Police Told To Get Warrant - Was This A Good Thing or Not?

  • Published: 12 October 2019
  • Cops want to search car that MAY have involved in a crime, Owner said not get a warrant. Then Owner wants to leave with car, Cops say NO, we are going to get a warrant. Is This Legal?

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  • Me Mo
    Me Mo  3 weeks back

    Bad police make it hard for the good cops out there ... i wonder what type you were ..

    • Stupid Plumbing
      Stupid Plumbing  3 weeks back

      Based on his own statements, my guess is bad.

  • bailey9r
    bailey9r  3 weeks back

    Rick they are allowed to lie to people so what happens when he tells the Judge "We told him we were 90% blah blah but we were trying to lull him into letting us search but he was not having it but we think it was involved."

    • Mommy E
      Mommy E  3 weeks back

      Cops: Oh, we are just here to investigate.
      Me: Don't the Investigators investigate crimes? Once your investigator obtains a warrant, I'd be happy to give you access to my vehicle which is now parked behind a locked gate.
      Woman: Oh but what had happened was
      Me: Bish STFU
      Cops: OK well, we still need to rule out that 10%
      Me: Have a nice day.
      I do have one question.....can they 'freeze' your car awaiting a warrant if it's behind a locked gate? Like can the warrant include entering your locked, private property just to sieze a vehicle suspected in a shooting? I live in Cali.

      • glenn doleberry
        glenn doleberry  4 hours back

        Mommy E LMAO! 🤣 “Bish STFU”. EXACTLY! Shut your PIE HOLE MEN are TALKING

    • Celtic Jay
      Celtic Jay  1 months back

      Don't forget everybody this piece of s*** used to be a cop meaning he's ruining countless lives

      • Ayliose
        Ayliose  1 months back

        Can you do a video on the video of the black guy om his own property, legally open carrying while the cops are asking questions regarding a separate incident, and begin to threaten arrest if he doesnt disarm? Im curious for your thoughts on it.

        • Brad King
          Brad King  1 months back

          Are you all just shut up and play the fucking video

            SPANKY AMERICAN  1 months back

            The cop should shut up, live with 90% or get a warrant, period, bye...

            • Robert Trelka
              Robert Trelka  1 months back

              Thanks man love your videos

              • thomas boyd
                thomas boyd  1 months back

                everyone tells truth hahaha damn

                • thomas boyd
                  thomas boyd  1 months back

                  if folks were sane non of this would happen get a scanner there is some number 911 I think is abused and called by fools 4 no reason sane 2 me cops have 2 go to these calls may god b with them

                  • Cody Emery
                    Cody Emery  1 months back

                    what i was wondering. they certainly should not be able to "freeze" (like this is a fucking game of tag or something) for an indefinite or undisclosed amount of time. What EXACTLY is the law?. If they cant produce a warrant within 24 or 48 hrs is it "unfrozen"? What if the cop is lazy and waits 48 hrs to get a warrant and then is denied? They should have to get a warrant within a reasonable amount of time if they are going to freeze assets. there should be a limit on "freeze time". Or does the citizen have to forfeit his property until the cop feels like getting a warrant even if the warrant is denied? If these questions aren't explicitly answered in the written law then this screams tyranny. If there's an asset "freeze" time window in which the cops must produce a warrant, thatd make more sense.

                    • Billy keith
                      Billy keith  1 months back

                      All pigs are pedophiles liars and murders period

                      • Mark Ferguson
                        Mark Ferguson  1 months back

                        You have the right to face your accuser in court, not on the street. While cops do sometimes mention that they can get a warrant to intimidate you to give consent, you should be ready for them to get one if you try to call their bluff.

                        • Thomas Olson
                          Thomas Olson  1 months back

                          You narrate way to much. Just roll the video and stop explaining beyond belief.

                          • Eugene Herrell jr
                            Eugene Herrell jr  1 months back

                            Yes the law is that you do have a right to know your accusers straight off the bat there is no well you can't know how accusers that is BS and if the thug boys in blue should know that and that will get the charges thrown out. But if course the government the thug boys in blue just change the law to suite themselves any ways.

                          • Nicholas Soldan
                            Nicholas Soldan  1 months back

                            Sir/officer if you would like to get a warrant then we can wait otherwise respectfully this conversation is over sir. Then stop talking.

                            • Miss Grinch
                              Miss Grinch  1 months back

                              Like the lawyers said shut the fuck up around cops.

                          • who is making the claim?
                            who is making the claim?  1 months back

                            why would you consent to a search if there was an alleged warrant produced? hello?

                            • who is making the claim?
                              who is making the claim?  1 months back

                              if you ask a cop to do something then do not be surprised if he does something.

                              • bailey9r
                                bailey9r  3 weeks back

                                Be surprised because 80% of the time they are bluffing.

                            • Bob Woods
                              Bob Woods  2 months back

                              So why don't they go down and get an injunction against their warrant.
                              It's their right to be heard by the court.

                              • JacobRandallDotson
                                JacobRandallDotson  2 months back

                                Most police officers are nothing more than domestic terrorists

                                • dominic coscarelli
                                  dominic coscarelli  2 months back

                                  Tough guy act always bites them in the ass.

                                  • Robert Greene
                                    Robert Greene  2 months back

                                    Yo donut, let us watch the video and then narrate for us. Stoping the video every sentence is killing me. :)

                                    • Jozie Payne
                                      Jozie Payne  2 months back

                                      I agree most parents don't know want there kids do

                                      • CopsRallBad
                                        CopsRallBad  2 months back

                                        No matter what.... Always, ALWAYS make cops get a warrant to search anything, Your person, Your home , or your automoblie, ALWAYS.... You have a right to protect yourself, And don't answer questions, Keep your mouth shut, Cooperation can be the quickest way to prison or being assaulted.

                                        • Chris Thomas
                                          Chris Thomas  2 months back

                                          Yeah if you’re not gonna let him search the car kind of puts you in a bad light especially if it’s suspected in a crime

                                          • David Mcclaughry
                                            David Mcclaughry  2 months back

                                            What the hell r you talking about Rick call the cops I'm tell n you now if I'm fishing an u throw my catch back n I'm going off on your ass that's my food your stealing food out of my mouth I don't think so

                                            • David Pursel, Snake Hunter

                                              Has this guy never said “Shut the fuck up and get you ass in the house. I don’t need you stirring shit while I’m talking to these guys.”?

                                            • SimonsGotAGun
                                              SimonsGotAGun  2 months back

                                              Cops are NEVER, EVER trying to rule you out. If they're questioning you or want to search, they're trying to find evidence that you did something...they're NOT just trying to cross the T's and dot the I's so they can scratch you name off the list. Whether you're innocent or guilty, tell them to get a warrant and then shut your mouth. You don't have to be an ass or be confrontational and don't get physical with them, but you're under no obligation to make their job easy; their job isn't supposed to be easy...make them do it.

                                              • Rob Roberts
                                                Rob Roberts  2 months back

                                                I thought cops can search your car within reach of their arm from standing next to it legally? I have seen videos showing cops saying fine you won't give me consent I can still search your car at arms length.

                                                • Rob Roberts
                                                  Rob Roberts  2 months back

                                                  You have become one of my favorite YouTubers. I love your videos and your knowledge of the law and I respect your fairness. Excellent job keep up the great work!

                                                  • Connie Phillips
                                                    Connie Phillips  2 months back

                                                    That's WHY after it's OVER GO down2 THE POLICE DEPARTMENT AND follew THE cop HOME THEN PUT HIS ASS TO THE TEST WHEN COMES OUT WITH OUT TYRANT UNIFORM ON

                                                    • Connie Phillips
                                                      Connie Phillips  2 months back


                                                      • Michael Metzener
                                                        Michael Metzener  2 months back

                                                        You just tell the cops I don't consent to search's and you don't have my or my daughters best interest at heart. For all I know you are a piece of shit and want to plant something.

                                                        • David Pedder
                                                          David Pedder  2 months back

                                                          What if it's the new Tesla with the summon feature ???? LOL

                                                          • MrTributesTreesOfAtomity
                                                            MrTributesTreesOfAtomity  2 months back

                                                            link to the video or play it full at the end or add timestamps so we can just watch the video man. we all have brains and can analyze the evidence ourselves. you're literally not saying anything that anyone dosnt know already, ur just talking through the movie at this point...

                                                            • Tim O'Neil
                                                              Tim O'Neil  2 months back

                                                              Shit like this is what is gonna kick start the next revolution

                                                              • Yellow Cab
                                                                Yellow Cab  2 months back

                                                                You talk to much.

                                                              • Matt Twinkletoes
                                                                Matt Twinkletoes  2 months back

                                                                2.31 the absolute state of that cop. Get some fcuking exercise and stop eating so much. How is this guy supposed to chase down criminals? Dont they force cops to meet a basic standard of fitness?

                                                                • SC Rider
                                                                  SC Rider  2 months back

                                                                  Would not consent. But if has rubber stamp...have to be ready to have car towed, I guess. Ha, the guy went from cool to crazy and didn't need to go there.

                                                                  • Ricky Rhoades
                                                                    Ricky Rhoades  2 months back

                                                                    Narrator stfu he's aloud to be pissed he's protecting his daughter and property from cop suckers like you,you think everyone should just shut up and obey,Fuck you and your pig boyfriends.

                                                                    • Jarlabanke1
                                                                      Jarlabanke1  2 months back

                                                                      Good video - thanks

                                                                      • DJ Strych9
                                                                        DJ Strych9  2 months back

                                                                        Your a jackboot sucking the shoe strings of fellow Jack boots.

                                                                        • yea bouy
                                                                          yea bouy  2 months back

                                                                          God forbid someone exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, you know the thing coos SWEAR AN OATH to uphold. You cop sucking bootlickers make me sick.

                                                                          • f0rumrr
                                                                            f0rumrr  2 months back

                                                                            These cops have no balls. They being too nice, just tell em, we need to search that car to clear your daughter.

                                                                            • crandallziegel
                                                                              crandallziegel  2 months back

                                                                              That piggy genitalia sure is deep down your throat

                                                                          • Jennifer Small
                                                                            Jennifer Small  2 months back

                                                                            Rick you’re awesome 😎

                                                                            • John Allen
                                                                              John Allen  2 months back

                                                                              I would have told him no get a warrant and that's it i would have walked away end of conversation

                                                                              • UUJman
                                                                                UUJman  2 months back

                                                                                Policy # 1: always say no to searches.
                                                                                Policy # 2: Don't explain your policy to the police.

                                                                                • PatriotsUnited
                                                                                  PatriotsUnited  2 months back

                                                                                  Bitches like that need to learn to keep their mouth shut they think they own the world and can just run their fucking mouth nowadays because They got propped up as gods and everybody lets them walk all over them nowadays