
                                                            TWSTF 8  3 months back

                                                            You do you, man.

                                                            Don't get into tiffs with trivial people in the comments lol if an argument lasts longer than 5 minutes, it's NOT worth explaining, because they're just trying to be difficult.

                                                            It's great you care so much that you feel like you should address it in a video, I'm just sayin' stay confident you're doing the right thing.

                                                            Someone who doesn't know what the HELL you go through every day shouldn't be allowed to offer any criticism lol as, "constructive," as they make it seem.


                                                            Edit; BTW, the chickens are one of the highlights of the show! (lol or channel or whatever) I was brought here by the hornet's nest removals, I stayed for the chickens! 👍😂

                                                            • Hunter Clark
                                                              Hunter Clark  3 months back

                                                              I'm so happy this channels flourishing the way it is. I love coming to see these vids, especially the shots of your folks woods. If I could ever get my life together, been unemployed and crushed by depression for so long, id love to live some place like that, do the stuff you do and live free, you seem so happy in so many vids and it's just a good vibe, save of course when you told us one chicken passed, was sad. Keep it up man

                                                              • Paleoman52
                                                                Paleoman52  3 months back

                                                                I really love your channel and this video explains so much more about you. You are a wonderful person with a big heart and I am glad you share your videos with all of us. I have learned so much more about Bees and wasps from you, Thanks, I look forward to future videos from you.