• Published: 06 August 2019

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    Here we go for another installment of the Fortnite series, leave a thumbs up for more!

    Voice Acting : https://www.abigailturnervo.com/
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  • Paul Donnelly
    Paul Donnelly  1 days back

    I love drift he so cool can I get a shout out

    • fancy potato
      fancy potato  1 days back

      2016 mincraft

      2019 fortnite

      Kelly you disappoint me ;(

      • drift Munoz
        drift Munoz  6 days back


        • Elicatnoir Gonzo
          Elicatnoir Gonzo  6 days back

          Hi little Kelly I like your videos

          • Ezkel lion joseph
            Ezkel lion joseph  1 weeks back

            Re and have a bath luv yuh God blessings to your church my 6 says the huntsman full of compassion why are my people hearts so troubled and they have to work on the truck I respect there is nothing she can do about that but to give me one Sunday off my apologies for me and how you hunny hope that the rotten ones means the person is sick but if you send me your it will be one Sunday off this is one of my boys to collect tank is it ok with

            • Shaddai Laster
              Shaddai Laster  2 weeks back

              I love u sooo sooo much i love your video

              • Morales YT
                Morales YT  2 weeks back

                EVERY ONE beg for little Kelly's face reveal real life LIKE IF AGREE FACE REVEAL

                • XxHollyUwUxX
                  XxHollyUwUxX  2 weeks back

                  *well nice to meet you edd word.*

                  • Christopher Estep
                    Christopher Estep  2 weeks back

                    This feels like a new newscapepro

                    • steven chen
                      steven chen  2 weeks back

                      Why does drift falls in love with any girl

                      • steven chen
                        steven chen  2 weeks back

                        I ship them to

                        • JJ Burgest
                          JJ Burgest  2 weeks back


                        • Will Chapoopy
                          Will Chapoopy  2 weeks back

                          Your videos are awesome and I love Fortnite so keep up the good work

                          • Sarah C
                            Sarah C  2 weeks back

                            Wow if only they were still together.....

                            • Diego Patchett
                              Diego Patchett  2 weeks back

                              I yoostoo woch you minceraft

                              • Jolette Silva
                                Jolette Silva  3 weeks back

                                i kinda see them more like siblings

                                • Kamilo Salas
                                  Kamilo Salas  3 weeks back

                                  Hey little Kelly I love your videos I use your code every time can I have a shout-out please

                                  • Samuel
                                    Samuel  3 weeks back

                                    Yo what is this gay shit 😂

                                    • Markos Aguilera
                                      Markos Aguilera  3 weeks back

                                      They need to add a black suit and a white suit for drift as well

                                      • tagwithryan31 plays roblox ryan

                                        I hate fortright

                                        • tagwithryan31 plays roblox ryan

                                          I'm going to unsubscribe from you

                                          • Vanessa Scott
                                            Vanessa Scott  4 weeks back

                                            I in
                                            Love with

                                            • xxmegaderrickxx 1
                                              xxmegaderrickxx 1  4 weeks back


                                              • Dulce Sarmiento
                                                Dulce Sarmiento  4 weeks back


                                                • Llama Crazy
                                                  Llama Crazy  4 weeks back

                                                  Who remembers when she wasn’t crazy that much oh wait crazy in my name

                                                  • Jeremy Ullao
                                                    Jeremy Ullao  4 weeks back

                                                    please give me a shout out

                                                    • Fadi Osama
                                                      Fadi Osama  4 weeks back

                                                      Hi Little kelly i can get a shotout

                                                      • PAUI EDREN P. FADERON
                                                        PAUI EDREN P. FADERON  4 weeks back

                                                        What the love kelly wye arw still posting vida

                                                        • emil rasmussen
                                                          emil rasmussen  1 months back

                                                          Skrald Aim

                                                          • Douglas is cool
                                                            Douglas is cool  1 months back

                                                            Hi little Kelly I watch you everyday can you shout out me please

                                                            • Noah Worthington
                                                              Noah Worthington  1 months back

                                                              I love your videos they are epic

                                                              • Flame _Flower
                                                                Flame _Flower  1 months back

                                                                I can tell Raptor Ships it to much.

                                                                • Frostbite XD
                                                                  Frostbite XD  1 months back

                                                                  R.I.P. Edward he was a good noob :(

                                                                  • TheBlueApe
                                                                    TheBlueApe  1 months back

                                                                    What happened to nice old catylist

                                                                    • Derrion Hurst
                                                                      Derrion Hurst  1 months back

                                                                      oh dude making good stuff now and the code is little kelly making good video

                                                                      • David Dean
                                                                        David Dean  1 months back

                                                                        Im a biggest fan

                                                                        • Alberto Rodrigez
                                                                          Alberto Rodrigez  1 months back

                                                                          Soooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooool

                                                                          • christopher evans
                                                                            christopher evans  1 months back

                                                                            when is they going to get new house

                                                                            • Joe Chill
                                                                              Joe Chill  1 months back

                                                                              This is so cringe

                                                                              • Key Roko
                                                                                Key Roko  1 months back

                                                                                raptor is so funny

                                                                                • Gabriel  Almazan
                                                                                  Gabriel Almazan  1 months back

                                                                                  I love your videos make part 2

                                                                                  • Swizzler:P
                                                                                    Swizzler:P  1 months back

                                                                                    BOI HIS AIM

                                                                                    • Mathew Ramirez
                                                                                      Mathew Ramirez  2 months back

                                                                                      Your videos are good I like your videos good good👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                      • Christian Neale
                                                                                        Christian Neale  2 months back

                                                                                        Hey little Kelly love the vids

                                                                                        • fire rod 2000
                                                                                          fire rod 2000  2 months back

                                                                                          5:43 ohh this is the girl that you li
                                                                                          Drift pulls out a legendary pump
                                                                                          Raptor nevermind

                                                                                          • M Maria
                                                                                            M Maria  2 months back

                                                                                            I love the Fortnite film

                                                                                            • Bape Supreme
                                                                                              Bape Supreme  2 months back

                                                                                              raptor is so funny