Coronavirus: Senior Chinese officials 'removed' as death toll rises- BBC News

  • Published: 14 February 2020
  • China has "removed" several senior officials over their handling of the coronavirus outbreak - as the death toll rises.
    Some 242 deaths from the new coronavirus were recorded in the Chinese province of Hubei on Wednesday, the deadliest day of the outbreak.

    There was also a huge increase in the number of cases, with 14,840 people diagnosed with Covid-19.

    Hubei has started using a broader definition to diagnose people, which accounts for most of the rise in cases.

    China sacked two top officials in Hubei province hours after the new figures were revealed.

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  • Rebecca Sowell
    Rebecca Sowell  4 minutes back

    Koreanajones website for true videos on funeral homes

  • essentialgmbest today
    essentialgmbest today  13 minutes back

    a Fighting for all self knowledge above 50 % from what I have left in November 2019 is impossible , a forced intimidate from someone (possibly on land )to saving a job secure ++++ a Major reason to call for help from the United state team.. All documents have already prepared, Seeking help from the Human Rights to separate my life from former high school classmate/ Thai restaurant and Massage shop in Houston/ Local people / Oscar red carpet/ local Population , Kraseasin District , Songkhla Thailand / former American and Chinese company all of them involved a force without invitation while embarking for all contract+++++ it's shame to share something with someone who entirely greedy in money and honor...btw, health issues seeking for discussion.

    • Sharma Sushil
      Sharma Sushil  19 minutes back

      Let me know the taste of bats n 🐍.

      • Nat Wolins
        Nat Wolins  27 minutes back

        Are these people hitting the crack pipe? This virus is out! It has long incubation period and there are many cases outside China. It is likely more people are infected and not showing syndromes, than known cases and they are infecting others. Why would you expect it go away?

        • La3eep CR
          La3eep CR  34 minutes back

          how long it takes from the moment you get infected with the virus till it shows that you have it??

          • boyishcopy
            boyishcopy  36 minutes back

            May be china"s top secret decision to propagate that virus.. Is one way of reducing the number of its own people??? Is that possible??

            • rockkarmaband
              rockkarmaband  50 minutes back

              What are their ages that died.

              • Ruth Anne
                Ruth Anne  1 hours back

                But there is hope for China, Jesus is your hope! Not budha, not tao and certainly not
                confucianism, they cannot help you but the Bible says in Acts 16:31 “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you WILL BE saved, along with everyone in your household.” Wake up China, this message is for you! The bible says in Romans 10:13 says for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Jesus is waiting on you to call on Him, He will save you and your family from this peril and the perils to come. Call on Jesus, He is waiting on you!

                • Caboose Brooks
                  Caboose Brooks  18 minutes back

                  With all due respect, , you are implying anyone who is saved will never suffer. We live in a man made world where good and evil both happen.
                  He promises a heaven, after this life.

              • Jose Anguiano
                Jose Anguiano  1 hours back

                Keep eating bats and all those nasty ass foods.

                • Clipper Stwawberry
                  Clipper Stwawberry  2 hours back

                  Where can we find any DIY or homemade instructions and standard testing instructions on WHO for N95, ... P100?!! Is WHO really working for people?!!!

                  • XxDeath SokolxX1234
                    XxDeath SokolxX1234  2 hours back

                    Just keep working on cure like alot if sentient need to be working on cure before shit happen

                    • The Maggie Dress
                      The Maggie Dress  2 hours back

                      Very Timeley...for protesters in the street....also toooooooo many people not enough sanitaation...Dah...stop breeding iwilly nilly

                      • DR AneemoTV
                        DR AneemoTV  3 hours back

                        make my bug viral !!!! make my bug viral !!!! make my bug viral !!!! make my bug viral !!!!

                        • Patrick T
                          Patrick T  3 hours back

                          China Xi government was a disaster!

                          • neo64 benz
                            neo64 benz  3 hours back

                            The virus is fake they are trying to control you ;)

                            • Thomson Family
                              Thomson Family  3 hours back

                              GOOD NEWS...

                              • Jack le Roux
                                Jack le Roux  3 hours back

                                Fear mongering! BBC is leaving out so much information and only focusing on the negative events. Go watch Nathan Rich's video on the timeline of the virus. Open your eyes. The West just hates China

                                • John Doe
                                  John Doe  4 hours back

                                  Two senior CPC officials sacked. 😦😦😦😦😦

                                  • Escape From Zombie Island

                                    Those big balls on top of the ship look like Matsing balls that I did a video about on my channel. Either way, those folks are getting cooked alive in port on those ships with all the radiation... .. all those devices? Those are the virus. Stupid is the virus.

                                    • Tony DiMarzo
                                      Tony DiMarzo  4 hours back

                                      I love how that white lady actually pronounced everything correctly.

                                      • Vaqif Vilayetov
                                        Vaqif Vilayetov  4 hours back

                                        Uygur turku

                                        • wwolfdogs
                                          wwolfdogs  5 hours back

                                          Chinese officials removed because they could not lie convincingly.

                                          • Vaqif Vilayetov
                                            Vaqif Vilayetov  5 hours back


                                            • AmeriKa1050
                                              AmeriKa1050  5 hours back

                                              This virus is worse than the flu. There seems to be a high rate of lung complications. Really bad.

                                              • KingJustice98
                                                KingJustice98  5 hours back

                                                The U.S. is likely under-reporting cases as well. Many people have travelled in the U.S. from Wuhan. Flu symptoms and flu deaths may not be getting classified correctly.

                                                • Gman 49
                                                  Gman 49  5 hours back

                                                  We should have spray bottles with bleach at 1pt< 3pts and spray every Surface you touch of might touch.. And the buses and the stop, the atm. We should all spray, spray, spray and Desinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect. He safe

                                                  • Terry Mechan. Grumpy old Senior:-Views on the News

                                                    New Body Collection Service launched for UK virus victims

                                                    • ZSam95
                                                      ZSam95  5 hours back

                                                      Found some N95 Respirator Masks from 3M, SAS, Honeywell & Moldex still available. As well as Supreme and Anti Social Social Club apparel! 


                                                      • Gman 49
                                                        Gman 49  5 hours back

                                                        The virus is spreading and they're under reporting. It seems it can rebound or recure, and second exposures seem to be more deadly. With vio!ent seizures and almost instant death heart faiilure. Standing in line wobble drop. Dr at work during surgery, stops suddenly, and starts to keel over, then full body seizure, collapse dead. It is mutating and becoming a stronger VIRUS, WILL GO AROUND THE World at least 3 time if not more. 400 from diamond princess coming home today.

                                                        • Insane
                                                          Insane  5 hours back

                                                          Whoever is playing plague inc *STOP*

                                                          • Anwar Zubidat
                                                            Anwar Zubidat  5 hours back

                                                            الدكتور البروفسور يفحص العملية بلمختبر مواد طبيعي

                                                            • Anwar Zubidat
                                                              Anwar Zubidat  5 hours back

                                                              Gloten meet alcohol 1.5 /sweet0.2 new medicine فحص بلمختبر

                                                              • 803brando
                                                                803brando  5 hours back

                                                                They should blame themselves, this virus came from a bio-weapon labratory, or what they call it "center for disease prevention"

                                                                • 0doubled seven
                                                                  0doubled seven  6 hours back

                                                                  This is a form of the plaque in its infancy that eats the victim from the insides. Dead in 2-4weeks. Virus my butt.

                                                                  • DOUGLAS THORNLEY
                                                                    DOUGLAS THORNLEY  6 hours back

                                                                    probably chopped up for dog food.

                                                                    • 0doubled seven
                                                                      0doubled seven  6 hours back

                                                                      Its more than just a virus if it can be absorbed throught the skin.

                                                                      • niduoe stre
                                                                        niduoe stre  6 hours back

                                                                        This is the lamest moderator I've even seen...he thinks he's the local Tom Cruise from MI?:/

                                                                        • Polaki Cebulaki
                                                                          Polaki Cebulaki  6 hours back

                                                                          They (CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY) knew this since September but they tried to hid it from international media. They initially treated this as common cold or flu, but they cannot control and contained it. Because the Christmas season 2019 is coming and loads of new phones models from iPhones and Samsungs were in demand for Christmas presents and they all made from China so they tried to hid the virus, but then Christmas season is gone so they disclosed it to the public especially international media.

                                                                          • john folger
                                                                            john folger  6 hours back

                                                                            ff coronavirus spred test / NWO

                                                                            • Sylappan kumar
                                                                              Sylappan kumar  6 hours back


                                                                              • niduoe stre
                                                                                niduoe stre  6 hours back

                                                                                power...Why are we not fighting to find out what happened to innocent bloggers in China...This is B.S... America is a bunch of wussys if we can't make them release those ppl

                                                                            • Bisan Ben
                                                                              Bisan Ben  6 hours back

                                                                              I wish they found cure for the virus it brakes my heart to see people dying like this 😭😭😭 god help them

                                                                              • Mr AJ {amazing god}
                                                                                Mr AJ {amazing god}  6 hours back

                                                                                5g is going to make the virus 🦠 more worse and to be honest You can listen or not It’s right where you can’t see it sometimes it hide from you when it in front off you

                                                                                • Mohd Amir
                                                                                  Mohd Amir  6 hours back

                                                                                  Azabe Ilahi hai ye

                                                                                  • Gardenflower
                                                                                    Gardenflower  7 hours back

                                                                                    communist/Extreme Leftists have same brains.

                                                                                    • vineeth viny
                                                                                      vineeth viny  7 hours back

                                                                                      Corona is a medicine for earth...

                                                                                      • kin wow
                                                                                        kin wow  7 hours back

                                                                                        plz give them the pill and burn all the body!

                                                                                        • الأطفال children


                                                                                          • Andrew Morgan
                                                                                            Andrew Morgan  8 hours back

                                                                                            Still far too early to know what the truth of the matter is. However. If the authorities miraculously create a ‘vaccin*’ in ‘record’ time DO NOT TAKE IT! If it’s ‘mandatory’. FIGHT.