Is Seafoam Deep Creep the Best Penetrating Oil? Let's find out!

  • Published: 26 August 2019
  • Seafoam Deep Creep competes with Liquid Wrench and Gibbs Penetrating Oils in this showdown. Each brand won previous penetrating oil showdown episodes. Their ability to penetrate rust, prevent rust, and tolerate heat get put to the test. Thanks to everyone who requested this one and sorry it has taken me a while to complete this test.

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
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  • Johndeere167 TV
    Johndeere167 TV  12 hours back

    Really want to see Free All tested. I've heard incredible stories.

    • Johndeere167 TV
      Johndeere167 TV  5 hours back

      @Project Farm I finally found your test with Free All. Would like to see it compared to Liquid Wrench and PB. Maybe a showdown test of all available penetrants for less than $10 / 11oz bottle?.

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   6 hours back

      Great recommendation. I tested Free All in a more recent video and it actually did well

  • Christopher Burian
    Christopher Burian  22 hours back

    Can you do a test measuring the amount of energy you have to put in to get the nut completely off the bolt? Until it starts turning, doesn't use any energy at all, but once it starts turning the thing starts to get hot. If using a penetrant doesn't lower the breaking torque by much, but makes the fastener a lot easier to get all the way off, that's an advantage.

    • Project Farm
      Project Farm   12 hours back

      Great recommendation for a future video! Thank you

  • Christopher Burian
    Christopher Burian  22 hours back

    But not using anything is free, and the untreated fasteners only need 20% more torque than the fasteners treated for 24 hours.

  • Mowers N Blowers
    Mowers N Blowers  4 days back

    Wow, same tshirt

    • R
      R  5 days back

      Today we're using section of rusty bolts from the Titanic's boiler #2.....

    • Chris King
      Chris King  6 days back

      I'd love to see freeze off by crc

    • Sea Stacker
      Sea Stacker  6 days back

      I’ve been using deep creep with great success for about a year now. It is just so darn pricey. I’m gonna try liquid wrench next time. Thanks for the time and effort put into these videos!

    • Bigstretch100
      Bigstretch100  1 weeks back

      Deep Creep had been a favorite of mine, for quite some time. At least til I came across Micro Mist. Haven't had a chance to try Kroil yet. Always heard great things about that one as well.

    • Dr. 4X
      Dr. 4X  2 weeks back

      Would like to see one more penetrating oil test with things people use that aren't intended to be penetrating oils things like zMAX, T9 boeshield, diesel fuel additives, canola oil, coconut oil, marvel mystery oil

    • Earth Bubble
      Earth Bubble  2 weeks back

      If that does not work blue tip wrench always works

    • Earth Bubble
      Earth Bubble  2 weeks back

      I use pb blaster or brake fluid they work the best

    • Tim Thomas
      Tim Thomas  2 weeks back

      I really do appreciate your content. Everybody is always trying to get the right thing to do what they need it to do. And looking at your Patreon support page I read that you take no offers and are entirety supported by the subscribed viewers.
      You've already helped me with information on various topics. I may not be able to make a payment on the page, but as soon as I can I will. You've already EARNED it.
      Every once in a while I would pick up the Consumer Reports annual report at the magazine rack, while my Wife was getting groceries.

      Being in Electronics for 30 years, I had many people ask me about which name brand is better. When they would mention 2 or 3 brands and I would then say that ALL of them were made in the same factory, different front boards and panels and all the rest identical.

      That's why I asked about WD-40 and Boeshield, they smell the same.

      • Adam Christie
        Adam Christie  2 weeks back

        Curious if you've tested PB Blaster Break loose? Also, Superzilla is a "green" product that is supposed to be a very good penetrator. If you have any follow ups to these video's it would be cool to see the aforementioned products... Thanks!

      • Magic .Mark
        Magic .Mark  2 weeks back

        How do you explain the difference in the Gibbs this test vs last test? On the one test Gibbs torque test was average 111 ft lb but in this test it took more force - both were tightened at 80 ft lb. Did you oxidize them differently? Also, how do you explain why the bolts vary so much between each set of 4?

        • Project Farm
          Project Farm   2 weeks back

          Great question. The amount of oxidizer applications was much different and the rusting process varies. Thank you

      • Michael Moore
        Michael Moore  2 weeks back

        This as well as your other penetration tests are very good information thank you. There is an Amsoil product I have used since the early eighties called MP Metal Protector. At the time I was working on boats and ships as an engineer (fancy name for grease monkey). My second who actually was smarter than me showed me how well this stuff worked in a marine environment. There would be pumps and other pieces of equipment that would have aluminum with steel bolts like on pump housings for instance. This stuff would go through the corrosion and electrolysis and allow me to get things loose. Have you ever tried MP?

        UNDERHILL  3 weeks back

        I would like to see tests on HEPA air filter replacements, specifically for the small countertop Holmes ones

      • Andrew Brent
        Andrew Brent  3 weeks back

        It's number of watts not "amount" of watts.

      • Yashash Dave
        Yashash Dave  3 weeks back

        So liquid wrench wins again.

      • Zombie Prep Armory
        Zombie Prep Armory  4 weeks back

        Wish you tried KROIL penetrating oil. My father has been using it for years and swears by it

      • Canadian_Wolf 83
        Canadian_Wolf 83  4 weeks back

        I have always used wd-40 when I was younger becuase that’s always what was just laying around my dads shop but now that I’m abit older I decided to start using different products and I picked up a can of liquid wrench becuase it sounds cool and I liked the look of the can but it turns out it was super good and I’ve stuck with it ever since

      • Eli Jackson
        Eli Jackson  4 weeks back

        I'm not sure how you would measure this but I've got a vid suggestion.
        Torque nuts up to say 800ft-lbs and then induce rust - So we can measure whether the penetrant/heat affect is proportional or linear - in other words - Will the difference from control be 40-80ft-lbs, etc. Or will it be proportional to the torque e.g. 200-400ft-lbs.

        In my experience I pretty much only ever apply penetrants or heat to bolts I can't rattle off first with an impact, or beat off with a slugger wrench/hammer.

      • jdsd744
        jdsd744  1 months back

        You should do a video on whether or not catalytic converter cleaners work. There is cataclean, the laquer thinner method, and others. This could save people thousands in parts, as it's one of the harder to replace parts if you dont have a bolt on converter.

        • M L
          M L  1 months back

          Terrific info. Thanks

          • Green_Bay_Cheesehead12
            Green_Bay_Cheesehead12  1 months back

            Do the deep creep vs Amsoil MP oil

          • KING PERFECTION1
            KING PERFECTION1  1 months back

            I'd redo this test with acdelco penetrate spray JB spray and pb blaster

          • David Cockrell
            David Cockrell  1 months back

            Should have tried wd 40 on bolts and rust

            • Christian Bonanni
              Christian Bonanni  1 months back

              The rust prevention section was interesting, could you do that test with rust prevention specific products? A short list could be: must for rust, wd-40 specialist long term corrosion inhibitor, rust-olium rust inhibitor, fluid film, and any rubberized undercoat. Also include common home remedies like bar and chain oil, used motor oil, marine grease, and wax. To be thorough, test with fresh metal and metal that has already started rusting.

              • k20c5
                k20c5  1 months back

                You should compare rustoleum rust reformer, por15, fluid film and other products that claim to stop rust

              • Uncle Nick
                Uncle Nick  1 months back

                The 24-hour addition is an improvement on the test from April of last year. I had a car I got new in 1995 that was in an accident about eight years later ago and that needed wheel alignment afterward. I was told rear adjusters were frozen and I would just have to rotate the tires more to compensate for uneven wear. When I needed new tires for it, I put PB Blaster, which didn't do all that well in your test last year, on the adjusters every day for three days leading up to the installation, which included an alignment. Afterward, I asked if the frozen rear adjusters had caused a problem and the mechanic asked "what frozen adjusters"? Given enough time, these things help.

                Waiting is everything with penetrants. I've put out little 1 oz. dosing cups filled with these things and set rusted metal objects into them and over a period of weeks seen more and more rust fall off. I can accelerate some products by adding tea nut tree oil (as distinct from tea nut oil) to them. Wintergreen oil is another one an old toolmaker taught an acquaintance of mine to use. These have a strong odor, but they kill surface tension and penetrate very well, indeed. Tea nut tree oil is used as a home remedy to kill mold spores, as it penetrates and damages them. Adding 10% of it to most any penetrating oil improves creep over a surface, though I haven't tried your nail climbing comparison, which might be good proof.

                One piece of information missing from the videos (unless I missed it), is how hard (if more than finger tight) you installed the lug nuts initially. If you put them on with the same torque as lug nuts on actual wheels, they will have some compression between the nuts and angle iron that will be hard to penetrate and that may develop a degree of cold bonding (where like-atoms get confused about which of the two intimately contacting materials they belong to, thereby adding to the breakaway torque requirement). It's kind of like having an offset value added to your total. Having a few unrusted lugs to remove would correct for that. You would subtract that value from other readings to show how much rust had increased the breakaway torque requirement and then how much the penetrants had reduced that additional torque.

                One flaw in the test (you are not going to like this one) is statistical. If you run a t-test on the torque results for Liquid Wrench and Gibbs. The odds are about 50:50 that the difference in their mean isn't random. That is, you could run the test again and the result could reverse. The standard error for the Gibbs product, alone, is bigger than the difference between the two product's averages. Standard error is the standard deviation of the average values, indicating how much they are likely to wander around in repetitions of the test with the same sample size. The only way to make it small enough to be sure the difference you saw is real is to run a much bigger sample size than 4. I show that if the two average values continued to hold, it would take samples of about 30 lug nuts each to get to 95% confidence the difference is real.

              • jimcampbell47
                jimcampbell47  1 months back

                Why didn't you test Blaster. That's my choice

                • Justin George
                  Justin George  2 months back

                  Try kimball Midwest, I’ve compared it to pb and aerokroil it beats them both and smells like cream soda

                • macdanboy
                  macdanboy  2 months back

                  How about a test on snow blower shear pins. Just bought a 2019 cub cadet 3X™ 26" TRAC unit. Sticker on the body calls for one type of shear pin, the manual calls for two different pins, one for the central augers and another for the outer augers. The same unit last year had one pin type for the central and outer augers. The dealer said don’t use threaded shear pins. Is there really that much difference between them if they are all the same diameter at the shear points?

                • kraftzion
                  kraftzion  2 months back

                  I to see what works best as corrosion protection for something like lug nuts on a salt water boat traiier or a state whe they use salt.. Seafoam, fluid film, super blue marine grease,clear spray.paint,zinc spray paint,corrosion x,dupont teflon dry lube, silicone dry lube,never seize.On a side note fluid film seems to attract little flying bugs which get stuck in it and die.

                • Steve Davis
                  Steve Davis  2 months back

                  " Luubricity test " ummm
                  i guess

                • Randy Breuer
                  Randy Breuer  2 months back

                  you should compare diesel fuel , to see if that works better.

                • Reino
                  Reino  2 months back

                  It should be noted that you can't seem to buy a SINGLE can of Gibbs on Amazon. Only 2 or more cans at once.

                  • Dreamy
                    Dreamy  2 months back

                    Which multi purpose lubricant oil is best to inhibit rust?

                  • Walczyk
                    Walczyk  2 months back

                    the joy of removing a broken stud is an amazing feeling

                    • DocStainton
                      DocStainton  2 months back

                      Had to comment to say thanks so much for these tests! Deep creep saved my bacon trying to removing a 20 year old mop faucet! They came so loose I nearly busted my knuckles! It went from bending the pipe to smooth! Wouldn't have bought it without your vid! Thanks again!

                    • OWL
                      OWL  2 months back

                      Interesting to see what combination works best.

                    • D** C**
                      D** C**  2 months back

                      Wish PB blaster was in this test dammittt

                    • Aung Ye Oo
                      Aung Ye Oo  2 months back

                      Hi, I have experienced a big pin jammed issue. It is not successful Using External two Hydraulic Jack with around 400 bar each. Seeing your videos and got idea of pouring penetration oil. Will this penetration oil be helpful to unfreeze the pin.

                      • rick davis
                        rick davis  2 months back

                        outlying numbers are relevant

                        • David G
                          David G  2 months back

                          I use ATF/Acetone/Brake Fluid mix for my penetrating fluid.

                        • matt williams
                          matt williams  2 months back

                          What brand do you trust for a compression tester? Your videos are so helpful! Keep up the great work!

                          • erik barry
                            erik barry  2 months back

                            I'd Be interested in seeing a test of corrosion X

                          • Sarah Smith
                            Sarah Smith  2 months back

                            Make a videos of lubricity tester but don't put any lubricant on there see if it smokes and seizes

                          • Gregory Faoro
                            Gregory Faoro  2 months back

                            Can you do a test on best car battery brand? All of the ones on YouTube seem to be sponsored by one of the brands they are testing.