Spongebob Squarepants Characters: Good to Evil

  • Published: 04 October 2019
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    Spongebob Squarepants Characters: Good to Evil

    He lives in a pineapple under the sea and, together with a long list of fellow Bikini Bottomites... has been a staple of children’s lives all across the world. But not everyone in this Jellyfish-infested, underwater wonderland has the best of intentions. For all the good-natured nautical nonsense that there may be, like the real world, Bikini Bottom’s residents exist on a moral spectrum.

    It’s time to drop on the deck and flop like a fish as we put one of the best Nick Toons under the microscope and investigate the morality of these underwater characters. #GoodtoEvil #SpongebobSquarepants




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    Script Written by Simon Humphries
    Video Edited by Md Asad Al Hossain
    Media Gathered by Luka Lalosevic
    Research by Trixia Salonga
    Produced by Kyle J. Beauregard
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  • WickedBinge
    WickedBinge   4 months back

    BINGE our full 👼Good to Evil😈 playlist:

    • Minecraft Legends of the Heroes
      Minecraft Legends of the Heroes  4 days back

      I am here to say that your wrong about squidward's because In Christmas special when spongebob was sad because santa did not came he helped
      Spongebob and dressed like santa And give away everything he had just Because he wanted to make Spongebob feel better

    • Jerry Amoo-Appau
      Jerry Amoo-Appau  1 months back

      WickedBinge Please do a Good to Evil an the Regular Show

    • Bonnie Samuelson
      Bonnie Samuelson  2 months back

      What ever happened to Doodlebob?

    • Lucca Saran
      Lucca Saran  2 months back

      Why there is the chocolate with nuts's title card is there

    • Vic Villegas
      Vic Villegas  2 months back

      Wow i cant believe mr krab is second most evil

  • icecream hero
    icecream hero  7 hours back

    I think sandy's sin is wrath considering her hot temper and Squidward is more prideful.

    • Steph Widdowson
      Steph Widdowson  9 hours back

      Wicked binge:pearl is the biggest spongebob character ever
      Alaskan bull worm:am I a joke to you?

      • Joe Lewis
        Joe Lewis  12 hours back

        So sandy is escanor in spongebob #sevendeadlysins

        • Jewillz Daprince
          Jewillz Daprince  17 hours back

          I honestly see Plankton giving his testimony in church and being saved for some reason. However Mr Krabs and Squilliam I don’t see them repenting for they sins they belong in the stank flames of Davey Jones locka 😂😂

          • Logan Stewart
            Logan Stewart  19 hours back

            13:00 he actually saved spongebob from the bosses in spongebob your fired!

            • Neoze
              Neoze  22 hours back

              really good list besides squidward being called evil...but where’s karen? i mean it even says she’s considered a main character by stephen himself, which is weird. good list anyway!

              • Stephanique Adderley
                Stephanique Adderley  2 days back

                Mom: plankton is evil and if you find one GET OUT OF THE WATER
                Me: idk how something so little is so evil he is 100% EVIL
                If you agree press this

                • Stephanique Adderley
                  Stephanique Adderley  2 days back

                  Mom: Can’t believe Patrick bits in with no Spongebob day
                  Me: but he doesn’t know what’s right or wrong he’s DUMB

                  • icecream hero
                    icecream hero  7 hours back

                    Also if he stayed there wouldn't be a plot.

                • Stephanique Adderley
                  Stephanique Adderley  2 days back

                  Patrick is super nice and very funny

                  • Patrick Star
                    Patrick Star  4 days back

                    Why am I in the middle on your thumbnail I'm a good starfish

                    • Jake Gamer
                      Jake Gamer  4 days back

                      Karen is a Karen

                      • Enderguin58 The youtuber

                        wait so what about Karen? you cant make this list with the only living computer (well in a cartoon sense)

                        • Dakota Elder
                          Dakota Elder  4 days back

                          you forgot to put in Karen

                          • April Phinazee
                            April Phinazee  4 days back

                            16:24 could not say it better myself 😁

                            • MAMA LUIGI
                              MAMA LUIGI  4 days back

                              The best character is chocolat with chips

                              Did you see it?

                              • Mustiboi Salman
                                Mustiboi Salman  4 days back

                                You forgot the episode Demolition Doofus where Mrs Puff tried to GET SPONGEBOB KILLED

                                • Eli Pinedo
                                  Eli Pinedo  4 days back

                                  GARY IS AN ASSHOLE lmao he literally is such a jerk to spongebob and even squidward

                                  • Kitty Gaillot
                                    Kitty Gaillot  5 days back

                                    Mrs. puff wanted SpongeBob to be killed in a demolition derby.

                                    • ND Videos
                                      ND Videos  5 days back

                                      What About Karen!

                                      • Daniel Shaffer-Green
                                        Daniel Shaffer-Green  5 days back

                                        My Gym Partner's a Monkey: Good To Evil

                                        • probotboyxxx
                                          probotboyxxx  14 hours back

                                          Mention that on current videos on this channel.

                                      • dillon INC.
                                        dillon INC.  5 days back

                                        Spongebob needs to be higher on the list He saved bikini bottom from plankton and the pirate who stole the book and the Alaskan bull worm its patrick's fault that it got destroyed.

                                        • Wuzzle21
                                          Wuzzle21  6 days back

                                          Where’s doodlebob

                                          • Johann Segarra Vlog
                                            Johann Segarra Vlog  6 days back

                                            I think Pearl is a sperm whale

                                            • Margaret Thorn
                                              Margaret Thorn  6 days back

                                              I mean Evil

                                              • Margaret Thorn
                                                Margaret Thorn  6 days back

                                                Why is spongebob eil

                                                • BABY KAKES
                                                  BABY KAKES  6 days back

                                                  1. Mermaid Man
                                                  2. Mindy
                                                  3. Gary
                                                  4. Sandy
                                                  5. Spongebob
                                                  6. Barncle Boy
                                                  7. Pearl
                                                  8. Larry the Lobster
                                                  9. Ms. Puff
                                                  10. Patrick
                                                  11. Sqiudward
                                                  12. Bubble Bass
                                                  13. Man ray
                                                  14. Dirty Bubble
                                                  15. King Neptune
                                                  16. Flying dutchman
                                                  17. Squlim
                                                  18. Mr. Krabs
                                                  19. Plankton

                                                  • sdot
                                                    sdot  6 days back

                                                    Mr Krabs is definately the most evil character on SpongeBob. He's done more horrendous things than Plankton. Aside from robbery, bribing, counterfeiting, animal abuse, swindling etc.. He also has attempted murder on the health inspector in the Nasty Patty episode and he also attempted to kill Squidward to increase the value of his artworks in the episode Out of the Picture. He also tortured Plankton to the point where he was about to commit suicide in the episode One Course Meal and Mr Krabs was laughing at him. Not even Plankton himself would do that to Mr Krabs. Furthermore, in this one episode called Krabby Kronicle Mr Krabs forced SpongeBob to write lies about the citizens of Bikini Bottom and it ruined their lives, with Plankton saying "and I thought I was evil".

                                                    • Georgie Gratton
                                                      Georgie Gratton  6 days back

                                                      Did anyone see chocolate with nuts like if you saw it

                                                      • RDragon_Dude100!! !
                                                        RDragon_Dude100!! !  6 days back

                                                        At 12:50 he say life two times🙄

                                                        • RDragon_Dude100!! !
                                                          RDragon_Dude100!! !  6 days back

                                                          None of thos sound like jokes

                                                          • TNT CrEePeR
                                                            TNT CrEePeR  6 days back

                                                            Generally disappointed that Paper Spongebob isn’t on there.

                                                            • TNT CrEePeR
                                                              TNT CrEePeR  4 days back

                                                              NovaX4 Farris I don’t want that much spongebob lol

                                                            • NovaX4 Farris
                                                              NovaX4 Farris  4 days back

                                                              His name is doodlebob your close

                                                          • Omega Steve
                                                            Omega Steve  6 days back

                                                            I think squiadward is the evilest his tried to kill spongebob’s many more times than planton

                                                            • Omega Steve
                                                              Omega Steve  6 days back

                                                              Pear is thin but huge

                                                              • brand gabriel divina (the boy full of randomness)

                                                                make phineas and ferb good to evil

                                                                • jacob rodriguez
                                                                  jacob rodriguez  1 weeks back

                                                                  Mr.Krabs should have been sent to JAIL for almost killing everyone in Bikini bottom for growing a Krabby patty that's the size of that runaway water gap from the beginning of "Chicken Little" [2005]

                                                                  • Paul Mann IV
                                                                    Paul Mann IV  1 weeks back

                                                                    Mrs. Puff should be lower on the ladder, as she has attempted to indirectly end Spongebob’s life; granted this was after he unintentionally crippled her, attempted murder is far from a reasonable response.

                                                                    Patrick Star needs to definitely be lower as well. *The Card* proved that he either knows he is stupid or pretends to be with a single line of dialogue, showing that his destruction of the town in an episode or two, as well as an attempt at an infant’s life by Karate Chop (though this might be more due to taking it too far, it’s still worth nothing).

                                                                    Eugene Krabs has an argument for being more evil than Plankton, all due to the fact that he drove Plankton to attempt suicide by disguising as Pearl in order to scare him (he believed whales eat plankton). Not to mention, Plankton’s constant schemes might come from a place of insecurity and constant failure, while Krabs has nearly consistent success yet decides to continue increasing his wealth and status. Finally, Plankton actually shows to have some form of compassion short of stealing the Krabby Patty formula and once ruling Bikini Bottom: Karen. He genuinely cares about her deep down and has shown time and time again he’d do anything to prove it, while Krabs has basically given up on Pearl and merely gives in, especially since he’s money incarnate.

                                                                    Food for thought.

                                                                    • Anne Scholey
                                                                      Anne Scholey  1 weeks back

                                                                      Krabs is the only real villain more than Plankton

                                                                      • Jose Espejel
                                                                        Jose Espejel  1 weeks back

                                                                        Me: chocolate with nuts is le best

                                                                        Vid:the cholcolate with nuts was just a coverup

                                                                        Me:no u 19:49

                                                                        • Total Creative Gaming
                                                                          Total Creative Gaming  1 weeks back

                                                                          Whoa, I never realised Princess Mindy was played by Scar Jo until you mentioned this.

                                                                          • Priya Nadathur
                                                                            Priya Nadathur  1 weeks back

                                                                            Like I'f you thought squidwards best moment in all time was the pizza scene

                                                                            • Priya Nadathur
                                                                              Priya Nadathur  1 weeks back

                                                                              7:28 only for one episode

                                                                              • doge shiba147
                                                                                doge shiba147  1 weeks back

                                                                                I defy you Binge man!

                                                                                • Eddie Carranza
                                                                                  Eddie Carranza  2 weeks back

                                                                                  One question if he almost killed Gary with a flame thrower you can’t use it under water and he sprayed sandy she can’t smell under there and you forgot the big jellyfish it tries to attack people like if he forgot big jellyfish and that bandit guy from the movie

                                                                                  • Ye Htet Aung Ba
                                                                                    Ye Htet Aung Ba  2 weeks back

                                                                                    I hate mr.krab more than phankton

                                                                                    • FandomKid210
                                                                                      FandomKid210  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Didn't Gary say he wanted to burn his enemies in that one episode where he got a Translation Collar?

                                                                                      • N 2vWilson
                                                                                        N 2vWilson  2 weeks back

                                                                                        The show I want to be featured on Good vs Evil has to be Alvin and the Chipmunks and the newer version not the old version the nutrition is the most evil has to be David Seville cuz he's a little fun so I think they did what had to be the most Ivana show

                                                                                      • Julie Toombs
                                                                                        Julie Toombs  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Mr.krabs is not a bad guy hes a good guy