Which Double-Sided Mounting Tape is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published: 16 September 2019
  • Double-sided mounting tape tested: LLPT, 3M VHB, Duck, Gorilla, Gorilla Clear, T-REX, Loctite, XFasten, and FixPro. Most brands purchased on Amazon. Loctite and Duck were the only 3/4 inch tapes. All other tapes were 1 inch. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. It helps a lot! https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

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  • FishingStix 610
    FishingStix 610  7 hours back

    This video sponsored by llp tape lmao aint no company beating 3m

    • Tron_23
      Tron_23  2 days back

      Would be nice to know which if any won't damage dry wall

    • J Rock
      J Rock  3 days back

      0.14 - 0.20 you can see he's sporting a farmer's tan. Now I know he's legit

    • Ryuji Yamazaki
      Ryuji Yamazaki  6 days back

      Project farm is the best!

    • LBCAndrew
      LBCAndrew  6 days back

      Its good to see that my preference for 3M VHB still holds up to the competition (I can't believe i just typed that).

    • The Megatron
      The Megatron  6 days back

      Love your videos I was looking for the best doublesided tape cuz i work on IMacs macbooks etc i 've used mac strips gorilla with zero problems but now i am gonna use llpt for sure

    • Keldek
      Keldek  1 weeks back

      One thing you don't seem to test for in any of your comparison videos like this is how long the tape can hold the advertised weight.
      It doesn't matter if the tape can hold up to 3x it's advertised weight for a few seconds if it can't hold the advertised weight for long periods of time; which I think to be as important, if not more, than the maximum weight. We heard great things about the 3M VHB tape, bought it and in every real world use case scenario, it fails after prolonged use yet way under rated weight (<5lbs, ~2 weeks).

      Anyway, quite informative video once again. I've never even heard of LLPT tape before so I'll have to check it out.

    • Zac Simcock
      Zac Simcock  1 weeks back

      The effort you go to is amazing. Before i buy anything i always go to your channel to search what i want to buy to get a good review

    • Dizzious
      Dizzious  1 weeks back

      Hey, can you please test adhesive velcro? I can't find a brand that doesn't suck. The adhesive always fails.

    • Amy Harken
      Amy Harken  2 weeks back

      Loved the review- helped me with my purchase choice- LLPT!

    • Haytham
      Haytham  2 weeks back

      thanks man

    • Mike Ober
      Mike Ober  2 weeks back

      Velcro next?

    • avrumi solaimani
      avrumi solaimani  2 weeks back

      omg u worked srsly hard on this

    • Eric Livesay
      Eric Livesay  2 weeks back

      Would love to have seen how they stick to drywall as that's where double sided tape gets used a lot.

    • OnyxDrogon
      OnyxDrogon  2 weeks back

      Costco just cam out with there own Kirkland Branded Oil would like to see that comparison video

    • Duane Schwingle
      Duane Schwingle  3 weeks back

      Is there anyway you could test those headlight restoration kits? Hand powered and drill powered..

    • Phillip Mulligan
      Phillip Mulligan  3 weeks back

      VHB 5952 is the weakest and cheapest mounting tapes from 3M. Their 4941 and 1947 is much stronger and is used in aerospace industry for laminating multilayered interior aircraft panels to acoustic layers and instrument panel lamination plate lamination. It's very expensive at $52 for a 1" x 100'. It has a black high density close pore acrylic foam layer with a red peel away cover.

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   3 weeks back

        Thank you for the feedback. I'll have to test it in the future

    • jo caron
      jo caron  3 weeks back

      if i can adore your video i did it ... i follow you now ... big thumb up

    • TheRageMaker
      TheRageMaker  3 weeks back

      Great tests, love the channel - hello from England

    • Jck Dnls
      Jck Dnls  3 weeks back

      I wish u wouldn't use wood.. That's why you get so inconsistent results, texture isn't uniform, not to mention ur using stock sides of the 2x4s, what makes u think there's equal points of contact?? That's why u got more consistent numbers with the metal, bc its surface was less of a variable.use starboard or something similar.

    • dont worry about it
      dont worry about it  3 weeks back

      My favorite channel I've subscribed to yet, good info on product I buy.

    • geofrey holmes
      geofrey holmes  3 weeks back

      I really enjoy your videos and have used them to buy certain products. As a Aerospace worker one thing some of us are required to do is place a given amount of weight, for 30 seconds to 1 minute when it comes to double stick. This allows for a deeper bond with the parent material I would suggest using 25 to 40 pounds then let it cure as per Manufacture.

      • Project Farm
        Project Farm   3 weeks back

        Thank you very much! Great point on the pressure

    • skt4271
      skt4271  3 weeks back

      What about in Georgia heat inside a car test, which will still hold a phone mount to a dash.

    • Ward Collins
      Ward Collins  4 weeks back

      I wonder if a light sanding on the wood would have inproved the tape test, as they used to use a light wax spray on wood framing lumber to reduce the loss of moisture

    • Michael Fairchild
      Michael Fairchild  4 weeks back

      3M VHB has a killer price, but been using it for a long time and is a go-to tape. Friend said it doesnt work on angry mother-in-law though...

    • Kaitlynn Zurawski
      Kaitlynn Zurawski  4 weeks back

      Great video, very informative! I was captivated until the end when I realized, I'm hanging some laminated cardstock (of the alphabet) in my son's nursery. Not exactly going to exert a whole lot of pressure on it. Bought the Duck on amazon...lol

    • JustSomeTimber1nTheLake

      Love your work, subscribed

    • Jan Kopanski
      Jan Kopanski  4 weeks back

      Have you considered adding error/standard deviation to your graph? so we can see high and low not just averages?

      • Its_an_Invasion_LowInfo_Votees

        WHY DONT YOU PUT UP 3m VHB Tape?
        It is about 400 times Stronger then any of your Paid For Advertisers Tapes. GEZ o PETE

        • Josh Hendrickson
          Josh Hendrickson  4 weeks back

          Still not shear, just pull apart. Have to stop the outward movement. An eyelet through the center of the tube through flat stock with a nut. Then pull straight up with a kicker to prevent outward movement on the tube. Still good info though.

        • Kiina
          Kiina  1 months back

          But what about longevity? I had a lot of 3M tape fail with even small objects (like 200g stuff) after a few years.

        • Ethan Mazarire
          Ethan Mazarire  1 months back

          I don’t know why u would need a clear tape if it’s double sided...

          • j dubya Wits
            j dubya Wits  1 months back

            Do impact resistant work gloves really work? Are they really cut resistant?

          • Paul Pithers
            Paul Pithers  1 months back

            Nice one

          • thehomez
            thehomez  1 months back

            Any chance you can mention when a product is "Made in USA"? If, and when, a product is of equal quality, I'd be willing to pay more for one made in the USA

            • Project Farm
              Project Farm   1 months back

              Great suggestion! I'll try to do better at this

          • Rubertoe
            Rubertoe  1 months back

            Project Farm, did your video get stolen by LLPT?

            It seems so:

            • Travis
              Travis  1 months back

              I bought some of that LLPT tape, and I think you should test the tapes against a painted surface. I have already had to pictures fall off the wall. Love your videos man

            • Weiwei Su
              Weiwei Su  1 months back

              Well, I'd like the clear one as the foam-based tape creates a mess when you tear it apart, kinda hard to clean up.

            • walter chapman
              walter chapman  1 months back

              I wanna know what car tires preform the best in all types of weather

            • Cheezdealer
              Cheezdealer  1 months back

              Holy CRAP. I was bitching about our mounting tape at work today, and I thought to myself "I wonder if Project Farm has done a video on this..." Lo and behold...

            • Oil_Burner
              Oil_Burner  1 months back

              Truly useful video, you helped me decide the right tape to buy. Appreciate you helping the community to make informed choices. Once I get the tape from AmZn, I’ll surely put a review as “Project Farm approved” 👍🏼

            • Reel-Lentless
              Reel-Lentless  1 months back

              I have a need for this tape to fix a project. So I search PF...and what do you know real world testing without advertiser bias. PROJECT FARM RULES!!!!

            • Chooper
              Chooper  1 months back

              You really need to consider investing in a wood Jointer, to maximize surface area in tests such as this where dimensional lumber is used as a testing medium. In-order to even the playing field...
              Dimensional lumber is anything but square.

            • david D
              david D  1 months back

              I appreciate all your hard work. I think you'd see much more consistent results leaving a weight on your test samples during the 72 hours of curing, or at least for a few hours. Even slightly more contact initially may have a big impact.

            • CPUDOCTHE1
              CPUDOCTHE1  1 months back

              We used the 3M VHB tape to mount the gear tracks when we built a CNC plasma table. It has held up well for over 3 years and was a real pain when we had to remove a section of the track.

              • David Dierlam
                David Dierlam  1 months back

                I've used the 3M tape. It works pretty well. My only complaint is trying to remove the top cover. It takes a while to find a spot where you can pull it off.

                • Dilly Doo
                  Dilly Doo  1 months back


                  • Dilly Doo
                    Dilly Doo  1 months back

                    Project Farm lol sorry I just love the way you pronounce hours it’s so elongated. anyway great video like always

                  • Project Farm
                    Project Farm   1 months back

                    Thank you for the feedback

                • Ardae
                  Ardae  2 months back

                  quality control must be terrible at llpt because the roll I got couldn't even hold up a power strip with only 1 plug on it. and yes it is the same one in this video. seeing similar reviews on amazon and on this video. the 3m I usually use has never failed me so stick with 3m folks.