We TWIN Electric Turbo The Smart Car. It's A Freaking RIPPER Now!

  • Published: 09 February 2020
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  • Brooks Moses
    Brooks Moses  6 hours back

    Y'all should see if you can borrow one of the electric Smart Cars to compare with. They scoot pretty good!

    • Kajifox
      Kajifox  7 hours back

      Stock turbo's wastegate probably had absolutely no idea what was going on.

      • Seedless Grapes
        Seedless Grapes  22 hours back

        Also, they don't understand turbos any kind of air filter will take horsepower away.

        • Seedless Grapes
          Seedless Grapes  22 hours back

          Never mind at 13 minutes into the video. I see the turtle has Dean remounted in the center without an air filter.

        • Seedless Grapes
          Seedless Grapes  22 hours back

          And it's a piece of shit car that they're trying to blow up. So why the hell does it have air filters on it?

      • Seedless Grapes
        Seedless Grapes  22 hours back

        5 lb of boost is perfect for a stock car. You won't blow anything up and it's actually a lot of horsepower. And now with all these boost Wars going on people don't remember anything my first zc Honda CRX with a motor swap twin cam and turbo only had 5 lb of boost. This was about sixteen years ago and no one could beat me.

        • Seedless Grapes
          Seedless Grapes  22 hours back

          Cleetus is obsessed with electric turbos and he was very disappointed when it didn't work. So I'm not surprised to see him here.

          • NZ Aviator
            NZ Aviator  1 days back

            Need to mount a real turbo like that

            • Frank
              Frank  1 days back

              Everything ok Jeremy?? No upload all week?

              • Cody
                Cody  2 days back

                Bahahahahaha. From 4:25 and on, Just watch cleetus's face. I died laughing before i even realized what he was doing i thought he shit himself.

                • Joe Anthony
                  Joe Anthony  2 days back

                  sad cleetus,

                  • Preston Snelson
                    Preston Snelson  2 days back

                    Please somebody tell me what the difference between methanol,ethanol,and reg gas..
                    I have pump gas with ethanol and I have pump gas without ethanol. What's the difference? I mean are there things I need to worry about running these in my vehicle? Are there any benefits? What's better,best? Thanks

                    • Mario Gorgees
                      Mario Gorgees  2 days back

                      Electric Car with Electric Twin Turbo's, now just make a Kinetic Turbo and you've Technically Supercharged the car

                      • Justin Andriano
                        Justin Andriano  2 days back

                        Just curious, how come you didnt set up the turbos in compound since torque amp said that was better for smaller displacement engines

                        • Brandon Kennison
                          Brandon Kennison  2 days back

                          ah the good ol days of davesfarm

                          • J.A.Ratt85
                            J.A.Ratt85  2 days back

                            Now you just need to do a reverse delete.. aka put in a motorcycle engine.. That way you'd make upwards of 200+ horsepower out of 1 liter.

                            • Matthew Ariel
                              Matthew Ariel  2 days back

                              What happens if the turbo ingests a chip

                              • Kai Hansen
                                Kai Hansen  2 days back

                                When they say "let her eat" I didn't realise you were actually supposed to feed it chips.

                                • Brett Moss
                                  Brett Moss  2 days back

                                  please put a big bike engine in here!!

                                  • Austin Norflet
                                    Austin Norflet  2 days back

                                    dude when he threw the chips all over Jeremy i was dying laughing, that shit was soo hilarious omg

                                    • cobrasvt347
                                      cobrasvt347  2 days back

                                      He chipped em. Lol

                                      • Logan Kostyal
                                        Logan Kostyal  3 days back

                                        smart car on dyno:


                                        cleats mcfarland: he he he he

                                        3rd gear: SURPRISE MOTHE FU-

                                        ECU: NOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

                                        cleats mcfarland: lets off gas

                                        ECU : oh, thank god, it stopped, oh oh oh, i thought we were gonna go bye-bye, glad thats over

                                        cleats mc farland: one more time 4 da boyz

                                        ECU: oh not again, plz no no, OH SHI- AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH OOHH GOD HEERE WE GO AGAIN

                                        dash board: oh x-mas tree, oh x-mas treeeeeee how wonderful are you braaaanches

                                        2nd gear: oh shoot i forgot to shift  

                                        2nd gear shifts

                                        ECU: AAAAHHH< OH WAIT, oh god ima throw up, bleeaaa! whyyyyyy, why cleatus, this car was made to be slow, gay, and fuel efficient, then you just FRICKIN TURBOD IT

                                        3rd gear: WWWWHHHHHOOOOOO here we GO BABY

                                        3rd gear shifts

                                        ECU: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!

                                        cleatus mcfarland: MO POWEH BABEH

                                        *1 month later*

                                        cleetus mcfarland: alright time to see what this baby does in the quarter mile, WHOOO!!

                                        transmission: ight, ima head out

                                        • Mike Forager
                                          Mike Forager  3 days back

                                          if its a factory spec smart car its 599cc

                                          • William Murphy
                                            William Murphy  3 days back

                                            Add a wet shot instead of Meth and leave the turbo

                                            • Aaron Thompson
                                              Aaron Thompson  3 days back

                                              This is peak Americana 😂

                                              • backwoodsriders
                                                backwoodsriders  3 days back

                                                Could this be programmed to increase based on throttle?

                                                • Jeremy G
                                                  Jeremy G  3 days back

                                                  ROFLMAO my v-twin bike makes more horsepower and torque stock then that car does

                                                  • Kurt Sumthinorother
                                                    Kurt Sumthinorother  3 days back

                                                    Jeremy, I just watched a video about water meth and it reminded me of something I learned a long time ago. Water takes twice as much heat energy to change state as methanol... Meaning that water will cool the intake air twice as effective as methanol. It also has the added benefit of expansion in combustion to more than 3000:1 adding 10% boost to the cylinder pressure at flame propagation. Methanol just burns with no expansion. The exact science says that methanol doesn't increase octane past 60:40. Returns start to diminish past 50:50 and you are losing power after 60:40 meth/water.
                                                    This guy does a great presentation.

                                                    • Liam Campbell
                                                      Liam Campbell  3 days back

                                                      Really curious to see if they would make more boost if the torqamp's where in series instead of parallel on such a small engine

                                                      • paul ulloa
                                                        paul ulloa  3 days back

                                                        Cars on meth what could go wrong. 😲

                                                        • The white beast
                                                          The white beast  3 days back

                                                          imagine a ship getting inside the turbo

                                                          • Sick and tired Of complaining

                                                            Why not hook up a power inverter and off an outlet use a variable voltage switch then hook the turbo to that and pump 60,70,80,100 volts into them really get them screaming!!

                                                            • LordChrisHimself
                                                              LordChrisHimself  3 days back

                                                              The irony is that you have to be this smart to do things THIS wrong

                                                              • Madden Mobile
                                                                Madden Mobile  4 days back

                                                                Bro hide everything and make it a sleeper👌🏼

                                                                • mookie wilson
                                                                  mookie wilson  4 days back

                                                                  cleeter=gold laughing so hard at about 14min

                                                                  • Dustin
                                                                    Dustin  4 days back

                                                                    You should close the top and blast the a/c in the car lol

                                                                    • toast 2 go
                                                                      toast 2 go  4 days back

                                                                      ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS

                                                                      I would like to start of by saying electric cars and motorcycles can F*ck Off!.
                                                                      Ok now that we have that out of the way I can explain exactly why.
                                                                      First and foremost let’s talk about the Ohh so “planet friendly” Formula E racing series. Now at first glance you might think that this “clean” form of racing must be the way of the future, right?? Not so much. Let take a peek at what’s really going on.
                                                                      The very first indication this might be Bullshit is the 20 CAT Diesel generators in the pits running full throttle charging the batteries for these cars. Each car uses two 550 pound Lithium batteries per race. These batteries put out 250KW of power, and have a maximum output of 54KWH (kilowatt hours). On the high side the average U.S. home uses about 20KWH of power per month. One Formula E car, in one race uses four times that in 50 minutes. The recent Hong Kong race had 25 cars on the grid, using fifty 550lb Lithium batteries in 50 minutes. That’s a total of 2700 Kilowatt Hours. Or more than enough to power 10 homes for a month. That’s a lot of juice! Also the five power-plants in Hong Kong are powered by Diesel, Coal, and Gasoline. Whoopsie!
                                                                      Now let’s take a look at these newfangled Lithium batteries. The big companies hawking electric cars and motorcycles would love you to believe that Fossil fuel is so harmful, and electric power is so clean. It actually the opposite. We are swapping a carbon monoxide problem that is fixable and controllable. For a toxic Lithium mining that kills wild life, ruins the water table and destroys agriculture. The mining process uses a ton of water. A million gallons of water per 2 metric tons of lithium(Each Tesla has 12 kilos of Lithium). In some South American countries like Chile. Lithium mining uses almost 70% of the countries water supply. Also if you are naive enough to think that there isn’t a bunch of diesel powered machinery used in the process? Think again. These Lithium batteries also leave a toxic footprint on the way out. Contamination of landfills and seeping into the water table.
                                                                      So I know I have probably bombarded you with all these stats, and you are wondering what it all means? Do your own research. If you look really deep you can see that the companies behind pushing this “clean” stuff on us are Huge energy sellers. They want you to buy that electric power from them, and they want you to use a vehicle that sucks up that power. Also don’t forget the fact they are selling power that is made mostly from Coal or Fossil Fuels.
                                                                      So I guess my point in all of this is.
                                                                      If you really want to save the planet? Don’t buy a new car. Get an older car that can be repaired and maintained. It won’t be in the scrap heap after 7 years.
                                                                      Oh wait I forgot to comment about Cars like the Tesla having a bunch of plastic in them. Isn’t that made from petroleum??? Well I guess I’ll just stash that away for later..

                                                                      • Andy Laurence
                                                                        Andy Laurence  4 days back

                                                                        I didn't realise they did them without turbos. Mine made 7lbs boost from the factory. 10lbs with a remap...

                                                                        • UKWORLDWIDE VIDEOS
                                                                          UKWORLDWIDE VIDEOS  4 days back

                                                                          I swear to god Jeremy and the Mexican guy are cheech and chong. The Mexican dude even sounds like him LOL who agrees ?

                                                                          • DSM Chumpaumpalumpa
                                                                            DSM Chumpaumpalumpa  4 days back

                                                                            Could have done compound to get more boost

                                                                            • maurijm21
                                                                              maurijm21  4 days back

                                                                              Where did you buy the electric turbos?

                                                                              • Noah Pacheco
                                                                                Noah Pacheco  4 days back

                                                                                Cleetus: Neutral drop it!

                                                                                *out of no where CameraMan pops up with Stuntman*

                                                                                CameraMan: WHAAAAATS IT GOT STUNTMAN!!!!

                                                                                • jbr496
                                                                                  jbr496  5 days back

                                                                                  So Much Power!! Cleetus is probably ready to get back into Leroy just to calm his nerves.

                                                                                  • 350zWannabe
                                                                                    350zWannabe  5 days back

                                                                                    Famous last words:
                                                                                    "It smells like methanol back here!"

                                                                                    • ccb5105
                                                                                      ccb5105  5 days back

                                                                                      This rolls over, Cleetus' going to have a headache.....dude's head sticking out the roof.

                                                                                      • Travis Montgomery
                                                                                        Travis Montgomery  5 days back

                                                                                        5:34 methanol leaking from the injector site.

                                                                                        • Thomas Mason
                                                                                          Thomas Mason  5 days back

                                                                                          If you have something slow like this, or a crown Vic...mustang...

                                                                                          • SquishBangBlow
                                                                                            SquishBangBlow  5 days back

                                                                                            *Put them in series. If one gives 5psi, two (in series) will give you 10.*

                                                                                            • Kenneth Jensen
                                                                                              Kenneth Jensen  5 days back

                                                                                              Put a hayabusa engine in it hehe

                                                                                              • Tony Elmore
                                                                                                Tony Elmore  5 days back

                                                                                                256 people don’t like freedom and puppy’s.